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Dream about Smoking – 53 Revelations That You Must Know

Dream about Smoking – 53 Revelations That You Must Know

Updated on Jan 13, 2023 | Published on Feb 04, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream About Smoking – 53 Scenarios and Their Interpretations

We see several dreams that tell us a lot about our lives. They can play a significant role in making us aware of a number of things happening around us. When you dream about smoking, it also does the same.

When you dream about smoking, it can suggest that you have stress and tension in real life. It is also a common dream among those trying to get rid of this smoking habit.

Read on to know the several interpretations and meanings of this dream about smoking, but before that, let us first go a little deeper to understand why people dream about smoking.

Dream about Smoking - 53 Revelations That You Must Know
Dream about Smoking – 53 Revelations That You Must Know

What does it mean when you dream about smoking?

When you dream about smoking, it signifies that you are going through a critical phase of your life. You are feeling anxious and have become a nervous person due to this reason.

It does not matter whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker in real life. You can still dream about smoking because your subconscious mind is trying to give you a subtle message.

There is a possibility that your subconscious mind is telling you that you have some other addiction, and you need to find a way to make sure it does not consume you.

It is because too much of anything can severely affect your health.

There are other possible reasons behind your dream about smoking. Let us talk about them in brief –

1. Gone Back to Old Habit

You can have dreams about smoking probably because you have recently started practicing an old habit, which was not suitable for you earlier. It will not be ideal for you now also.

The dream comes to remind you that you need to put in extra effort to get rid of this routine once again. If you do not put in the requisite effort, it can have a negative effect while moving on with your life.

2. Trying to Rebel Against Something

Smoking also indicates some sort of rebellion. If you are trying to rebel against someone or something in your real life, then that can be the reason why you dream about smoking.

It is possible that you do not like someone’s attitude or you dislike some event that will take place in your life. Either situation in real life can result in this dream about smoking.

3. Break from Monotonous Life

Another reason you can dream about smoking is you need a break from the daily hustle and bustle of life. The intensity of your life has been at its peak, and it is taking a lot out of you.

You may seek this break from a particular individual or a situation in your life as well.

No matter the reason for your break, you have invested your precious time in that individual or at some work, and you feel it’s time to relax.

4. Doing Something Out of Compulsion

Even if you are a non-smoker, you can dream about smoking. It still occurs because you are doing something against your wish. You do not believe in or support waking life.

The only reason you are doing this is to fit in among a group of friends or other individuals. Maybe, the time has come for you to come clean on this and speak your mind.

You can do this by challenging the view that does not reflect your opinions.

5. Need for Introspection

You can hate smoking in real life but, still, you might dream about smoking. The dream about smoking crops up as your subconscious mind is telling you to introspect.

You need to give a long hard look and find out where the problem lies with your thought process, attitude, decisions, and actions. It is because you are doing something that you will usually not do.

Symbolic Interpretation of Dream about Smoke

The symbolic meaning and interpretation of dreams about smoke represent anxious feelings related to a situation that will soon cause trouble.

There is an intuition related to something dangerous, which can get out of control. A dream about smoke turns out to be a wake-up call and a sign that something in life is not working out as it should.

Dream About Smoking – 53 Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Dream about smoking symbolizes some of your most hidden passions and desires. It can even mean that someone will invite you for a cup of coffee.

You can see this in your dream even if you try to do away with this habit. It also occurs because your subconscious mind reminds you that you enjoy smoking a lot.

Let us now discuss some of the common scenarios that can crop up when you dream about smoking –

1. Dream about smoking yourself

You can dream about yourself and not with your friends or colleagues. It has a positive connotation. The dream means you have a favorable period of life ahead of you.

It is particularly positive if you dream about smoking in your garden, house, or living room. The meaning remains the same if you dream about smoking and drinking coffee along with it.

This dream also signifies some guests will soon visit your place, whom you have not met for quite some time. You can also get to see some of your family members after a long time.

2. Dream about smoking with friends

When you dream about smoking with friends, it means you must stay away from a particular person in your real life.

It is quite possible that you spend too much time with someone, but this person is different from you.

