What It Means to Dream about War?

Dream about war ships appearing

You might be missing your partner.

Dream about getting ready to go to war

It depicts your inner fears for some unknown reason.

 Dream about fighting in a war

You must start paying attention to your health.

Dream about winning the war

You will have ample success in the coming future.

Dream of being injured in a war

Someone you trust might deceive you.

Dreams about Nuclear war

You are going to break someone’s trust in your real-life situation.

Dreams of bombs in the war

You are bottling up explosive feelings within you.

Dream about being killed in the war

It reflects on your disturbed past.

reams about fighting as a soldier in a war

You might face some health issues, and you need to take care of your overall well-being.

War dreams can represent several things. Right from suppressed rage, physical abuse to conflict in real life, it is symbolic of so many different things.