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Dreaming of Rats: 150+ Plots & Their Meanings

Dreaming of Rats: 150+ Plots & Their Meanings

Updated on Dec 19, 2022 | Published on Apr 27, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming of Rats 150+ Plots & Their Meanings

Dreaming of rats is generally connected to malice and ill will. 

However, it wouldn’t be fair to categorize rat dreams as wholly negative because they also stand for intelligence, empathy, metamorphosis, and new beginnings. 

Dreaming of Rats - 150+ Types of Dreams & Their Meanings
Dreaming of Rats – 150+ Types of Dreams & Their Meanings

What does it mean when you dream about rats?

Rats in dreams are considered to be an embodiment of everything evil. They generally symbolize jealousy, greed, and skepticism at face value. But their appearance in dreams has a more intricate meaning. As against general perception, these rodents usually pop up to direct you to work on some aspects to evolve into a better version of you.

Generally, dreams of rats indicate that you are concerned about the events that may happen soon. Often they stand for your worries of what a rival may do to you out of spite and envious feelings. 

If you dream of rats, there is also a possibility of someone spreading gossip and fake information about you.

Rats in dreams are often associated with negativity, evil and dark energies. Usually, they symbolize an enemy or a former friend turned rival, malicious personalities lurking around you in your waking life.

Also, they appear in your dreams when you wish to distance yourself from a person, in reality, due to your inability to trust them whatsoever. If your instinct warns you against getting close with someone or a group of people, let your instinct guide you. 

Nevertheless, rats in dreams are also associated with positivity because there is a possibility of them visiting you to remind you of your responsibilities.

Have you been neglecting an inevitable event or task in reality? Note that rats in dreams also happen if you dislike your appearance, habits, and social circle.

A rat dream could mean anything under the sun. For an in-depth analysis, it is vital to consider each of the variants present in the dream plot. For now, let’s have a look at what the rats in your dreams may symbolize.

1. New Unfavorable Acquaintances

Sometimes, you may dream of rats if there is a new person in your life. Apparently, he/she may have taken a toll on your mental peace, and you are skeptical of him/her, which is why you dreamt of the rodents. 

2. Trust Issues

A rat can turn up in your dream if you have a trust issue with someone. Your heart possibly wants to accept that person wholeheartedly, but perhaps your mind warns you against it. Intuitions are indeed scary.

So, if your mind is bent on not confiding in that person, there must be a reason why. Ask yourself why you think he/she doesn’t deserve your trust. Is the reason significant enough to push him/her away from you?

3. Selfishness

Rats harm humans in all ways possible. They bite through your clothes, food items, books, wood, etc., and leave them in irreparable states.

Because of this trait, a rat symbolizes people who intend to crush you mercilessly in your waking life. Take note of the people in your circle and carefully sift through those you can confide in from those you cannot. 

4. Repressed Negative Feelings

Dreams of rats also occur when there are anxieties, insecurities, guilt, and fear gnawing you away from the inside.

Besides these, rats in dreams could only mean you entertain thoughts that are unworthy and unethical. These are especially common if you dread rats in the real world.

5. Traitorous Behavior 

Rats usually come out from their hole only when they believe the coast is clear. For this reason, rats often symbolize thieves. The creature is also associated with traitorous behavior such as betrayal or deceit, as is denoted by the idiom, “Smell a rat”, which means you have a suspicion that someone is about to harm you.

Possibly you are the target of a potential disaster. Or it could also mean a close person is likely to take advantage of your trust in him or her. Such dreams also happen when you have fears of someone abandoning you.  

Contrastingly, it could also be you who is deceitful and treacherous. Perhaps the notion of betraying a partner or a friend has been on your mind for days and weeks.

6. Health Issues

According to different studies, rats played a role in the infamous Bubonic plague. Following such studies, people view rats as filth, and eventually, they have evolved to be a symbol of diseases. When you see this creature in your dream, it could also hint at some underlying illnesses. 

7. Transformation and Rebirth

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Kali gifted immortality to her clans on one condition. They had to live a life as humans, the next as rats, and humans again, and so on. From this perspective, rats could also symbolize rebirth or transformations.

“I was trying to kill a rat. As I beat this rat, it began to turn into a baby. The more I beat it, the more it resembled a baby. Now, the baby won’t die. I ended up crying because I was trying to kill this baby/rat. By the end of the dream, I decided to keep the baby/rat”.

The above is an excerpt from a real-life dream scenario to corroborate the statement that rats stand for transformations and rebirth. 

8. Resistance and Endurability

If you ever take note, rats are persistent beings. Have you ever gone on a rat hunt in your house? You see them on the left, but they slipped away before you could even take a step ahead.

You see them, and you hear them, but you probably exhausted yourself and wrapped up the hunt with still no rat in the trap. 

A rat can endure almost anything. Keep it shut in somewhere, and it will squeeze itself out through a tiny hole. Fill the hole with wood, clothes, or anything, and it will chew its way out.

Following these behaviors, dreams about rats could stand for your determination to withstand any obstacle that crosses your path.

9. Adaptability

Rats can adapt to any environment and climatic conditions. These are neither assumptions nor empty claims. To be clear of the adaptability of rats and how they are related to you and your dreams, let’s look at the following.

If you drop a rat from a 50 m tall building, it will go its way as soon as it lands on the ground. Do you think you resemble the creature regarding this trait, or do you give up for good once your plan falls flat? Seeing them in dreams could be suggesting you try a second chance before you call it quits.

Secondly, their tails maintain their balance. Speaking of which, is your life as well-balanced as it should be?

