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Elephants in Dreams: 94 Types & Their Meanings!

Elephants in Dreams: 94 Types & Their Meanings!

Updated on Dec 01, 2022 | Published on Mar 22, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Elephants in Dreams 80 Examples & Their Meanings!

Elephants are enormous creatures. Their mammoth-like body represents strength and power. Amusingly, they also have the capabilities to express their feelings and emotions well.

In a nutshell, they are emotionally vulnerable beings. Owing to such contrasting characteristics, elephants in dreams may carry different meanings according to the context.

Let’s analyze and find out the reason why the creature paid you a visit in your dreams.

Elephants in Dreams - 94 Types & Their Meanings!
Elephants in Dreams – 94 Types & Their Meanings!

What does it mean to see Elephants in Dreams?

Logically, anyone will be able to connect the gigantic being with power. But contrary to popular opinion, elephants appearing in dreams also indicates your deepest emotions and memories.

Elephants in dreams have various meanings. Generally, they have positive implications such as success and social standing.

They may suggest cooperation with an influential person. And if you direct the elephant in any way, you would be able to take control of your partnership with the person of authority. 

Elephants are also associated with the inferiority complex of the dreamer. Its appearance throws light onto strengths and power the dreamer is not aware of.

It could also reflect his/her state of mind and suppressed feelings seeking an outlet and gushing out in the form of an elephant. 

You shouldn’t take these types of dreams lightly. Since the creature is one of the largest mammals on earth, its appearance may refer to something huge in your life. According to Freud, the dreams of elephants are relative to the dreamer’s sexual desires.

Nostrodamus relates elephant dreams with both positive and negative feelings. For him, it represents both wisdom and cruelty. 

Spiritual Symbols of Elephants in Dreams

Elephants are a symbol of luck, protection, and wish-fulfillment in some cultures. In Feng Shui, the elephant energy represents luck, fortune, and protection against harm.

While a raised trunk is believed to diffuse fortune throughout the home premises, an elephant with the trunk lowered stands for strength and stability to help the family stay strong during difficult times. 

Christians associate the creature with hard work and patience. Ganesh, a Hindu deity, with the head of an elephant, and the body of a man, is the God of wisdom, success, and fresh beginnings.

In Buddhism, the white elephant is an incarnation of the enlightened one and symbolizes spiritual evolution and enlightenment. 

According to Zulu culture and tradition, elephant dreams stand for sacred relations, patriarchy, and wisdom. As for the Western traditions, the animal in dreams stands for strength and memory. Different cultures perceive the animal differently.

Be clear about what the elephant stands for in yours as dream interpretations associated with it may vary from culture to culture. 

Elephants in Dreams: Common Meanings

1. Success

Generally, elephants in dreams imply goodwill and success, especially if it was in and around water. The creature and the water body together stand for the abundance that is gushing into your life.

2. Inspiration

Sometimes, a baby or a mother elephant may show up in your dream when you want to accomplish a big goal, enough to make you wonder if it will ever become a reality.

The appearance of the elephant at this point is to inspire you that nothing is impossible. As expected, you may need to toil on it.

You may fall on the way, but if you stay persistent and resilient, success will be yours. A baby elephant stands for new ideas and beginnings that have the potential of blooming into maturity.

Mother elephants stand for the nurturing of ideas to groom them into full-fledged rewarding ones.

3. Maternal Instincts

Female elephants take charge of their respective herds. Elephants in dreams may be implicating you to pay more attention to your family.

4. Companionship

Elephants value companionship and social ties. If you see them in your dreams, your subconscious mind may be trying to sway your attention towards the relationships you share with your family and friends.

5. Memories

Not only are elephants intelligent creatures, but they also have a sharp memory. They remember places that they frequented in their early lives. Interestingly, they also keep track of obstacles they encountered and often guide their offsprings to stay away from trouble.

Elephants turn up in our subconscious state to remind us of events that happened in the past. It may be a precaution to stay far from troubles similar to that of the past.

Sometimes, you could connect the dots and perceive the elephant as a symbol of a person or object from the earlier days. In that case, the elephant may be directing you towards a past happening to learn from it. 

6. Negative Feelings

Though most elephant dreams foretell success, wealth, and abundance, a few may evoke fear, anxiety and cause stress. 

Elephants in Dreams: 94 Types and Their Meanings

We have listed some of the most common examples of dreams associated with elephants. We have listed some of the most common examples of dreams associated with elephants. Read on, and find out the meaning behind the giant creature in your dream. 

