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What It Means To Dream of Cockroaches?

A swarm of cockroaches in a dream

You harbor fears of losing something important.

Dreaming of cockroach infestation

It usually indicates transformations and cleaning up.

Dreaming of a cockroach walking on the ground

Your work is dragging on and is not progressing as you wish it would. 

Searching for a cockroach in your dream

A person is intentionally provoking you to take up some actions.

Dreaming of a pet cockroach

It is a good sign and reflects your open-mindedness.

A dead cockroach in a dream

You may fail to accomplish your plans smoothly due to some obstacles.

Dreaming of a cockroach hiding

It stands for the problems you have ignored.

Dreams about cockroaches could indicate anything from a chaotic lifestyle to someone pulling you out of your financial constraints. According to the context, cockroaches in dreams could also imply how sweet or bitter the relationship you share with your partner is.