If you are into a relationship, things are not working out according to your wish. Probably your partner has had an adverse impact on you. Hence, it will be a better option if you break up with your partner.

The dream also means that possibly, you have fake friends close to you. It is why you need to stay careful and make sure they stay away from your life. If this does not happen, then they can lead you into trouble.

3. Dream about smoking in a café

You can dream about smoking in your favorite café where you love to spend some time. When this occurs, it means you will meet someone who you have wanted to meet for a very long time.

The person is an individual who you have admired over a long period.

You did not have the courage to go up to him and communicate. You may also meet your good friend or a colleague with whom you have lost touch.

Once you meet a new person, it can help change your life and bring joy and happiness.

The dream interpreter depends on what people smoke and how they do it. It will be different if you wrap it up in fill pipes or cigarettes.

4. Dream about a cigarette

When you see a cigarette in your dream, it means that you are facing problems in your real life. For this reason, you need to rest and bring forth a drastic change in your life.

It also shows that you will face numerous challenges in your journey to execute the change.

If you dream that you are smoldering a cigarette, that means it will lead to deception in real life. The dream also refers to a superficial relationship.

5. Dream about smoking a cigarette

One of the most common dreams is when you dream about smoking a cigarette. You can dream about it irrespective of whether you are a smoker or a non-smoker.

If a smoker enjoys smoking, this dream can reflect his need for more nicotine.

When you see this dream, do not get surprised if your friends invite you to attend a party. Social gatherings are directly related to cigarettes, food, and drinks.

Thus, whenever you see this dream, it is possible that soon you can receive an invitation.

The dream also means that you will attend a party where you will share all your experiences with others carrying the same level of interest. You can even visit an exhibition in a museum.

6. Dream about smoking cigarettes

We have already discussed the implication of your dream about smoking a cigarette. You can even start dreaming of smoking cigarettes. 

When this occurs in your subconscious mind, it means that you are attempting to suppress your emotions in real life. You are doing this so that other people do not get exposed to your reactions. 

It is a big problem for you to get close to others, and hence, you always try to maintain distance. This dream comes as a warning for you to share further details with your near and dear ones.

7. Dream about smoking cigarettes in one go

You can dream about smoking a number of cigarettes at a time. It means that you will face obstacles and challenges while going forward in your life.

This type of dream also has a positive connotation. The positive aspect of this dream is that you will overcome your hardships and manage to lead a happy and contented life.

8. Dream about cigarettes when you are not a smoker

You can dream about cigarettes even when you don’t smoke in real life. It represents things you do not want. Right now, your actions are most probably the result of what people expect from you.

However, in spite of your desire to love it, you are not able to. You should pursue those things about which you have intense passion. It is because life is unpredictable.

The most important thing you must realize is that you need to make appropriate decisions and stay happy in life. There is no need to bother about what others feel or say.

9. Dream about a packet of cigarettes

When you see a pack of cigarettes in your dream, it means there will be a temptation. You can think of a packet of cigarettes as having opportunities to get addicted to a situation in your real life.

It can even happen that you dream of buying a pack of cigarettes. Once you see this, it signifies that you are progressing towards a problematic situation in your life.

10. Dream about giving cigarettes to someone else

If you have been dreaming of offering cigarettes to someone else, it means that you need to invest more time in relaxation. You need to find time for yourself and avoid getting involved in stressful situations.

Rather, you should do something that helps you to unwind and relax. It will help bring a sense of peace and comfort to your life. Your prime focus right now is to take care of yourself.

Any physical or emotional stress can turn out to be detrimental for you now. Thus, you must review your actions and attitudes toward your life.

You must slow down and ensure that your mind and body are at rest.

In case you try to put in even more effort and exert yourself too much, it can cause further damage to your health very soon.

11. Dream about being unable to light a cigarette

You can dream that you are not managing to light a cigarette because of wind or persistent rain. It symbolizes the way you think and act. 

The dream refers to the difficulty you face in expressing your attraction towards other people. It can also forecast indecisiveness or fluctuation between two different directions. 

You always tend to have questions on the right course of action that you must take. It is necessary for you to stay firm and make the right decision at the right time.