1. Dream of elephant chasing you

Dreams of getting chased by an elephant are common when you are fleeing from a massive issue. It may be an expectation that you feel is taking a toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Or it may be a bossy authoritative figure that is pushing you around.

You may be having little to no control over your life. Because of this, you may fall victim to difficult situations instigated by someone you least expected. 

Another interpretation of this dream is that you are under pressure to make a stable career and need persistence to succeed. 

The elephant is one of the largest mammals, and getting chased by one is nerve-racking, even in dreams, especially if it is a herd. Set boundaries and keep your distance from people who you feel are domineering.

Give some time and space to yourself and try to reconnect with your confident self. 

However, getting chased by an elephant or elephants in dreams also have a positive interpretation. It means that the dreamer has high self-confidence and will not let himself be trampled upon by obstacles and hindrances.

2. Dream of Elephant attacking you

To be attacked by an elephant is an indication that you need to work on your skills to be more powerful.

You must consider the dream as a warning if the elephant was an aggressive one. An authoritative figure is likely trying to shatter your plans to destroy you.

If the elephant charged at you in your dream, it could mean that there are a few issues between you and other people. If the elephant killed you, you could expect a fresh start on the professional front.

3. Running away from elephants in dreams

If you run from an elephant in your dreams, it represents your resilience towards a goal, person, or object.

There may be people around who try to control every step of yours. This dream is an indication that those people or things are the stumbling blocks standing between you and success. 

On the other hand, it could be your own fears and inferiority complex that is devaluing yourself. Subconsciously, you might have let someone take control of your life. The dream is an indication that you should direct your life path.

4. Dream of elephants stampeding

Generally, elephants in dreams, trampling, and stampeding mean going against the tide. This dream has various interpretations according to different contexts. If you were in danger of getting trampled over, other people’s actions may cause you damage.

If the elephants stepped on trees, whatever difficulty you are presently facing in life will fade soon, and you will be victorious. However, it is a bad sign if the elephant in your dream stampeded over and killed someone.

Someone around you is not happy with your success and well-being. If you are not cautious enough, you will fall into dark days.

The act of elephant stampeding is also used in association with getting rid of obstacles and clearing the way.

5. Dream of riding an elephant

Riding an elephant in dreams has several interpretations. One of which is that you are in control of your power, unlike a caged elephant. It may also be an implication that you think others regard you as authoritative.

You are probably emerging out of a situation or an unpleasant memory that has been weighing you down. You are claiming your authority to proceed in life. 

Dreams of riding an elephant may also refer to new experiences, beginnings, ways of thinking, and living.

Sometimes, riding elephants is also associated with acquiring wealth, honor, respect, and admiration. In this case, you will have authority both on the personal and professional fronts. 

If you were riding the elephant while sitting inside a palanquin, you would soon be able to occupy a high position. And if you were tired of riding the elephant, it is an indication that rest is due.

However, if you were riding the elephant and heading towards the battlefield, there is a high possibility that you will get into a conflict.

If other people were riding the elephant, you would receive help from your social circle very soon.

6. What does it mean to fall off from an elephant in a dream?

Falling off from an elephant is a negative sign. Be cautious of your activities and investments, as the act of falling suggests that you will have a difficult time ahead.

7. What does it mean to be afraid of elephants in dreams?

To be afraid of elephants in dreams is a clear indication that you have a massive issue in your life that you are hesitant to confront.

It could also be a happening or an event from the past that you are afraid to deal with.

8. Dream of elephant biting you

If an elephant bites you in your dream, it suggests the end of a friendship. In some cases, it could mean that you are starting to harbor negative feelings for someone and are not favoring them as much as you do earlier.

9. Dream about an elephant lifting you with its trunk

An elephant lifting you off the ground with its trunk is a good sign. It is a premonition of victory and glorious achievement.

10. Dream of elephant trunk hits you

An elephant trunk hitting you in the dreams symbolizes wealth.

11. Dream of feeding elephants

Dreams of feeding elephants are all about success and progress. You may get to be a part of some important events that will change your life significantly, for the better.

Both on the personal and professional front, you will see much progress.

A promotion at work or an elevation of social standing within your circle due to certain actions is possible. Situations that you considered unfavorable will change sides and go according to how you wish them to be.

12. Dream of buying an elephant

Buying elephants in dreams relate to purchasing real estate in waking life.

