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Dreams About Wars Don’t Always Mean Negative. Here’s What It Really Means!

Dreams About Wars Don’t Always Mean Negative. Here’s What It Really Means!

Updated on Sep 12, 2022 | Published on Nov 09, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream about War - 60 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Dreams about war represent conflicts… for obvious reasons! Wars separate loved ones and families, cause tremendous damage to nature as well as human lives, and leave a country in rags.

Dreaming about war symbolizes troubles, anxiety, stress, struggles, and instability. It can also suggest suppressed emotions and thoughts that are about to explode.

But you can never say for certain, especially if you don’t remember the details of your dreams. So before we dive deep with the types, let’s first find out the general interpretations of war dreams.

Dream about War - 60 Scenarios and Their Meanings
Dream about War – 60 Scenarios and Their Meanings

War Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

War dreams can represent several things. Right from suppressed rage, physical abuse to conflict in real life, it is symbolic of so many different things.

The dream interpretation of wars can vary with so many factors. Right from how you were feeling in the dream to who you were having a war with, everything plays an important role in determining the real interpretation of your war dreams.

Further, different religions have different interpretations of dreams about wars. This is because of the difference in how it is perceived in the particular religion’s heritage.

Many psychologists, as well as spiritual speakers, have suggested several interpretations like dreaming about wars is a result of unresolved conflict in the ideas of the dreamer. It is the personal state of mind that lets the person dream about wars.

So, without further ado, let’s find out a few other general interpretations of dreams about wars and encircle the ones you relate to the most.

1. You are subject to physical abuse

If you have experienced a lot of physical abuse in the past, it is not a big surprise that you dreamt of War. Even psychologists have backed this dream interpretation.

The person who is against you in the war has an unfavorable influence on your life. Thus, you should avoid exposing yourself to this person as much as possible.

If you put yourself in the path of that person deliberately, you are putting your own life in danger.

2. You are facing conflict in real life

As mentioned before, one of the major reasons for dreaming about war is that you are undergoing some sort of mental conflict.

It can be related to general ideas, opinions, thoughts, and so on. You can also enter into conflict either with your relatives, friends, or colleagues.

The war that you see in the dream is nothing but a result of an unresolved issue in your real life. It is best if you attempt to seek resolve instead of suppressing such emotions.

3. You have anxiety issues

At times, lives throw very difficult choices at us. This leads us to a phase of conflicts especially if the outcome is going to be a very crucial decision.

The confusion and dilemma trigger stress and anxiety. So maybe the case with you.

Thus, the inability to come out with a clear and confident decision causes anxiety and results in dreaming about wars.

4. You have repressed rage within you

This doesn’t mean you’re a short-tempered person. You might be a sensible and patient person in your life.

But dreaming about wars also suggests that you have storming anger suppressed within yourself.

There are so many people who find it difficult to channelize this anger and release it in an incorrect direction. Now since our subconscious mind has the ability to express pent-up feelings through dreams – you see dreams about wars which represent a suppressed rage within you.

5. You are facing struggles in waking life

The struggle of life is no less than a battle, neither of our lives is less than a war field. A war in your dream can also represent the type of struggle that you are actually going through in your waking life.

The struggle can be about your personal life, professional life, relationships, aspirations, finances, and so on.

Though you are not literally fighting anyone in your waking life, the struggles can definitely appear in the form of dreams

6. It represents your inner fears

No one is born without fear. Whether it is the fear of being killed or it is the fear of a cockroach, no matter how big or how small the cause for your fear is, we still have it.

We all want to share this inner fear with someone, but most often than not, we’re not comfortable speaking about it.

Right from the fear of losing our loved ones to the fear of losing high rank in the office, these fears can manifest themselves in our dream as enemies in the war.

You will obviously want to defeat the enemies in your dream. Thus, a war dream can also represent your inner fears.

7. You fear loss of control in real life

Dreaming about wars also symbolizes that you are scared of losing control in your waking life. Perchance, you face a lot of difficulty in making your own decisions.