12. Dream about cigarette smoke

If a man had dreamed about cigarette smoke, it points towards a good and prosperous life, but things are not so simple. You have to work for your success.

It will be ideal if you are able to conquer all your obstacles and achieve your dreams. The focus must be on your goal, and it can help you overcome any hurdle that comes in the way.

If you work hard, it will help you get the reward.

You can prevent the emergence of financial problems. Your ability to make appropriate decisions has direct links with how you achieve success.

When you see this dream, it tends to enhance all these features and they will be necessary to become successful.

13. Dream about buying cigarettes

You can dream about buying cigarettes. It signifies a force in your life. The most significant thing is that you must recognize this coercion.

Then you can understand how unfavorable it is for you. When you develop a better understanding of the force, make sure to get rid of this negative behavioral pattern.

You can take help either from people close to you or consult a psychologist.

When there is a joint effort to face challenges and overcome them, you can overcome obstacles easily. Each problem that occurs in life has a solution.

You have to focus on taking good care of yourself, as very few people will do on your behalf.

14. Dream about selling cigarettes

When you dream about selling cigarettes, it means you are not feeling comfortable staying around other individuals in your social circle. You tend to feel dissatisfied when you share your thoughts with them.

This dream also means that unwillingly you will stay away from your friend due to financial issues. You may also have to face legal problems in the future.

15. Dream about a cigarette flame going out

The dream about a cigarette flame going out is directly related to the hurdles that crop up in your life. It is a warning from the subconscious mind. All these obstacles or hurdles can come from different areas.

It can impact your personal and professional lives. You must be careful of any such situation once the time comes. If you prepare in advance, you can tackle any circumstance and deal with it in the best possible manner.

It allows you to re-evaluate certain aspects of your life from a different perspective. You can also recognize if these obstacles have taken complete control of your life.

16. Dream about throwing cigarette butts

You can dream about throwing away cigarette butts. It means that you are looking for some evolution in your life. This realization from your end suggests that you have attained complete maturity.

It clearly shows that you are to bring forth a change in your life. You have realized what is causing you trouble, and you are trying to improve. 

This dream suggests you stay away from anything that puts you at risk. Throwing away cigarette butts in your dream is also linked with an internal requirement for change. 

You must invest time to review all those things that result in a delay in your life. It is time to reflect, develop an understanding of your belief, and take every chance to renew your life.

17. Dream about seeing and lighting a cigarette

It is possible that you can even dream about seeing and lighting a cigarette. This dream implies that your hopes will rise again even after your defeat.

You may have a painful breakup, but that will lead you to another relationship. There might be a business failure, and that can result in you investing somewhere else and making a fortune from it.

18. Dream about lighting a cigarette

When you dream about lighting a cigarette with a match, it has a direct connection with the plan of your life. It is because of the link that suggests your project will complete soon.

Therefore, it would be ideal if you put in extra effort towards executing your plan. This dream comes as a warning that you must not give up as you can soon achieve success.

19. Dream about cigarette ash

If you dream about cigarette ash, it is not a good sign. It is a symbol of terrible events that will take place in your life. 

Whatever happens, you must remember that you have the strength to overcome all odds, and all those happenings will not disturb your happiness.

You must remain careful not to get involved too much in this precarious situation as that can also have a severe impact and make things even more terrible. 

It is necessary to avoid problems that can hamper your happiness in life. You must realize that one has to go through every phase in his life.

You cannot emphasize the little things while trying to achieve the best.

20. Dream about cigarettes when there are other bad habits

You can dream about cigarettes despite having other bad habits apart from smoking in real life. You can resort to drinking, too much eating, or involving yourself in unhealthy relationships.

This dream about smoking cigarettes issues a warning. It warns you that one must do things in moderation. Too much of anything in life can adversely affect your health.

21. Dream about an electronic cigarette

When you dream about having an electronic cigarette, it signifies that you are looking to avoid any sudden problem from taking place in your life. 

If you see someone smoking an electronic cigarette in your dream, it could mean that the individual will face issues and complications.

It could also mean that you like to exchange something harmful for something healthier, still retaining some of the fun involved with it. 