13. What does it mean to dream of elephants inside a cage?

An elephant inside a cage symbolizes entrapped feelings. Perhaps you feel uneasy and trapped with your confidence, inner strength, and power locked in. It could be your insecurities or someone that is making you feel inferior and disempowered.

The captivated creature did not appear in your dream for no reason. You have the strength and power to excel in life.

All you have to do is find out a way to release them. Distancing yourself from people who make you undervalue yourself or leaving a job that does not realize your worth can help you find yourself.

14. What does it mean to see circus elephants in dreams?

The appearance of circus elephants in dreams is not a positive sign. People will rely on you financially.

You will get yourself into situations that will compel you to pay for things, against your will. It’s likely for the situation to get ugly, but you will not be able to do much about it. 

15. Dream of an elephant in the zoo

This dream is a reflection of your or your circle’s conservativeness. You are talented and have the potential to do great in life. But instead of using your strength to your advantage, you are wasting them away, and the animal in captivity is evidence.

There may be problems in your life, and probably you are not utilizing your capabilities to get over them. 

If you see an elephant eating at the zoo premises, your success will cause jealousy and evoke envious feelings within your social circle.

16. Dream of seeing an elephant in the room

.An elephant inside a room or house may be a premonition that you are in for a surprise. 

Analyzing this dream from another perspective, ‘An elephant inside the room’, also stands for a huge problem that you need to solve, no matter what. If the elephant threatened you, you could be overwhelmed by the issues in your life.

17. Dream of hunting for elephants

Hunting, in general, is disagreeable. Both in dreams and reality, those who engaged in such acts have a less sympathetic personality. Most likely, you have less empathy and compassion for fellow creatures.

There is a possibility that you are not aware of these negative traits you possess. If you dream of going on an elephant hunt, it could be your self-centered and unsympathetic nature surfacing in your subconscious mind.

18. Dream of killing an elephant

Dreams of killing elephants symbolize a lack of balance, which will ultimately harm your life. Your security and harmony with your near ones may be at risk of shattering into pieces. 

If you killed the animal with guns, you are likely to undergo financial difficulties. You may even need to give up properties and other valuables to sustain through the tough days. At the worst, you might even find yourself in life-threatening situations. 

A dream of killing the creature is a warning, but that does not mean you have to feel small and cornered. Brace yourself for the tough times ahead.

Prepare yourself emotionally and mentally to face whatever is coming your way. Even though the upcoming situations are not ones that you or someone else can resolve easily, you will certainly get over them.

If you had dreams of poachers killing an elephant, you would have to reconsider the control and power you possess over something. This dream is also indicative of relationship problems between married partners. 

19. Dream of a dead elephant

A dead elephant in the dream is an omen. You must be cautious if you are entering into deals and agreements that involve influential people.

It is likely for you to disappoint other people involved in the dealing, and that will put you at a disadvantage. 

20. Elephants in a graveyard in dreams

According to myths and legends, elephants migrate to different places to die. To see an elephant in a graveyard in dreams is a symbolism of death. Death here means not the physical death but the ending of something in your life.

You are heading towards a massive transformation. Whatever it is, the direction you are moving towards aligns with your inner calling, and you will undergo a complete change. 

21. Dream of eating an elephant

If you eat an elephant in your dream, you are likely to receive financial assistance.

22. Dream of injured elephants

Usually, when an elephant is injured, the rest of the herd try their utmost to restore the injured one to health. Dreaming of a wounded elephant indicates that you are a healer with a compassionate personality.

Having said that, it is an omen to see enraged wounded elephants. You may fall victim to an unfortunate event. 

23. What do dreams of limping elephants stand for?

A limping elephant foretells you that your current relationship is deteriorating.

24. Dirty elephants in dreams

This is an indication that you are working too hard to get peanuts in return.

25. Dream of saving an elephant

Dreams of saving an elephant from danger are a reflection of your compassionate and kind personality. Keep on doing what you have been doing because your philanthropism will help you succeed and go forward in life. 

26. Baby elephants in dreams

Baby elephants in dreams stand for the blossoming of power, strength, and intellect, complemented by playful energy. 

It also stands for a minor issue that you may be facing currently. At the moment, it may seem trivial. But you should take note that if it is not taken care of properly at the right time, it has the potential to grow into massive problems.