Also, they can squeeze in through the tiniest openings, thanks to their collapsible rib cage. If you come across an opportunity, do you take risks and try your luck? Or do you let go of the opportunity because you think the chances of you going through seems bleak?

Another quality of rats is that they can chew through anything. From clothes to wood to concrete, if they set their mind to it.

In dreams, this could mean you have the potential to overcome the hurdles that stand between you and your life mission if you have enough patience and persistence. 

10. Improvement

Dreaming of rats also occurs when your life is undergoing a few changes for the better. Are you in conflict with someone? Whatever happened, the dream foretells you would put things past you and restore a good relationship with that person.

11. Intelligence

Rats are one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. A rat never gobbles up a whole thing before ensuring its safety. If it gets sick after the first few bites, it will abandon its food, however tempting it looks. 

It’s surprising, but they can learn faster than most humans. Also, the rat is the first animal in the Chinese zodiac, and people born during this time are associated with intelligence and brilliance. 

Dreaming of Rats : 150+ Common Dream Scenarios

1. Dream of seeing rats

Probably, you would be at odds with your people on account of one or two issues. Though it could be with any other, there is a possibility of the other party being your next-door neighbor. The situation might get intense, and it may even lead to fights and skirmishes. 

Avoid getting into heated arguments with everyone around this time because the discord may also be between you and your colleagues or superiors. It’s never wise to get into the bad books of your uppers. So, stay low, stay calm because difficult days never last forever.

2. Two rats in a dream

According to dream interpreters, two people around you are keen to destroy you. Though not limited to, there is a high chance that these two are connected to you through work or career.

Other interpretations relate the dream to you having financial problems.

3. Dream of several rats 

Perhaps you have been drifting apart from your circle. The dream narrative focuses on the need to interact and catch up with your people. 

If you see them coming towards you in your dream, it indicates work-related issues.

If you see an army of aggressive rats, you should let things happen as you see fit. The plot implies you have been putting up with some irrational people, holding back your words and actions for the sake of your relationship with them.

But the dream scenario says it would get worse as time goes by. Carry on with what you need to do and put an end to their irrationality.

4. Dream of a fat rat

A few events that happened have turned you into an overthinker. Perhaps you accidentally hurt someone’s feelings, and that has left you remorseful. It is the weight and burden of these unnecessary thoughts visiting you in the form of a fat rat.

The size of the rodent indicates how big of an overthinker you are. The dream event happened to let you know that it is high time to let go of what has already happened.

5. Dream of an enraged rat

Did you dream of a furious rat? How did you feel during the dream? If the creature scared the wits out of you, expect and brace yourself to face dark days.

Most probably, it would be a betrayal of some kind by a close person. But if you were not disturbed by the aggressiveness of the creature, you can expect wins.

6. Dream of a pet rat

A pet rat in a dream symbolizes a person you no longer wish to associate with.

7. Meaning of a rat’s nest in dreams

Through this dream vision, your subconscious state warns you of the bad image you have been displaying. Carefully study how you have been behaving and see where you can do better. 

8. Dream of a rat crawling on you

Do you regret a decision you made in the past? Possibly, back then, you decided with the best interest in mind. But it may be proceeding in a way, never thought of.

As the dream plot indicates, the situation seems to be getting intense and out of hand. And chances are, you wish you could turn back time and undo your not-so-wise decision.

Such types of dream plots can also happen if your partner is cheating on you. Or it could be mere misunderstandings and a few quarrels between the two of you.

9. Dreaming of rats playing on a tree

A rat playing on a tree foretells elevation. You may get promoted in the foreseeable future, or it could also mean your potential to acquire a reputed position.

10. Dream of a rat making holes in the walls

Holes in the wall created by rats could be indicating a robber that may visit you anytime soon.

11. Dream of working rats

The dream is a warning and is usually related to problems in the workplace. There are people around, jealous of your commendable performance, dexterousness, and how you have gotten into the good books of your superiors. These people may do anything to get rid of you or crush you, at the least.

The dream wants you to be aware of what you say and do. Unintentionally, your words and actions may seem provocative to them, and those may trigger them to commit something evil. So, it is better to stay away from them altogether. 

Around this time, if you come up with good business ideas, refrain from sharing them even with your closest friends. At least for now!

12. Dream of a dancing rat

A dancing rat in dreams stands for failure in your career. The dream plot denotes you being a victim of injustice which led to the catastrophe.

13. Dream of several rats eating crops

The interpretation of this dream is obvious. It indicates that you are going to suffer losses in terms of your crops and farming.

14. Dream of rats nibbling on something

Such dream plots happen when you are anxious about some events that might take place. It could also be a person you think would perform some reckless actions to harm you.

The dream event happened to assure you to let go of your fears. Possibly you have been overthinking and worrying for nothing.

15. Dream of hearing a rat squeak

A hypocritical and manipulative person is out to get you. 

16. Dream of a rat giving birth

This dream plot foretells misfortunes that may befall you or any one of your family members. Some interpreters relate this dream to getting betrayed by someone who you think is a well-wisher. Keep your acquaintances and close friends too at a distance. 

17. Dream of rats on your bed

To have a dream vision of a rat on your bed reflects your current feelings. You are probably envious of somebody’s possessions and accomplishments.

It could also indicate issues between you and your partner that stem out of insincerity and jealousy.

18. Dream of rats on your clothes

A rat on your clothes forewarns an unpleasant happening. Someone you trust may defame you for something.

19. Dream of a rat scurrying into your clothes

This dream narrative warns you of infamous scandals you may get entangled with if you let your guards down.

