What Does It Mean When You Dream About Smoking?

Dream about smoking yourself

You can dream about yourself and not with your friends or colleagues. The dream means you have a favorable period of life ahead of you.

Dream about cigarette smoke

If a man had dreamed about cigarette smoke, it points towards a good and prosperous life, but things are not so simple. You have to work for your success.

Dream about throwing cigarette butts

You can dream about throwing away cigarette butts. It means that you are looking for some evolution in your life.

Dream about cigarette ash

If you dream about cigarette ash, it is not a good sign. It is a symbol of terrible events that will take place in your life.

Dream about an electronic cigarette

When you dream about having an electronic cigarette, it signifies that you are looking to avoid any sudden problem from taking place in your life.

Dream about smoking with friends

When you dream about smoking with friends, it means you must stay away from a particular person in your real life.

Dream about a young girl smoking

The dream of a young girl smoking portrays your desire and a lackadaisical approach to have an idle lifestyle.

When you dream about smoking, it signifies that you are going through a critical phase of your life. You are feeling anxious and have become a nervous person due to this reason.