Further, it can also imply that you are not having a stable state of mind and the troubles are constantly rising. You feel imbalanced and engulfed by the difficulties. Thus, you fear losing control of your life amidst all the challenges and difficulties.

However, the dream also suggests that irrespective of the intensity of your troubles, you are trying to keep up with the situation without giving up.

8. You also lack control over your emotions

If you get easily agitated at things, or you fail to control your temper, it is definitely possible for you to dream of yourself at war with someone. You don’t think enough before expressing your rage, you rather give impulsive responses to others which creates further problems.

However, dreaming about wars does not just suggest that you lack control of your aggressive emotions, but it can also suggest that you are too submissive to have control over emotions. You might be too lenient and let others dominate you. You are behaving passively and lacking decisive powers.

If you continue to nurture this behavior, it will become very difficult for you to progress in life. You should rather practice control of emotions and behave passively or aggressively only when required.

9. You are not paying attention to your health

If you see a war in your dream, it is a sign that you don’t pay attention to your health. You might be ignoring health conditions and misidentifying it for minor issues. You are so engrossed in the daily errands that you hardly find time to understand your health.

This might take a serious toll on your body. You need to break the cycle of work and stress if you want to keep up with your physical as well as mental health.

Instead of forcing yourself into an unhealthy routine, you should listen to your body and mind requirements.

10. Your residing place is being threatened for a physical war

Dreaming about Wars is also related to what you are experiencing around you. If you are living in a place where a war is about to occur or there are war alerts, it is natural for you to dream of war.

The news of war has disturbed your inner peace and your subconscious is sending you images of the stressful event that is about to arrive.

In circumstances where you cannot help the outside world, you should try and have control over how you are feeling inside. Keep calm and never lose hope.

11. You are always surrounded by an unhealthy environment

You might be facing an unhealthy environment at your home or office, where people constantly keep fighting each other. Such a conflicting environment can also result in war dreams when you are asleep.

This is why children whose parents are always arguing or quarreling end up dreaming about war zones.

Even at your office, if you see people entering into regular debates, it will affect your subconscious. Your subconscious is reminding you of the environment that you live in, and it is asking you to free yourself from such an unhealthy environment as soon as possible.

12. You feel insecure about yourself

The insecurity that you feel when you are dreaming about war can also represent your real-life insecurities.

You lack the courage to take up any responsibility or big, significant tasks. It’s because you think you lack the qualities and skills to be a leader. This challenges your self-image and ego. As a result, you feel insecure about yourself.

Having said that, both you and I know that this fear is definitely not going to help you develop the skills or qualities, it is going to make you feel worse about yourself. Instead of moving ahead and achieving success, you will further lag behind.

13. You want a shoulder to cry on

If you see yourself in a vulnerable and defenseless position in the war, you are clearly going through emotional turmoil.

At times, the vulnerability overpowers, and we all seek a shoulder to cry on. This basically happens because we seek acceptance and consolation from the people we want.

It can be the same with you too. You are in a vulnerable emotional state of life. You want people to understand your feelings and accept you for who you are. Do not hesitate from sharing these feelings with your loved ones and let them support and care for you.

Great! Now you know 13 general dream interpretations about war.

However, this information is not enough to have a clear depiction of your dream. To interpret a war dream, specific factors such as your role in the war, war equipment, enemies, friends, cause of war, etc. help you derive a specific message from the dream.

To help you, I’ve compiled a list of 60 dream scenarios along with their interpretations. See if you can find a matching category for yourself!

60 Types of Dream about War and Their Meanings

Dreams about wars can be interpreted correctly if you remember the conditions that prevailed in the dream alongside the war.

Starting from every weapon that was present in the war to the type of war, every single detail and description is crucial for a vivid interpretation.

Come on!

I’m sure you must have taken note of the details already, so let’s begin our hunt with the specific interpretations:

1. Dream about war ships appearing

You might be missing your partner if you dream about warships. Dreaming about warships can also symbolize that you are feeling nostalgic. Are you traveling away from your partner? If yes, missing them is natural.

On the other hand, the dream also indicates that you might have a dispute between you and your partner which will separate the both of you.