20. Dream of rats chewing and eating your clothes

It foretells the successful accomplishment of the goals you have set.

21. Rats in the house dream meaning

Rats are notable for their destructive behaviors and are often considered to be destroyers. To dream of them inside your house implies difficulties on the domestic front. 

Having said that, different analysts alternately interpret this plot. Some connect it with positivity and promises of the future. Before starting the interpretation, recall how the rats behaved inside your house, as they will play a crucial role in interpreting the scenario.

22. Dream of a colony of rats raiding your house

Dreams of rats turning your house upside down imply negativity. You may suffer tangible losses and even get into an accident. Take utmost care of your health too around this time because the scenario of rats creating havoc at your home symbolizes illness too.

23. Dream of rats damaging belongings

Unfortunately, you are not going through your best days. Dream plots where rats destroy your things point to losses, especially in the financial sphere, which may lead to destitution, if not fixed on time.

24. Dream of a plague caused by rats

In the coming days, you are likely to encounter a few problems, and the plot implies you would be much burdened and even afraid of how they would take shape.

25. Dream of rat infestation 

Problems! Generally, a dream scenario of a place infested with rats points to challenges and failures concerning your sex life.

26. Dream of rats running in different directions

Rats running in different directions stand for transformations in some spheres of your life. A relocation or a complete change of living style is quite possible, and it may turn out to be for better or worse, according to how your current state is.

If you are doing well presently, your situation may get worse after the change. Similarly, if you are in difficulties and troubles at the moment, the shift is just what you need.

27. Dream of rats threatening you

You have a few friends or acquaintances green with envy with who and what you are. Out of jealousy, they may strike a blow on you anytime. The dream scenario warns you against sharing your plans with others because that would be the same as adding fuel to the fire.

28. Dream of rats or a rat chasing you

Here, the rodents stand for problems you have been avoiding. These are challenges you need to face, whatsoever.

The dream plot reminds you to muster up the courage and face your issues instead of ignoring them for later times. Because later, when you are finally ready to tackle the problems, it might be too late. 

As per some dream analysts, the dream is a lucky one if the rats are many. Then, it would mean attaining success in areas you are good at.

A rat chasing you in dreams could also mean a dishonest person has entered your life.

29. Dreams of rats running towards you or away from you

This dream plot generally stands for fear. You might have been harboring thoughts of being abandoned by someone you love. Though it could happen in any sphere, the scenario is most likely related to the relationship with your partner. 

It could also be an omen, a premonition of your partner abandoning you.

30. Shooing away rats in dreams

If you have a few complicated issues presently, you would be able to get past them. Shooing rats away in dreams could also stand for defeating your rivals.

31. Fighting with rats in dreams

If you dreamt of fighting with a rat or rats, you might be facing problems communicating with others. 

32. Dreams of a rat that jumped on your head

The dream scenario implies you’ll need to do someone else’s work.

33. Dream of a rat attacking you

Rats attacking you in dreams foretells fortune and opportunities. The infamous rodents visited you in your dream space to let you know that opportunities do not come often. 

Some dream interpreters relate this dream plot to revenge. According to them, the rat symbolizes someone close to you. This person seems to have undergone a complete change of heart after you said or did something to them.

Seemingly, it hurt them terribly, and they are now waiting for an opportunity to seek revenge on you. Be careful of what you blurt out to others.

34. Dreams of rats attacking you in a storage space

Storehouses are one of the dwelling places of rats and similar rodents. Dreaming of getting attacked by rats inside a storeroom means you have trespassed into a restricted area. Did you cross the limits with someone? Did you say or do something you shouldn’t?

35. Conquer a rat that attacked you

It’s partly good and partly bad news. You would be able to identify the person who has been backstabbing you all this while. And this is great news until you realize that person is someone you genuinely value. Ultimately, the dream plot indicates losing a dear one.

36. Dream of catching rats 

Catching rats in dreams stands for damages you are likely to suffer because of a dishonest friend or accomplice.

Such dream narratives reflect your feelings of resentment towards dishonorable people. According to the dream scenario, you would succeed in keeping such people at a distance as you wish.

37. Dream of catching a rat that was about to bite you

Sigmund Freud interprets this dream vision as you attracting all the attention of the opposite sex. In a nutshell, all eyes are on you. 

If you have been having problems with your partner, this dream indicates that everything would be fine and you would be able to restore your happy relationship.

38. Dream of being bitten by a rat 

You will fall into a trap. Perhaps you would be compelled to take the fall for the trouble caused by someone else. At other times, it could also mean getting yourself into trouble as a consequence of your actions.

In the same dream vision, if you fought bravely, it means you can conquer all obstacles. Note that this interpretation applies if you are a man. If you are a woman or a girl, you may undergo ill health and complications.

According to some other interpreters, a rat biting you in dreams also stands for issues you must look into at the earliest.

It might be a warning against people you are skeptical of. You seem to be convinced that they would do anything if they set their mind to it. And probably that is why you saw rats biting you. 

Have you shared a secret with someone? Dreams of rats biting you also foretell that person relaying your secret to others, literally backstabbing you ruthlessly.

Some analysts relate this dream to growth and success, especially in the professional sphere. According to them, although the dream plot seems awful, it is an auspicious dream. If you have been thinking of starting a business in life, now would be the right time to begin. 

39. Dreams of a rat biting on your fingers

The dream plot suggests that a person seeks your help to resolve a few complicated matters. He/she may approach you to let you know what he/she wants. But even if he/she keeps mum, offer to help him/her if you feel he/she is in trouble.