While considering the level of acceptance that e-cigarettes have in society, it is quite possible that you will make sure that this society accepts your habits.

22. Dream about a broken cigarette

You can see a broken cigarette in your dream. When this dream crops up, it means someone wrong is happening in your life. It is possible that you are facing past problems in this present situation.

You can even see in your dream that a cigarette is not lit. It means that as you move ahead in life, you will confront challenges.

If you wish to get rid of the burden, you need to gather information about the problems very soon.

It will prevent you from getting involved in the unwanted provocation. If you see yourself breaking a cigarette in your dream, it serves as an alert that there is a lack of privacy in some segments of your life.

The dream also suggests that something untoward is taking place in your life. You are in the middle of a conflicting situation and will face constant stress in your life.

23. Dream about stealing cigarettes

When you dream about stealing cigarettes, it represents restless consciousness. As you have failed to realize that you had hurt someone, your subconscious mind reminds you of your need to apologize.

You want your concerns and difficulties to go away in this dream as it represents the fulfillment of wishes.

This dream also signifies a lack of self-esteem. You also have trouble getting the desired level of love and support from others.

Stolen cigarettes tend to represent speed and stability. Friendships in your life are seeing a shift. Apart from this, a goal that you have always managed to cherish for a period of time is finally within your reach.

If you dream of other people stealing cigarettes, it indicates that your near and dear ones are concerned about your health.

You get a constant reminder of your need to consult a doctor, but you do not have time to do so.

24. Dream about smoking a cigarette that does not go out

When you dream about smoking that shows a cigarette not going out, it points towards your strength and courage. It can be that you are going through a rough phase in your life.

Now, no matter how difficult your current phase is, you should not worry about it at all. It is because you have it within you to fight and overcome every challenge one after another.

25. Dream about smoking a cigar

When you dream about smoking a cigar, it means you know how to get the most out of your life.

You are usually a relaxed individual who loves to enjoy simple pleasures. It is a feeling within that lets you believe you deserve these things due to your hard work.

This dream also tells you that time has come for you to relax, as you have completed a business project. The effort you have put in at work has finally paid off, and it is your time to enjoy this moment.

The dream gives out a simple message that people tend to forget. It is about realizing that life is beautiful with small things in it.

You must be present in the present moment and not worry about anything else.

26. Dream about smoking a pipe

If you dream about smoking a pipe, it is a promising sign. It is a connotation of positive things like responsibility, maturity, and good manners.

All those men who see this dream possess the clearcut attitude of a gentleman.

Even if you are a non-smoker and see this dream, that means you have style. Other than this, you are fully aware of what you want from life.

For some people, this dream denotes eccentricity, while for others, it means conservatism.

You are a traditionalist, possess a conservative approach, and find it difficult to change your opinions and beliefs. You like people the most when they are educated and exude kindness.

On the other hand, you feel that you have more maturity and have become older as you possess a wealth of experience and knowledge.

27. Dream about someone else smoking

When you dream about others smoking, it can have a different meaning. It means you want something in life, but an unfavorable situation is not allowing you to get it. 

Due to this reason, you are deeply frustrated and get annoyed because of an unpleasant situation. If we look at it in another way, you can even dream about a person smoking, but you are not a smoker in real life. 

Once this dream occurs, it means you will soon have an argument with a known person for whom you care a lot.

So, the situation has to cause a high level of irritation for you to get into this argument. 

In another perspective, this dream tells us that you are a highly judgmental person. You force others to change their habits and attitude as per your ideologies.

28. Dream about enjoying smoking

If you dream about enjoying smoking, it indicates that you are at a very stable point in your life. Due to this reason, you are totally at peace and have a harmonious relationship with all.

Everything is happening as per your wish. Apart from this, there are people who have genuine care and love for you. The dream also means you enjoy the work you do. 

You have a flourishing career. You enjoy a stable and secure life. All these reasons have made you extremely happy.

29. Dream about smoking in a place where it is not allowed to smoke

You can dream about smoking in such a place where it is not allowed to smoke. It means that you would like to have something which does not belong to you.