Dreaming of a warship is not just a bad omen but it rather wants you to keep track of your relationship and sort out things before they go beyond control.

2. Dream of being called to join a war

If you dream of being called to join a war, you are being inactive in relationships. Instead of spending time with your friends and family members, you remain occupied with business or other less important tasks.

The dream is a reminder that you need to buckle up and perform well in your relationships. Spending time with your friends and family can help you do that. Further, make sure to be there beside them during times of crisis.

3. Dream of running away from a war

If you see yourself running away from a war zone it denotes that you are seeking temporary relief from the problems of your life.

You are repeatedly being chased by these problems. No matter how much you try to escape the difficult time, it will arise all over again.

Instead, try to solve the matters with a detailed understanding of the crux. This helps you find a permanent cure to the problems.

4. Dream of being forced to join a war

If you see yourself being forced to join a war it indicates a compromising situation that is about to arrive in your life. You might be nearing a struggle or dispute in your waking life.

Basically, the dream indicates that a stressful period is knocking at your door. It will multiply your stress and anxiety, but you need to gather courage and face everything with positivity and confidence.

5. Dream about actively taking part in a war

It is entirely possible for you to dream about actively taking part in a war if you are filled with a lot of negative emotions. The dream is a representation of aggression and pent-up rage within you.

You have conflicting opinions and ideas about your dreams and aspirations. This dilemma is getting on your nerves.

You must start spending time with positive people who have a clear outlook on life. They will help you get rid of the negativity and tune the direction of your life in a positive way.

6. Dreams about war and death

If you see yourself fighting a battle and eventually meeting your death in a dream, it means you are still battling your past enemies. You are being haunted by some past traumas.

Don’t worry, all you need to do is take a deep breath and a short break from your busy schedule. Besides, you must not try to escape your past, concentrate on everything that has happened in the past and meditate upon it.

Face your past and accept the way it is. Only then will you be able to live your life peacefully.

7. Dream of declaring a war

You have declared war in your dream, there is no harm in it. All it suggests is that you are going to be a part of an important meeting and you need to prepare yourself for the same.

Stay positive and keep progressing, the dream does not have any negative alerts.

8. Dream about fighting in a war

To see yourself fighting a war in your dream is an alarm for your health condition. You must start paying attention to your health.

Your health is the biggest asset, and you must devote time to it. If not, you are bound to face some really bad consequences.

9. Dream of being in a war without weapons

If you see yourself standing without weapons in a war field, it means that you will be stopped by many small obstacles on the way to your desired goals. The dream points out that you are not having good control of your life.

You must take a break and start working with focus and concentration for your dreams.

10. Dream of escaping from the war

To see that you have escaped from a war indicates that you need an escape from your day-to-day struggles. It’s time that you take a break from all the chaos around you and take some time to find solutions to your problems.

Once you have done that, all you need is enough courage to confront the issues. Remember, dealing with problems requires clean intent and a mature mind, and not an already exhausted one.

11. Dream about winning the war

If you see yourself winning a battle in a dream, it suggests a positive omen. The dream suggests that you will have ample success in the coming future. The success will not just be limited to your professional life, but it will also benefit your personal life.

This is a very favorable period for investing in a new business. You may also think of starting a new project. The future holds a lot of fresh opportunities and success for you.

12. Dream of being defeated in the war

To get defeated in a war of your dreams is not a good omen. You are soon to realize that the partner you’ve chosen for yourself does not deserve you. He or she may have many unacceptable qualities that are going to disturb you.

There can be a moment where you need to make a final decision of whether or not to continue with the relationship, it is always suggested to take up a farsighted decision instead of falling for temporary pleasure.

13. Dream of being injured in a war

If you see yourself getting injured in a war, it suggests that someone you trust might deceive you. Probably, a romantic partner is going to hurt your feelings in the future.

But before being judgmental and making a harsh decision, try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and analyze the situation. Give it a second thought and try to understand the crux of the situation.

14. Seeing war in dream meaning

If you saw yourself witnessing a war in the dream, it is a bad omen. You might be scared of something in your waking life.

