What Does Dream of Taking A Shower Mean?

Shower Dream Meaning: General Interpretation

Dream of taking a shower is a representation of cleansing, recovery, healing, and the possibility of something new.

Seeing a shower in your dream

Dreams where you merely see a shower mean that you may be hopeful of finding the energy to do more things.

Seeing yourself take a shower

Seeing yourself showering with clean water means prosperity, and if the water is clear and cold, it means good physical health.

Dream of taking a shower in front of a mirror

You may be inspecting yourself too closely, being extremely careful and guarded in your waking life.

Dream of enjoying your shower

For people who are in a positive or happy state of mind in the current waking life, this dream is a reflection of that positive state.

Feeling a strong urge to shower dream meaning

Dreams where you have a strong need or urge to shower suggest that you may be experiencing something that makes you feel dirty.