You are putting in the effort to make it yours, but things are not working out in your favor. You must resist yourself and ensure that you are not doing something not meant for you.

Waiting for the right time is the need of the hour.

30. Dream about smoking weed

When you are dreaming about smoking weed, it sometimes reflects your fear of commitment. It tells you that you need to become more friendly and release negative feelings from your life.

The dream signifies the desire you have for knowledge.

There is a probability that you are very much bothered about how others see you. The dream clearly states your idea of self-worth. You might be taking advantage of something or someone.

You need to strike a balance between several aspects of your personality. This dream about smoking weed suggests a level of self-confidence. It is necessary for you to release your guilt or clear your conscience.

You can even dream that you are rolling a joint and then smoking. When you see this, it symbolizes that you have a number of things going on in your mind.

You are feeling lost, but, fortunately, this phase will not last long until you get back to your path once again.

31. Dream about smoking after quitting

When you dream about smoking cigarettes after quitting, it points to a mysterious person in your life who wants to harm you. The dream also means you are going through some struggle in your life’s journey.

You are not willing to get rid of your old ways. It is a symbol of your fascination with a particular celebrity.

You are going along at a decent pace in your life with utmost ease and determination. It refers to your greed and temptation.

There is a sense of satisfaction with how your life is going, and you are confident of accomplishing your tasks.

This dream even pertains to your core values and beliefs. In spite of this, you are not taking care of some intense emotional problem.

Your dream also symbolizes joy, happiness, and pleasure. It gives a message that you need to learn how to question everything.

On certain occasions, if you dream of smoking cigarettes even after quitting, it points towards your lack of accomplishments.

Certain things in your life are not working out. You are making an attempt to bring all the opposing forces together. The dream is a warning for your primal fears and the feelings of falling into a pit of helplessness.

You tend to keep all your feelings buried inside. Therefore, you need to look for a productive way that can allow you to express those feelings before things get out of control.

32. Dream about dark smoke while smoking

You can dream about dark smoke while you are smoking. It is not a good omen. This dream predicts a number of difficulties and problems that are waiting to occur in your life in the future.

It is also possible that you can lose something that is very dear to you. For this reason, you must stay aware and take all the necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of any untoward incident.

33. Dream about a bright smoke while smoking

When you dream about a bright smoke while smoking, it is a good omen. This dream is a sign of good luck and success. It is necessary to note that this success will last for how long.

Your dream suggests that success will be short-lived. Due to this reason, there is always a possibility that problems will come back into your life once again.

So, it is better for you to remain cautious.

34. Dream about smoking among a group of people

If you dream about smoking within a group of people, it means you want others’ attention and the urge to feel accepted.

You wish that people take you for the kind of person you are, but unfortunately, this does not happen as and when you desire.

The reason is that you are not like any other individual. The dream can also denote that you are unique and fully aware of your needs. Moreover, you will thrive as and when you get support from others.

35. Dream about everyone smoking

You can dream of everyone smoking. It indicates that you are feeling lonely. You are eager to have some companion with whom you can share your thoughts and feelings.

It is necessary for you to realize a critical aspect. This aspect is that, just because you have not found your right set of companions, it does not mean you will lead a secluded life.

36. Dream about a stranger smoking

When you see a dream about a stranger smoking, it denotes a lot about your sexuality. This dream means that you must unleash the sexual energy you possess, but something prevents you from doing so.

You are either feeling apprehensive or worried at the moment. Your general tendency is to act the opposite of how you are feeling. It is necessary to think about what you are afraid of.

The dream tells you to get rid of all kinds of hesitation and break free. As you feel free, it will help you explore your sexuality and embrace it.

37. Dream about not feeling the taste or smell of smoke

You can see a dream where you are not feeling the smell or taste of smoke. It reflects that you are numb for some reason in your real life. Other individuals see you as an emotionless person.

The reason is that you are no longer bothered about how others feel and put your needs first.

When you dream of smoking without the taste or smell of smoke, it indicates you worry about your life more than you show concern about satisfying your ego.

It tells you to focus on those things, which can help bring all your emotions back. You can dream of a number of cigarettes that do not go out and, it symbolizes that you are a courageous individual.