Is someone blackmailing or threatening you? If yes, this is certainly going to make you anxious. You must share this with trustworthy people around you and seek help.

Apart from this, the dream can also suggest that you are unable to take responsibility because of lower self-confidence and personal insecurities.

15. Dream of sending someone in the war

To see that you send someone in the war is not a good sign. It indicates that you may end up having a dispute with the person you sent in the war.

Make sure that you choose your words wisely while talking to this person. Because you don’t want to hurt them intentionally or unintentionally.

16. Dreams about war and killing the enemy

To dream about war and killing enemies in the war indicates that you need to take some healthy measures to live a fit and happy life. You can’t be careless about your health anymore.

Switching to a healthier lifestyle will require you to change some old habits, which is no big deal if you want to live a healthy and happy life.

17. Dreams of world war

Dreaming of World War means that you are going to witness some huge transformations in your waking life.

The dream is trying to make you aware of future occurrences. Keep yourself ready to adjust according to the arising situations.

18. Dreams about Nuclear war

To dream about a Nuclear war indicates that you are going to break someone’s trust in your real-life situation. The dream can also relate to the emotional relationship that you share with your partner.

Possibly you have cheated on your partner and now you are regretting the past mistakes. It’s right to feel guilty about it but it would be better if you could move on with a positive intention of never repeating past mistakes.

19. Dreams about several wars

If you dream of several different ways it means you are surrounded by a negative atmosphere. The time is really tough on you and you are feeling stressed as well as pessimistic.

Even if you create foolproof plans, the plans might still not work out. Probably you need to try different methods to do the same task. All you need to do is to change your old behavior, old habits, and thought processes.

20. Dreams of bombs in the war

To dream of bombs in a war indicates that you are bottling up explosive feelings within you. You are full of negative emotions, negative feelings, negative vibes, negative opinions, and it is getting difficult for you to tackle the situation further.

Practice meditation religiously and take a break to go for a relaxing trip. Apart from these, you can also try other logical methods of getting rid of negativity in your life. Remember, the most important method is to stay happy in whatever you have.

21. Dreams of being afraid of the possibility of war

Dreaming of being frightened or panicky at the probability of a war upsurge, certainly signifies your fears or your feelings of losing control of your life.

You may either experience some ups and downs in your relationship with someone, or you lose some cherished bonds with close ones. There is only one thing that can help you in such a situation and it’s your own understanding.

22. Dream about getting ready to go to war

To dream about setting out for war is definitely not a good indication, it’s a hint that basically depicts your inner fears for some unknown reason.

That fear can be anything, maybe of losing someone, or something, like a person or a bond, or a precious possession of yours.

Such dreams also indicate you entering into some unhealthy environment or you might get yourself into unknown troubles.

This dream also means that you possess opposing viewpoints and ideologies against others and you are ready to fight your way to prove a point.

23. Dream about being killed in the war

Dreaming about getting killed during the war is a negative omen. This dream reflects on your disturbed past and says that you’re still not over and done with things that might have occurred formerly. This shows that your past still has its claws clung to you and you may feel imbalanced.

So, this dream basically reminds you to get rid of all such thoughts and devote some time to self-love.

24. Dream about seeing the destruction of war

To dream about witnessing the horrific devastation caused by the outcomes of war is a sign of uncovering some harsh truths about your loved ones.

You may witness some changes in their behavior that were hidden from you till now, or you may come across something which disturbs your current life. In short, it means that you may come across something that might not be so good for you.

25. Dreams about fighting as a soldier in a war

Dreams about being a soldier and fighting in a war, indicate that you might face some health issues, and you need to take care of your overall well-being or you may fall ill.

Here, the enemy for you is bad habits, an unhealthy environment, or an unsettled routine. So, you need to fight them and make sure that you don’t suffer from any life-threatening diseases.

26. Dream of commanding an army in war

To Dream of commanding an army indicates that you will make full use of the potential and facilities to accomplish your ambitions. You can go to any lengths to have success knocking at your door.

