Pesky, dirty, and intrusive! That is how we generally perceive cockroaches in reality. Then, does a dream of roaches signify something similar filthy in the dreamer’s life? 

If negativity and unpleasantness are all one relates to such dreams, he/ she is in for a surprise. Let’s see how!

Dreaming of Cockroaches - What It Symbolizes About Waking Life?
Dreaming of Cockroaches – What It Symbolizes About Waking Life?

What Does It Mean When A Person Dreams About Roaches?

Dreams about roaches symbolize anything – from a chaotic lifestyle to someone pulling the dreamer out of his/ her financial problems. They also provide glimpses into the type of relationship the dreamer shares with his/ her spouse. 

Though a few dreams of roaches bring negative messages, many foretell positives. Cockroaches survive on anything, from the food we eat to soap to fecal matter. For this reason, cockroaches often stand for perseverance and endurance.

Other reasons include:

  • Gains and Prosperity – Usually, cockroaches foretell monetary gains and financial improvements. 
  • Success – Dreaming of cockroaches could mean the dreamer will accomplish his/ her goals, provided he/ she perseveres and stays resilient even in the face of obstacles. 
  • Promotion/ Financial Stability – The creepy creatures could turn up in dreams if there is good news heading toward the dreamer. That said, black cockroaches stand for evil foreboding. So, one must analyze the dream from every possible angle.
  • A reflection of the dreamer’s personality – Generally, a cockroach indicates the dreamer is a friendly and social person. Furthermore, the plot indicates how his friends, colleagues, and family appreciate that side of him/ her.
  • Insecurities – It implies several trivial issues torment the dreamer left and right. But instead of trying to solve them, the dream shows he/ she is trying to make life more fun and engaging. 
  • Rebirth – Insects laying eggs in a dream generally symbolizes rebirth. If you see these pesky insects laying eggs, it means the dream lacks clarity about some aspects of his/ her life.
  • Resilience – Cockroach may be a reflection of the dreamer’s resilience.
  • Independence and Dependence – A study conducted at Hokkaido University, Japan, found that commonly found female cockroaches can reproduce without a male. So, considering these facts, dreaming of a cockroach could stand for independence for female dreamers. For male dreamers, the dream indicates that in due time, he/ she will start relying on a woman.
  • Groundless Fears – Likely, the dreamer is a pessimist and harbors fears about what may happen the next instant. 
  • Guilt – Roaches are also a sign of shame and guilt about how the dreamer behaved to close ones lately. 
  • Elimination – The cockroach could mean the dreamer eagerly wants to abandon or eliminate something from his/ her life.
  • Filthiness – Sometimes, roaches imply the dreamer is in a physically/ mentally/ spiritually toxic environment. Symbolically, it could also mean the dreamer harbors unclean thoughts and ideas.
  • Health Problems – Cockroaches symbolize health issues. Chances are, they resulted from poor hygiene and an unsanitary environment. 

Spiritual Dream Meaning of Cockroaches 

From the spiritual perspective, dreaming of cockroaches means some aspects of the dreamer’s life are unclean- spiritually or emotionally. 

Besides, cockroaches are one of the most resilient creatures. So, such a scenario might symbolize the dreamer’s resilience. 

Various Scenarios Of Cockroach Dreams

Dreaming of a single or a few cockroaches

According to the plot, the dreamer will be able to accomplish his/ her goals. 

Cockroach in food

The dream vision is an ill omen. Undoubtedly, those in the dreamer’s social circle have bad influences on him/ her. They, in the name of friends, stick with him/ her while wishing for his/ her downfall each second. 

One is likely to have this dream if he/ she is in a mess or entangled in a misunderstanding. One can also dream of the insect in food if he/ she is trying to lose weight.

A swarm of cockroaches

A swarm of cockroaches symbolizes negative thoughts. 

Likely, the dreamer harbors fears of losing someone or something important. If they were around or under the dreamer’s feet it means he/ she is afraid of losing what he/ she has worked so hard for. 

Alternatively, the plot means that the dreamer spends money wisely or may mean huge gains without investing little or no effort.

Dreaming of cockroach infestation

A cockroach infestation indicates transformations and cleaning up. 

A cockroach coming out of a hole

Holes are usually dark and creepy! In dreams, they symbolize a disordered life. 

