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Dream of Taking a Shower – 35 Examples Help You Understand This Dream

Dream of Taking a Shower – 35 Examples Help You Understand This Dream

Updated on Feb 01, 2023 | Published on Oct 26, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Shower Dream Meaning - 35 Examples Help You Understand This Dream

Dream of taking a shower is a symbol of healing, the recovery that we go through to heal and the cleansing of our thoughts, feelings and mind. Its positive interpretations include the promise of new adventures as well. 

Dream of taking a shower is actually quite common. Showers in reality are a space for people to reflect on their day, wash away the dirt and re-energise for upcoming activities.

Read on to understand the types of dreams, why you may be having them and what exactly they tell you about your waking life.

Dream of Taking a Shower - 35 Examples Help You Understand This Dream
Dream of Taking a Shower – 35 Examples Help You Understand This Dream

Shower Dream Meaning: General Interpretation 

Dream of taking a shower is a representation of cleansing, recovery, healing, and the possibility of something new. It is a positive dream in most scenarios. It also allows us to look at our own thoughts and behaviors in an objective manner. 

Generally, dreams of taking a shower represent recovery, healing from the past and hope for the new. It also represents the act of cleansing yourself, both physically and spiritually, to prepare for a future where you achieve your goals. 

Cleansing yourself allows you to let go of the dirt, the negative thoughts, the grudges and the anger. It gives you the opportunity to forgive others and yourself, if you have been hard on yourself. 

Shower dreams also represent relaxation, peace, confidence or lack of confidence. We often experience these emotions in our daily life, at work or in our romantic life. The dream interpretation thus allows us to understand our waking life in a more beneficial way. 

Shower dreams thus symbolise the following.

1. Cleansing yourself 

Shower dreams symbolise the act of cleansing ourselves. This is much like our waking life, where a shower helps us get rid of the dirt we gather throughout the day on our bodies. In dreams, shower dreams means we cleanse our mind to get rid of negativity. 

Often, getting rid of negative thoughts requires us to be aware of what they are and how they affect our goals and desires. The meanings explored in the following section highlight the thoughts or emotions that don’t benefit us and hence need to be resolved. 

2. Preparing for adventures 

Multiple types of shower dreams explore the phase in our life where we are anticipating something new. EIther we are planning a fun new adventure or are getting ready to meet a new person. 

The newness is not just a small change, it is a new adventure that is quite exciting. Shower dreams represent our desire to explore newness and our eager preparation for it. 

3. Healing from a wound

Here, wound means something from our past or present that has hurt us. Shower dreams mean that we are ready to heal from what has hurt us. We may take time to take care of ourselves, but we can heal and move forward. 

4. Letting go and recovering 

Lastly, shower dreams also symbolise the feeling of letting go. Numerous shower dreams can be interpreted as big and small struggles we go through everyday; because of our insecurities, confidence or thoughts. 

They can be taken as signs to let those thoughts go; if we indulge in bad habits, let them go and if we are stuck in our own thoughts for a long time, we can also let them go to embrace newer ones. 

Dream of taking a shower – 35 Types, Meanings and Reasons 

There are different types of shower dreams. Read on to explore the types, what they mean and why you may be having them.

1. Taking a shower in your dream 

Dream of taking a shower is associated with a new energy. You may be looking to re-energize yourself to prepare yourself for a new experience. You may even be getting ready to meet a new person in your life. 

This dream reflects the action of washing away and at the same time feeling fresh. These feelings are both found when you are moving forward from one phase of life to the next. 

2. Seeing a shower in your dream 

Dreams where you merely see a shower mean that you may be hopeful of finding the energy to do more things. This is a positive interpretation because it gives you the motivation to move towards your goals. 

Often, achieving our goals requires us to physically work towards them. Seeing a shower in our dreams is an indication that we may be feeling competent enough to do the work. 

3. Seeing yourself take a shower

Dreams where you actually see yourself taking a shower are a positive sign. Seeing yourself showering with clean water means prosperity, and if the water is clear and cold, it means good physical health. 

4. Dream of taking a shower in front of a mirror 

Dreams where you are in front of a mirror when taking a shower represent your self criticism. You may be inspecting yourself too closely, being extremely careful and guarded in your waking life. 

Tip: This may be taken as an indication to relax more and be kinder to yourself. 

