Key Takeaways

  • Dreams about storms are a reflection of your real-life turbulence and chaotic situations.
  • They also mark a rebirth after the end of a life phase.
  • Such scenarios may also hint at a great conflict that is about to blow up getting out of control.
  • Storms are also symbolic of approaching gloomy days due to poor health conditions.
  • Positively, storms symbolized a fast-paced progression towards your goals without letting anything obstruct you in-between.

Have you ever encountered dreams about storms

You get caught in a gust of a terribly violent wind. And you ran to flee from the clutches of the storm only to realize that you had not moved an inch!

More often than not, storm dreams have little or nothing to do with the phenomenon in the waking world. Instead, they reflect mental turmoils and conflicts occurring in your life. 

But that is not to say every dream about a storm has a negative connotation. Some may be a harbinger of the event you have been praying earnestly for! 

Interested to find out more about it? Hop in and enjoy the ride!

Dreams About Storms - 111 Plots And Their Meanings
Dreams About Storms – 111 Plots And Their Meanings

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Storm?

Dreams about storms often reflect the violent situations in your waking life. Some can even warn you of a loved one’s deteriorating health and ultimately death. However, other storm dreams can be a premonition of rebirth, renewal, and rejuvenation. 

Usually, storm dreams suggest that you are heading towards a pathetic phase of life. You may or may not have contributed to the misery approaching you.

Regardless you need to remember that running away or ignoring them is not the answer. 

Storm dreams can also depict the turbulence and conflicts in your waking life. 

That said, not every storm dream reflects your problems and misery. Some assure you that you are doing well and are walking on the right life path.

Like other themes, a storm can stand for several emotions and situations. So, you need to analyze your dream from not just one or two but tens of perspectives – from your romantic life to your domestic environment and the relationship you share with your colleagues. 

Explore each aspect of your life and ask yourself lots of questions. But do not determine your dream meaning based on someone else’s storm dream. That person can be your sister, father, or husband. 

Whoever he or she is and however close you are to that person, note that there is hardly any parallelism between your dream and someone else’s dream!

Your dream and its significance are unique to you, your life, and your experiences. 

So, what you can do is take hints from the below sections, analyze your life situations alongside, and you will have the meaning of your dream, sooner than you expect.

Storm Dream Meaning: Various Dream Symbols

Some of the most common dream symbols of storms are-

1. Conflicts

Often, a dream of a storm denotes you suspect a huge conflict or a fight is about to blow up anytime soon, most likely amongst your loved ones.

2. Turbulence 

People usually dream of a storm when they go through a chaotic and turbulent period in their waking life. 

3. Rapid transformations

Many times, storm dreams are closely related to major transformations that will possibly occur in your waking life. Almost always, these changes are associated with the accomplishment of your missions and life goals. 

Just like a storm, you let no object and no mortal being stop you from reaching your destination and doing what you set out to. 

4. Loss of balance

When complications and unforeseen events suddenly set in, they disrupt the flow leading to a loss of balance. 

5. The end of a turbulent period

When a storm leaves, the affected area remains calm despite the damages. Similarly, dreaming of a storm can mean you have finally gotten over one of the most challenging phases of your life. 

Though the last few days, months, or years left you severely affected, you are finally able to heave a sigh of relief.

6. Repressed emotions

Storm dreams are also symbolic of emotions you have been repressing for quite a long time. Perhaps you are angry with someone and believe you can’t take it anymore. 

On the other hand, such a dream is also possible if you have recently released all the pent-up negative emotions, ruining your relationships and hurting not only those involved but yourself as well. 

That can be the meaning of your dream if you see a strong storm as the Chinese Dream Book states such types of storms are symbolic of accumulated anger and aggression. 

You can also dream of a storm if you have concealed your genuine feelings, heartache, and pain. Dreams of storms accompanied by water droplets often carry such meanings. 

7. Depression and sadness

Storms in the dream world also stand for sorrow, sadness, and depression.

8. Anxiety

According to the theories of Sigmund Freud, storms in the dream world are symbolic of fear and anxiety.

9. A warning

Your dream might have turned up in your sleep state to warn you about an aspect of your life that is under threat. Perhaps your friends are plotting against you, or maybe your partner is cheating on you. 

It can also mean you are about to suffer major financial losses. 

If you suspect anything along those lines happening in your real life, the dream lets you know that now is the time to act and prevent damage. 

As you know, storms can be destructive. If you turn a deaf ear and let those activities carry on in your back, it’s only a matter of time before they destroy your life and relationships. 

10. Deception and betrayal

According to the Islamic Dream Book, dreaming of a storm portends you will be ruthlessly betrayed by your friends and people you trust. 

11. Health issues and death

In some instances, a storm dream hints at the deterioration of the health of one of your friends or family. In the worst cases, he or she may even leave you behind for the next life. 

If you suspect one of them to be not faring well, let your dream serve you as a wake-up call.