38. Dream about someone smoking and blowing away smoke in the sky

If you see this dream, it reveals your manner of leading your life. You tend to worry a lot about the lives of others and less about your own. The preferred option will always be to do the opposite.

This dream suggests you indulge in doing those things that make you happy. Moreover, giving importance to your own needs, rather than taking care of others is the need of the hour.

39. Dream about someone blowing smoke in your face

You can dream that someone blows smoke in your face. It represents your short-tempered nature.

The dream also points towards all those people who are testing your patience in real life at this point in time.

There is a chance that some annoying individual might bring out the worst in you. It can also represent the temptation or urge that you fail to resist.

40. Dream about other people smoking

You can even be dreaming of other people smoking. When it crops up in your subconscious mind, it means some unexpected pleasures are waiting for you.

There is every possibility that you will have good news related to someone or something, which will gladden your heart.

41. Dream about a man smoking

When you see a man smoking in your dream, it symbolizes that there will be an announcement. There is a probability that something of great importance will happen to you very soon.

The event will have associations with a female person you admire in your real life. She will have a significant impact, and you need to prepare yourself for drastic changes that are all set to occur in your life.

42. Dream about smoke without fire

You can dream of smoke without fire. This dream is a sign of how well you appreciate the possessions in your life. It tells you to build your confidence and self-esteem.

Your dream reflects love, affection, harmony, tranquility, and contentment. Smoke in this dream is a message of guilt and temptation. A person or a situation may be making you crazy.

You are looking to move away from the responsibilities that you need to carry out in your life. It also indicates the troubles you have in accepting changes.

You also intend to get into a relationship after being lonely for some time.

On the other hand, fire in this dream reflects your tendency to go against tradition and thus, break the conventional rules.

It urges you to look at a situation rationally. The dream also means that you are all set to bury your past.

43. Dream about a young girl smoking

The dream of a young girl smoking portrays your desire and a lackadaisical approach to have an idle lifestyle.

If you happen to know this lady smoker, you should understand that you cannot rely on her in your real life. It is because she does not keep her word.

So, it is ideal for you to stay away from this girl. In case you cannot, it will not be long before you land up in a precarious situation, from where you will struggle to come out.

44. Dream about smoking hemp

When you dream about smoking hemp, it signifies your strong desire to sway away from reality. There are certain events in life that do not allow you to lead your life in peace.

It can also come as an indicator of a severe illness. Thus, you must take this dream seriously and make plans to tackle unforeseen events so that they do not cause much trouble.

45. Dream about white smoke

You can dream about a person smoking and making a whole lot of white smoke. This means that the individual is putting a lot of pressure and influence on someone else’s life.

The greater the smoke in your dream, leading to breathing difficulties, the stronger that person’s influence.

46. Dream about smoking without any smoke

You can also dream about smoking, and there is no smoke. It means that you are more interested in how your life is panning out. You are not bothered about what you are doing to satisfy your ego.

It is not an ideal thing to happen for your self-worth. Due to this reason, your subconscious mind is giving you a reminder to change your approach. You can then start feeling proud of yourself and worthy.

47. Dream about a child smoking

When you dream about a child smoking, it indicates your feelings and your ability to have control over your emotions.

The time has come for you to make a fresh start. You require a lot more rest and relaxation.

This dream also refers to the real world and how preoccupied your mind is with achieving materialistic gains.

Your actual identity is getting revealed.  Child smoking points towards obedience, devotion, and spiritual enlightenment.

It shows that you are going against the norm. On top of this, you are able to grab others’ attention and involve them. The dream is indicative of some spiritual ceremony.

48. Dream about smoking but not feeling it

You can see a dream where you are smoking but unable to feel that you are actually smoking. It means that you are numb to a particular aspect of your life. 

Others feel as if you lack emotion and are uncaring in nature. This type of feeling crops up in people’s minds because they think your decisions and actions only benefit your life. 

They do not make any impact on others. The dream appears to make you realize that you must become more considerate about how others feel.

You must ensure that you understand situations from others’ perspectives and act accordingly. Your actions should reflect your concern about others.

