What It Means To Dream about Elephant?

Dream of riding an elephant

You are in control of your power.

Dream of feeding an elephant

It signifies success and progress.

Dream of elephant inside a cage

Entrapped feelings. 

Dream of circus elephant 

People will rely on you financially.

Dream of an elephant in zoo 

Reflects your or your circle’s conservativeness. 

Dream of a dead elephant  

Be cautious if entering into deals involving influential people.

Dream of injured elephants  

You are a healer with a compassionate personality.

Dream of baby elephants  

They stand for the blossoming of power, strength, and intellect.

Dream of an elephant along with a baby elephant

Neglecting relatives & friends due to busy work life.

Dream of two elephants  

Mutual love and interests between two individuals.

Logically, anyone will be able to connect the gigantic being with power. But contrary to popular opinion, elephants appearing in dreams also indicates your deepest emotions and memories.