Before it gets too late, take a break from your schedule, spend time with that person and assure him or her that you love him or her although your work has put a distance between the two of you for some time. 

Dreams About Storms: 111 Plots And Their Meanings

To help you understand storm dreams better, we have included different scenarios that feature the natural phenomenon. 

The particular plot you dreamed of may or may not be included in the list. Even if it isn’t, going through the others will help you figure out how to approach your dream to some extent. 

1. Dreaming of a storm

Storms generally represent a problem or a situation that is quite violent in nature. So, having a dream about it implies you are in the middle of a turbulent situation in your waking life.

On the other hand, storms in the dream world also symbolize a rapid transformation or progression. 

In waking life, storms erupt out of the blue, create a mess, affect the old and young equally and leave as quickly as it came.

Similarly, your dream can mean you are progressing towards your goals and attaining them without letting anyone or anything get in your way. 

2. Seeing a storm in a dream

Seeing a storm in a dream has both positive and negative connotations. Negatively, it symbolizes repressed emotions, feelings, fear, struggles, challenges, misfortunes, disastrous situations, and financial losses. 

On a positive note, dreams of such nature can mean you are spiritually evolving. 

According to other schools of dreams, seeing a storm is directly associated with your decisions about your surroundings. 

3. Dreaming about observing a storm at a distance

If you observe a storm from afar in a dream scenario, the plot hints at a person, event, or matter that poses a threat to a certain aspect of your life. 

For example, a toxic ex-lover who can sabotage your present relationship at any time. 

The plot also signifies problems that may arise in the foreseeable future.

4. Dreaming about seeing a storm but not being a part of it

The dream suggests a difficult phase of your life has just ended. Now that it’s over, you are reminiscing about the miserable days, pondering over what you went through, how you overcame, and the life lessons they taught you. 

Observing the natural phenomenon without being a part of it also symbolizes a third-party problem you are trying to resolve. 

Another approach to the dream indicates your repressed emotions and feelings are seeking an outlet.

5. Hearing the sounds of a storm in a dream

You are about to receive a piece of bad news. The dream advises you to maintain composure when the news strikes as getting frantic and hysterical will only make the problem worse. 

Instead, accepting it with a cool mind will help you analyze and resolve it.

6. Dreaming about watching a storm on TV

According to the dream, you are most likely to find yourself deeply entangled in a conflict between two parties, both of which are unknown to you.

You will be at a loss for words as you will not understand how and why you became a part of it. 

Given the probable scenario, your subconscious advises you to refrain from speaking your mind and expressing your opinions to people you hardly know around the time you see the dream. 

7. A dream about storm clouds

Clouds in the dream world allude to your mood in waking life. 

Dreaming about white clouds that suddenly turn into gray storm clouds denote you feeling depressed. And if you see black ones, it is a sign that you believe your life lacks creativity. 

8. Dreaming about expecting a turbulent storm

Here, the storm represents trouble – a fight, argument, etc. Since you dream of expecting a storm to strike anytime, the scenario denotes you are anticipating some sort of trouble in the waking world. 

9. Dreaming about noticing indications of a storm

According to the plot, you expect some kind of conflict or argument to blow up soon.

10. Dreaming of a storm brewing

The brewing storm symbolizes a potential large-scale problem. Without a shadow of a doubt, the upcoming period would be challenging. Nevertheless, the lessons you learn from it would be rewarding. 

However pathetic the situation gets, remember not to act on impulse.

11. A storm that erupted unexpectedly in a dream

If you dream about a storm that erupted out of the blue, it means problems will arise from people, and matters you least expected will give you trouble. 

12. A dream about a storm coming

An approaching storm in a dream is not the best of signs. It symbolizes problems that will hit various aspects of your life.

Undoubtedly, the upcoming period would be no less than a rollercoaster ride and may even lead to a loss of balance. 

However tough your life and problems get, remind yourself not to give in to them. After all, they are nothing but an episode of your life, which will soon wrap up to make way for another brand new phase. 

13. Dreaming of a storm that passed much faster than it came

To begin with, there’s a possibility that you are presently afflicted with some sort of illness. 

And to dream of the above spectacle indicates your ill health will be short-lived. Cheers! You are on your way to recovery. 

14. To dream of a storm wiping away everything

According to the plot, it is likely that you will either postpone or cancel your plans due to unforeseen situations that are beyond your control. 

15. To see a flock of birds struggling to fly amidst a storm in a dream

If you see the above spectacle in your dream, you are, without a doubt, an impulsive person. Most of the time, you let your whims and fancies determine your actions. 

Through the scenario your subconscious wants you to know that impulsiveness often leads to disastrous consequences. 

16. A dream about driving in a storm

The scenario denotes that you are battling your way through to reach a goal, which is logically unachievable. 

Take a minute and see if your circumstances resonate with the dream events. 

Do you secretly think you are chasing an unrealistic goal? If yes, your higher self encourages you to make a couple of changes in your goals and how you approach them. 

From the romantic point of view, seeing yourself driving through a storm stands for a fear of change. 

