Have you ever encountered dreams about storms

They often reflect the violent situations in your waking life. Some can even warn you of a loved one’s deteriorating health and ultimately death.

However, other storm dreams can be a premonition of rebirth, renewal, and rejuvenation. 

Interested to find out more about it? Hop in and enjoy the ride!

Dreams About Storms - Various Plots And Their Meanings
Dreams About Storms – Various Plots And Their Meanings

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Storm?

Usually, storm dreams suggest that you are heading towards a pathetic phase of life.

You may or may not have contributed to the misery approaching you. Besides, storm dreams can also depict the turbulence and conflicts in your waking life. 

Moreover, some of the most common dream symbols of storms are-

  • Conflicts – Often, a dream of a storm denotes you suspect a huge conflict or a fight is about to blow up anytime soon, most likely amongst your loved ones.
  • Turbulence – People usually encounter this dream when they go through a chaotic and turbulent period in their waking life. 
  • Rapid transformations – Many times, storm dreams are closely related to major transformations that will possibly occur in your waking life. Almost always, these changes are associated with the accomplishment of your missions and life goals. 
  • The end of a turbulent period – When a storm leaves, the affected area remains calm despite the damages. Similarly, dreaming of it can mean you have finally gotten over one of the most challenging phases of your life. 
  • Repressed emotions – These dreams are also symbolic of emotions you have been repressing for quite a long time. On the other hand, such a dream is also possible if you have recently released all the pent-up negative emotions, ruining your relationships and hurting not only those involved but yourself as well. 
  • A warning – Your dream might have turned up in your sleep state to warn you about an aspect of your life that is under threat. It can also mean you are about to suffer major financial losses. 
  • Deception and betrayal – It portends you will be ruthlessly betrayed by your friends and people you trust. 
  • Health issues and death – In some instances, the dream hints at the deterioration of the health of one of your friends or family. In the worst cases, he or she may even leave you behind for the next life. 

Deciphering Dreams About Storms & Their Meanings

To help you understand storm dreams better, we have included different scenarios that feature the natural phenomenon. 

Seeing a storm in a dream

The dream has both positive and negative connotations.

Negatively, it symbolizes repressed emotions, feelings, fear, struggles, challenges, misfortunes, disastrous situations, and financial losses. 

On a positive note, dreams of such nature can mean you are spiritually evolving. Also, it is directly associated with your decisions about your surroundings. 

A dream about a storm coming

It symbolizes problems that will hit various aspects of your life. Undoubtedly, the upcoming period would be no less than a rollercoaster ride and may even lead to a loss of balance. 

To dream of a storm wiping away everything

According to the plot, it is likely that you will either postpone or cancel your plans due to unforeseen situations that are beyond your control. 

A storm destroying a place

The plot looks devastating indeed, but the meaning is quite the opposite.

According to the dream, you already have or will soon overcome the obstacles which have hampered your progress. 

Alternatively, the dream vision is a sign of something horrendous making its way towards you. 

Driving in a storm

The scenario denotes that you are battling your way through to reach a goal, which is logically unachievable. From the romantic point of view, it stands for a fear of change. 

Being trapped in a storm

It symbolizes emotional instability.

Another possibility is that you are caught in a vicious cycle where you find yourself going around the same troublesome issues, however hard you try to break free from them. 

Regardless of which direction your dream goes, your subconscious suggests you find out the root cause of your anguish instead of striking back blindfolded.

Being in the eye of the storm 

It indicates you feel intensely passionate about someone or something.

To such an extent that you need to get a hold of yourself, see things realistically, and make rational decisions. 

Saving yourself from a storm

It indicates wish fulfillment. Possibly in the coming days, weeks, or months, you will achieve something you’ve always pined for. 

People dying in a storm

It is an ill omen where a close friend or relative might fall seriously ill and pass away soon. 

A storm destroying your house

It symbolizes problems in your waking life. Possibly, you are left to deal with them all alone with no help from anyone. 

The dream may have different meanings depending on your financial status. If you are struggling financially, the scenario is a harbinger of an unexpected source of income.

On the contrary, the plot implies extreme loss if you are filthy rich. 

Running away from a storm

It denotes you are running away from problems and chaotic situations in your waking life. 

From another perspective, the plot is a sign that you are seeking to figure out who you really are, what your calling is, what your soul yearns for, and what gives you genuine happiness. 

Surviving a storm

Basically, there’s a possibility that you’ve been through a lot in the recent past.

Your professional life might have been in shambles for some time now. So, the dream says all those will soon become a thing of the past. 

Storm at the beach

It is a sign of potential conflicts and arguments in your domestic environment. 

Storm at sea

Usually, a storm at sea forewarns you of family feuds and problems that will affect you emotionally. If the seawater is muddy, you must be extremely careful with your words and actions. 

Different Types of Storm


There’s a high possibility that you would clash with a friend, family member, or a close colleague regarding a matter. 

Alternatively, the dream plot is most probably your subconscious trying to bring your attention to something you have overlooked or ignored. 


According to the plot, you are guarding a dark secret with all your might.

The scenario can also be interpreted from another perspective. Generally, fire is a symbol of rage.

Therefore, your dream hints at your anger and hatred towards someone or something.

From the romantic point of view, a firestorm signifies love and passion. 

A sandstorm

It implies your life has become too monotonous. It also means you are too engrossed in your own matters that you have no time to check into your close ones. 

From another point of view, these dreams are likely to appear if you have failed to look at a situation or a problem realistically. 

According to the latter interpretation, you have lost touch with reality concerning a matter, perhaps due to fear, pressure, or overwhelmed feelings.

Negatively, sandstorms in the dream world show your refusal to accept a truth regarding something, although you are consciously and subconsciously aware of it. 

Sometimes, it can be symbolic of a massive inheritance coming into your hands. 

Hurricane storm

It means something you have kept concealed brings you pain. 

Tsunami storm

The scenario is a reflection of your worry about the problems and conflicts you are presently undergoing.

Lightning storm

In the dream world, a lightning storm symbolizes major changes. Things are finally looking great for you, and the future looks promising. 

Alternatively, it portends you will gain insight into something surprising. Maybe you will learn something unexpected about your partner or a close friend.


The dream warns you against sharing information about yourself that is not necessary for others to know.

Hail storms

In the dream world, hailstorms symbolized unresolved misery and distress. It can also mean you have done something against the wishes of others.

Wrap Up

The heads and subheads covered in the post should extensively give you insight into storm dreams and help you unravel your dream plot. 

However, if you ever failed to conclude because of reasons unique to you, do not give up yet.

Instead, delve deep into your real-life circumstances. And then go back to your dream events once again and see if anything stands out.