Many psychologists and spiritual speakers have suggested that dreams about wars are a result of unresolved conflict in your life. 

They also symbolize troubles, anxiety, stress, struggles, and instability. It can also suggest suppressed emotions and thoughts that are about to explode.

So, let’s know more about these dreams here!

Dream about War - Various Scenarios and Their Meanings
Dream about War – Various Scenarios and Their Meanings

What Do War Dreams Imply?

The dream of war implies many things like abuse, conflict, anxiety, rage, struggle and so on. It can mean many more such things, so let’s find them here!

  • Physical abuse: You probably have experienced a lot of physical abuse in the past. The person who is against you in the war has an unfavorable influence on your life, so avoid exposing yourself to them.
  • Conflict: You may face conflict related to general ideas, opinions, thoughts, and so on. You can also enter into conflict either with your relatives, friends, or colleagues.
  • Anxiety: At times, lives throw very difficult choices at us. This leads us to a phase of confusion and dilemma which triggers stress and anxiety. So may be the case with you.
  • Repressed rage: You have storming anger suppressed within yourself and you probably find it difficult to channelize this anger and release it in an incorrect direction. 
  • Struggles: A war in your dream can also represent struggle in your personal life, professional life, relationships, aspirations, finances, and so on.
  • Inner fears: You want to share your deepest fears with someone but you don’t feel comfortable speaking about it.
  • No control over your emotions: It shows you get easily agitated at things or you fail to control your temper. You don’t think enough before expressing your rage, you rather give impulsive responses to others which creates further problems.

Biblical Meaning of Dreams about War

The dream holds a divine message that can guide you in your waking life. It can be understood only after analyzing certain conditions of the dream. 

Common War Dream Scenarios & Meanings

Dreams about wars can be interpreted correctly if you remember the conditions that prevailed in the dream alongside the war.

So, come on, go through them all!

Seeing war in dream meaning

You might be scared of something in your waking life. You must share this with trustworthy people around you and seek help.

It also suggests that you can’t take responsibility because of lower self-confidence and personal insecurities.

Declaring a war

You’ll be a part of an important meeting and you need to prepare yourself for the same. Stay positive and keep progressing, the dream does not have any negative alerts.

Fighting in a war

You must start paying attention to your health. Your health is the biggest asset, and you must devote time to it. If not, you are bound to face some really bad consequences.

Being in a war without weapons

It means that you will be stopped by many small obstacles on the way to your desired goals. You must take a break and start working with focus and concentration for your dreams.

Escaping from the war

It indicates that you need an escape from your day-to-day struggles. Take a break from all the chaos around you and take some time to find solutions to your problems.

Sending someone in the war

It indicates that you may end up having a dispute with the person you sent in the war. Make sure that you choose your words wisely while talking to this person. Because you don’t want to hurt them intentionally or unintentionally.

Bombs in the war

It indicates you are bottling up explosive feelings within you. You are full of negative emotions, negative feelings, negative vibes, negative opinions, and it is getting difficult for you to tackle the situation further.

Dreams of War Based on Different Kinds of War

  • World War: You’ll witness some huge transformations in your waking life. Keep yourself ready to adjust according to the arising situations.
  • Nuclear war: You’ll break someone’s trust in your real-life situation. Or, you’ve cheated on your partner and now you are regretting the past mistakes. 
  • Civil war: You might enter into an unhealthy environment filled with conflicts and arguments. So, you might experience chaos within your family or work unit, and you’ll also be forced to choose a side.
  • Race war: It points out the opinions and partial belief system that has gone deep inside your mind. The belief system is going to have a dramatic impact on your future life.
  • Medieval war: The dream is a warning to suggest that you have already entered into a health situation that is difficult to sustain.
  • Tug of war: It simply means that your mind is clouded with conflicting thoughts.
  • Science fiction war: Youngsters have this dream due to the impressions of war films and video games on them. It also asks them to calm their nerves and develop patience.
  • Atomic or post-atomic war: It shows you’re scared of what the future holds for you or you can’t accept what reality brings to you.

Other Dreams of War 

Being forced to join a war

It predicts a compromising situation like a struggle or dispute that is about to arrive in your life. It will multiply your stress and anxiety, but you must gather courage and face everything with positivity and confidence.

Actively taking part in a war

The dream is a representation of aggression and pent-up rage within you. You have conflicting opinions and ideas about your dreams and aspirations. This dilemma is getting on your nerves.

Running away from a war

It denotes that you are seeking temporary relief from the problems of your life. Instead, try to solve the matters with a detailed understanding of the crux.

This helps you find a permanent cure to the problems.

Constant wars

These dreams signify that your constant struggles in day-to-day life need to be tamed as soon as possible.

Dream of shooting gang war

The dream tries to make you aware of the significant changes that are knocking at your door. You must adapt according to the needs of the situation. 

War vehicles

  • Warhorse: It reflects your aggression, rock heart, stiff sides. These behaviors are common but you must know how to control and deal with them.
  • Warplanes: It indicates that your actions and tactics need to be more rapid. You must foresee your upcoming challenges and act accordingly.
  • War tanks: It shows your ability as a defense mechanism against the adversities of life. You might be going through a lot of troubles, but nothing can stop you.
  • War ships: You might be missing your partner or feeling nostalgic. Or, you might have a dispute between you and your partner which will separate the both of you.

Dreaming of Wars depending on your Age

  • If you’re young, it indicates upcoming disputes with your close ones or educators but try to stay away from all kinds of conflicts. 
  • If you’re an older person, it symbolizes the death of a loved one. Or, it’s a parting due to residency change or nasty fight.

Consequences of war

  • Being defeated in the war: You’ll soon realize that your chosen partner does not deserve you. He or she may have many unacceptable qualities that are going to disturb you.
  • Being injured in a war: It suggests that someone you trust might deceive you. But before being judgmental and making a harsh decision, try to analyze the situation. 
  • Being killed in the war: This shows that a bad past experience still has its claws clung to you and you may feel imbalanced.You must get rid of all such thoughts and devote some time to self-love.
  • Winning a war: It indicates an end to a prolonged struggle or a dispute that you might have had. Consider your long-term objectives and where you stand at the moment.

A word from ThePleasantDream

If you get war dreams once or twice during a particular span of time is fine. Follow the interpretations to fix the deeper issues.

But if you see repeated dreams about war, and feel uncomfortable about it, it’s best to visit a mental therapist. This will help you understand the exact cause behind the depressing dreams, and probably cure them.