40. Dreams where your toe gets bitten by a rat

It symbolizes complications concerning your career or at the workplace. A few instances that are likely to happen are conflicts between you and colleagues/ superiors/ subordinates.

The situation may get ugly, and you may even stand the risk of losing your job. For the problem to subside, take control of your emotions and temperament. 

41. Dream of your feet getting bitten by rats

It implies that you are in a rat race. 

42. Dream of bleeding after getting bitten by rats

There is a possibility of someone slandering you for something you did not do. Whether you think it’s fair or not, the dream indicates that you would suffer losses financially.

Though you cannot run away from what’s written in the stars, you should still take preventive actions. Keep distances from people who you think are capable of performing wicked deeds.

43. Dream of rat bites for the owner of a pet rat

Do you own a pet rat? Then, you are probably not scared of rats, be it in dreams or reality. But what if a rat bites you in your dream? In this case, you are likely to benefit a lot from business dealing.

If the rat was white and tamed, a new romantic relationship is on the way. Hopefully, it could even be a marriage proposal.

However, you may lose your job if the rat was black.

44. A rat choking on something in a dream plot

A dream event of a rat choking and struggling for life symbolizes unfortunate events. It could be a traffic accident or loss of finances. What’s terrible about this plot is that the misfortunes that would befall you around this time happen because of your children’s or family’s irresponsibility.

45. Dream of petting a pet rat

You have great days ahead of you. After what seems like ages, you would be able to give time to your friends and catch up with them.

46. Killing rat in dream

According to this dream scenario, you would be able to defeat your rival. It could mean winning a lawsuit because the dream event foretells profits and wins after conquering the other party.

47. Accidentally killing a rat in dreams

Your luck just turned around for the better. Is there any project or venture you had considered as an utter failure? Then, congratulations! The dream lets you know that it will instead bring you heaps of benefits.

48. Dream of killing a sick rat

The time is perfect! If you had been waiting for an opportunity to make amends for the mistakes you have committed earlier, get on the task now.

49. Dream of killing a rat while it bites you

You would overcome an underlying health-related issue, which has been troubling you for ages.

50. Dream of skinning a rat

When you have a dream vision of peeling the skin of a rat, it means you can outsmart the person who tried to take advantage of you. Although possible, this certainly would be no easy task because the skin of rats is relatively hard to peel off.

51. Injured rats in dreams

This implies health issues.

52. Dream of shuddering at the sight of a rat

Soon, an awful human will get into your circle. The dream plot gives a negative connotation because that person may constantly get on your nerves. 

53. Dream of stepping on a rat

You’re in for something exciting. It could be a piece of information that would lift your spirits. Or it could also indicate material gains such as winning a lottery or stumbling upon a fortune.

54. Dream of stroking a rat

It foreshadows trouble coming from a person that you trust.

55. Dream of saving a rat and a cat

The dream implies you would soon be able to help a good friend who has been with you during difficult days.

56. Dream of feeding rats and cats

If you dream of feeding the duo, you are probably convinced that you need to help a person you think is in grave trouble.

57. Dream of holding a rat and a cat

If you sense trouble with your parents, be it emotionally, mentally, physically, or financially, the dream suggests you help them resolve the problem.

58. Dream of dreading rats and cats

The dream vision says there are a few things you dread. Maybe you are skeptical of what others would do if you speak your mind. Or you fear your partner leaving you for someone else.

Whatever it is, the dream plot says the fear is within your mind, and you need to let go of those for your mental peace.

59. Dream of catching a rat and a cat in dreams

Have you or your team been working on some projects, the completion of which seems like an impossibility? Then, bravo! The dream indicates success. The projects would take shape soon, and eventually, success would be yours.

60. Dream of you and a cat chasing a rat

When you dream of chasing a rat together with a cat beside you, it means you would soon get into new interests and hobbies.

61. Dream of cats eating dead rats

The dream scenario foretells misfortunes that would cause you great worry and tears.

62. Dream of a rat in food

Rats in dreams imply others using you for their benefits. As per the plot, you are probably running around doing things for people. You might have been doing it out of love and care. But the dream implies you are exhausted from catering to others’ whims. 

63. Dream about eating a rat

You are up to no good. When you dream of eating a rat, it reflects your wish to betray someone. It could also be that you have already ditched that person. Now, this dream plot is not limited to romantic relations. 

For instance, you may have this dream when you are on the verge of ditching your exemplary life to get into a business that deals with illegal items. 

Conversely, a dream plot where you ate rat meat could also stand for overcoming obstacles that have been burdening you for a long time.

64. Dream of eating a rat and a cat

According to the dream plot, you would soon be in love. Falling in love is always heartwarming news, but in this case, it isn’t so because the dream event implies the person you have fallen for is a malicious being.

65. Dream of a rat eating your food

Perhaps you have been living an easy-going life, according to your terms. Since the past shapes the present, you might now be seeing the results of the easy life you have had.

It could also be that you said something irresponsible to someone, and now, it is coming back to you, compelling you to face the consequences for what you said in that careless moment.

66. A broken rat trap in a dream

The attempts of the person who tried to sabotage you will fall flat, as suggested by the broken trap. And another good news is that you would come to know his/her true intentions and get rid of him/her without guilt.

67. A caged rat in a dream

Dreaming of a caged rat is not a positive sign. Your health is likely to suffer complications. It could also imply a cunning person trying to harm you. 

68. A rat exiting a cage in a dream

Finally, you would be able to drop all your problems. The dream predicts improvement in various spheres of life.

