What Dreaming of Snow Really Means?

Dream of walking in snow

Good things will come to you soon.

Dream of driving in snow

You are moving ahead towards your goal despite hurdles. 

Dream of snow falling

It is a good sign for personal growth, happiness, progress, and prosperity.

Dream of snow skiing 

You are feeling happy and joyful in real-life.

Dreaming of melting snow

It symbolizes reconciliation, forgiveness, and pardon.

Falling or slipping on snow in dreams

You will face temporary difficulties and obstacles in your waking life.

Dreaming of a wall of snow

It symbolizes financial growth, monetary gain, growth in career, wealth advancement, etc.

Dreaming of a snowball fight

You’ll overcome difficulties and hurdles easily.

Dream about snow, means purity of thoughts and actions. The dream represents a process of emotional cleansing and a let go of past sufferings; giving a way to a fresh beginning in life.