17. Dreaming about taking cover during a storm

The spectacle is a reflection of your patience. You are a person who manages to stay calm and composed during unsettling moments. 

18. Taking shelter from a storm in a dream

Based on the plot, you are escaping a similarly unpleasant situation in the waking world.

19. A dream about finding a shelter during a storm

Managing to find shelter during a turbulent storm implies you will need to be patient if you want to get over a problem in the waking world. 

The issue, in question, will likely be something you can neither control nor resolve. So, you will have to step aside and let time take care of it. 

20. Dreaming about a storm destroying the environment but leaving you unscathed

Such a scenario arising in your dream is indicative of your great leadership qualities. 

21. Dreaming about getting carried away by a storm

Having yourself carried away by a storm reflects your lack of individuality in the waking world. 

You hardly come up with your own opinions whenever a problem arises. Instead, you listen to others and conclude based on their inputs. 

22. Seeing someone getting carried away by a storm in a dream

Before moving on to the dream interpretation, let us ask you a question.

What do you do when you see someone in trouble? For an accurate dream meaning, you need to be completely honest with your answer. 

From the looks of the dream, you often hold yourself back from helping other people. Chances are, you have been behaving that way because you are not mature enough.

However, your subconscious wants you to help others if it is something within your means. 

Be it a friend, acquaintance, or stranger on the street, you must not hesitate to offer help to those who might be in dire need of assistance. 

Remind yourself that karma does not spare anyone. Today, you can be the one helping, and tomorrow it can be you seeking help from someone.

The future is unpredictable, and so are our situations. Just because we are doing well today doesn’t mean our future is secure. Anything can happen to us anytime!

23. A dream about being trapped in a storm

Dreaming about being trapped in a storm symbolizes emotional instability. 

Another possibility is that you are caught in a vicious cycle where you find yourself going around the same troublesome issues, however hard you try to break free from them. 

Regardless of which direction your dream goes, your subconscious suggests you find out the root cause of your anguish instead of striking back blindfolded.

24. A dream of being trapped by a storm in a sea or land

Dreaming about being trapped in a storm indicates you would successfully overcome trivial issues that arise around the time you see the spectacle. 

Instead of letting the obstacles demotivate and bog you down, the dream advises you to turn your disadvantages into opportunities. 

25. Dreaming that your loved ones are trapped in a storm

Based on the plot, your loved ones are self-reliant and do not easily seek help from others. 

As unpredictable as life is, when you find them entangled in any trouble, you should not let your emotions get the better of you.

Through the dream, your higher self tells you not to overreact and not to panic as your people will take care of their problems dexterously in their own ways. 

However, you can be of help to them by rooting for them in whatever decision they make.

26. Caught in the center of a storm in a dream

Having a dream about being caught in the center of a storm indicates you are going through a turbulent period in your waking life. 

On the other hand, it can stand for your fear of failure. 

27. Dreaming about someone being caught in a storm

If you dreamed about seeing someone caught in a storm, such a dream might signify the pain and suffering that person is going through.

That leads to the question, “Who do you think is having a hard time in reality?” 

Either it can be the person that appeared in your dream or another individual who has some similarities with the person you saw. 

Furthermore, the dream denotes you are possibly the one who can help him or her resolve the matter. 

28. Dreaming about being in the eye of the storm 

Having a dream about being in the eye of a storm indicates you feel intensely passionate about someone or something.

To such an extent that you need to get a hold of yourself, see things realistically, and make rational decisions. 

29. A dream of being at the epicenter of a storm while feeling relaxed and comfortable

To begin with, the dream scenario hints at a potential conflict between your family members, friends, or colleagues. 

Since you dreamed of seeing yourself at the epicenter, it means the conflict will take place in your immediate surroundings, if it does happen. Your comfortable state during the plot shows you would not take sides and get involved in the issue. 

Instead, you would stand by and simply watch or step forward to be the mediator. According to the plot, you have the means and the ability to help the opposing parties come to a reconciliation. 

Nonetheless, the dream advises you not to be hasty and butt in with your opinions without assessing the situation carefully. Otherwise, your words may backfire and drag you into the middle of an ugly situation. 

30. To dream about suffering damage because of a storm

The road ahead will definitely not be easy if you see the above scenario in your dream. You will come across numerous pitfalls to achieve the goals you have set your eyes on. 

Likely, those situations will help you prove yourselves to the world. But remember, you need to be a lot more patient, determined, and persevering to realize your dream goals. 

31. Dreaming about getting hurt during a storm

Having a dream about getting hurt during a storm is your subconscious’s way of telling you not to regard every unpleasant past event as tragic.

On the flip side, you should learn to accept them as inevitable and consider them life lessons. Use them to your advantage. Instead of regretting and blaming yourself or others, learn from past mistakes! 

Adopting such a mindset will help you avoid similar blunders, and more importantly, your positive outlook will help you appreciate life.  