Take careful notes of the context and other things present in the dream. Instead of a problem, the baby elephant may also signify an ongoing or upcoming project that may one day evolve into a full-fledged business.

Definitely, the journey will be rough, but it will be worth the trouble.

If you dream of a merry baby elephant, success and prosperity are on your side. 

On the contrary, a sad or hurt baby elephant is an indication that you will not see the complete picture of the new beginnings happening in your life. Your efforts will be in vain.

Baby elephants reflect your desire to become a parent.

27. Dream of a dead baby elephant

If you dream of a dead baby elephant, it stands for the principles you set to maintain a low profile. The baby elephant may be killed either by you or someone else.

In both cases, you are resisting your potential to reach heights by setting standards and restricting yourself.

28. What does it mean to play with a baby elephant in dreams?

In case you are married or pregnant, this dream suggests that you will give birth to a healthy child. 

29. Gray baby elephant in dream

A few issues are cropping up in your life, but with your strength and determination, you will be able to overcome all.

30. Dream of an elephant along with a baby elephant

Dreams wherein an adult elephant appears along with a baby elephant is a reminder. Maybe you have been neglecting your relatives and friends to tend to your busy work life.

If so, the dream is reminding you to take some time off. Spend quality time with near ones, catch up with them and renew your relationships.

31. Dream of a baby elephant laden with bags

If you see a baby elephant in your dreams with baggage on its back, it means you have overestimated your capabilities and potential. You have taken up roles and responsibilities more than you can handle.

32. What does the dream vision of a baby elephant along with a male elephant and an elephant cow suggest?

As expected, a baby elephant along with a male and an elephant cow stands for a harmonious, happy and indestructible family.

33. Female elephants in dreams

Female elephants in dreams embody a combination of the feminine aspects and the positive traits that elephants, in general, stand for.

34. Dream of seeing a mature elephant with several calves

To dream of an adult elephant with several elephant calves means that you must give more time and attention to cater to your family.

35. Dream of elephants giving birth

Elephants giving birth in dreams is about putting a voice to your thoughts and opinions. Learn to be more expressive. There is no saying where an opinion or two of yours will take you.

There is even a possibility of them blossoming into enormous ideas and movements.

36. Newborn elephant in dream

To have dreams of newborn elephants is an implication that new things will come into your life. Whatever it is, it will make its appearance suddenly.

37. Dream of milking an elephant cow

Dreams of milking an elephant cow are a good sign. It indicates that your sources of income will increase.

38. What does it mean to dream of feeding a baby elephant while it is sucking its mother?

This dream scenario means you will embrace going into motherhood. If you have grown-up children, the dream gives you the message that you have to pay more attention to their well-being.

Perhaps, you have been unintentionally ignoring them because of your busy schedule. It is time you let them know they still matter to you as much as they do before.

39. Dream of elephants in the water

Elephants in the water stand for abundance. If the animal had a good time, you would have financial stability, love, joy, and contentment. The water stands for life in general, and the spectacle reflects your state of mind. You could have the same dream when you are unsure of which direction to take. 

A herd of elephants in the water may also mean harmony with your family, friends, and relatives. Sometimes, elephants in water are concerned about long-term commitments like a marriage. 

40. Dream of swimming elephants

Swimming elephants stands for wisdom and grace. But also take note of the water body the elephant was swimming in, as interpretations differ for each. 

Another different interpretation of this dream is that you will likely have to face some obstacles. They will nonetheless make you anxious, but they will not persist for long.

41. Dream of a drowning elephant

If the elephant was drowning in your dream, it could refer to death around you in the coming days or months.

It could also mean that you entertain unrealistic expectations from your relationship with your partner, family, or social circle. Most probably, your expectations, actions, and values are not in alignment. 

Dreams of an elephant spraying water and washing itself is a confirmation. You are now entertaining a different life vision and an approach to reality. It also indicates that you no longer dread expressing yourself. 

42. A herd of elephants in a dream

A herd of elephants in a dream stands for prosperity, inheritance, abundance, and stability.

During this phase, you can expect almost everything to go according to your wishes. The taste of success would be sweeter because you probably reach that phase of life through your efforts and not through others’ assistance.

There is also another interpretation of this dream. The herd also symbolizes that you are a part of a large social circle. This close-knit community shows unconditional love towards you and supports your decisions.

The herd, showing up in your dream, relays the message that you can have faith in the community. Despite the positive side of this dream, a herd of elephants may also suggest that you are overwhelmed by the complexities of life. 

