What It Means to Have A Monkey Dream?

Seeing A Monkey in A Dream

It indicates the humiliation one of your close ones faced or will soon face.

A Group of Monkeys in A Dream

It indicates problems in the upcoming future.

Living with Monkeys in A Dream

It denotes that you are constantly made fun of and rebuked by the people around you.

Dreaming of Playing with Monkeys

The dream is a sign that your prayers will be answered.

Monkeys Fighting in A Dream

It  denotes you should refrain from speaking your mind

Dreaming of A Monkey Sitting on Your Shoulder

A loved one, probably a person you haven't caught up with for ages, will visit you soon.

Dreaming of Feeding A Monkey

It indicates someone you trust will betray you.

Dreaming of A Monkey Eating Something

The dream vision portends a tough time for you ahead.

Monkey in dream can mean someone has ridiculed you. Such dreams may also imply that a cunning person is plotting to sabotage you.