Therefore, the spectacle of a cockroach coming out of a hole means the dreamer is thinking about the future, taking into account his/ her present chaotic life.

Cockroaches chasing the dreamer

The plot indicates the dreamer is on the right path towards success.

However, he/ she still needs to be careful. Because a wrong step and he/ she will end up going round and round the same route. 

If giant cockroaches chased the dreamer, the scenario indicates he/ she would need extra effort and courage to reach the winning line.

Dreaming of cockroaches everywhere scurrying around

It means other people, especially those of the opposite sex, find the dreamer attractive. Besides, it can also mean others see and talk about him/ her in a positive light. 

Cockroaches crawling on the dreamer’s head

The roaches represent the dreamer’s overwhelming thoughts and problems. Other interpreters relate the plot with a person coming to him/ her with problems and complaints. 

Cockroaches in the dreamer’s mouth 

The plot symbolizes a problem that arose due to miscommunication or something of that nature. 

If the creature crawls out of the dreamer’s mouth, it stands for slang and derogatory words he/ she recently incorporated into his/ her language while conversing with others. 

Dream of killing roaches

The plot indicates the dreamer is practically lost. Also, the scenario is warning the dreamer to safeguard his/ her assets. 

Positively, one can look forward to pleasant meetings and events if he/ she kills roaches. How he/ she kills the creature also plays a crucial role in the interpretation.

Interpreting this dream from a work-related point of view means the dreamer would be assigned more responsibilities. 

Giant roach in dreams

The first thing one must take note of is its color. Was it black or red?

If it was black, prepare for unpleasant events. 

Alternatively, a red giant roach symbolizes success and harmonious times between the dreamer and his/ her close ones. 

Giant cockroaches could also stand as the stumbling blocks on the dreamer’s path. 

Cockroaches attacking the dreamer

If one gets attacked by a swarm of cockroaches, a huge problem is on its way. 

A huge cockroach attacking the dreamer

According to the dream, the dreamer has been overexerting himself/ herself lately. 

Cockroaches scattered in different directions in a dream 

Here, the vision is a sign of the dreamer’s disorderly life. 

A dead cockroach 

Chances are, the dreamer will fail to accomplish his/ her plans smoothly due to some obstacles. 

Roaches in bed

The bed symbolizes personal space and comfort zone. So, such a dream scenario stands for a challenging situation in the dreamer’s personal life. 

A giant roach attacking the dreamer

A few unfortunate events await the dreamer. 

Several small cockroaches 

Now is an ideal time to make investments. According to the scenario, if the dreamer invests wisely, he/ she would be able to enjoy extra gains. 

Dreaming of flying cockroaches

It usually signifies career-related opponents or love rivals. These types could also stand for bad people and evil temptations lingering around the dreamer. 

Alternatively, it also stands for unexpected gains.

Recurring Cockroach Dreams

The series of dreams indicates the dreamer needs to do a thorough cleansing – from decluttering the environment to getting rid of dirty thoughts and ideas. It may also symbolize an obstacle he/ she needs to get rid of. 

Dreaming of Cockroaches: Different Colors

Black cockroaches

This type of cockroach symbolizes obstacles. According to the dream, it would be wise to evaluate the relationships the dreamer shares with his/ her near ones as there is an indication of other people obstructing him/ her from finding success. 

It also suggests that the hurdles you are facing could arise due to bad health conditions. Positively, they signify an upgrade in terms of career. 

Red cockroaches 

Likely, the dreamer will receive a monetary gift soon. The number of red cockroaches present in the plot is more or less connected to the amount he/ she will receive. 

Negatively, red cockroaches point to fake people disguised as the dreamer’s friends. 

Why Did You Dream of Cockroaches?

Many consider and brush off dreams as meaningless and irrelevant to reality. But is that so? If you are curious about why you dreamed of the creepy creatures of all things, here are a few reasons why.

  • You have Katsaridaphobia (fear of cockroaches) or insectophobia (fear of insects).
  • You are pretending to be someone you genuinely are not.
  • Dreams of cockroaches are possible if you are not on good terms with someone over an issue.
  • Your life is a mess. Perhaps you are surrounded by clutter- unnecessary items, people, and suspicious activities.
  • You are trying to lose weight.


That sums up our guide to dreams about roaches.

Sometimes, the creature might bring the worst news. But remember that dreams are not supposed to scare anyone but to awaken and push the dreamer toward a better life.

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