What It Means To Dream About Going To Jail


Be cautious of your environment.

prison cell in a dream

It may symbolize someone’s dominance over you.

Dreaming about being sentenced to jail

You might have wronged someone out of hate.

Getting released from prison after completing term

It portends success in your endeavors.

Dreaming about someone escaping from the jail

Someone will help you escape from a disastrous situation. 

You breaking prison bars in dream 

You're trying to cut off ties with negative influence.

several prisoners inside a jail in a dream

Toxic people in your life are trying to destroy you.

Dreaming about your friend going to jail

He or she will tie the wedding knot soon. 

More often than not, a dream about jail symbolizes confinement which could be either physical or emotional. At other times, the jail dream scenario could stand for complications arising soon.