32. Dreaming about a loved one getting hurt during a storm

Have you neglected your loved ones recently because of your hectic schedule and personal problems?

If your answer is yes, the dream tells you to check into them from time to time. Ask them how they feel, enquire about their health and welfare and let them know that you got their back. 

Reassure them that you still care for them, though life pressures create a distance between you and them from time to time. Let them know that you are just a call away!

And have them open up to you about their life and goings-on.

33. To dream of a storm that left many victims behind

It is indeed an ill omen to dream of a storm that left many victims behind. The victims may represent the failing health of your family members or friends. 

The least you can do during such hard times is to adopt a positive mindset, maintain your composure, and be of strength to your dear ones. 

34. Dreaming about helping others during a storm

Generally, a dream of helping others during a storm symbolizes your inner strength and resilience. 

Your specific actions during the dream will help you get a more accurate meaning of your dream. For example, helping others by keeping them warm may mean you have the ability to stay optimistic during the hardest of times. 

35. Dreaming about saving yourself from a storm

Having a dream about saving yourself from the phenomenon indicates wish fulfillment. Possibly in the coming days, weeks, or months, you will achieve something you’ve always pined for. 

36. A dream about saving other people from a storm

According to the plot, you will be able to overcome obstacles. 

37. To dream of people vanishing in a storm

Sometimes, you may encounter dreams where a storm sucks in and swallows people up. And those types of plots indicate nothing good. 

The dream implies an impending danger that might befall one of your close ones. It’s best to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the worst. 

In the meantime, while you still can, reach out to your loved ones, catch up with each other, and let them feel loved! Destiny can be ruthless, and you never know who’s about to leave you behind. 

38. A dream about people dying in a storm

It is an ill omen to see people dying in a dream. A close friend or relative might fall seriously ill and pass away soon. 

39. Dreaming of a loved one dying in a storm

Chances are, one of your dear ones is not in the best of health at the moment. 

And the dream emphasizes the need to stay positive for his or her sake as well as yours.

40. Dreaming about a storm destroying a place

The plot looks devastating indeed, but the meaning is quite the opposite. According to the dream, you already have or will soon overcome the obstacles which have hampered your progress. 

However, not every dream expert has the same opinion. Other schools of dreams believe the dream vision of a storm destroying a place is a sign of something horrendous making its way towards you. 

According to them, it is the result of a mistake you committed sometime in the past. Therefore, trying to run away from it will neither eliminate nor lessen the intensity of the matter.

That means you are left with only one option – to face it!

Most likely, it will take a toll on your life, but you must remind yourself not to surrender to your problems. 

Just like every other issue that tests you, resolving that particular matter will take you closer to your goals. And giving in to that issue will mean quitting the future you have built in your mind’s eye.

41. A storm destroying your house in a dream

Having a dream about your house getting destroyed by a storm symbolizes problems in your waking life. Possibly, you are left to deal with them all alone with no help from anyone. 

The dream may have different meanings depending on your financial status. If you are struggling financially, the scenario is a harbinger of an unexpected source of income.

On the contrary, the plot implies extreme loss if you are filthy rich. 

42. Dreaming about waiting for a storm to pass

According to the plot, you are in a difficult situation. There’s something you need to confess to someone. It can either be a piece of unpleasant news about yourself or someone else. 

But you can’t bring yourself to do so because you are absolutely sure that the person you wish to confess to will create a scene. Without a doubt, you are reluctant to break the news to him or her. 

But deep down, you know that it’s not something you can skip and that you would have to do it sooner or later.

43. Running away from a storm in a dream

More often than not, dreaming of running away from the natural phenomenon denotes you are running away from problems and chaotic situations in your waking life. 

From another perspective, the plot is a sign that you are seeking to figure out who you really are, what your calling is, what your soul yearns for, and what gives you genuine happiness. 

44. Dreaming about hiding from a storm

To dream of hiding from a storm means you are running away from your real-life problems. The dream wants you to know that fleeing won’t be of any help as you would need to face them – sooner or later!

Since your problems will fall on you and no one else, however hard you try to escape, your subconscious wants you to face them with courage.

Alternatively, dreaming about hiding from a storm indicates you are trying to conceal something. Whatever it is, your subconscious urges you to come clean if you believe the matter is serious enough!

Anyway, nothing can be left hidden in this world. And if it is bound to go out in the open someday, why create an issue and hurt everyone involved? 

45. Surviving a storm in a dream

Basically, there’s a possibility that you’ve been through a lot in the recent past. Your professional life might have been in shambles for some time now.

And to add to that, your relationships might have been stormy too.

Speaking of which, the dream says all those will soon become a thing of the past. Just like you survive the storm in the dream, you will successfully overcome trivial as well as major setbacks that have, so far, prevented you from moving ahead. 

46. A dream about observing the damage left by a storm

This is a fairly good sign. You have managed to get over one of the most miserable phases of your life. 

No doubt, the challenging period that passed by did leave negative impacts on your overall life, but you know, the worst is over. 

