What It Means To Dream About Storms?

Dreaming about observing a storm at a distance

It hints at a person or matter that poses a threat to a certain aspect of your life.

To dream of a lighthouse in the middle of a storm

It foretells a period of grief. 

A dream about a storm coming

It symbolizes problems that will hit various aspects of your life.

Dreaming about a ship sinking in a storm

It warns you of forthcoming unpleasant situations that may knock off your plans.

To dream about suffering damage because of a storm

The road ahead will definitely not be easy.

Dreaming of seeing the sun behind the storm clouds

It is a sign of balance.

Storm clouds and rain in a dream

It suggests work-related problems.

Dreaming about a lightning storm

Things are finally looking great for you, and the future looks promising. 

Dreams about storms often reflect the violent situations in your waking life. Some can even warn you of a loved one’s deteriorating health and ultimately death. However, other storm dreams can be a premonition of rebirth, renewal, and rejuvenation.