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Monkey In Dream: 147 Dream Plots & Their Meanings

Monkey In Dream: 147 Dream Plots & Their Meanings

Updated on Jan 05, 2023 | Published on Aug 31, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Monkey In Dream - 147 Dream Plots & Their Meanings

So, you just saw a monkey in dream, and the curious soul within you can’t keep calm! We totally get you, which is why we’re here to unfold your visions!

Dreams about monkey are more complex than just a bunch of bananas or an army of lice. Sometimes, a monkey in a sleep state even stands for a fake friend beside you. 

So, before you put your trust and possibly, life in the wrong hands, let’s dig into the symbols and detailed scenarios of monkey-themed dreams. 

Monkey In Dream - 147 Dream Plots & Their Meanings
Monkey In Dream – 147 Dream Plots & Their Meanings

What Does A Monkey Mean In A Dream?

Monkey in dream can mean someone has ridiculed you. Such dreams may also imply that a cunning person is plotting to sabotage you. Contrarily, the animal can surface in your sleep state reminding you to go easy on life and enjoy when you can. 

Since these creatures are exceedingly playful and mischievous creatures, the most common interpretation of monkey dreams is that you need to incorporate more fun and excitement into your life. 

Through the animal, your subconscious could be reminding you that ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. However busy your schedule is, you must learn to enjoy life when you can.

Many dream interpreters associate the presence of the creature in a dream with negativity. 

Did you do something you shouldn’t? 

Perhaps you are turning yourself into a laughing stock by misbehaving or acting childishly. It might be time you start acting your age and drop the silliness. 

Monkeys are intelligent creatures, and they often use their smart brains to annoy people and damage their properties. 

Considering that, monkeys could stand for a person who betrayed you or likely try to in the foreseeable future. 

These dreams are also associated with your calling. Perhaps you have a way with acting and theatrical arts. You must consider this interpretation if you dream of the creature making faces at you or someone else. 

The dreams may even reflect your longing to learn to take things lightly. 

Given their social behavior and attachment to their own kind, a dream associated with monkeys may also be advising you to give more time and importance to your roots, your family, relatives, and friends. 

According to the scenario and dream elements present within, a monkey dream can mean anything under the sun. And we will be discussing those in the following heads. 

Monkey Dream Meaning: Dream Symbols

A monkey in a dream represents several characteristics and habits. Depending on the circumstances, the creature can be compassionate, cheeky, or even evil. We have listed some of the most commonly occurring symbols of monkey dreams.

1. A need for relaxation in your life

Such dreams may occur to remind you to take life easy. Perhaps you take every single thing too seriously. 

2. Your love for nature

Trees and the wilderness are the natural habitats of monkeys, not cages. Monkey dreams, especially with a jungle or mountain in the backdrop, show your love for nature. 

The dream denotes your preference for green parks and beautiful landscapes over fancy, futuristic buildings.

3. You are physically active

The animal’s love for swinging and moving around is enough to show that you like to be on the run most of the time. You hate to sit idle. Rather, you would go on a trek to the mountains. 

But take note, some scenarios reflect your extremely inactive state. 

4. You are intelligent

Monkey is one of the symbols in the Chinese zodiac, and according to their belief, people born under the year of the monkey are geniuses. 

On the other hand, there have been instances of Egyptians getting impressed by the intelligence of baboons. 

Accordingly, your dream shows you are smart and tend to make decisions with your mind and not with your heart. 

5. You have a way of getting things done

Monkeys are smarter than most animals, and they often use it to their advantage. 

Given these characteristics, monkey dreams indicate you have the ability to make someone or a situation work in your favor. 

For example, let’s suppose your car broke down in the suburbs and you have no spare parts to fix it. Instead of fretting, you will think of ways to get yourself home – either by coaxing passers-by or asking someone to fix your car or anything.

6. You have a childish personality

Monkeys are some of the most mischievous creatures. Leave your phone or your car keys unattended in a monkey-infested park, and one of them is sure to carry your things off and pass it to its mates. 

Accordingly, dreams associated with monkeys are also related to your childish and immature side. 

7. You are fickle-minded

The primate in your dream denotes how frequently you jump from one decision to another. It’s natural for those primates to swing from one branch to another, but you must rethink if you believe you are doing a good job jumping from one decision to another the next minute. 

8. You are disobedient

Let’s go back to the monkeys passing your keys around. Just as those creatures ignore your pleas to give the keys back to you, monkey dreams indicate you disregard the advice or commands of others. 

9. There are fake friends around you

Often, a monkey in a dream vision symbolizes a false friend who approaches you with evil intentions. 

If the dream event perfectly resonates with the ongoing situations in your real life, do not hesitate to cut off relations with that particular person. 

No friend is always better than a fake one!

10. Hypocrisy

According to psychologists, the primate personifies hypocrisy and lack of moral principles.

