Almost always, dreaming of rats is connected to negativity and toxicity. But that isn’t all. A peek into these scenarios can reveal much about one’s intimate life. 

Let’s find out more in the sections below.

Dreaming of Rats: Time to Decode Scenarios & their Meanings
Dreaming of Rats: Time to Decode Scenarios & their Meanings

Dreaming Of Rats: What Does It Mean?

As these creatures are carriers of fatal diseases, dreaming of rats is considered an embodiment of evil. They generally symbolize jealousy, greed, and skepticism at face value. But these rodents also appear to guide the dreamer towards a better life path.

Rats in dreams are often associated with negativity, evil and dark energies. Usually, they symbolize an enemy or a former friend turned rival, malicious personalities lurking around the dreamer in waking life. 

So, let’s look at more reasons that could have led to a rat dream. 

  • New Unfavorable Acquaintances

The appearance of a rat symbolizes a new person in the dreamer’s life – someone he/ she finds skeptical.

  • Selfishness

A rat symbolizes people who intend to crush the dreamer mercilessly in waking life. 

  • Repressed Negative Feelings

Dreams of rats also occur when there are anxieties, insecurities, guilt, and fear gnawing the dreamer away from the inside. Besides these, they could also mean he/ she entertains unworthy thoughts and fantasies. 

  • Traitorous Behavior

Rats usually come out from their hole only when they believe the coast is clear. For this reason, rats symbolize thieves.

Considering that the creature is associated with traitorous behavior such as betrayal or deceit; contrastingly, the dreamer also has the same qualities. Perhaps the notion of betraying someone has been on his/ her mind for a while.

  • Health Issues

Rats can also hint at some underlying illnesses. 

  • Transformation and Rebirth

Rats could also symbolize rebirth or transformation.

  • Resistance and Endurability

Rats could stand for the dreamer’s determination to withstand any obstacle that crosses his/ her path.

  • Adaptability

These rodents can adapt to any environment, climatic conditions and can chew through anything – from clothes to wood to concrete.

In dreams, this could mean the dreamer has the potential to overcome the hurdles that stand between him/ her and life goals if he/ she has enough patience and persistence. 

  • Improvement

The presence of rats can also mean the dreamer’s life is going through a few changes, for the better. 

  • Intelligence

Rats are one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet because they never gobble up a whole thing before ensuring its safety. If they get sick after the first few bites, they abandon the food. 

Symbolism Of Rats in The Spiritual Realm

Spiritually, rats symbolize a pain or trauma the dreamer experienced in the past. Due to this, he/ she may be harboring fears of people, things, and events. 

Besides, the rodents appeared in your dream to let you know that those fears are unfounded and within your mind. This is generally the case, but it would be wise to study the other variants for a detailed interpretation.

Common Dream Scenarios Featuring Rats

Let’s explore some scenarios and interpretations, which has rats in it.

Seeing rats

Probably, the dreamer is at odds with his/ her people due to one or two issues. 

Though it could be with any other, there is a possibility of the other party being next-door neighbors. The situation might get intense, and it may even lead to fights and skirmishes. 

Rats in the house dream meaning

These creatures are notable for their destructive behaviors and are often considered destroyers. To see them in the house premises implies difficulties on the domestic front. 

Having said that, different analysts alternately interpret this plot. Some connect it with positivity and a promising future. 

Before starting the interpretation, recall how the rats behaved inside the house, as they will play a crucial role in interpreting the scenario.

Dead rats

According to this plot, the dreamer is overwhelmed by his/ her current real-life situations. 

Likely, he/ she feels anxious about some events that he/ she has to deal with sooner or later. The rats appeared to remind the dreamer to step up and take action as soon as possible. 

A dead rat in dreams could also stand for conflicts with one’s partner or family. 

In some cases, it could also mean a situation has ended. This could be the meaning if the dreamer is ending a relationship or thinking about doing so.

Another meaning is that the dilemma the dreamer has been in for the longest time will finally come to a close. 

Rat infestation 

Problems! Generally, a place infested with rats points to challenges and failures concerning the dreamer’s sex life.

Rats running in different directions

The scenario stands for transformations in some spheres of the dreamer’s life. A relocation or a complete change of living style is quite possible, and it may turn out to be for better or worse, according to how his/ her current state is.

Rats or a rat chasing the dreamer

Here, the rodents stand for problems the dreamer has been avoiding. But the plot indicates these to be challenges he/ she needs to face, whatsoever. 

Alternatively, it is a good omen if there are several rats because it would mean attaining success in areas the dreamer is good at.