69. Laying a rat trap in your dream

The plot is bad, yet good. You have enemies around, and they seem to be plotting something against you to bring you down. But whatever they are planning behind your back would be known to you before they begin taking the unpleasant action.

70. Falling into a rat trap

A few misfortunes are probably making their way towards you. Be very careful, especially with your belongings, because the dream suggests you would be the victim of a theft or scam.

Be on your guard and keep a close eye on your belongings and people too, especially new acquaintances. You never know what they can do.

71. Dream of rat poison

Someone is taking pains to sabotage you and looks forward to your life crumbling. Probably, this person anticipates you in a pathetic state. The rat poison possibly symbolizes the attempts and strategies he/she is resorting to.

72. A dream plot of a rat escaping

As the dream plot indicates, you may be having trouble with someone or something in some areas of life. It may have gotten intense, and probably you are all prepared to strike if the need arises. But the dream narrative indicates otherwise.

It wants you to reconsider your actions and strategies. Is there any other way you could solve the issue without resorting to violence?

73. Scared of an army of violent rats in dreams 

Be on your toes and keep your head straight! The plot signifies enemies marching towards you in the real world. 

74. Dream of rats by a housewife

The dream plot could be a reflection of the difficulties you are facing in your family life. But before you jump to a conclusion, take each of the dream variants into consideration as they could lead to some other interpretation.

75. Dream of rats by a doctor

The dream plot may be indicating a contagious disease you are exposed to.

76. Rat dream during pregnancy

Rats during pregnancy are auspicious. Regardless of the number of rats present in the dream, the plot indicates a safe delivery. Also, it foretells new beginnings ahead.

77. Dream of people who look like rats 

You are surrounded in all directions by fake people. They pretend to be well-wishers when in truth, they wish to see you crumble.

78. Dream of people with rat tails on their bodies

Dreaming of people with rat tails symbolizes illness. The dream suggests you take proper care of your health while you can.

79. Dream of rat poop

Rat poop holds several meanings in dreams. It may symbolize your failure to complete tasks and responsibilities in time. 

It may also be an indication that you have finally come to terms and are now working on matters that you have been ignoring or suppressing for long.

Also, dreaming of a rat poop could mean hating what you currently cling to. Perhaps you left a job you love for another that promises higher pay. But maybe you have realized that it’s not as exciting as it looked. You may now be wishing to go back again to the previous job.

80. Dream of rats with cats

The dream plot suggests your friends and circle offering to help you anytime soon.

81. Dream of a rat in friendship with a cat

In reality, it is a rare thing, though not impossible, to see a rat in close company with a cat. However, anything can happen in a dream vision.

When you see this spectacle in your dream, you have a few interesting events or functions to look up to in real life.

82. Rats and cats sleeping peacefully in a dream

Likely, you would come up with brilliant ideas concerning your business. You would be able to expand and grow your business exponentially, thanks to those strategies and ideas.

83. Dream of a rat and a cat on a hunt for prey

The two going together on a hunt is an indication of your colleagues cooking up gossip.

84. Dream of a cat running after a rat

Have you lent money to someone in your waking life? Are you having difficulties getting back the money from that person? If you find this interpretation relatable, you may forget that whole amount. According to the plot, that money will never come back to you again.

A cat running after a rat may also point to a low-paying job.

85. Dream of several rats fighting with a cat

A dream vision of many rats fighting with a cat hints at a slight health issue you will likely face in the coming days.

86. Dream of a cat and a rat attacking each other

This dream scenario points to problems concerning love and relationships. Are you perhaps cheating on your partner? Or do you think your partner is messing around with someone else? Because this dream scenario stands for deceit and insincerity between partners. 

The problem isn’t limited to cheating in relationships and could also be regarding other matters. 

87. Dream of a cat and a rat attacking a person unknown to you

The dream scenario warns you against troubles between people, especially neighbors. The issue, whatever it may be, has the potential to blow up into a massive fight. You are therefore warned not to say or act rashly as it would land you in a difficult spot.

88. A rat playing with many cats in a dream

The dream plot implies a work-related problem because of a blunder you committed earlier.

89. Dream of a cat gnawing a rat

In the foreseeable future, you might get into an intimate relationship with an unfamiliar person. 

90. Dream of a rat between a cat’s teeth

Here, the cat symbolizes you, and the rat stands for the goal or goals you are after. Following this, the dream scenario stands for achieving your life goals.

91. A living rat inside a cat’s mouth

Have you been doing well at work? As per the dream, you would likely get a bonus on account of your work performance.

92. Dream of a cat catching or killing a rat

This dream is pretty symbolic. The cat and the rat in your dream plot could be a representation of two different enemies of yours. As per the happenings, your two enemies will likely kill each other. Or it could also stand for them destroying one another. This dream event happened as a reminder to keep boundaries and not trespass in other’s dealings.

It could also mean a fire breaking out in your home or workplace. If this happens, you will lose much of your belongings and valuables.

A dream event of a cat catching a rat also indicates financial growth.

93. Dream of a rat getting strangled by a cat

Do you owe money to many people? Then, the dream spectacle stands for the debts you have.

94. Dream of a cat tearing a rat into two

Do you have more than one person wooing you at present? The dream event says you must choose one from these people because eventually, you can’t have all.

95. Dream of a cat eating a rat

This is an omen. There is a high possibility of you losing a close relative. It could be to death, but it could also mean ending your relationship with that person due to some issues.

96. Rats and cockroaches in a dream

When you see these creatures in your dreamscape, it is a clear sign that you should fix some aspects of your life. And the plot suggests you do that without harming others.

