A dream about jail or a dream about going to jail could be disturbing beyond words. The next morning, and for days to come, you would surely be restless and ask yourself again and again if you had done anything wrong.

While dream scenarios associated with jail do not mean you will actually get imprisoned in real life, they are indeed an ill omen, with a few exceptions. 

Now, for those who lead quite a stable life, let’s delve deeper into the symbolic meaning of your dreams. But only after we get you acquainted with the general meaning of dreams about jail.

Dream about Going to Jail – 68 Scenarios & Their Meanings
Dream about Going to Jail – 68 Scenarios & Their Meanings

What Does It Mean To Dream About Jail?

More often than not, a dream about jail symbolizes confinement which could be either physical or emotional. At other times, the jail dream scenario could stand for complications arising soon. 

Dreaming about jail or prison is one of the most common dream symbols. In a broad sense, the scenario may symbolize any person, event, or situation hindering your growth. 

Any scenario that includes the image of a jail signifies that something has prevented you from exploring your full potential. Due to certain circumstances and turn of events, you are unable to proceed with your life, career, relationship, or anything for that matter, the way you wish to. 

Though it may be a person or a situation entrapping you, you also need to take note of your own weaknesses and limitations within your mind. Experts believe that they could even be the reason behind your prison dreams. 

On the flip side, you could also be the one restraining another person’s independence and movement. 

Dreaming about seeing someone you know inside the lockup may be a sign that someone in your circle is stuck in a terrible situation, and you wish to see him or her overcome it soon. 

In some rare cases, prison dreams could be a harbinger of complications befalling you in the foreseeable future. 

Jail Dream Meaning: Dream Symbols

Most of the time, the meanings of dreams cannot be taken at face value. Instead, they speak or convey messages to dreamers through the help of symbols. So, it is extremely important to understand the symbolism of each dream plot. 

Given are some of the most common symbols associated with jail dream meanings. Note that we use the word ‘some’ here because it is not possible to include all of them as the possibilities are endless. 

1. Confinement

One of the most common symbols of a jail dream is that you feel confined in your waking life. There’s a strong possibility that you want to break free from whatever is tying you up. 

For example, your parents may have kept you grounded after you did something wrong. Your desire to go out may take the form of being in jail in a dream

2. Restrained Expression And Ideas

Jail dream scenarios are common if you feel something or someone has restrained you from expressing your true self. Perhaps your colleagues and superiors are refraining you from speaking up at meetings. 

3. Fear of Commitment

Are you having mixed feelings concerning a person or a matter in your life? Perhaps you love and care about your partner, more than you admit to, but you don’t like it when your partner brings up marriage. 

Maybe the idea of committing to him or her alone for a lifetime scares you, and you question yourself if you would be able to.

Fear of commitment is, in fact, one of the most common reasons for jail-associated dreams. 

4. Warning To Be Careful

In the real world, no evil-doer goes unnoticed and unpunished. The law makes sure that he or she receives the appropriate punishment – be it a few days or months inside the prison or even life imprisonment. 

Considering that dreaming about a jail could be your subconscious mind warning you to stay away from any risky activities and actions that would most probably drag you into trouble and pathetic consequences. 

5. Unpleasant Events

According to modern dream books, dream scenarios associated with jail portend potential events that will deteriorate your present way of living. 

This may be the right symbol if you have recently done something you shouldn’t have. Perhaps you cheated in your exam. 

On the other hand, the dream could be warning you not to make foolish decisions that will land you in a mess. 

6. Stuck in a rut

Dreams associated with prison are common if you think you have no other option but to be stuck or let yourself be entrapped just to make another person happy. 

7. Liberation

Not every jail dream denotes negativity and suppression. Some portend freedom and emancipation from oppressing forces in your life. Such are the meanings if you dream about getting out of jail. 

Maybe you will finally be set free from your abusive husband as your divorce papers have been finalized. 

Dream About Jail: Various Dream Scenarios

1. Dreams about jail

If you dream about prison without any additional details, the scenario could be warning you to be cautious of your environment. Not everybody wishes you well. In fact, you need to be aware that a few people in your circle wish to harm you.

Especially in matters related to your professional and romantic life, you need to be on alert. 

Perhaps someone is trying to poison your partner’s feelings against you. Maybe that particular individual is weaving lies about you and trying to manipulate your partner. 