47. To dream of repairing the damage created by a storm

These types of dreams are often experienced by business people before either launching or expanding their ventures. 

The plot symbolizes a demanding task or project that stands right before your eyes. And accomplishing that will take you a step closer to your dream goals. 

48. Dreaming about chasing a storm

To dream of chasing a storm may mean someone in your circle is trying to have control over you through influences.  

49. A dream about standing on the seashore during a terrible storm

Seeing yourself standing along the shores during a violent storm stands for your current hardships. 

It would be worthwhile to dig deeper into the dream for other clues. Perhaps the plot hints at a certain something to help you get out of your misery. 

50. To dream of a lighthouse in the middle of a storm

The bad news is that the image foretells a period of grief. And the good news is, it won’t last very long, fortunately. 

On the other hand, other dream experts believe the spectacle is a sign of deteriorating health. Here, the dream may be referring to your health or a close one’s. 

51. A dream about seeing a storm inside your house

The dream scenario suggests a tumultuous event happening in your household soon. 

52. Dreaming about a storm outside your window

Chances are, you will soon get involved in a quarrel that has little or nothing to do with you. 

53. To dream of a storm taking place on a road

The above scenario symbolizes the end of a life phase and the beginning of a new one. 

54. A dream about a storm at the beach

If you happen to see a storm occurring at a beach in a dream plot, it is a sign of potential conflicts and arguments in your domestic environment. 

55. To dream of a storm at sea

Usually, a storm at sea forewarns you of family feuds and problems that will affect you emotionally. 

If the seawater is muddy, you must be extremely careful with your words and actions. One slight mistake, and you will possibly be subjected to humiliation and defamation. 

56. A dream about a storm and high waves

Storm and high waves in a single dream plot are exceptionally good signs, especially concerning your business. Likely profits will soar heights in a way you have never seen before. 

57. A storm at an ocean in a dream

Having a dream about a storm at an ocean is likely if you are dead worried about something related to your dear ones. 

58. Dreaming of a storm on the lake

To dream of a gushing storm on a lake means you are likely to break off a relationship with a close one. 

It can happen in any sphere of life – romantic, professional, or the dream may mean cutting off ties with a family member. 

59. Dreaming about a ship sinking in a storm

A dream of a ship sinking during a storm warns you of forthcoming unpleasant situations that have the potential to knock off your plans and dream goals. 

This is possibly one of the worst dreams anyone can encounter in his or her lifetime. Because the aftermath would be irreversible or extremely hard to recover from.

60. Dreaming of being on a wrecked ship during a storm

To dream of being on a wrecked ship during a turbulent storm is a reflection of problems in your personal life. 

61. Dreaming about a moving storm on land

In a broad sense, a dream wherein you see a moving storm on land implies you are making progress. 

62. Dreaming of a storm moving quickly

It is a good sign to dream of a fast-moving storm. The plot says you are determined to achieve a particular goal and are working to achieve it each day. 

63. Dreaming of a storm moving across the land

Dreaming of a storm moving across the land indicates you are on the right track to realize your dream goals. 

64. A dream about storm and flood

Having a dream about a storm and a flood is a harbinger of difficult times ahead. Whatever you go through and however complex your problems are, your dream wants you to remember that life is a wheel. 

Somedays, you believe you are the happiest person in the world, and on other days you feel none can be as pathetic as you. 

So, when the problems hit you, do not let them put you down. Instead, figure out what causes the problems, how you could have prevented them, and how you can resolve them.

Just like any other problem, those too shall pass!

65. Dreaming about dispersing storm and tornado

In a dream, if you see a storm and a tornado dispersing, it is a sign that you will receive praise from your colleagues and superiors at work. 

66. Dreaming of seeing the sun behind the storm clouds

Dreaming of seeing the sun behind storm clouds is a sign of balance.

67. A dream of seeing storm clouds covering sun rays

The scenario signifies the need to pay more attention to your emotional state. 

In the same dream plot, if the sun rays manage to come through the gray clouds, the scenario hints at a strong desire to fulfill your goals. 

68. Storm clouds and rain in a dream

Having a dream about storm clouds and rain suggests work-related problems. 

Alternatively, a dream wherein you see both storm clouds and rain simultaneously portends a major event that will have a huge impact on not only you but your near ones as well.

Whatever it is, the forthcoming event will definitely be challenging, and you would need to invest every ounce of your energy to make it successful. 

Your dream advises you to reach out for support if necessary. 

Such a dream can also mean a new relationship – personal or professional is in the cards.

Yet another meaning of the dream is that you would be entrusted with a complicated issue. And you would need to analyze the matter from thousands of perspectives before you take a single step. Otherwise, the ill consequences will be enough to crush you.

69. Dreaming of flying storm clouds

In the dream world, flying storm clouds symbolize leadership. 

Sometimes, such a dream has a negative connotation, implying force and pressure. 

70. Red storm clouds in a dream

While it symbolizes passion for some, red storm clouds can signify anger for other people. 

