What it Feels Like Having a Fever Dream?

Fever dreams are emotionally intense, bizarre nocturnal visions that are caused by elevated body temperature due to a viral or bacterial infection.

Fever Dream Symptoms

Heightened emotional instability

Negative thoughts

Hallucinations after waking up

Recurring dreams of toxic childhood memories

Feeling of being overheated

Let's Explore Some of the Types of Fever Dreams 

Heat or Fire Imagery

In most of the content in fever dreams, people reported seeing fire. The fire may be a forest fire, lava from volcanoes, or even a heat wave.

Memories of Stressful Life Events

Fever dreams are usually a sneak peek of fearful and repressed thoughts of childhood.

Scary Elements In The Dream Theme

People may experience alien creatures, different environments, and darkness with a feeling of being stuck and lost.

How To Stop Fever Dreams?

Proper Hydration

This helps to keep an optimal temperature and can be maintained for healthy functioning of the body and mind.


 Healthy Diet

Eat a healthy diet along with energy boosters that is easy on the stomach.


Get Enough Rest

A good amount of sleep helps the body to recover from the illness.



You may take medication to lower down the fever as prescribed by the physician.


Warm Bath

Try to have a lukewarm bath to thermo regulate the body heat at appropriate levels in a natural way.


Fever dreams are puzzling, peculiar, and uncanny occurrences. However, when you are unwell, it is advisable to stay calm and balance your negative emotions. The positive thoughts allow the healing process to work well.

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