2. Seeing a jail from a distant place in a dream

Sometimes, you will dream about seeing or looking at the prison from afar. That is a sign that you have left a problem unresolved in your real life. 

3. Seeing a prison building in a dream

If you dream about a prison building, ask yourself if someone has trusted you with a secret. If no one has, pretty soon, a person will come to you and share one of his or her darkest secrets. 

Whether you wish or not, you would be compelled to listen to him or her. Additionally, the dream shows that you would find the secret unpleasant and hard to digest. But you would have no option but to continue the chain and take it to your grave. 

4. Seeing a prison cell in a dream

In reality, a prisoner is kept inside a prison cell. He or she is kept locked within the four walls, and any movement beyond is restricted. 

From that point of view, dreaming about seeing a prison cell may symbolize someone’s dominance over you. 

Perhaps your superior at work has restricted you from speaking up and sharing your ideas with others. 

5. Dreaming about an open prison cell

Seeing an open prison cell in a dream stands for a transformation that is about to happen. It may directly or indirectly affect you and your situation. 

6. An empty prison in a dream

Seeing an empty prison with the doors wide open is a positive sign. You will see the end of your bad days soon. Your problems will be resolved, and your anguish will soon disappear into thin air. 

7. Dreaming about prison bars

The scenario encourages you to take a step back, reevaluate each of your steps and activities – good as well as bad. 

If you feel you have offended or hurt anyone recently, you must try to mend the wrong before it gets too late. 

8. Dreaming about meeting an unfamiliar person inside the jail

Seeing a person you are not familiar with inside the prison is closely related to expression. Either you have trouble showing your true self to others, or you feel that people do not recognize or give any importance to your thoughts and opinions. 

Consequently, you have kept parts of you and your personality concealed and away from the public eye and that is what is reflected in the dream.

9. Dreaming about seeing a stranger inside the jail

To dream about a stranger inside a prison cell is a warning sign not to be too trusting of people you recently encountered. 

10. Dreaming about seeing a pathetic person behind the bars

The dream foretells that you will most likely assist someone in your waking life. The person we are talking about here may be someone who has helped you in the past. But it may also symbolize someone you believe can be trusted. 

11. Seeing yourself as a prisoner in a dream

In your dream, if you were the one imprisoned, it means your weaknesses and complexes are preventing you from being the person you aspire to be. 

12. Dreaming about eating jail food

If there’s anything we can assume about the food given to the jail inmates, it’s that they would absolutely be pathetic. 

From that point of view, eating jail food in a dream scenario could be warning you of financial complications you may soon have to undergo. Depending on your present life circumstances and actions, the scenario may or may not happen. 

Regardless of that, your subconscious wants you to be a little more careful with your finances so that you save enough to strive on if anything happens.

13. A dream about seeing a prisoner from outside the prison ground

Here, the prisoner symbolizes the hardships you are presently facing in the waking world. Since you saw the prisoner from outside the prison ground, it means in the foreseeable future, you will bear the fruits of the difficulties you are undergoing at the moment. 

14. Seeing reputable people as prisoners in a dream

If you see famous and reputable people behind bars in a dream, it means you will make good use of every opportunity that comes your way. 

15. Seeing many people inside the jail in a dream

According to the plot, you are taking chances and doing favors to people though you know they do not deserve any. 

16. Seeing several prisoners inside a jail in a dream

It is a bad sign to see several prisoners in a dream. They symbolize toxic people in your life who are trying to destroy you. They may also represent people who intentionally or unintentionally try to suppress your talents and skills. 

17. A dream about seeing a close relation in jail

In some scenarios associated with prison, you may see one of your close relatives inside. The most common interpretation of such scenarios is that you control him or her in some way.

Could it be that you still tell your child in her 20’s what to do and what not to do? Perhaps you decide where your elderly parents go and what they do!

If the above instances perfectly fit your situation, chances are your subconscious wants you to go a little easy on them. Give them room to decide things on their own. 

18. Planning a jailbreak in a dream

Based on the plot, you are making plans and strategies to overcome your present obstacles. 

19. Seeing yourself break prison bars in a dream

If you dream about breaking prison bars, it means you are trying to cut off ties with someone who has a negative or destructive influence on your life. 

On another note, the scenario could be warning you not to be hasty in making decisions. Well, if you don’t want to face pathetic consequences, that is. 

20. Dreaming about breaking out of jail

In reality, not everyone has the guts to break away from prison. It takes a lot of courage.