5. Dream of enjoying your shower 

This dream is also a good sign. For people who are in a positive or happy state of mind in the current waking life, this dream is a reflection of that positive state. 

In our waking life, when we enjoy a shower, it usually means we’ve had a good time, and we are content with how our day or night ended. We enjoy the feeling of the shower when the time before or after the shower was something that was making us feel good. 

Similarly in our dreams, enjoying a shower means we may be in a content frame of mind. The shower is helping us relax or wind down and we will continue to feel good after we are done or after waking up. 

6. Feeling a strong urge to shower dream meaning 

Dreams where you have a strong need or urge to shower suggest that you may be experiencing something that makes you feel dirty. When we are sleeping, we don’t really think about how clean/unclean we are. The dirt here is related to our thoughts or desires. 

We often even have desires to do something that is out of our capabilities or reach. Dreaming of an urge to shower may be an indication that we should wash ourselves out of such desires and focus on staying on track. 

7. Warm water shower dream meaning 

Dreams of taking a warm shower are a sign of emotional fatigue and low mood. If you may be feeling emotionally run down or stressed out, you may dream of taking a shower with warm or hot water

This is also generally regarded as a de-stressing method, and the dream interpretation is in line with that assumption. 

8. Cold water shower dream meaning 

Dreams of showering with cold water represent conflict. It is an indication that you will be facing a conflicting time ahead; either through arguments with your family or some other kind of disagreement. 

It is also highly possible that you may have started the argument yourself. In such cases these dreams can be considered a way to check your own behavior and statements in front of other people. 

9. Dream of taking a shower with clean water 

Showering with clean, fresh water represents the feeling of forgiveness. It signifies the act of letting go of your grudges and anger towards a person. Letting go can also be a grudge you hold towards yourself; and you may feel lighter after waking up. 

10. Dream of showering in dirty water 

This dream can be considered a warning on multiple levels. Firstly, it is a way to pay more attention to who in your life is a good influence for you and who is trying to be more malicious towards you. 

Secondly it is a warning sign to think about your health. You may be worrying or concerned about your health and hence are seeing yourself shower with dirty water in your dream

11. Dream of showering your feet 

The interpretation of this dream depends on the temperature of the water. Generally, dreams of showering your feet are a positive sign for peaceful times ahead. If the water is warm, it means new people or plans. Cold water indicates dealing with rivals soon. 

12. Seeing someone else taking a shower in dream 

This dream represents the feeling of longing. It is interpreted as the emotion you experience when you regard someone highly. In cases where you know them, you feel guilty about something you have done with them.

13. Being seen while taking a shower 

This dream reflects the action of purifying or cleansing yourself. It shows that you are trying to clean up your life, mainly your image in other people’s lives. For example; quitting bad habits while people are around to watch you. 

This dream also means that you may be feeling someone’s intrusion in your life and that is making you feel conscious while you try to do better. For example, dreams with shower designs like glass shower doors allow people to see you when you shower. 

14. Dream of taking a shower with someone 

When you dream of taking a shower with someone, like your partner, it is interpreted as a positive sign that you will work your issues out. It shows connecting with your partner and a sense of intimacy that can be achieved when you are in a good space mentally. 

15. Showering with a stranger in your dream 

On the other hand, if you see yourself showering with a stranger in your dream, you could be going down the road to infidelity. It is possible that you may be having disloyal thoughts towards your partner and hence are seeking intimacy with someone else. 

While the previous dream reflects working through your issues with your partner, this dream is an indication that you may have given up. 

16. Dream about giving someone a shower 

It is not usual to give someone else a shower. In dreams as well, this sight is out of ordinary. Such a dream represents a helping hand you may be extending towards someone. 

Assisting someone, even with their most basic needs, is sometimes just a sign of you doing a good deed. However, if you are sincerely proving to be of great help to someone, you may have such a dream.  

17. Showering with an animal in your dream 

Dreams where you see yourself showering with an animal reflect an intrinsic desire within you to connect with nature. Often, when we are stuck with work or urban life, we just want to be immersed in something else, like nature. 

18. Dream about other people taking a shower 

This dream represents the role you play in other people’s lives. OFten, people seek our assistance not just with small every-day tasks, but also bigger tasks and important life decisions. 

To see them shower in your dream highlights the role you may be playing in a big decision they are about to take in their life. You may even be the one helping them out of difficult life situations. 