Also, you might dominate those who try to throw hurdles in your way, and you will surely eliminate your rivals and the ones who disagree from your perspective of life.

27. Dream about winning a war and obtaining victory

Dreaming of conquering a war and acquiring triumph indicates an end to a prolonged struggle or a dispute that you might have had.

This dream is a reminder for you to consider your long-term objectives and where you stand at the moment. You might be about to graduate or win a court case or you may be successful in proving your perspective right to someone.

28. Dream about getting drafted in a war

To Dream about getting drafted in a war means that you’ve lost control of your life and you are working against your own will.

You might be forced to do something that you may not find appropriate. At the same time, you cannot question the authorities and need to follow whatever is asked of you.

It can be a project, or a project organized by your company, or an assignment given to you by your school teacher.

29. Dream about being chased in the war

Dreaming about getting chased in a war is indicative of the fact that the problems that have been avoided for so long might all fall back to you together.

So, try to steer clear of such situations. You need to tackle your problems or else they’ll start following you. And you might not be able to run from them in the long term.

Remember difficult situations keep chasing one and all. It depends on you how you want to deal with it.

30. Dream of civil war

Dreams about civil war foretell that you might enter into an unhealthy environment filled with conflicts and arguments.

So, you might experience chaos within your family or work unit, and you will also be forced to choose a side that you favor more.

People around you might get aggressive at times, so you need to take wise steps ahead and calm them. And the best you can do is to avoid being a pessimist.

31. Dream of shooting gang war

Dreaming about a gang war shows chaos, a fight for survival, and tormented people firing at each other. 

The dream is an alarm, and it tries to make the dreamer aware of the significant changes that are knocking at your door.

The dream asks the dreamer to adapt himself according to the needs of the situation. This is what survival demands.

32. Dream about race war

A race war in your dream points out the opinions and partial belief system that has gone deep inside the dreamer’s mind.

The belief system is going to have a dramatic impact on your future life.

33. Dreams about war invasion

Dreaming about war invasion predicts that someone will try their level best to do everything for their family.

Be very careful while dealing with people who take advantage of opportunities, because you never know if there will be another opportunity for them. They can snatch away your valuable possessions through violent and unfair means.

34. Dreams about Medieval war

Medieval war in your dream signifies health-related issues and life struggles. Do not risk your life unnecessarily because the consequences might not be favorable.

Alternatively, the dream is a warning to suggest that you have already entered into a health situation that is difficult to sustain.

35. Dream about war zone

Dreams about war zones are symbolic of the difficult circumstances that you are facing. It can be due to your health, family, or financial conditions.

This impacts your subconscious mind, and you may dream about a war zone. It’s basically reflecting your conscious state. It can be positive or negative depending on what you see in the dream.

36. Dream of tug of war

Tug of war is a simple game where a rope is held between two people or a group of people standing at both ends and both try to pull the rope to their side.

So, when you see yourself playing this game in your dream; it simply means that your mind is clouded with conflicting thoughts.

So, if you see yourself on the winning side, it means you can succeed further with others’ help. Alternatively, if you are on the losing side, you must give a second thought to your future course of action. Be careful with your decisions and always consider advice from experts.

37. Dream of war in the sky or heaven

If you see yourself engaged in a sky or heaven war, it means you are stuck in a position or place where people around you cannot be relied upon. There’s a misunderstanding, miscommunication, dishonesty, or deceiving behavior surrounding you.

You must figure out what obstacles lie ahead of you and make sure you have a plan to overcome them. These hints are of great help, and they can save you from some worst consequences.

38. Dream of war knife

To see a war knife in your dream simply implies that dishonesty and betrayal lie around you and you can be deceived by people.

If you’re lucky enough, you will see it happen, and further, try to walk away from it. The other possibility is that you may also be unaware of the betrayal.

39. Dream of war room

A war room is basically a place where all the methods and tactics are planned to avoid any last-minute mistake. If you see a war room in your dream, it means that you have to be more careful about your decisions and tactics.

Every minute detail must be discussed only amongst trustworthy people. Always seek some reviews from your close ones. It will give you a fresh perspective.

