Legend has it that a person is chased by elephants in dreams if there’s an unfinished talk between him/ her and another individual. 

But why the animal visits people in dreams does not end there. Let’s delve into some other possibilities that led to such scenarios.

Elephants in Dreams : Unfolding Scenarios & Interpretations
Elephants in Dreams : Unfolding Scenarios & Interpretations

A Generalized Interpretation Of Elephants in Dreams

Though the animal symbolizes power and strength, elephants in dreams tell much about one’s inferiority complex. Also, the mammal may hint at a lie and deception, though done for a good cause.

Elephants in dreams have positive meanings, including success, wealth, and prosperity, often through cooperation and partnership with an influential person.  

The mammal’s appearance also throws light onto the strengths, power, and weaknesses of the dreamer. However, there are other possible reasons too, which include:

  • Success and Abundance

Scenarios featuring elephants imply goodwill and success, especially if the animal is in and around water. Together, the creature and the water body symbolize abundance. 

  • Nothing is impossible

The gigantic mammal can also show up to remind the dreamer that nothing is impossible. 

Unquestionably, it will take time, effort, and grit. But as long as one sticks to the goals and is persistent, there’s nothing one cannot achieve.

  • Maternal Instincts

Since female elephants take charge of their respective herds, these dreams might emphasize the need to pay more attention to one’s family.

  • New Beginnings and Maturity

While a baby elephant symbolizes new ideas and beginnings, mother elephants stand for the nurturing of ideas to groom them into full-fledged rewarding ones.

  • Companionship

Elephants are one of the most social animals. They value companionship. It’s possible that the subconscious is trying to draw the dreamer’s attention toward the relationships between him/ her and loved ones. 

  • Memories

Not only are elephants intelligent creatures, but they also have sharp memories. They remember places they frequented in their early lives. 

Interestingly, they also keep track of obstacles they encounter and often guide their offspring to stay away from trouble.

From that perspective, the animals might show up to remind the dreamer not to make similar past mistakes. 

  • Negative Feelings

Though most elephant dreams foretell success, wealth, and abundance, a few may evoke fear and anxiety

Spiritual Interpretation Of Elephants in Dreams

Elephants, being one of the biggest and strongest mammals, dreaming of it may represent a desire for greater physical, emotional, or mental strength in waking life.

As symbols of spiritual transformation, elephant dreams can also signify a longing for spiritual awakening and transformation. 

These Are A Few Scenarios How Elephants Show Up in Dreams

Listed below are some of the most common scenarios associated with elephants.

An elephant chasing the dreamer

One might experience a dream of an elephant chasing him or her if he/ she is fleeing from a problem. 

Another interpretation is that he/ she is under pressure to stabilize his/ her career and needs persistence to succeed. 

Positively, it shows the dreamer has high self-confidence and will not let obstacles trample on his/ her life, career, goals, etc. 

Elephant attack

The scenario indicates the dreamer needs to work on his/ her skills to make an impact. If it attacks and charges at the dreamer, the plot symbolizes conflicts between the dreamer and others. 

If the elephant is aggressive, the subconscious warns the dreamer of an authoritative figure trying to shatter his/ her plans and goals.

If the dreamer was killed in the process, the scenario signifies a fresh start on the professional front.

A dream of elephants stampeding

Elephants trampling and stampeding usually mean going against the tide. It can also signify getting rid of obstacles and clearing the way.

However, there are several more interpretations depending on the context. 

  • If the person who experiences the scenario is in danger of getting trampled over, that is a clear warning that his/ her life might be ruined due to others’ real-life behaviors and actions.
  • If the animals stampede on trees, the dreamer will overcome the difficulties he/ she is presently going through. 
  • Consider it an ill omen if the elephants stampeded over and killed someone. That shows someone around is not happy with the dreamer’s success and welfare.

Riding an elephant

It shows one is in full control of his/ her power. It is also associated with acquiring wealth, honor, respect, and admiration and shows how others look up to him/ her as authoritative. 

From another perspective, the scenario stands for new experiences, beginnings, ways of thinking, and living. 

That said, the interpretation differs depending on who is riding the animal. 

  • If a person sees himself/ herself riding the elephant while sitting inside a palanquin, it is closely associated with acquiring a powerful position.
  • If other people are riding the animal, the dreamer will likely receive help soon. 
  • If one dreams of feeling exhausted riding the elephant, it indicates that rest is due. 
  • However, if he/ she is riding the elephant and heading toward the battlefield, there is a possibility that the dreamer will get into a conflict.

An elephant inside a cage

The scenario symbolizes powerlessness and a lack of confidence. 