71. Seeing abnormally-shaped storm clouds in a dream

Dreaming of unusually shaped storm clouds emphasizes the need to focus and stay loyal to your goals without straying off.  

At other times, such a spectacle can be a sign of inner conflict. 

72. Struggling to get out of a storm in a dream

According to the plot, you are refusing to accept life’s challenges. 

Here, your subconscious wants you to question yourself if that is the right thing to do. Challenges are vital elements of your life.

Without their presence, you will not be able to savor the sweet taste of success, and they are what makes life worth living. 

73. Dreaming about the end of a storm

In the dream world, the end of a storm symbolizes rebirth. Most likely, a phase of your life has just ended.

The natural phenomenon in your dream suggests it has been one of the most challenging and chaotic periods you have ever encountered. 

Despite the tough times you have been through, the dream shows you have finally made your way out of it.

74. Dreaming of a storm that left you shaken

In case you dream of a storm that left you literally shaken, the scenario suggests you stay objective to complicated matters. 

From another perspective, the scenario stands for a happy social gathering, likely to celebrate something good. 

75. Dreaming about welcoming a storm with open arms

Dreaming of welcoming a storm with open arms shows you are prepared for the tough times ahead.

76. To dream of rejoicing in the storm

To begin with, these types of dreams mostly appear in the sleep states of people who have a good number of ill-wishers.

Does that resonate? Do you believe you have more haters than supporters in reality? 

Even if you do, you need not worry as your dream here brings you pleasant tidings. According to the plot, you will be able to win over your haters. 

Whatever they have been plotting will work in your favor, and you will have the last laugh!

77. A dream of more than one storm

A dream wherein you see more than one storm in a single dream plot is a sign of rapid changes that will take place in your life very soon. 

Storm Dream Meaning: Different Types

78. Thunderstorms in a dream

If you see a thunderstorm in a dream, there’s a high possibility that you would clash with a friend, family member, or a close colleague regarding a matter. 

Through the dream, your higher self warns you against losing your calm and composure. Because the moment you do, everything is close to over. You’ll hurt your loved ones against your wishes. 

So, to avoid the worst, you need to figure out if you have repressed anger towards a dear one.

And if you do, think of how you should communicate your feelings and opinions to him or her before your emotions give you away, sabotaging your relationships. 

Other dream experts agree that a thunderstorm in a dream plot is most probably your subconscious trying to bring your attention to something you have overlooked or ignored. 

79. Dreaming about a firestorm

According to the plot, you are guarding a dark secret with all your might. It can be about you or someone else. Though you intend to take it to your grave, the weight of it makes you extremely restless.

Moreover, the fear of it getting revealed constantly makes you anxious and fearful of the future. 

Since ‘that one secret’ is taking a toll and wreaking havoc in your mind, your dream wants you to consider opening up and sharing it with someone you trust. 

You will feel much better and may even regret not communicating it sooner!

The scenario can also be interpreted from another perspective. Generally, fire is a symbol of rage, which when out of control, can hurt people and destroy relationships.

Therefore, your dream hints at your anger and hatred towards someone or something. 

From the romantic point of view, a firestorm signifies love and passion. 

80. A sandstorm in a dream

Having a dream of a sandstorm implies your life has become too monotonous. 

Sandstorm in dreams also means you are too engrossed in your own matters that you have no time to check into your close ones. 

From another point of view, these dreams are likely to appear if you have failed to look at a situation or a problem realistically. 

According to the latter interpretation, you have lost touch with reality concerning a matter, perhaps due to fear, pressure, or overwhelmed feelings.

That being the case, try talking to people you trust to gain insights into a different opinion. Perhaps a change of perspective is all you need to resolve it. 

Negatively, sandstorms in the dream world show your refusal to accept a truth regarding something, although you are consciously and subconsciously aware of it. 

Sometimes a sandstorm can be symbolic of a massive inheritance coming into your hands. 

81. A dream about snowstorm

Usually, a dream about a snowstorm is associated with transformations coming your way. 

It can also mean you are in a quest to start a new journey in life. 

82. Dreaming of getting into a snowstorm

Getting into a snowstorm in a dream signifies disappointment, devastation, and ruined hopes. 

83. To dream of a snowstorm that subsided

Having a dream that a snowstorm subsided emphasizes your potential to fight back challenges.

84. A dream about ice storms

Generally, ice storms in a dream reflect your apprehension about a situation or an event that will possibly change you and your life. 

85. A dream about rainstorm 

Let us ask you a question here,

Are you much of an open book? Do you sometimes feel you are exposing too much about yourself?

If your answers to the above questions are YES, your dream warns you against sharing information about yourself that is not necessary for others to know.

It’s best to move with caution because you never know who will use your weaknesses against you.

86. A dream about walking through a terrible rainstorm

Having a dream about walking in a terrible rainstorm is a sign that you need to proceed with caution.

Be it the words you use, behavior, or attitude – you would need to be super careful otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before you fall. 