43. What does it mean to dream of a herd of elephants chasing you?

If the group of elephants was after you in your dream, it means the social network you are in is laying heavy burdens on you. For example, You may have become a part of a community that focuses on achieving common goals.

The stories and shares of others’ success may motivate or demotivate you, based on how you take them in.

It could also be your family and relatives having huge expectations from you. It also indicates that you should be wary of your enemies who are more powerful than you.

44. Directionless herd of elephants in dream

If the herd you encountered is directionless, it may mean that you are going by others’ opinions. You may be unaware of where you are going and what you will achieve. With no goal in mind, you might be letting others dictate your actions. 

Some dream interpreters also connect a herd of elephants with an unpleasant situation that you need to deal with. 

A group of elephants in your dream also stands for the issues and difficulties in your life. There is a high chance that they have gotten out of hand. You are getting overwhelmed and are not able to take control of the problems.

45. Herd of running elephants in dream

A herd of running elephants symbolizes an important meeting. You will see an end to your worries if you manage to captivate the interest of an influential person.

46. Two elephants in a dream

Two elephants in a dream stand for mutual love and interests between two individuals.

It may be a romantic relationship or merely friendship. Whatever the case is, it will happen suddenly and will eventually evolve into a strong bond.

47. What does it mean to see a single elephant in dreams?

A single elephant in dreams is an embodiment of hope. If you have been working on a business or a project, you will reap the rewards of your hard work and efforts. This is especially true if your business is small-scale. 

48. What does it mean to see a lonely elephant in dreams?

A lonely elephant in your dream is an indication that your authority amongst friends and family will improve because of your generosity.

49. Dream of an elephant kicking or stampeding a lion

In a nutshell, an elephant stampeding a lion symbolizes victory. The elephant represents you while the lion stands for your opponent.

You will be able to defeat your rival at this point in life. If you are involved in a lawsuit, the dream is an indication that better days are ahead.

50. Dream of an elephant and a snake

If you see an elephant and a snake together, it means harm. An enemy is creeping around to damage your life. In the dream, if the snake keeps itself well-hidden, you are going to receive the blow from your rival when you least expect it. 

51. Dream of elephant with a leopard or tiger prowling in the vicinity

If this is your dream plot, you are vulnerable to danger and must be on your guard.

52. Dream of an angry elephant

A furious elephant in dreams stands for feelings of anger and resentment. They tend to appear when the feelings of resentment you have been suppressing have gotten too intense. You may have been unable to express yourself.

And those feelings may have built up inside you and finally gotten so huge that they need to be let out.

The angry creature charging towards you is an indication that you will fail to maintain your current social standing unless you put in massive efforts.

53. Aggressive elephant in dreams

People who live his/her life according to set rules and directions usually have such dreams. Perhaps he/she has been suppressing basic human instincts and impulses to live according to self-imposed principles.

It is those feelings, instincts, and impulses seeking an outlet, and appearing in the form of an angry elephant.

54. Friendly elephant in dreams

If you encounter a friendly elephant in your dream, it stands for the cordial gesture of an introverted person around you. In your waking life, if someone tries to be on friendly terms with you, you should reciprocate in the same.

Chances are, that person will eventually become your loyal friend or acquaintance. Association with that person will benefit you much as time passes. 

55. Dream of running elephants

Dreams of elephants running have various interpretations. First, be clear of the context. Were the elephants running towards or away from something?

If it was running towards something, you are all set to fight for what you want. On the flip side, if it was running from something, say another creature like a tiger, you will fall victim to deceit and betrayal. 

56. What does flying elephants in dreams signify?

You may have a plan or vision in your life. But you may have failed to put them into action because of your fears. Up until now, you might have pushed them in the backseat.

The dream is an indication that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. Now is the time to have faith in your capabilities. Let go of your fears, muster up the courage and face the obstacles standing on your path. 

There is also another interpretation of this dream. It could also mean that others ridicule and mock you for chasing your dreams.

57. Dream of an elephant falling from the sky

An elephant falling from the sky indicates both positive and negative signs. Chances are, you had this dream because you are going through bad days.

You may think there is no one to take your side and assist you. But the falling elephant indicates that somebody will turn up to rid you of your worries.

58. Dream of an elephant grazing

Dreams of elephant grazing are a reflection of your benevolent nature and personality. The grazing elephant is evidence that you are a person who looks at others with kindness. You respect people for who they are and not for how rich and powerful they are. 