40. Dream of post-war

If you see a period of post-war, then it means that you are still suffering from the traumas of past experiences. You are yet not healed from your past experiences. This can be a sign that your mental health will further deteriorate if you further thrive on it.  

It will be best if you take a break from your everyday life and visit a psychiatrist. Mental health is also just as important as your physical health.

Just because you are being asked to visit a psychiatrist does not mean someone is trying to call you mentally abnormal. Just like your physical health, even your mental health can go through tough times where you need to seek medical attention.

41. Dream of war prisoner

Prisoner war dreams symbolize different things. It can suggest that you are a prisoner of your thoughts, and you cannot free yourself from it.  It can also mean that you are soon victimized by a situation and can do nothing about it.

Spend some time thinking about the solutions and stop doing something you know is wrong. If the situation prevails, and you can do nothing about it, take a moment to reflect on the situation and then find your way ahead.

42. Dream of war horse

A warhorse in your dreams signifies your behavioral pattern in your day-to-day life. It reflects your aggression, rock heart, stiff sides. These behaviors are common but you must know how to control and deal with them.

If you continue to remain the same, then it will affect your personality and surroundings. So, make sure that your aggression and fierceness come out only at the right place.

43. Dream of warplane

When you dream of warplanes, it indicates that your actions and tactics need to be more rapid. You must foresee your upcoming challenges and act accordingly.

A well-thought plan can save your time and energy. As a result, you will be far more productive than you would have been otherwise. 

44. Dream of war tanks

War tanks can be a positive dream. It shows your ability as a defense mechanism against the adversities of life. You might be going through a lot of troubles, but nothing can stop you from getting what you want to achieve in life.

You are your own shield and sword. This is the biggest advantage when you are on a difficult path. You do not have to depend upon others.

45. Dream of going to war

Going to war simply means facing life situations on a first-hand basis. So, if you find yourself on the path that leads to war, it means you are up for something very important. There can be people going against your viewpoints and pointing it right on your face, but you are ready to accept it all.

You are ready to face every challenge put in front of you. Make sure your voice has some weight because at the end of it all – it will be your confidence and right attitude helping you win the battle.

46. Dream of constant wars

Dreaming of constant wars indicates that you might be letting your problems win. These dreams signify that your constant struggles in day-to-day life need to be tamed as soon as possible.

You can either try harder to take control and rise above your problems or just go with the flow to lead a peaceful life. It will be wise to accept what life brings for you and prepare yourself in order to overcome the difficulties.

47. Dream about being in a war with yourself

Dreaming about being in a war with yourself might be indicative of the fact that you are very confused. It’s natural for human beings to get confused while making important decisions.

Nothing to worry about here! Take a pen and a paper, make a priority list and it will take you no time to frame the decision.

Sometimes, this age-old method works magic to give you a peaceful sleep with a clear head at night.

48. Dream of war maneuvers

Dreaming of war maneuvers indicates that you are very conscious of the steps you’re taking in your everyday life.

Some jobs need war-like skilled maneuvers, just keep in mind that you are already capable enough for these tasks.

Just because the task is important, doesn’t mean that it will be difficult. Don’t let the fear take over. You are human and you can’t expect yourself to be perfect at all times.  

49. Dream of being caught up in a war

Dreaming of being caught up in a war might be an indication of the fact that you are stuck between the problems and disputes of people around you.

Being caught up in a war-like scenario is what makes one stronger but just be careful. Is it actually worth fighting for or not? If not, there is no point in wasting your time there.

50. Dream of a war between kings

Dreaming of a war between kings signifies that people of high importance you know are having a fight among themselves.

These people might be your seniors, mentors, teachers, or even friends. Try to handle the situation and don’t let the negative vibes harm your mental peace.

Definitely, there are going to be eyes on you as well. Your loved ones are going to seek your support and will ask you to help them. Try to keep your choices diplomatic, so that you don’t become a part of the conflict.

51. Dream of storming a castle with war

Dreaming of storming a castle with war is indicative of an aggressive plan in your mind.