Similarly, if you see yourself breaking free from a jail in your dream, it means you have the ability and potential to overcome or escape restrictive situations in reality. 

Negatively, the dream could be trying to tell you that you are trying to escape your responsibilities. 

Remember, there is a world of difference between getting released after serving your sentence and breaking out from jail. 

Let us explain it with the help of an example. 

Let’s say you are in an unhappy relationship. 

In the first case, the dream of getting released may happen if the two of you come to an agreement on whether to break up or work on improving your relationship. 

Alternatively, the second scenario of breaking out is probable if you gave no chance to your partner and left him or her. 

Your partner might try to come up with ways to make things better but if you see yourself breaking out, it would be the same as saying you consider things over for good between the two of you. 

The scenario is also associated with your professional life. Successfully breaking out from jail and away from captivity symbolizes progress. However, if you were caught or got into trouble, you must prepare yourself for forthcoming mishaps. 

21. Escaping from the prison in a dream

This is a good dream and shows that you have managed to get out of a situation or relationship that oppresses you. 

Having said that, other dream experts believe in the opposite. According to them, escaping from prison is a warning – not to commit any stupid acts because those will possibly prove detrimental for you. 

22. Dreaming that you successfully escaped from the prison

In a dream, if you successfully made your escape from jail, it is a good sign and shows that something that is naturally quite risky will prove to be beneficial in the long run. 

23. Seeing other people trying to break out of the prison

The scenario advises you not to count on anyone around the time you have this dream. In fact, it won’t be wrong to add here that there are people trying to hurt you in your close circle. 

Regardless of who they are, refrain from sharing any confidential information with anyone. If you have to, at least wait till the streak of bad luck passes. 

24. Seeing someone escape from the jail in a dream

If you see someone escaping from the prison in a dream, it shows how someone will come to the rescue and help you escape from a disastrous situation in the waking world. 

Without a doubt, that person will be instrumental for your growth and will help you transform into a better human. 

25. Dreaming about helping someone escape from jail

This is a good sign. On the other hand, if you were helping a runaway prisoner by hiding him or her, it is a sign that the relationship between you and someone in your waking life will greatly suffer. 

26. Dreaming about getting released from jail

The scenario brings you the best of news! As you might have inferred from the plot, it is a harbinger of freedom and release from bondage. 

Pretty soon, you would be set free from whatever has kept you confined in reality – be it a toxic relationship or workplace. In the upcoming days, you will be blessed with the freedom you have looked forward to for quite a long time. 

Use this time to pursue your goals because the time is indeed auspicious! Everything you do around this time would be a success. 

But hey! You need to watch out for envious eyes because there will surely be many. 

Getting released from jail in a dream may also be a sign that an issue in your waking life has been resolved, and you need not dwell on it any longer. 

Some experts even relate the scenario to reconnecting with people you have strayed away from you. 

27. Getting released from prison after completing your term

To dream after leaving the prison ground after completely serving your term portends success in your endeavors. 

28. Dreaming about returning home after staying in the prison

The scenario reflects your patience and perseverance. 

29. Dreaming about a family member getting released from jail

Seeing a family member getting released from the prison in a dream denotes that your bond will get stronger. 

If you have recently rekindled a friendship or relationship with someone after being apart for months and even years, you may dream about a family member getting released from prison. 

30. Seeing a glass jail in a dream

If you see a glass prison in a dream, it is a sign that someone is likely to monitor you, your activities, and your behavior. 

On a different note, your dream highlights how you are stuck in a certain situation. 

31. Dreaming about an old jail

The dream is associated with matters related to inheritance. Dreaming about an old jail signifies that you will overcome each of the problems that erupt concerning the inheritance passed on to you. 

For instance, you might presently be facing trouble claiming the property passed down to you due to the absence of a particular document or signature. 

The dream is a sign that you will win over any such odds. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About Going to Jail?

A dream about going to jail may stand for guilt and repentance for something you have said or done to someone. On another note, such scenarios may also surface if someone is literally punishing or giving you a hard time deliberately for hurting him or her. 

Usually, going to jail or being in jail may mean someone or a part of you is punishing yourself for something you have done. Locking yourself up inside a prison cell may also happen if you wronged someone and feels sincerely sorry towards that person. 

Dream About Going to Jail: Dream Symbols

1. Desire To Keep Parts Of You Concealed

Often, we possess personality traits and habits that we are not proud of. Or we often commit things in the past that make us regret later. 