19. Finishing taking a shower dream meaning 

Dreams of finishing taking a shower represent the feeling of forgiveness. This dream is more of a push, for you to apologise to someone you appreciate or someone close to you. You may have done something, but you are ready to apologise for whatever it was.

Some shower dreams also centre around the problems encountered when trying to shower. Read on to see the examples. 

20. Not being able to find a shower in your dream 

This is one of the negative interpretations of a shower time. One of the main reasons to get this dream is feelings of emotional stress or an emotional burden weighing on your mind in your waking life. 

The interpretation of this dream suggests that by not taking care of the stress or emotional baggage, you are causing a halt in your own life progress. 

21. Not being able to start the shower in your dream

On the other hand, seeing a shower in your dream that you are simply unable to start has a slightly different interpretation. It means that either at work or on a personal or professional project, things may not go according to plan. 

Something that you were expecting to go without any hindrance may be causing trouble. However, it is also entirely possible to fix such a situation, just as it is possible to start a shower that may not be running right. It will only need some creative thinking. 

22. Dream of a shower that is not functioning 

This dream represents the obstacles that you may face when trying to attain a goal. The goal here is not the important aspect; what’s more important is the kind of obstacle you are facing. 

A shower dream where you can’t get the body spray to work is an example of a shower that is not functioning. Once you realise the cause, you can find an easy solution; such as replacing the body spray instead of full bathroom renovations. 

Similarly, in real life, the obstacle may be a small misstep or some petty behavior on our part. Once we realise the root cause of our problem, it may not even be a very big deal to manage or solve. 

23. Running out of water in a shower dream meaning 

Dreams where you run out of water while taking a shower is actually a warning sign. These dreams can occur when you may be about to face a situation where you will feel helpless or frustrated, but won’t be able to do anything about it then. 

It is a warning sign to prepare for such situations, and adapt to our new environments, even if they seem challenging. 

24. Water going cold during shower dream meaning 

This dream represents a dual or extreme nature you may have. This dream symbolizes unpredictability; which often leads to people being unable to enjoy life experiences or properly relax. 

Water which is warm or even a steady temperature can be relaxing. However, switching from one to the other during the shower indicates that you may be behaving in an unpredictable manner in waking life, which will hinder your own peace. 

25. Shower occupied by someone else in dream 

If in your dream you really want to take a shower but are unable to do so because it is occupied by someone else, it is an indication of you being naive. In waking life as well, such a situation can be considered idle waiting around. 

Essentially, it shows that you may be waiting for a solution to magically arrive on its own, and hence are not getting ahead with your own tasks. This is a sign of being naive, as no one really should expect problems to work out that easily. 

26. Dream of being interrupted during shower 

Dreams, where you are trying to relax or just have a normal shower, but are constantly being bothered by someone at the door, represent a present life interference you may be dealing with. 

Often, parents, family or roommates may be the ones we see at the bathroom or shower door. If these are the people constantly interfering in your life, more than you like, you may have such a dream.

27. Feeling uncomfortable in the shower dream meaning

Showers are usually a part of everyone’s daily routine. At best, they prove to be relaxing, or they don’t affect your mood at all. However, dreams where they actually make you feel uncomfortable suggest that you may have an indecisive personality. 

If such a daily activity can make you feel uncomfortable in your dream, it even suggests that you may not be doing a lot to make yourself feel better or protected against others. This can be a guiding sign to start taking more steps to make yourself feel better. 

28. Dreams about being molested in the shower 

While dreams about being molested do not in any way signify that something similar will happen in real life, it is still concerning to see such a dream. To interpret this dream, you can think of what about the shower makes you uncomfortable and who is in your dream. 

This will help you identify who or what from your current life either makes you scared, creeps you out or gives you the fear that something wrong can happen.

29. Broken shower in dream meaning 

Lastly, shower problems due to a broken shower also indicate being stopped from reaching your goals. However, here, since you don’t know what is causing the shower to break down, you may be unable to interpret what is your real life obstacle. 

It also means that you may need to improve your level of functioning to solve problems and be at par with your competitors and rivals. This is especially true if you work in a demanding or fast paced environment. 

Dreams based on where you are showering 

30. Dreaming of taking a shower outside 

Dreams of taking a shower outside means that you may be getting stopped from reaching your full potential. We all have goals and desires, but sometimes we may lack the confidence or security to achieve them. 