12. Mockery

In some cases, monkey dreams indicate you have allowed someone to make a fool out of you. 

Or it may also mean you have turned yourself into the laughingstock of your circle. 

With that done, let’s now explore some of the most common scenarios. 

Monkey in Dream – 147 Dream Plots & Their Meanings

1. Seeing a monkey in a dream

The mere sight of a monkey engaged in nothing in a dream indicates the humiliation one of your close ones faced or will soon face. Unfortunately, the dream denotes your inability to stand up for him or her. 

Alternatively, other dream analysts explained that it means nothing serious, or negative. It may simply be a reflection of how playful and mischievous you are around your close ones. 

2. A group of monkeys in a dream

A group of monkeys in a dream indicates problems in the upcoming future. In all probability, something you had expected turned out to be the complete opposite, and that might have caused you several issues. 

Perhaps you realized that the person you dearly love and dote on actually approaches you for your wealth. 

On a lighter note, several monkeys in a dream imply spending time and hanging out with people who think like you.  

Another interpretation is that life is nothing but a game to you. While that is not incorrect, technically, the dream hinted at your wrong approaches. 

Life is indeed a game, a complex one, in fact, and you have to consider the past, present, and future while making a single move. Whereas in your case, you are focusing only on the present.

3. A dream of meeting monkeys on the way

Dreaming of meeting monkeys is a warning. The primate is often an epitome of trickery and deceit. Likely, a few people in your circle possess such negative qualities. And if you let your guards down, you might fall victim to one of their evil tactics. 

4. Living with monkeys in a dream

This isn’t a good dream. It denotes that you are constantly made fun of and rebuked by the people around you. If it persists, you should, at any cost, put your foot down and set clear boundaries. 

Do not let anyone, not even your loved ones disrespect you just because you treat them nicely or are always forgiving. 

In some cases, the dream implies you have gotten entangled with evil-minded people, and their society may have pushed you to commit malicious acts.

5. Dreaming of monkeys in a room

If you dream of monkeys in a room, it implies you have suppressed some of your personality traits, probably, your playful side, to fit into your environment. 

6. A dream that monkeys have disappeared from the place you kept them

The dream reflects a transition. Keeping monkeys inside a room or cellar indicates you have kept your playful and carefree side hidden. Since the creatures disappeared, it means those behaviors have vanished or evolved into a more mature demeanor. 

On the other hand, the dream may imply you are having difficulties seeking inspiration and motivation to move forward. 

7. A monkey making faces at you or someone else in a dream 

If a monkey makes funny faces at you or someone else, the scenario indicates you will suffer the aftermath of a deed you committed earlier. 

Needless to say, it will hit you hard. Moreover, it will teach you to be cautious of your actions and the words you use to others. 

On the flip side, the plot may be letting you know that you have a talent for acting.

8. Dreaming of a monkey imitating you or someone 

The primate imitating you or someone else in a dream symbolizes your childish behavior. 

Your subconscious advises you to act your age because you may end up making a fool of yourself. 

9. Dreaming of playing with monkeys

Playing with monkeys in a dream foretells pleasant events. If you have been praying for a promotion or pay raise, the dream is a sign that your prayers will be answered. 

According to the plot, your love life will soon get better. Likely, it will be a reconnection with someone from the past. 

10. Someone else playing with monkeys in a dream

Has someone been showing hatred towards you, perhaps in a playful manner?

In that case, the dream confirms that that person meant each word he or she said to you. 

He or she might have said those things with a smile, perhaps due to the presence of a third party around.

Through the vision, the dream warns you to be careful of your actions and behavior. 

11. Monkeys fighting in a dream

Dreaming of monkeys fighting denotes you should refrain from speaking your mind, even if you are a person who prefers the truth over sugar-coated lies, especially when dealing with narrow-minded people. 

In a nutshell, the scenario wants you to note who you are speaking to first before blurting out your mind. A few people will appreciate you for your truthfulness, but a lot more will use your words to pick a fight with you.

12. Fighting with monkey in dream

In this scenario, the animal stands for destructive tendencies such as procrastination and laziness surfacing to hamper your progress. Fighting with it means you are struggling to resist them. 

Dreaming of fighting with a monkey also indicates you are resisting distraction in some spheres of your life. 

If you are in conflict with someone, chances of seeing yourself fight with the primate in your dream are high. Monkeys are playful but quarrelsome too. It’s not rare to see them fighting and throwing things at one another. 

13. Fighting and beating a monkey in a dream

In this scenario, the monkey symbolizes an illness you will battle with shortly. But do not let it bother you much. 

Note that the scenario doesn’t end with the fight, but with fighting and beating the animal. That means in the end, you’ll recover from the illness. 