59. What does caressing an elephant in a dream stand for?

If you were caressing an elephant in your dream, you are probably planning a business. If the elephant enjoys your caresses and responds in a friendly manner, you will face little to no obstacles while implementing your plan.

However, if the elephant repels, it is an indication that you need to give a little more time and work on improving your plan.

60. What does it mean to dream of an elephant standing on its hind legs?

If the elephant in your dreams stands on its hind legs, it is likely for you to get into debt. It would be wise to be cautious with investments and expenditures. 

61. Dream of an elephant sitting

In your dream, if you come across an elephant sitting, you would generate profits and new ways of earning.

62. Dream of training an elephant

If this was the dream plot, you yearn to be in a leading position. Here too, if the elephant obeys you, there is no doubt, you will get what you desire.

If the elephant refuses to act according to your words, you are still very far from moving up to a lead spot.

63. Dream of elephant stands still and trumpets loudly

Congratulations! Someone is heading towards you with a piece of great news. The creature trumpeting also stands for a long-distance trip that you may undertake soon.

64. Dream of an elephant engaged in work

Sometimes, you may dream of elephants working, such as carrying heavy logs of wood, or people on its back.

These types of dreams have a positive connotation. It signifies success in whatever you are doing. If you have pending works or plans, you can even take action as there is a very high chance of succeeding during this phase. 

65. Dream of elephants with only one ivory

Dreams of elephants with only one ivory mean that to proceed in life, you must devote all your energy to one aspect. Perhaps you have been dividing your time and energy between different aspects. The dream is an indication that you must prioritize one.

66. Dream of an elephant out of the blue

Unexpectedly seeing elephants in dreams may indicate support from people who share common interests and likes with you.

67. What does it mean if a young man often sees elephants in his dreams?

If elephants often appear in the dreams of a man, he must let go of doubts and work on fulfilling his goals.

68. Dream of taking the form of an elephant?

You are willing and prepared to take control of your life.

69. What does it mean to dream if the dreamer’s head resembles that of an elephant?

If you had an elephant’s head atop your body in your dream, the business venture you have taken up recently is likely to be very complex. The dream occurred to cheer you up and encouraged you to hang on. Because in the end, it will be worth all the trouble.

70. Dream of seeing an elephant heavily adorned with decorations

To dream of an elephant adorned with decorations means you will receive recognition for your talents and skills.

71. Dream of toy elephants

Toy elephants appearing in your dreams could mean you are investing valuable time in useless affairs. If you are a woman, it may be an indication that you will soon be a mother.

72. What does receiving elephant toys as gifts in dream indicate?

You are likely to receive a promotional offer if you have dreams wherein you receive elephant toys as presents.

73. Taking photos of elephants in a dream

If you were taking pictures of elephants in your dream, it reflects your wishes to have a smooth and stable life.

74. Dreams of elephant tattoos

Elephant tattoos in dreams are a representation of past life events. They are instrumental in shaping you into the present version. Probably, they left an everlasting imprint in your life, which is why they appeared in your dreams in the form of tattoos.

Dreams of Different Elephant Colors and Their Meanings

75. Black Elephants in Dreams  

.Black elephants stand for major transformations that will take place soon. You will have to face a series of obstacles, but they are not to let you down and be unmotivated.

Those are blockages to help shape you into a better and more confident person. Elephants are intelligent creatures with a strong memory.

Black elephants also symbolize memories that you have buried deep inside. Contrary to what you desire, they may be important memories that you should not forget.

They resurfaced and appeared in your subconscious state for a reason. Delve deep, and you will be able to recall memories that you need to remember.

76. Dreams of White Elephants

White elephants stand for white lies. This is also an implication that you will purchase something in waking life that is entirely unnecessary to you.

77. Golden Elephant Meaning in Dreams

Golden elephants stand for luck, success, and abundance. Better days are here, and you will soon reap the benefits of your sweat. If you have been building and running a venture, you will receive unimagined gains from it.

In general, this is a time to implement what you manifest. Take time and ponder on what you want and wish to accomplish in life and act accordingly.

78. Dreams of Yellow Elephants

Perhaps you have been buying and stocking up on items that you do not need. The yellow elephants remind you that you must stop going on a shopping spree and hoarding unnecessary items. 

79. Red Elephant in Dreams

You stand the risk of losing somebody who you love or adore. 