If you have anything as such, jail dream meanings may surface in your sleep state. 

2. Suppressed Emotions And Feelings

Not all jail dreams signify negativity. Some could even be a reflection of your introverted nature. 

For instance, no one will be able to use your weakness against you if you keep them concealed. 

From that perspective, being in jail may mean you have kept some of your innermost feelings concealed. And that you have given no one the opportunity to use them against you to their advantage.

3. Exploitation

Dreaming about jail could mean you are being exploited by a person or an unpleasant event in your waking life. 

4. Relaxation

Dreams about jail may occur if you are being too hard on yourself. Let’s say you work most hours of the day to be able to achieve your life goals. 

Perhaps your world revolves around your life goals and work, giving yourself little to no time for fun and relaxation. You may be convincing yourself that you are investing in the future. 

While that is not untrue, remember that the subconscious notices what the conscious doesn’t. In a quest to hit your goals, you could be deceiving yourself into believing that you don’t need fun and leisure. 

And that cannot be farther than the truth as all work, and no play makes Jack a dull boy. 

Dream About Going to Jail: Various Scenarios And Interpretations

32. A dream of being in jail (dream about being in jail)

Generally speaking, being in a jail or prison in a dream is a sign that you feel confined in the waking world. Someone could be stopping you from doing what you want to do. He or she might have cut off your wings, repressing your independence. 

Deprived of your freedom and own will, you could be feeling as if you no longer know what is happening in your life. 

On the other hand, seeing yourself imprisoned could be a sign that you are stuck in the past. And there’s a strong possibility that the past is your barrier to success. 

If this resonates, your subconscious encourages you to get going. You don’t belong to the past anymore!

Seeing yourself inside the prison can also symbolize changes in your immediate surroundings, changes that could transform your life significantly. Therefore, looking at it from this point of view, dreaming of the scenario may mean you are at a crucial phase in your life.

The right actions will help you reach heights, while the wrong ones will drag you down to doom!

From the relationship point of view, jail dream meanings are common if you are in a relationship against your desire just to please your counterpart. 

33. Dreaming about being sentenced to jail

These types of scenarios are commonplace if you feel guilty in your waking life. In the past, you might have wronged someone – out of hate, jealousy, or as a prank. 

However, you have had a change recently, and the dream is a sign that the guilt is eating you. 

In some severe cases, it may mean you are mentally punishing yourself for whatever you have done in the past. 

34. Dreaming that you resisted going to the jail

Most likely, you have done something undesirable in your waking life. And your dream scenario about resisting going to jail shows you are not complying with the consequences of your actions. 

For instance, let’s say, you drove without a license and were caught by the cops. According to the law, you could be asked to come to the station and you could be looking for a way to get out of the situation without doing the needful. 

Having said that, in some instances, the dream is a harbinger of success, especially in your professional life. 

Another interpretation of this dream is that you are trying to avoid situations and events that are restrictive in any form. 

35. Going to jail in a dream

In the first place, dreaming about going to jail denotes you have done something that isn’t morally, ethically, or legally right. And the scenario appeared in your sleep state because you feel extremely guilty about it. 

Additionally, the scenario is a medium to let you know that evil deeds do not go unnoticed. So, you always have to be careful about what you do and say to other people. 

The scenario is probably trying to point out something that is metaphorically imprisoning you. 

What do you think it is? 

Do you think your partner is stopping you from living your life, or do you find your job too restrictive to be true? It’s time to take a step back and reevaluate your life. 

Going to jail in a dream is also associated with a lack of expression. 

Let’s assume that you saw your friend cheating on her boyfriend (who is also your friend). To prevent a scene, your friend might have asked you to keep it a secret. And let’s say, you do. But your mind won’t be at peace.

You would want to spill the secret, but on the other hand, your friend’s words wouldn’t let you. Stuck in the middle, unable to do anything, you may start getting dreams about going to prison because clearly, you are a prisoner to your conscience. 

36. Going to jail after someone wrongly accused you

Dreaming about going to prison after someone falsely accused you of a crime or an offense means someone is talking unjustly behind your back. Chances are, that person is making up lies and spreading them to everyone to hurt you. 

37. Locking yourself up in a jail in a dream

According to the above scenario, your own thoughts, ideas, and limiting beliefs are preventing you from doing certain things in your life. 