97. Rats and worms in a dream

You are likely to receive good news regarding work. It could be anything such as a new job that promises better pay, a promotion in your present workplace, a salary hike, or words of appreciation.

To have dreams that feature both rats and worms also stands for success. The dream narrative indicates you are on the right track to achieve your life goals. And surprisingly, the process would be smoother than you had expected as no rivals and potential threats are on your path.

98. Rats and spiders in a dream

Someone from your circle is likely to blame you for one of their atrocious actions. But your misfortune will not end here.

Everyone would be convinced that you are responsible for the evil deed. Clearly, life is going to get difficult around this time. Therefore, the dream event wants you to buckle up for the ride. 

No secret can remain hidden forever. Sooner or later, it is bound to come out. And your efforts to prove yourself innocent will come to fruition at the right time.

People who trust the other person over you would realize their mistakes. And this will further help you to appear more responsible and trustworthy, as the dream suggests.

99. Dream of a rat and a mice

This dream scenario is one of the worst as the creatures stand for the evil people around you. To make things worse, they are close both to you and your family.

They plan to destroy you not by other means but by turning you against your own family. Through lies and unfounded gossip, they will constantly try to create a gap between you and your family.

100. Dream of a rat and a snake

The dream foretells betrayal and abandonment. Someone close to you will put you in a difficult place, and it could be concerning your relationship. However, take note that the trouble is not limited to relationships alone.

Theft and scam are also on the cards. Therefore, ask yourself tens of questions before you give your approval to deals and contracts.

101. Dream meaning of rats and dogs

Dreaming of rats and dogs reflects your feelings. You might have been feeling unloved, unappreciated, and worthless. 

Nevertheless, the dream says otherwise. On the surface, your assumptions may seem true. But there are still people in your circle who feel grateful to you for every small deed you did for them.

They may not have put their thoughts into words, but undoubtedly, these are how they feel. Take note of people’s behavior and how they react to your emotions. The dream says this is your cue to sift through the good people from the whole lot.

102. Baby rats in a dream

Baby rats point to a few minor problems in your life. However insignificant they may seem, you cannot afford to ignore them. If not attended on time, they may get out of hand. Baby rats also signify traps and betrayals. 

103. Dream of a giant rat

A giant rat in your dream foretells fortunate events taking place in your life.

104. Dream of a dirty rat

A dirty rat in dreams appears when you need to self-examine and evaluate your behavior towards others. According to the dream narrative, you may have been on your worst behavior. 

Sometimes, a dirty rat also means you have been overexerting yourself at work. On the other hand, it could also stand for new opportunities regarding work that you must keep a keen eye on.

A rat covered with filth could also symbolize hard work. In the coming days, you may receive a job opportunity that is quite different from blue-collar jobs. The dream vision says the work responsibilities would sound exciting. However, don’t jump into the offer hastily without knowing well about your expected roles and responsibilities.

105. Pregnant rats in a dream

If you see a pregnant rat in dreams, the dream reflects the fears of how your future will take shape. However, take note of the particular rat that visited you in your dreams because interpretations of pregnant rats could vary depending upon the color of the rat. 

106. Dream of a rat without hair on it

A hairless rat in dreams is an indication that you would get past threats and criticisms easily.

On a negative note, the dream of a hairless rat reflects your unhealthy lifestyle. Either you have been neglecting diet and fitness altogether. Or it could also mean you have been taking fitness too seriously. Are you spending most parts of your day working out, overexerting yourself? 

Both of these will impact your health negatively. You should neither neglect diet and fitness nor should you devote a great amount of time to them. Try to strike a balance between the two and observe your body and lifestyle get better. 

Different Colors Rat Dream Meaning

Various cultures look at rat dreams as evil when in truth, it isn’t so. These rodents, though reputed for causing damage, may also bring you good news.

If not pleasant news, they may turn up in dreams to hint at something you can improve to lead a much better life.

107. Dream of colored rats

Colored rats usually symbolize changes. Whether those are for better or for worse and which domain they hint at depends on the respective color.

108. A blue rat in a dream

It could stand for a partner who ditched you in the past. The dream plot indicates that he/she regrets what he/she has done and wishes to get back together with you. 

It could also point to situations in the past that hurt your feelings in some way.

109. Dream of a grey rat

A grey rat in dreams symbolizes a woman in your circle and apparently, she is up to some mischief to damage your life.

110. Dream of a grey rat on a tree

It foretells potential threats and danger lurking around.

111. Buying a grey rat in a dream

Perhaps most parts of your day revolve around household chores because the dream reflects how monotonous you feel and your desires to get away from housework. 

112. Dream of your parents buying you a grey rat

It points out problems with your partner. Some of their actions may have caused you disappointment.

113. Dream of a trapped grey rat 

A close person will likely be in trouble due to an underlying sickness.

114. Killing a grey rat in your room

In the coming days, you will have a shift of residence.

115. Dream of a brown rat

A brown rat signifies both positive and negative signs. As per the dream, you have a balanced life due to a secure job. However, you are far from feeling happy and content. Perhaps, the job you are in is something you are not passionate about. 

Take time to study your thoughts and try to map out the reasons that make you feel miserable. Maybe what you want to achieve is not a high-paying secure job.

Perhaps you wish to do something that excites your soul and not your wallet. Whatever it is, study yourself, do self-retrospection, and the answers would be clear to you.

116. Dream of green-eyed rats

It is generally considered good to see green-eyed rats in dreams. Because according to dream analysis, they stand for good luck, success in all aspects, growth, and contentment.