A rat chasing the dreamer could also mean a dishonest person has entered his/ her life.

A rat attacking the dreamer

It foretells fortune and opportunities while sometimes it also relates to revenge. 

The rat symbolizes someone close to the dreamer. This person seems to have undergone a complete change of heart after the dreamer said or did something to him/her. 

And the dream indicates he/ she is likely to seek revenge on the dreamer.

Catching rats 

The scenario symbolizes the damages the dreamer is likely to suffer because of a dishonest friend or accomplice. 

Killing rat in a dream

According to this scenario, the dreamer would defeat his/ her rival. If he/ she killed the rodent accidentally, it means his/ her luck just turned around for the better. 

Rat dream during pregnancy

Rats during pregnancy are auspicious. Regardless of the number of rats in the dream, the plot indicates a safe delivery. Also, it foretells new beginnings ahead.

Rats with cats

The plot suggests the dreamer’s friends and circle will offer help anytime soon.

A rat and a mice

This scenario is one of the worst as the creatures stand for the evil people around the dreamer. 

To make things worse, they are close both to the dreamer and his/ her family. 

They plan to destroy the dreamer not by other means but by turning him/ her against his/ her own family. Through lies and unfounded gossip, they will constantly try to create a gap between the dreamer and his/ her loved ones.

Baby rats

Baby rats point to a few minor problems in the dreamer’s life. 

Furthermore, the scenario shows however insignificant they seem, he/ she cannot afford to ignore them. 

Dream of a dirty rat

This scenario appears when the dreamer needs to self-examine and evaluate his/ her behavior toward others. 

Sometimes, a dirty rat also means he/ she has been overexerting at work. 

On the other hand, it could also stand for new opportunities. A rat covered with filth could also symbolize hard work. 

Rat biting various parts of the body

Dream of being bitten by a rat 

Here, the rodent appeared to warn the dreamer of a trap. Likely he/ she would be compelled to take the fall for the trouble caused by someone else. At other times, it could also mean getting himself/ herself into trouble as a consequence of his/ her own actions.

In the same dream vision, if the dreamer fights bravely, it means he/ she can conquer all obstacles. Note that this interpretation applies if the dreamer is a man. In the case of a girl or a woman, the scenario hints at health complications.

According to other interpretations, a rat biting stands for issues the dreamer must look into at the earliest. The scenario can also mean someone is backstabbing the dreamer, spilling his/ her well-guarded secrets everywhere.

Alternatively, this dream relates to growth and success, especially in the professional sphere. Although the dream plot seems awful, it is an auspicious dream. 

A rat biting on the dreamer’s fingers

The plot indicates a person who might seek the dreamer’s help to resolve a complicated matter. 

Toe getting bitten by a rat

It symbolizes complications concerning careers or the workplace. If the rat bites on the dreamer’s feet, it implies he/ she is in a rat race. 

Bleeding after getting bitten by rats

There is a possibility of someone slandering the dreamer for something he/ she did not do. Whether he/ she thinks it’s fair or not, the dream indicates he/ she would suffer financial losses.

Significance Of Different Colors Rat

  • Gray rat – It symbolizes a woman in the dreamer’s circle. Apparently, she is up to some mischief to damage the dreamer’s life.
  • Brown rat – It signifies the dreamer has a balanced life. However, he/ she is far from happy and content. 
  • White rat – They are usually considered auspicious. It means the dreamer is on the right path. It could also represent the courage to chase after his/ her goals and the ability to adapt to necessary changes that could happen at any time. Contrarily, white rats could also be a warning. Likely, a person in the dreamer’s circle is being pretentious, and he/ she might do everything to drag the dreamer’s life down. 
  • Black rat – Black is usually associated with evil entities since time immemorial, and as such, a black rat brings no pleasant message. These rodents could symbolize negative feelings. Sometimes, it may also mean the dreamer is depressed. Black rats also signify sexual aggression, according to Sigmund Freud.

Psychological Interpretation of Rat Dreams

Rats symbolize the emotions and psychic forces that creep in once in a while, such as fear and anxiety. 

On the flip side, they could also be indicating the need to conquer unseen psychic forces.

Biblical Meaning

The Bible considers the rat as filthy creatures one must avoid at all costs.

Accordingly, from a biblical perspective, a dream associated with rats represents unanticipated issues that will cause damage to the dreamer.

Closing Thoughts

Often, dreaming of rats is associated with damage, disease, and filth. But they may also bring good news.

If not pleasant, they may turn up in dreams to hint at something one can improve to lead a much better life.

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