For example, let’s say you are really into music and wish you could pursue it as a career. But your own fears such as ‘Who will listen to me?’, ‘I am sure I will be an utter flop’ will probably stop you from taking up the career you are passionate about. 

38. A dream about being thrown into a prison

To dream about being thrown into a prison is a sign that you, your feelings and emotions, or your life, in general, feel entrapped by a person or an event. Note that the person in question ( if it is a person) is someone you recently got acquainted with. 

And in case it is a situation, it is something that happened quite recently. 

The interpretation is especially true if you are shoved into the prison and the gates are shut after you. 

Now, the question is: What is the motif of the dream? What is it trying to tell you? 


You have let that person or situation get away for too long, and the time is ripe for you to show up and have your say.

39. Dreaming about seeing yourself inside a prison cell

If you dream about seeing yourself inside a prison cell, it may mean an authoritative figure is literally confining you within a boundary. 

Perhaps your school principal has suspended you for cheating on your test. 

Such scenarios may also mean you feel pressured by your work. 

On the other hand, the dream may be a sign that you give up easily even though you have the ability and the means to fight for something – whatever it is. In that case, the dream wants you to be more patient and stick to resolving the problem instead of taking the easy route. 

40. Seeing yourself inside a prison cell all alone

Thanks to your intellectuality, you will be able to outdo your rivals by diverting their minds to the wrong track. 

41. Seeing yourself in a fully enclosed prison cell

The plot advises you not to be hasty while making life-changing decisions. 

42. A dream about staying inside a big and brightly lit prison cell

When you dream about prison and prison cells, it is crucial to recall the types and conditions of the prison too. Because as you will soon see, not every prison dream symbolizes negativity. 

If you see yourself inside a prison – brightly lit and spacious enough for you to live comfortably, the plot symbolizes a harmonious life with the person you deeply love, care about, and respect. 

43. Dreaming about sitting inside a prison cell doing something

To decode this dream, you first need to understand what you were doing within the dream. 

Were you playing a musical instrument? Were you sketching? Or were you knitting? 

Recall it as precisely as you can!

In case you saw yourself playing the guitar, it means your talent for the instrument is entrapped in you, waiting to be released. 

The same goes for other activities as well – whatever it is. 

If this is what you have dreamt of, you may as well see it again and again from time to time – until you let your talent and creativity come to life. 

44. Dreaming about seeing yourself chained inside a prison

The scenario reflects your helplessness in a particular situation. 

45. Dreaming about peeking through the window in a jail

If you see yourself peeking through the jail window in a dream it symbolizes your powerlessness in a certain situation. 

An event could have worked out contrary to how you had expected and planned. The scenario signifies there’s not much you can do about the matter except hope for the best. 

The plot also indicates the sudden appearance of an authoritative figure who has unlimited power over you. Here, recall how the windows appear in the dream.

Was it brightly lit or pitch dark? 

In case it was brightly lit, it is a positive sign showing your ability to plan ahead of the actual events will save you from falling into stressful situations. 

46. Dreaming about a prison fight

Seeing a prison fight in a dream portends a complicated situation in the waking world. Now, you should ask yourself some questions here. 

Were you a spectator, or were you involved in the fight? For the interpretations, check out the sections below.

47. Witnessing a prison fight in a dream

To dream about witnessing a prison fight symbolizes an internal conflict you are battling with. 

48. Getting involved in a prison fight in a dream

As mentioned above, prison fights in a dream are a harbinger of a difficult situation. If you were the fighter or somehow involved in it, it means you are willing and attempting to play the game of survival fairly. 

49. Dreaming that you were killed while inside the jail

As per the plot, you will most likely face financial problems in your waking life. 

50. Dreams about someone going to jail

First, recall the identity of that person. If he or she is someone familiar to you, it may mean he or she has gotten into a terrible situation and needs your help to get out of it. 

And if that person you saw in your dream was a complete stranger, it may stand for an aspect about yourself that you have decided to conceal. Perhaps secret longing for one of your married friends. 

51. Dreaming about the imprisonment of a family member/ dream about brother going to jail

In all probability, the scenario denotes a separation, which could happen due to conflicts, migration, or anything for that matter. 

On the other hand, it could be a sign that you are getting emotionally detached from your family. Busy schedules might have prevented you from catching up with your people. 

But now that the dream happened, you should try to get closer to them and restore your relationships with them before the creak widens. 