117. Dream of a rat with bright-red eyes

If you see a rat with bright-red eyes in your dreams, you might face some problems at home. Though not limited to, there is a high probability of the dream event relating to finance. In general, red-eyed rats symbolize evil and ill luck.

118. White rat in dream

White rat dreams are usually considered auspicious. It means you are on the right path. It could also represent the courage to chase after your goals and the ability to adapt to necessary changes that could happen anytime.

White rats in dreams could also be a warning. Do you have suspicions about a particular person? You want to trust them, but your gut feeling tells you that you must study this person a little more.

Well, your hunch is right. The dream plot says that person is not showing you his/her real side. They might do everything they can to come in between you and your goals. 

If you are a rat lover in real life, the dream interpretation would be different for you. Those fluffy white creatures in your dream may symbolize security, success, and healthy relationships.

White rats in dreams also symbolize untrustworthy women in the real world.

119. Dreams of a massive white rat

You would get lucky soon as massive white rats in dreams symbolize your possibility of hitting the jackpot. The size of the creature plays a huge role here. The greater it is, the larger your wins would be.

120. Guided by a white rat in a dream

Dreams of a white rat guiding you stand for collaboration with others on new ventures and ideas. The dream event also gives you the message that you feel content financially.

However, there are issues that you must reconsider because the dream plot says your huge income comes at the cost of your mental peace.

121. A beautiful white rat riding a carriage

You might be drawn to someone because of his/her attractiveness. Sometimes, it could even be an object that has captivated you. But remember that looks can be deceiving, and beauty is skin deep. If it is a person, do not have blind faith in him/her just because you have fallen for him/her. 

According to the dreamscape, that person may be showing you just the fake flashy sides while keeping the genuine hidden. Likewise, before you invest your money in something, think of how much that particular thing would be useful to you.

122. White rats and black cats in a dream

Whether you seem content or not with your life on the surface, the dream indicates some aspects of your life you feel uncomfortable in.

123. Dream of dead white rats

The dream scenario warns you of nasty stunts your enemies may pull in the foreseeable future to ruin your life.

They are likely to cook up spicy gossip about you, so you should be vigilant and have a presence of mind if you wish to get past those traps smoothly. 

124. Dream of a white rat by a young woman

If you are a married young woman, this could hint at unwelcomed plans by friends to separate you from your partner. However, the dream implies that you would get hooked up with a man if you are young and unmarried. 

125. Dream of black rat

Black is usually associated with evil entities since time immemorial, and as such, a black rat in dreams brings no pleasant message. These rodents could symbolize your bad feelings. 

Sometimes, it may also mean you have a lack of feeling or going through depression. In this case, you must talk to friends or seek professional help because that is what your dream wishes to tell you. 

Black rats signify sexual aggression, according to Sigmund Freud.

126. Dream of two fat black rats

You will likely receive insulting remarks from a person you love.

127. Dream of a black rat with red eyes.

If you have plans to travel, the dream warns you to be careful because you may encounter trouble. 

128. A pregnant black rat in a dream

Usually, they symbolize danger and misfortunes you may encounter soon.

129. Black rat having whiteheads

Your personal life would change for the better.

130. Black rats without tails in a dream

This dream plot foreshadows complications concerning your domestic environment.

131. A black rat playing in a dream

You would possibly get into an argument with a close friend. The dreamscape indicates it is a result of failing to stick to promises.

132. Dream of black and white rats fighting

A dispute and fight may break out between you and your relatives concerning inheritance.

133. Dream of black rats scattered in different directions

If you have been facing financial problems, the dream implies you’ll soon be relieved because a solution is going to pop up, unexpected and never thought of.

134. Dream of a sleeping black rat

You would finally be able to catch up with an old friend. According to the plot, you had looked forward to this meeting for a long time.

135. Kissing a black rat in a dream

It symbolizes sexual satisfaction.

136. Feeding a black rat in a dream

You would soon get visitors, and the dream says they would be awfully annoying.

137. Poisoning a black rat in a dream

It marks the beginning of a pleasant life phase.

138. Dream of someone else killing a black rat that tried to attack you

The person who killed the rat in your dream will get into a feud, probably with neighbors. Warn him/her against doing anything foolish. It might evolve into a huge fight, and as per the dream, you will also get entangled in the scandal.

139. A bloody black rat in a dream

It indicates an illness of one of your people.

140. Dream of dead black rats

Since black rats symbolize evil, dead black rats stand for your victory over evil people or energy around you.

141. Newborn baby rats in dreams

It is an implication that your current way of living is monotonous and bores you. Perhaps you can pick up a few hobbies or take time off to travel to bring back the excitement.

142. White baby rats in dreams

If you are in conflict with anybody or a group of people, the dream indicates your victory over them.

143. Dream of black baby rats

You may go into mourning as the dream indicates the death of a person close to you.

144. Rats with baby rats

It means your circle has a good number of hypocrites. Before you let them onto your secrets and plans for the future, ensure you know them well. The dream vision warns you that these hypocrites put on several masks and pretend to like you.

145. Bald baby rats

They symbolize embarrassing and shameful situations.

146. Pet baby rats

They symbolized arguments and conflicts within your family. 

147. Dead baby rats

Avoid gambling around this time lest you want to suffer losses.

148. Dreaming of dead rats

According to this dream plot, you are overwhelmed by your current real-life situations. You feel anxious about some events that you have to deal with sooner or later. The rats appeared to remind you to step up and take action as soon as possible. Otherwise, they may get intense and difficult to fix.