This dream shows that our own lack of confidence is becoming our biggest enemy in reaching our own best, true potential. We may need to work on our confidence and our  communication skills to assertively reach our goals. 

Lastly, it can also mean we want to do these things, such as improving our own skills and becoming our best self. We may even want to change the path which we follow to achieve those things. The dream may just push us to acknowledge that. 

31. Showering or bathing in the sea dream meaning 

If you see yourself bathing in the sea in your dream, it shows a sense of renewal or change. You may be feeling bored or burned out with your current state, and hence are pursuing newer ways to do things or stay fit. 

32. Showering or bathing in the river dream meaning 

Showering outside has its perks even in our waking life. We may have memories of splashing around or showering in a river from our childhood. Similarly, even in our dreams, bathing in a river means joy, passion and connection. 

33. Showering or bathing in a lake 

This dream has a similar interpretation as the ones above; however it is also a sign of surprise and luck. The surprise could be with a romantic partner or your spouse. It is a very positive dream, as it shows happiness and time spent with a loved one. 

34. Dream of taking a shower under a waterfall

This dream has a positive interpretation. It is a sign that you may have big achievements coming up or may feel ready for new adventures. However, if it does not feel like a pleasurable experience in your dream, it means lack of faith and trust in yourself. 

Tip: Believing in yourself will help you solve more of your problems. 

35. Dream of being under a rain shower 

Dreams of a rainshower represent the feeling of closure. It shows that you are ready to cleanse your soul of the past, whether it is a relationship or something that you left behind. We all feel pain, but this dream is a sign that you will find your way out of it. 

Biblical Meaning of Taking a Shower In A Dream 

The biblical meaning of taking a shower in a dream is related to recovery, relieving previous stress and re-energizing our minds. It also suggests paying attention to our own thoughts that may hold us back.

Biblically, shower dreams mean recovery. They point towards the idea of renewal or re-energising yourself. It is a positive interpretation, as we all know the importance of a fresh start.

Fresh starts, or renewals, can happen after a number of events. It could be a new job after losing an old one, it could be new life goals or it could also mean meeting a new person after a stagnancy in your social life. 

Renewals happen when we finally have the time and energy to relieve ourselves from our previous stress or anxieties of our waking life. The space to re-energise allows us to stop worrying about what happened and get excited about what’s coming. 

However, some dreams can also be interpreted as your own mind and emotions holding you back from reaching your full potential. This can be taken as a warning sign to pay attention to those emotions, so they can be resolved. 

Spiritual Understanding of a Shower In A Dream 

Spiritually, shower dreams can be interpreted based on what the shower represents. In the spiritual context, a shower is a symbol of our own well being. Hence, dreams of taking a shower means you have a sense of awareness regarding your own wellness and body. 

Our spiritual selves can feel at peace when all previous grudges and dirt is washed away and we have had a chance to truly relax. Shower dreams suggest that we may be going through such an inner cleanse which leaves us feeling lighter. 

Our inner beings also desire to be at peace with others. Shower dreams symbolize letting go of grudges, showing forgiveness and apologising for the wrong you may have done to others. This state of acceptance leads to a lighter being. 

Lastly, dreams of taking a shower also represent the balance between our life and our health. We may be taking active steps to maintain our health, doing good things for our body, which reflects in our dreams. 

Questions to help interpret my dream of taking a shower 

As we saw, shower dreams are of various types and have different meanings based on what happens in the dream. Read on to note some questions you can ask yourself after you wake up. 

  • What was I doing in the shower? 
  • Who was in the shower? 
  • What was the water like? 
  • Was the shower functioning okay? 
  • If not, what was the problem? 
  • Am I sharing the shower with someone? 
  • Where am I showering? 
  • How do I feel when I wake up? 
  • Am I waiting for some new adventure? 
  • Am I hopeful to meet new people? 
  • Have I moved on from the last thing that hurt me? 
  • What can I do to make myself better?


Dreams of taking a shower are mostly positive dreams with positive inputs for our waking life. They represent our thoughts, healing, recovery and the thrill of something new. These dreams help us modify our own thoughts to help us achieve our full potential. 

Shower dreams are thus positive, because they give us a chance to progress towards what is best for us!

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