The negative thoughts must have been brewing for a long time. But it’s no use keeping the plan inside you. If you think the plan is worth being executed, work on it right away.

Make sure that you hit the iron when it’s hot and don’t let your plan take control of your mental space. Time will come and you shall emerge victoriously.

52. Dream of a president during war mission

This is probably a dream that indicates how saddened, worried yet very determined you are to perform a task of great difficulty and aggression. The dream represents your dedication and perseverance during a difficult phase of life.

Keep in mind that this task might not leave you light-hearted after its completion, but some things are just inevitable. It is best to accept the natural flow of life and keep advancing.

53. Dream of killing a soldier during war

Dreaming of any type of war-based aggression might indicate that you are worried about performing a task of great importance. This task might cause harm to some of the people you know but still, you are planning to do it.

Trust yourself and do what your heart says, this will bring peace to your mind. However, if you feel you’re railing on the wrong track, stop yourself right there.

54. Dream of Gods of war

Dreaming of Gods of war is not a dream to be taken lightly.

This dream might be indicative of the fact that some high-seated authorities are making their moves and you are feeling like a puppet in front of them. If it’s a war in your life, then be it. Plan your further course of action accordingly and bring them in confidence with you.

On the other hand, the dream can also symbolize that your perseverance and courage will finally produce desired outcomes.

55. Dream of fighting a war with sword

Dreaming of fighting a war with a sword denotes that you are awaiting close combat with your difficulties or opponents.

If you are in a competitive field of work or studies, then you might be worried about your performance.

Don’t fear your obstacles and show your skills with confidence, this shall bring you relief. Most importantly, it’s life and we all learn with experiences. Nobody is a born master, hence there is no need of torturing yourself with the complexities.

56. Dream of playing war games

Playing War games in your dream can have two signs depending upon whether you win or lose the game. If you win, the dream suggests that you will meet unexpected gains and you will overcome a challenging phase of your life.

If you lose your game in your dream, it denotes losses in your waking life as well. Do not take unnecessary risks, especially with your business matters at this time.

57. Dream of watching a war movie

Dreaming of a war movie suggests that you will come across significant obstacles in your waking life.

You should be prepared to face these obstacles with confidence and positivity instead of giving upon them.

58. Dream of a battle

To see a battle in your dream symbolizes the state of your life. You might be fighting the rights and wrongs of your own life. You may also be battling with decisions, opinions, and thoughts.

Basically, dreaming of a battle represents the mental conflict that you are going through.

59. Dream of a science fiction war

Children and youngsters can dream of science fiction war as a result of the impressions that war films and video games create on them.

The smart world is getting smarter day by day and inventing great graphic effects. But the dream also indicates that the youngsters need to calm their nerves and develop patience.

60. Dream of an atomic or post-atomic war

Dreams related to post-atomic war put the dreamer in a second thought about his doubts and ambiguities related to different scenarios of his life.

The dreamer might be scared of what the future holds for him, or he might be feeling unable to accept what reality brings to him. In both scenarios, one cannot escape the current reality.

Now that you know what different types of dreams indicate, let us check some interesting facts about war dreams!

What does it mean if you dream about wars if you are young?

As a young individual, dreaming about war is an indication of upcoming disputes with your close ones.

The dreamer might have nothing to do with the conflict except being a witness or a spectator.

If you are experiencing these dreams, then you should try to stay away from all kinds of possible conflicts. Especially with a fellow companion who you are close to or the fights may end up a bruising friendship for a lifetime.

Another interpretation of dreaming about wars as a young individual can be upcoming conflicts with professors and teachers or someone providing any kind of education.

So, ignore all unnecessary arguments to avoid repentance.

What does it mean if you dream about wars if you are old?

Dreaming about war as an older person symbolizes the loss of a loved one. These dreams tend to bring warnings for the death of someone near and dear to you.

Dreaming about wars as an old person can also be interpreted as parting from the loved ones because they might be moving away. Or, you might get involved in a nasty fight which might result in eventually losing them.