87. Dreaming of a windstorm/ A dream about dust storm

Windstorms or dust storms in a dream are a sign that you often get haunted by negative thoughts. 

When in trouble, instead of analyzing the situation with a clear mind, you tend to think of the negatives and how they impact you, further worsening the problem. 

Since the wind that accompanies a storm symbolizes aggression, dreaming of a wind storm or a dust storm hints at an impending problem or a situation that would be quite ruthless in nature. 

88. Dreaming of a windstorm or dust storms without rain

According to the scenario, you have denied your genuine feelings about someone or something. 

89. Hail Storms in dreams

In the dream world, hailstorms symbolized unresolved misery and distress.

Having a dream about a hailstorm can also mean you have done something against the wishes of others.

Though you did it for the betterment of yourself and others, it turned out to be a foolish mistake on your part. As you get constantly criticized, you can’t help but regret your actions. 

90. Hurricane storm in dreams

Dreaming of a hurricane storm means something you have kept concealed brings you pain. 

For example, let’s assume you got a divorce because you screwed up the relationship. By the time you get back to your senses, your partner has moved on, got remarried, and now considers you merely as a friend. 

Now, the turn of events will not allow you to go and ask for a reunion. Despite your longings to get back with your ex-partner, you would need to act indifferent to his or her new relationship. 

You would need to put on a fake smile and show the world that you are okay when you are actually in pain!

That is just an example. If you are going through something similar – a situation that cannot be reversed or undone, your subconscious wants you to change the way you feel about the matter. 

At the end of the day, it’s no use crying over spilled milk! 

91. Dreaming of a tsunami storm

The scenario is a reflection of your worry about the problems and conflicts you are presently undergoing.

92. Dreaming about a lightning storm

In the dream world, a lightning storm symbolizes major changes. Things are finally looking great for you, and the future looks promising. 

Nevertheless, make sure you keep an eye out for opportunities. They can be your golden ticket to a brighter future. 

Alternatively, a dream about a storm accompanied by a flash portends you will gain insight into something surprising. Maybe you will learn something unexpected about your partner or a close friend.

93. Dreaming of a storm with no effects

When you dream of a storm without any impact on yourself, your people, or the environment, the plot implies you need to be indifferent concerning several life situations. 

Yes, we should be understanding, and empathy is a virtue. But that is not to say we must intervene in every single matter that happens in or around our surroundings.

Some things turned out to be a thousand times better when left alone. 

So, the dream advises you from interceding into matters, especially those that can cause turmoil in your mental state. 

94. Dreaming of a mild storm

Mild storms in the dream world are indicative of trivial issues that will have little or no negative impact on your life. 

95. To dream about a terrible storm

If you dreamed about a raging storm, it might indicate your repressed anger. 

Alternatively, it may mean something has triggered you to release your pent-up negative emotions, creating unpleasantness in and around your social circle. 

However, other dream analysts agree that a terrible storm in a dream suggests self-doubt and a lack of confidence.

96. Seeing a beautiful storm in a dream

Though unusual, you may sometimes dream of a storm you find absolutely breathtaking in the dream. Such scenarios denote a new relationship – either personal or professional is on the horizon.

97. Dreaming of an extremely strong storm

You are most likely to suffer financial losses if you aren’t careful with your business dealings. 

98. A small storm in a dream

A small storm in a dream is definitely a good sign. To begin with, the plot indicates you have made the right decisions and are well on your path towards victory. 

Furthermore, your subconscious encourages you to carry on in the same manner without letting anything or anyone tempt you to go off track. 

99. A dream of a storm with big waves

Your subconscious warns you to be careful with your words if you see the above spectacle in your dream. There’s a good chance that you’ll get into an argument that could lead to a major quarrel with your relatives. 

100. Dreaming of a storm with stones

A scenario wherein you see a storm with stones flying about portends an unpleasant interaction with someone in the waking world. 

101. Dreaming of a storm and blood

In all likelihood, an unpleasant piece of news concerning one of your near ones will soon reach you. 

Storm Dreams: Different Dreamers

102. A single woman dreaming about a storm

A storm in the dreams of a single woman stands for an independent life even after marriage. For a young lady, the scenario can be a sign of a brewing passionate romance. 

103. A single person dreaming of driving through a storm

Based on the plot, you are still too attached to the past that you can’t get yourself to let go of the memories, feelings, and emotions.

104. A dream of driving through a storm for someone who is in a relationship

The dream says you are still not clear about your feelings and sincerity towards your partner despite being in a relationship. You are yet to figure out where you exactly stand. 

To add to that, your love for that person is also a question! You aren’t sure if you are really in love with that person or you just think you do. 

According to the dream, you wish to figure out if your affections for that person are genuine, but at the same time, you are afraid that you would make a mistake and end up hurting him or her. 

105. A married woman dreaming about an approaching storm 

If a married woman sees a storm approaching in her dream, the scenario implies she will have a harmonious relationship with her husband and children. 