80. Blue Elephant in Dreams Meaning

Blue elephant in dreams is a representation of wisdom.

81. Green Elephants Dream Meaning

Green elephants stand for relocation. It is also likely that you will receive a promotional offer on the condition that you change your place of residence. In any case, the change of environment will have a positive impact on your life.

82. Meaning of Pink Elephant in Dreams

You may reconnect, meet up with long-lost friends and spend quality time with them. 

83. Pale or Gray Elephant Dream Meaning

You are going through a rough patch of life. If it has not happened yet, you will soon. Be courageous and face everything with valor because there is light at the end of every tunnel.

As the color gray also stands for the mysterious, the dream may be a reflection of you having faith in the unknown, trusting the process, and awaiting the consequences.

84. Meaning of Purple Elephant in Dreams

Purple elephants in dreams symbolize people or objects that are hard to maintain. You may have been spending a lot on yourself to be at par with your colleagues’ appearance. 

85. Dark Blue Elephants in Dream

You will meet some generous people in your life. Eventually, you will develop a strong relationship with them. Their friendship and loyalty will unintentionally teach you much about quality relationships.

86. Orange Elephants in Dreams Meaning

Orange-colored elephants are an indication that your attempts to be an easy-going social person will cost you efficiency.

The dream is a reminder that you should take roles and responsibilities more seriously and not get diverted.

87. Strange and Unique Colored Elephants in Dreams

If strange colored elephants appeared in your dreams, you will encounter some people shortly. What’s good about this dream is that they will become good companions and benefit you in the long run.

Different Body Parts of Elephants in Dreams and Their Meanings

Since interpretations may vary according to the different body parts, you should also recall which part of the creature was prominent in the dream. 

88. Dreams of Elephant Head

If you dream of an elephant head, it represents misfortunes and challenges that prevent you from excelling. This being said, if the head was celebrated as a trophy, look forward to victories coming your way.

89. Elephant Ear in Dreams

Elephant ears stand for wisdom. Listen to your inner thoughts and desires more.

90. Tusks of elephants in dreams

Elephants use their tusks as a tool to protect themselves from obstacles. Likewise, elephant tusks signify your strength and power, which you must use to face challenges in life. If the tusks in your dreams are from an elephant in captivity, it could mean abuse of power.

In an attempt to have what you want, you might have misused your authority and harmed others in the process. The helpless tusks appeared in your dreams so that you can reflect on how your power is negatively affecting others. 

91. Dreams of Elephant Trunk

Elephant trunks in dreams stand for stability and flexibility. If you notice, it performs several functions- it is used to smell, wash, greet, grab, defend, attack, etc.

The dream indicates that you have everything you need to march forward in life towards your goals. All you need to do is be a little more creative, flexible and practice thinking out of the box.

According to some dream interpreters, the trunk represents a man’s sexual power.

92. Elephant Bones in Dreams

If you dream of elephant bones, your subconscious mind is giving you a message. Be more patient, understanding, and empathetic of others because you have no idea which situation they are in. They may be going through tough times. 

93. Elephant Feet in Dreams

Elephant feet in dreams is a positive affirmation. You have planned and laid out solid groundwork and are well on your way towards success. However, don’t let your guards down and take one step at a time to achieve your goals.

94. Dreams of Elephant Poop

If you see elephant poop in your dreams, it is an indication that you will soon acquire wealth.

However, it is not going to be easy for you to have access to the fortune. You will have to collaborate and engage with figures of authority, face hardships and even humiliation.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Decide on a Dream Interpretation.

Just like any other dream, elephant dreams may also vary in meaning according to the context and the small details present alongside the animal. For the most precise interpretation, ask yourself these few questions.

  1. What was the backdrop of the dream? Who and what else was present?
  2. Were you afraid of the animal, or did it give you strength? How exactly did you feel when you saw the animal? You must take note of your feelings during the dream because they matter. They will help you provide detailed insights into the meaning of the dream.
  3. Into which category does the elephant in your dream fall? There are two different types of elephants- the African elephant and the Asian elephant. Strangely, the types also matter if you wish to get to the bottom of the interpretation.

Closing Thoughts

Elephants are gigantic creatures. Though most of the dreams that involve the animal refer to big plans, projects, and happenings, they could also relate to the relationship the dreamer shares with those around him/her.

In short, the appearance of elephants in dreams has various interpretations. You have to make sure the context is on point for the meaning to be correct.

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