52. Your parents going to jail in a dream

To dream about your parents going to jail portends a terrible situation that will likely befall you and your family. If any such events do happen in reality, the dream wants you to know that your family’s status will be at stake. 

At that point, what you can do is deal with the situation calmly so that you do not add fuel to the fire. 

53. Dreaming about your friend going to jail

First, recall who that friend was. Was it someone you recognized? If yes, it could be a sign that he or she will tie the wedding knot soon. 

Dreams are subjective and can be perplexing at times. So do not be surprised if you dream of one friend going to jail and getting invitation cards to another’s engagement party.  

54. A dream about boyfriend going to jail/ partner going to jail in a dream/ dream about my husband going to jail

Dreaming about your partner going to jail shows you do not have complete faith in your partner’s loyalty. In fact, it may be a sign that you are wrongly accusing him or her.

The scenario also portends an action on his or her part that will greatly disappoint you. 

55. Seeing children imprisoned in a dream

The scenario reflects your overwhelmed state of having too many responsibilities and roles. Further, the plot shows you feel pressured by them because you want to ensure that your actions do not hurt a single soul. 

56. Dreaming about seeing someone in the prison

This is a good dream and denotes you have the potential and capability to defeat your competitors. 

57. Dreaming about seeing someone you know in real life inside the prison

The most common interpretation of this scenario is that he or she feels confined and helpless in the waking world. And in case you are wondering why you are getting dragged into his or her problem, it may be because you are the only one who can help him or her. 

On the other hand, the scenario may stand for conflicts between you and that person you see in your dream. Here, the dream occurred because you still feel bitter about whatever has happened and still hold a grudge against that person. 

The scenario is also possible if someone in your circle feels guilty towards you. But the bottom line is he or she will not show his or her real feelings to you. 

58. Dreaming about visiting someone in jail

In a dream, if you go to the prison to see someone, it symbolizes reconciliation between you and someone. Most likely, you had a fallout with the person in question and have not been in touch with him or her for quite some time. 

On another note, the scenario could be delving into what is happening between the two of you. Likely, he or she did something you feel is unpardonable. 

And the dream could be a way of questioning yourself if you are taking the right decision by denying forgiveness to that individual. 

Another interpretation of this dream is that you are reminiscing about the times you spent with someone you are no longer with.

59. Dreaming about imprisoning another person

If you imprison someone in your dream, you are intentionally or otherwise oppressing someone in your waking life. 

It could be your kids, your siblings, or subordinates at work. Most probably, you might have done it for their welfare and without any ill intentions. But the dream says your approach could be wrong. 

Look at the situations from another perspective and figure out if you can have them do what you want without snatching away their freedom. 

60. Dreaming about meeting the jailor

To dream about meeting the jailor could be warning you to be aware of others’ activities, words, and behaviors. Any slip and your interests will be negatively affected. 

61. Being a jailor in a dream

Most probably, your position as a jailor in your dream is reminding you of the consequences of your bad deeds. 

Indirectly, your subconscious may be letting you know to stay away from incurring harm to others. 

On the other hand, the scenario could be warning you of someone who is trying to hurt you. 

The prisoner in the dream may stand for an aspect of yourself you are trying to conceal. So, that is to say, seeing yourself as the prison ward guarding a prisoner indicates you are refraining parts of yourself from coming out into the open – a behavior, habit, family history, etc. 

Jail Dream Meaning: Different Dreamers

62. A young girl dreaming about going to jail

If you are a young girl and dream of going to jail, it portends your chances of getting engaged or wedding someone in the forthcoming days. 

63. A woman escaping from the prison in her dream

In case a woman dreams about escaping prison, it is a reflection of her infidelity towards her partner. 

64. A man dreaming about escaping from prison

If a man saw himself escaping the jail in his dream, he needs to reevaluate what he has been doing lately. Because there is a strong possibility that the dream happened after he violated a law. 

65. Young people dreaming about escaping from prison

Chances are, the dreamer is in toxic relationships.

66. A married person dreaming about escaping from the prison

If a married person dreams about the above scenario, it is a harbinger of divorce, especially if he or she is in an unhappy marriage. 

67. Elderly people dreaming about escaping from the prison

If the above scenario occurred in the dreams of an elderly person, the plot signifies rest and relaxation. 

68. A sick person dreaming about getting released from jail after completion of the term

The above scenario shows you will recover from your illness very soon. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Dream About Jail

From the spiritual perspective, seeing a jail or getting imprisoned in a dream signifies that you have kept your soul and spirituality confined either due to your limiting beliefs or something else. 