106. A married person dreaming about being on a wrecked ship during a storm

The dream hints at the potential betrayal by your partner if you are a married individual. 

107. Storms in the dreams of a pregnant woman

A pregnant woman seeing a storm when the due date is right around the corner portends a complicated delivery. 

108. Virgin dreaming of a storm

In case a female virgin dreams of a storm, the scenario indicates she will cross paths with her significant other pretty soon. 

109. A storm in the dreams of an unmarried man

Based on the plot, he will marry a woman from a respectable family. 

110. A storm in the dreams of a businessman

The plot signifies massive profit in the foreseeable future. 

111. A patient dreaming of a storm

If a patient dreams of a storm, it means he or she will recover soon. 

Storm Dream Meaning: 5 Dream Examples

1. A woman dreamed of a storm.

In waking life, the woman’s father just passed away, and she was worried about how she would manage her life and finances. 

2. In a dream, a woman believed she and her new boyfriend should survive the storm that was happening. 

In waking life, the woman felt it necessary for her and her boyfriend to stay committed to each other regardless of what comes up between them. 

3. A woman dreamed of being in the middle of a violent storm. 

Turns out, the woman was several months into her pregnancy. The violent storm is a reflection of the huge fight she had with her husband. 

Dreaming of seeing herself caught in the middle of the storm may signify the strong emotions she felt during the dispute.

4. A man saw a storm developing in his dream.

In waking life, he was under great stress and anxiety thinking about the day his pregnant wife would go into labor.

5. A man dreamed of a bright sunny day that suddenly turned into a tumultuous storm.

In waking life, the man had retired and was carrying on with his life pleasantly, doing the things he had always wanted to. 

All of a sudden, he became seriously ill, and the medical expenses dug a hole in his pocket. 

Possible Reasons Why You Dream Of Storms

From a broad perspective, there are thousands of possible reasons why a storm happened in your dream.

But since it will probably take you forever to interpret your dream taking into account those myriads of possibilities, we have filtered the most common reasons why the natural phenomenon showed up in your dream. 

  1. You have directly encountered or have watched/ read/ heard about a storm recently. Should that be the case, leave the dream as it is and dig no further. Probably it carries no significant meaning. 
  2. Presently, you are undergoing a difficult phase of life. This can happen in the physical, emotional, mental, financial, or social aspects of your life. 
  3. Contrary to the last point, dreaming of a storm implies your bad days have just ended. 
  4. You are subconsciously aware that something unpleasant, a huge fight or dispute between your loved ones, for instance, is about to happen anytime soon. 
  5. A near relation or an object/ situation you held dear is of serious threat to you. 
  6. Sometimes, a storm in a dream denotes you need to be extremely patient in your waking life. 
  7. You will be able to get past trivial issues that have put your plans on hold.
  8. Such a spectacle may also mean you are running away from the responsibilities and challenges of life. 
  9. The health conditions of one or some of your near ones are not as good as you believe. 
  10. Some storm dreams indicate you are exactly on the right track in life. You know what you want to achieve, and each of your actions contributes to the realization of your goals. 
  11. It can also mean you are resilient because a storm is usually a symbol of endurance and inner strength in the dream world.

Ask These Questions If You See A Storm In Your Dream

Dream interpretations can often get overwhelming with hundreds of symbols/ details and thousands of possibilities.

To help you understand your dream better without getting bogged down, try asking the below questions to yourself before you sit down for the interpretation. 

The answers to the questions will not only narrow down the possible reasons but will also help you obtain the accurate meaning much faster. 

  1. In the waking world, what does a storm mean to you? Do you get restless and anxious whenever a natural phenomenon strikes your area, or does it not bother you much?
  2. Where exactly did the storm happen in your dream? Be very precise. Lots of dreamers have even encountered a turbulent storm inside their own rooms.
  3. Which type of storm was it – rainstorm, wind storm, firestorm, sand storm, etc.?
  4. Did you get hurt or affected because of it? Or did it affect any of your friends or family members?
  5. Was anyone other than you present in the dream? Can you recall if anyone died in the scenario?
  6. Do you have any repressed feelings or emotions? Perhaps you are concealing your heartache while pretending to be strong?
  7. Do you believe a conflict in your immediate surroundings is on the horizon?
  8. Are you running away from your problems or responsibilities?
  9. Have you been unintentionally neglecting your family and friends?
  10. Do you think you have set a goal that is, logically speaking, quite unrealistic?
  11. How did you feel in the dream? Note each of the emotions you underwent – both positive and negative.

Wrap Up

That brings you to the close of our article on dreams about storms. The heads and subheads covered in the post should extensively give you insight into storm dreams and help you unravel your dream plot. 

However, if you ever failed to conclude because of reasons unique to you, do not give up yet. Instead, delve deep into your real-life circumstances. And then go back to your dream events once again and see if anything stands out. 

If you are sincere and earnest in your approach, you will surely be able to get to the bottom of your dream because as you are probably aware, every single dream scenario happens for a reason!