49. Dream about smoke coming out of your nose

If you dream about smoke coming out of your nose, it means that your health is weak. You see this dream because you are feeling lazy as you do not do physical exercise or maintain a healthy lifestyle in real life.

It is necessary for you to realize something significant in your life. You must not look to exercise or have a healthy lifestyle, only when your body is in a critical condition.

50. Dream about smoke coming out of your mouth

When you dream about coming out of your mouth, it indicates that you are releasing yourself from something troubling you for quite some time.

The trouble can occur either from a person or an event. It also has close relations with your work-related circumstances.

51. Dream about smoke around your body

Dreaming about smoke around your body is nothing short of a nightmare. The dream symbols that you tend to give too much value to what people say about you. It makes you a selfish individual.

You must not allow this kind of arrogance to get into your head. It is significant that you stay the person you are without expecting praise and appreciation.

The dream also showcases financial problems that can come into your life. You must keep this in mind and ensure that you do not take any debt.

52. Dream about smoke from the exhaust pipe

If you see a dream where you see smoke coming out from an exhaust pipe, it portrays that you have a cold feeling. Though it does not mean you will die, you have filled yourself with bitterness.

You must realize that those bad feelings and an attitude of revenge will only cause you trouble. So, you must think if this emotional distress is worth all your actions. 

53. Dream about smoke clouds

You can see smoke clouds in your dream. It means that you have been able to balance your emotions. The dream also indicates that you are cheating yourself with a fake life.

It would do you a world of good and be of great help if you can lead your life in a realistic manner on certain occasions. 

Spiritual Meaning of Smoke in a Dream

The spiritual meaning of smoke in a dream relates to the results of all those actions carried out in the past.

This dream clearly signifies the kind of fruit you will receive in the time to come of the deed you had done in the past.

It will finally decide how your life will transpire in days to come, carrying both positive and negative aspects.

Islamic Interpretation of Dream about Smoke

The Islamic interpretation of a dream about smoke refers to God inflicting torture and suffering. It can even refer to a ruler imposing a penalty.

In certain situations, smoke points towards an investment, a partnership, or even signifying money from outside that a person has placed with his own capital for business.

The dream about smoke can also indicate loss of capital or property.

Only if anyone works with fire to earn his living and dreams of smoke, it reflects profits. In a dream, smoke also refers to a horrific calamity, no matter where it appears.

Biblical Meaning of Smoking in a Dream

When we look at smoking in a dream from the biblical point of view, it refers to the sign of mental problems. There is a belief that these dreams point towards disease and the growth of enemies in one’s life.

It also says that if we look into the positive side of all those events occurring that are taking place in our lives, we will always be happy.

People must know different ways to invite happiness into their lives.

They do not worry about the consequences that their decisions will make them face in their lives. Due to this reason, they always stay happy and lead their lives openly.

Psychological Meaning of Dream about Smoke

The psychological meaning of dreams about smoke suggests that people suffering from problems linked with respiratory organs see this dream.

It means that you either have this problem or start having issues at short notice. When we see this dream from another perspective, smoke refers to the actions you have carried out in the past.

Other than this, if you dream of smoke moving close to your forehead, it points towards the misunderstandings you have been having with your colleagues over a long period of time. It is necessary that you try to fix those issues.

If the smoke in your dream is annoying you, it could be because you are unhappy due to the failure of someone very close to you.

If you dream about a smoke ring, it comes up as a warning that someone will look to create confusion and take undue advantage of the trust you showcase.

The following video link will give you a better idea of the various scenarios and their interpretations when you dream about smoking.

Closing Thoughts

Dreaming about smoking crops up in your mind when you feel stressed and wish to get rid of an old habit. We have discussed several interpretations and meanings of dreams linked with smoking.

They have given us a fair idea of how you can prepare yourself and manage to deal with different situations of your life effectively.

All these dreams also allow you to introspect and judge if your decisions were appropriate during those times.

They also crop up when you desire a break from the daily hustle and bustle of life. We can easily say that all these dreams help you deal with life’s problems effectively and make you a better individual.