Killing an elephant

The scenario symbolizes a lack of balance. If one dreams about using a gun to kill an elephant, he/ she will likely undergo financial difficulties. 

At worst, he/ she might even find himself/ herself in life-threatening situations. 

If a person sees poachers killing an elephant, he/ she will have to reconsider the control and power he/ she has over someone or something. 

Sometimes, this dream also hints at relationship problems between married partners. 

A dead elephant

Usually, a dead elephant is an ill omen warning the dreamer not to get into deals and agreements with influential people.

Injured elephants

The scenario indicates the dreamer is a healer with a compassionate personality. Having said that, if one sees an enraged wounded elephant, he/ she will likely get entangled in an unfortunate event. 

Baby elephants 

This dream plot stands for the blossoming of power, strength, and intellect, complemented by playful energy. It also stands for a minor issue the dreamer might be facing currently. 

On the other hand, the young one here may also signify an ongoing or upcoming project that may one day evolve into a full-fledged business.

  • A happy baby elephant symbolizes success and prosperity. 
  • On the contrary, a sad or hurt baby elephant symbolizes futility.
  • From another viewpoint, a baby elephant reflects one’s desire to become a parent.

Elephants in the water

This dream scenario stands for abundance. If the animal had a good time, the scenario symbolizes financial stability, love, joy, and contentment. 

Negatively, it may be a sign that the dreamer lacks clarity and is indecisive about which path to take going forward. 

A herd of elephants in the water symbolizes harmony with family, friends, and relatives. 

Sometimes, elephants in water are associated with long-term commitments like marriage. 

A herd of elephants in a dream

The scenario symbolizes prosperity, inheritance, abundance, and stability. Also, the herd might mean the dreamer is a part of a large supportive social circle. 

Negatively, the scenario may suggest feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of life. 

An angry elephant

The dream scenario stands for feelings of anger and resentment. It tends to show up when the bottled-in emotions are on the verge of explosion. 

If an angry elephant charges toward the dreamer, the scenario foretells he/ she will fail to maintain his/ her current social standing unless he/ she puts in massive effort.

An aggressive elephant 

People who live by set rules and principles tend to have these dreams more than those who do not. 

This dream plot shows one has been suppressing basic human instincts and impulses to live according to self or societal imposed principles. 

Flying elephants 

This dream scenario shows the dreamer has failed to put his/ her plans into actions for fear of them not working out.

That is why the flying elephants showed up encouraging the dreamer that anything is possible as long as one puts in sincere work.

They can also mean others find the dreamer’s goals and aspirations ridiculous. 

Different Colors Of Elephants and Their Symbolism 

Black Elephants 

It stands for major transformations that will take place soon. Likely, the dreamer will be compelled to face a series of obstacles, to help shape him/ her into a better and more confident person. 

They also symbolize memories that have been intentionally buried deep within. 

However, the appearance of the animals show those events the dreamer is trying hard to forget may be important for his/ her success and happiness.

Dreams of White Elephants

White elephants stand for white lies. This is also an implication that he/ she will likely purchase something unnecessary in waking life.

Body Parts of Elephants and Their Significance

Since interpretations may vary according to the different body parts, it’s crucial to recall which part of the creature was prominent in the dream. 

Elephant Head 

It represents misfortunes and challenges that prevent the dreamer from excelling. This being said, if the head was celebrated as a trophy, look forward to victories.

Elephant Ears

Scenarios featuring elephant ears stand for wisdom. The dream encourages the dreamer to listen to his/ her inner thoughts and intuitions.

Tusks of elephants

It signifies one’s strength and power, which must be used to face challenges in life. 

If the tusks are from an elephant in captivity, it could mean abuse of power. In this context, the tusks appeared reminding the dreamer to reflect on how his/ her power abuse is negatively affecting others. 

Elephant Trunk

Trunks of elephants stand for stability and flexibility. It shows the dreamer has everything he/ she needs to fulfill his/ her goals. According to some dream interpreters, the trunk represents a man’s sexual power.

What Psychology Says About The Appearance Of Elephants In Dreams

Elephants represent the dreamer’s inner strength and power. It also emphasizes the need to tap into one’s wisdom, intuition, and knowledge to solve a problem.

As the creature is known for its protective instincts, a scenario featuring it may mean the dreamer needs to take better care of a close one.

Biblical Symbolism Of Elephants

Though not a prominent symbol, elephants are associated with wealth, power, and strength.

Closing Thoughts

Though elephants in dreams usually symbolize new beginnings, success, wealth, and prosperity, they could also relate to repressed emotions and the dreamer’s relationship with those around him/her. 

Therefore it’s vital to consider not just the dream details but the dreamer’s past experiences and present circumstances for an accurate meaning.

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