14. A dream of fighting with a monkey in your car

In the dream world, cars symbolize progress. To dream of fighting with a monkey inside the vehicle is directly or indirectly related to problems concerning your improvement, either personal and professional.

More often than not, you and your habits could be the culprit behind those problems such as laziness and procrastination. 

15. Dreaming of fighting with a monkey on the road

In this scenario, the road symbolizes transition, and the animal stands for bad habits preventing you from changing. To dream of the plot implies you are working on your improvement. 

Though you indulged in unpleasant activities and habits in the past, you have realized the harm they can incur on you and are putting in the effort to resist them. 

16. Dreaming of getting injured after fighting with a monkey 

The dream shows you are worrying your wits over an unnecessary and unworthy matter. Further, the scenario indicates your reputation will suffer if the issue drags on. 

17. Dreaming of fighting and killing a monkey 

To dream of fighting and killing a monkey reflects your tendency to overreact unnecessarily. 

For instance, imagine you had a quarrel with your husband or wife over a small matter. Instead of sharing your thoughts and opinions and trying to come to a negotiation, you straightaway fling the divorce papers at your partner’s face asking them to see you at the court.

Each dream has a purpose, and in this case, it may be warning you to mend your habits.  

18. Dreaming of someone else fighting with a monkey

To dream of another person fighting with a monkey means you are, by nature, a compassionate person.

But in the past, you empathize with others only to see them tossing away your trust and loyalty. Such experience has led to a change of feeling. You are now indifferent to the pain and suffering of others, or at least, you are forcing yourself to be. 

However, the dream shows such behavior will not give you peace of mind. Your subconscious advises you to do what makes you happy deep down. Help others if that will make you content but only after figuring out if that person deserves your assistance. 

You have had your lesson!

19. A monkey stealing something from you in a dream

Perhaps you take pride in your intuitiveness and how you can sense something miles before it happens.

But the dream says otherwise. You may not be as intuitive as you claim to be. 

20. Dreaming that you were afraid to pick up a small monkey

The dream warns you not to take people for granted, just because they are inferior or younger to you. 

21. Holding a monkey in a dream

Holding a monkey in a dream is a good sign if you look forward to beginning a relationship with someone. The dream foretells a new love heading towards you. 

22. Befriending a tame monkey in a dream 

If you dream of befriending a tame monkey, you will soon strike up a friendship with someone who will likely turn to something more than a friend in due time. 

23. Taking care of a baby monkey in a dream

Taking care of a baby monkey in a dream implies you will use your skills to your advantage. 

24. Dreaming of a monkey sitting on your shoulder

A loved one, probably a person you haven’t caught up with for ages, will visit you soon. 

25. A hungry monkey in a dream

Dreaming of a hungry monkey indicates people in your circle need help and assistance to get by.

26. A sick and hungry monkey entering your room in a dream

The dream foretells sickness and disease. Consider the dream as a wake-up call and start paying attention to your well-being. 

Also, you should drop by your near and dear ones to see if all are well and are free from health-related problems. 

27. Dreaming of feeding a monkey

Feeding a monkey in a dream indicates someone you trust will betray you. 

Your subconscious urges you to ask yourself a question. 

Have you been too generous to anyone? Have you gone above and beyond to help him or her? 

If yes, the dream shows that person is beginning to take your generosity for granted. On top of that, that individual in question feels you must support him or her. 

Regardless of your feelings, his or her selfishness will ultimately repel you from him or her. 

28. Dreaming of a monkey eating something

The dream vision portends a tough time for you ahead. You might even be forced into bankruptcy. Possibly you will struggle to make ends meet. 

Here, your subconscious wants to cheer you up. Everyone goes through bad days and good days, but no one remains there forever. If you believe in yourself and your capabilities, you will get out of your trouble sooner than expected.

29. A monkey eating your food in a dream

If you dream of a monkey eating your food, it means petty or unworthy works are eating up your time and energy. 

30. Dreaming of a monkey snatching away a banana from you

Prepare yourself mentally, emotionally as well as financially for troubles ahead. You may even go bankrupt due to an unforeseen event. 

31. Dreaming of giving a banana to a monkey

The dream reflects your kindness towards others. You are a person who feels content by making others happy. 

32. Dreaming of seeing a monkey eat a banana from afar

You need to keep your wits about you, at all times. 

33. A monkey eating a banana in a dream

Dreaming of a monkey eating a banana means you must chip in to support your family. 

34. Dreaming of a monkey giving you food

In all likelihood, you will receive a surprise gift from a stranger or a person you had never expected a present from.

35. Dreaming of a monkey licking a window

According to the plot, you sense a change shortly, but you cannot point out how and where it will happen. 

36. Shooing away a monkey in a dream

A dream of shooing away a monkey implies you feel burdened by obsessive love and attention someone has shown towards you. 