But then, it may also be an indication that you are not eager or even denying to be responsible for your own life, actions, and consequences. 

What Do The Western Countries Say About Jail Dreams?

In the beliefs of the West, dreams related to prison are an ill omen. They symbolized mistrust, quarrels, conflicts, and defamation. 

If you interpret your dream scenario generally from the Western point of view, you need to be on your toes as anything may happen around this time to destroy or at least defame you. 

Jail Dream Meaning In the Arab Tradition

According to their beliefs, you will soon be surprised as you suddenly learn about security concerning your professional life.

Perhaps you got a raise or a promotion that will allow you to live a much-elevated lifestyle. 

Dream of Being in Jail: Dream Examples

1. In his dream, a man saw himself inside a prison cell

In waking life, the man was admitted to a hospital due to health issues and the doctors refused to discharge him despite his pleas. 

2. A man dreamed of yearning to go out from the prison

In reality, he was in a relationship. But when he and her partner were about to tie the knot, he realized that marriage is not what he wants. 

Finally, they called off the wedding and ended the relationship as well. 

3. A woman dreamt that she was stuck inside a hospital jail

In reality, she was in a marriage that was deteriorating day by day. 

But she was trying her best to restore the relationship to its past form, which is why she saw herself in a hospital jail.

4. A woman was trapped by a rat hooded man in her dream

In reality, the woman was stuck in an unhappy marriage and an unhealthy relationship. But regardless of her hatred for her husband, she couldn’t leave him because of her financial conditions. 

Who Often Dream About Jail Or Going To Jail?

Though prison-related dream spectacles can show up in the sleep state of any random individual, they are most often experienced by:

  1. People who are passing through a life phase where they are not given full liberty to exercise their feelings and desires. For example, teenagers.
  2. People refrain from speaking their minds due to any reason whatsoever.

Why Do You Dream About Going To Jail?

Though there may be a thousand reasons behind your jail dreams, the list below is some of the most common reasons why dreamers around the world get such dreams.

  1. You feel confined in your waking life.
  2. There are certain limiting beliefs that prevent you from stepping out of your familiar zone. 
  3. You have an earnest desire to keep something about you concealed. 
  4. Someone or something makes you feel suffocated.
  5. It may also happen if you have greatly wronged someone and are now living in repentance. 
  6. You are resilient and hardly give up until you accomplish what you set out to do. 
  7. You have reconnected or are about to rekindle relationships with someone you have strayed away from. 
  8. Dreams concerning jail could be warning you to be careful with your actions and behavior. 
  9. Such dreams may also happen if you are in a toxic relationship.
  10. Jail dreams may also be a reflection of your powerlessness in a particular situation.
  11. You have the capability to stay ahead of your rivals. 
  12. If you are presently cheating your partner, dreams related to jail may be a reflection of your infidelity. 
  13. Positively, jail dreams could also mean getting engaged or married and living a harmonious life with the person concerned. 

A Few Questions To Ask Yourself if You Dream of Being in Jail

Make sure you ask these few questions to yourself before you begin your interpretation. Undoubtedly, the answers to these will make the process simpler and take you a few steps closer to the accurate meaning. 

  1. How is your present way of living? How do you learn a livelihood? In case you are into anything unlawful, the dream could be advising you to move to the right path? 
  2. Did you read about or watch a movie related to crime and prison recently? Or before you go to bed? In that case, the dream probably means nothing. If not, continue reading!
  3. Why did you get jailed in the dream?
  4. Did the authorities lock you up, or did you do it yourself? 
  5. Were you alone inside the prison cell, or were you with another individual? 
  6. Can you recall the vision of the cell you stayed in? See if you can draw a mental picture of it? Consider its lighting as well?
  7. If you dream about a jailbreak, did you succeed? 
  8. If it was someone else inside the prison, who was it – a familiar person or a stranger? 
  9. How did you feel when you were imprisoned? 
  10. What is your overall emotion about the dream?
  11. Recall the types of emotions when you woke up from the ghastly dream? 

Wrapping Up

Like we mentioned at the beginning of the article, a dream about jail has probably nothing to be with getting imprisoned unless of course, you have done something unlawful. 

Most of the time, they are a projection of your confined state and emotions in your waking life, though a few may indicate troublesome situations in the impending future.