A dead rat in dreams could also stand for conflicts with your partner or family. In some cases, it could also mean a situation has come to a close. This could be your dream interpretation if you are ending a relationship. Or if you have been having thoughts to end one. According to the dream narrative, this particular relationship ended after you have been treated unfairly by the other person.

Interpretations vary according to the variants present in the dream scenario. Another meaning of this dream is that the dilemma you have been in for the longest time will finally come to a close. 

After this, a period of good luck and fortune will put you in great spirits.

149. Dream of dead rats on a road

It stands for the obstacles that you need to uproot to reach your life goals. If you succeed in getting rid of those dead creatures, it is a sure indication that you would overcome the obstacles. 

However, if you dream of the opposite, it could indicate the chances of getting bogged down by those difficulties.

150. Dream of a dead rat in the water

A dead rat in the water points to problems at work. Before you jump to conclusions, take careful note of how the water was in your dream. Was it muddy? If so, you will most probably fail to avoid problems that crop up at your workplace. 

But if the water was clear, you will save your workplace’s reputation to some degree by taking care of mistakes correctly and appropriately. And this would lead you to get appraisals and appreciation from people around you.

Dreams of rats in water are also related to domestic issues. Chances are, you are in conflict with a member of your family or your whole family, and it may be having a massive impact on your mental state, harming your health ultimately.

The dream plot suggests talking the issue out with the other party for your health and your family’s welfare.

151. Dream of dead rats on your bed

A dead rat on your bed is an omen regarding your marriage life. Is there a third party in your relationship? Does your relationship with your partner feel threatened? Probably someone is trying to squeeze in to destroy your family life.

152. Dream of stepping on dead rats in your dream

This dream plot mirrors how unjustly you have been treating someone close to you. Now is ideally the right time to undo improper behaviors.

Even though you have been inconsiderate of his/her feelings in the past, you could still ask for forgiveness. Because even the Holy Bible says, “Ask, and it shall be given to you.” (Matthew 7:7)

153. Several dead rats on your dinner table in your dreams

You have been ruthless with your spending, and according to the plot, your wallet is going to bear the brunt of your recklessness. Several dead rats stand for financial difficulties. Before it gets too late, snap out of your extravagant spending habits.

Spiritual Meaning of Rats in Dreams 

Spiritually, rats symbolize a pain or trauma you experienced in the past. Due to what happened, you may be harboring fears of people, things, and events. The rodents appeared in your dream to let you know that those fears are unfounded and within your mind. 

This is generally the case, but it would be wise to study the other variants for a detailed interpretation.

Biblical Meaning of Rat Dreams

“And these are unclean to you among the swarming things that swarm on the ground: the mole rat, the mouse, the great lizard of any kind”. (Leviticus 11:29)

The Holy Bible depicts the rat as filthy creatures you must avoid at all costs. Accordingly, from a biblical perspective, a dream associated with rats represents unanticipated issues that will cause you damage.

Psychological Meaning of Rat Dreams

Rats symbolize the emotions and psychic forces that creep in once in a while, such as fear and anxiety. On the flip side, they could also be indicating the need to conquer the unseen psychic forces.

Rat Dream Meaning in Chinese Culture

According to the Chinese dream book, a massive rat running around predicts a happy event happening soon.

The rat is the first animal in the Chinese zodiac, and these creatures are prolific in this part of the world. Unlike others, they do not associate the rodents with disease, theft, and greed. Instead, rats to them mean wealth and fortune.

It is also a custom to pray to these creatures if a couple wishes to have a child. When looked at, from the perspective of Yin and Yang, the rat’s energy is Yang. It stands for masculine, light, and new beginnings.

Therefore, according to their beliefs, dreaming of rats could indicate new ideas, new ways to resolve a long-existing problem, a new home environment, new people in your circle, etc.

Rat Dream Meaning in Hinduism

In the myths of Hinduism, rats are associated with Goddess Kali. Goddess Kali, an incarnation of Durga, gave eternal life to her clan but in a mystical way. 

Also, Ganesh, the elephant god and the remover of obstacles, has a rat vehicle or companion called Musakavahana, and it is believed to possess the same attributes as the elephant God.

The rat is no less marvelous than the elephant as a finder and maker of the way. It has a peculiar talent for entering buildings- homes, larders, and granaries- and is wonderfully successful in overcoming whatever defenses men can put in its path”.

-The Art of Indian Asia, Heinrich Zimmer

Following this, a rat in dreams could also mean the potential to break through multiple barriers if you put your mind to it.

A Few Questions To Ask Yourself Before Determining Your Rat Dream 

  1. How do you feel about these rodents in real life? Do you dread them, or you don’t care if a rat plays hide and seek near you? If they do scare you, why is it so? Is it because you fear some diseases on them, or do you think they look awful? 

Dreams bridge the gap between the conscious and the subconscious during sleep. So, it is vital to take note of this.

Moreover, what you feel towards these rodents will differ from what another person feels, and therefore, the interpretation will never be the same for two people with contrasting personalities.

  1. What do you associate rats with?
  2. Where were you when you dreamt of them, and what were the actions happening then? 
  3. Did you think about these rodents before you went to bed?
  4. Do you think you are persistent enough while chasing your dreams and goals? Or do you give up a little too easily?

Closing Thoughts

Often, dreams seem irrational and disconnected to us. And we tend to forget about them the day after. But those fragments of images carry powerful messages that may help us map out difficulties and troubles in the real world. 

According to dream interpreters, no dream is insignificant because they are just the parts of a whole picture. And this makes it all the more important to probe into for an in-depth meaning of your rat dream.

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