Whatever the case may be, such dreams are indicative of the fact that your loved one might depart from your life soon leaving you inconsolable.

Now, if you want you can scroll down and check the spiritual meaning of dreams about wars.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams about wars

Spiritually, the dream interpretations differ with cultures or religions. In Hinduism, wars depict the conflict between good and evil but in Islam, it may depict inner peace.

The literal definition of war is termed as a state of active struggle between entities involving aggression of considerable magnitude.

In a moralistic view of things, righteous wars are supposed to demolish the wicked demons and reclaim peacefulness and serenity.

The end of a war should be able to establish a harmonious society. Overall, it is a demonstration of the defensive way of attaining peace and order in both realistic and spiritual arenas of life.

1. Hindu

The waging of war in Mahabharata, a religious Hindu epic, depicts Krishna and Arjun in a chariot of war conversing about the karma yoga, righteousness of one’s actions, stating that one needs to stand against the evil even if they are your flesh and blood.

2. Islam

The transition from a small holy war to the great holy war, in Islam, depicts the attainment of inner peace. One who conquers the peace of heart is the true conqueror. These symbolisms are also found in Templars. The actions of medieval military orders are also the same.

3. Chinese

In Chinese legends, war is a struggle between the righteous and the evil. There are also stories of legendary combats in their culture reflecting such battles.

4. Buddhism

The peace-loving religion called Buddhism also has references to war where Lord Buddha himself discusses the importance of warrior and how his glory shines the brightest when he/she is in the suit of armor.

5. Christianity

The Bible or other writings of Christianity refers to war as mostly the interior state of war which is waged by a man’s inner self and the choice he makes determines the outcomes of the war.

Having read about the biblical significance of War, would you like to know what the biblical meaning of a war dream is? Let’s go then!

Biblical meaning of dreams about war

In the Bible, dreams about war can be symbolic of the victory of truth, righteousness, and fair treatment. 

In the Bible we can read about the holy war of testament, where God of Israel himself fights his own Israel enemies, to ensure the victory of truth, righteousness, and fair consequences.

A war has to be won by honest and righteous methods. One should not use unfair means to win a battle.

Coming to the biblical meaning of dreams about war, dreaming about war is much more than being just a nightmare. The dream holds a divine message that can guide you in your waking life.

The message of the dream can be understood only after analyzing certain conditions of the dream. If you need help with that, here are a few questions that you must ask yourself.

Questions to ask to interpret dreams about war correctly

To interpret a dream about war you must answer certain questions, depending on the answers of which, you will be able to analyze the message it was trying to communicate:

1. What were you doing in the war dream? You could be fighting or standing there as a spectator and so on.

2. What weapons did you see in the dream? You may see swords, missiles, etc.

3. Could you see a friendly face in the dream? You might come across people whom you know in your waking life.

4. Who were you fighting against? Try to recognize your enemy.

5. What was the condition of the war field? Observe the war place carefully. You might notice some important clues or hints relating to your waking life.

6. What were the explosives or the objects present in the war field? Different types of explosives form different types of dream symbols.

7. How are you feeling in the dream? You could be feeling hopeless, victorious, furious, and so on.

8. Were you winning the battle or losing the battle? Depending upon whether you win or lose a war in a dream, you’re supposed to derive the accurate message it holds.

9. What was the reason behind the conflict? Try to understand the exact cause of the dispute.

10. What type of War was it? It can be an atomic war, a science war, Medieval War, etc.

Once you have answered these questions, bring down the points together, select the most relatable category/categories of your dream, scroll up and read the message your dream conveyed.

For example, if you saw a gun in your dream, visit the dream interpretation that describes a dream about a gun. That’s it!

Over to you…

To dream about wars and war fields once or twice during a particular span of time is fine.

But if you see repeated dreams about war, and feel uncomfortable about it, it’s best to visit a mental therapist. This will help you understand the exact cause behind the depressing dreams, and probably cure them.

The messages that war dreams convey have a considerable impact on your waking life. But ultimately it is you who has to take the action to shape your future. Make sure you take care and take calculative steps to meet a better consequence.