37. Chasing a monkey in a dream

According to the plot, someone around you looks eagerly at your fall. 

Presently, you trust that person and have put yourself in his or her hands, when in reality, he or she is manipulating and luring you to devastation, without your knowledge. 

38. Catching a running monkey in a dream

According to the dream books of Sigmund Freud, catching a running monkey in a dream says you are having daydreams of being in a relationship with someone.

39. Dreaming of attacking a monkey

As you might have guessed already from the overall setting of the scenario, the dream reflects your aggressiveness. 

Are you presently in conflict with someone? Then, the plot may be reflecting that.

40. Torturing a monkey in a dream

Dreaming of torturing a monkey symbolizes your discriminatory behavior and attitude. Your subconscious is probably warning you to treat everyone equally. Do not let your prejudice show through your words and actions, especially when dealing with near or distant relations. 

41. Trying to kill a monkey in a dream

As per the plot, you have sorted out who wishes you good and who are those that want to see you crumble. Consequently, you are trying to figure out ways to get away or even eliminate those that want to see you fail.

42. Killing a monkey in dream

In a dream, if you kill a monkey, it means you will successfully get rid of your enemies or obstacles that stand on your path towards your goals. 

43. A dream of killing a rabid gorilla that attacked you

Troubles will come up in your life unannounced, and you will be compelled to fight them. There’s really no escape here. You have to face them, whether you are prepared or not!

44. Dreaming of killing a monkey for fun

A dream of killing a monkey just for fun shows you are attracted to an object more for the status and splendor it brings than more for its value. 

For instance, you might be a person who longs to get into prestigious universities like Harvard and Oxford. And the reason behind your preference could be the prestige it will fetch you and not the quality education you will get there. 

45. Dead monkey dream meaning

According to the scenario, there’s something crucial in your life that needs immediate attention. The dream warns you to get more serious regarding the matter than you have always been. 

It may also mean you have successfully avoided the malicious acts of your rivals.

A lifeless monkey in a dream may also indicate it’s high time you own up to your mistakes, if any, and be accountable for your actions.  

On the flip side, a dead monkey in a dream means well, according to the dream books of Vanga. Those evil-minded people who approached you with selfish interests will ultimately fall into their trap. 

46. Dreaming of a dead monkey beside a road

The mischievous being in a dream also symbolizes immaturity and foolishness. In this case, the road may signify the journey of your life. Seeing a lifeless monkey beside a road indicates you have abandoned your stupidity and given way for a more mature way of thinking. 

47. Dreaming of burying a monkey

Burying a monkey in a dream is an ill omen. The news of loved ones passing away will reach you soon.

48. Being afraid of a monkey in a dream

The dream portends you will get into trouble in the foreseeable future. Chances are, someone will charge you for something you did not do. The scenario advises you to be on your toes as it would be a challenging time for you. 

49. Dreaming of a monkey coming towards you

Dreaming of a monkey coming towards you shows the enemy has gathered and instigated other people to act against you. 

50. A dream of carrying a monkey

The monkey in the scenario symbolizes shame. You might have done something disgraceful in the past. Back then, you might have failed to see the harm it will do to you. 

Now, as a result of your past actions, you are shamed. Undeniably, you are reaping what you sow. 

51. Dreaming of a monkey coming towards you threateningly

The scene of a monkey charging towards you threateningly is an ill omen. You and your family are under the spell of severe bad luck. There’s also a possibility of your domestic stability and happiness going down to ruins. 

In the worst case, the issues will result in a broken and dysfunctional family. 

52. A monkey following you in a dream

Likely, there is someone who torments you for every petty reason, day in and day out. Instead of discarding this dream as negative, and trying to get rid of him or her, figure out what you can learn from that person.

Perhaps he or she torments you to teach you the ways of life indirectly. Should that be the case, we agree with you that he or she has chosen the wrong way. Be that as it may, keep your eyes open and see what you can extract from those unpleasant moments.

53. Monkey chasing me in my dream – (dreamer)

Dreaming of a monkey chasing you indicates others are not taking your words seriously. Perhaps they see you as a weakling who can be pushed around easily and attacked when they pleased.

Before you roll up your sleeves and attack them back, reevaluate how you have been talking and behaving with them. Chances are, your foolish talk and stupid actions are the culprit. 

54. Dreaming of a monkey trying to attack you

If you dream of a monkey trying to attack you, your higher self warns you against your enemies. Be wary of them! Their satisfaction lies in your devastation, and they will leave no stones unturned to get what they want. 

55. A monkey attacking you in a dream

You better be careful if you saw a monkey attacking you in a dream. According to the plot, you might get into a conflict with an aggressive person. 

Whether you are in the right or wrong, your subconscious advises you to back off. The sooner, the better! 

56. Dreaming of a monkey kidnapping a baby

In the dream world, monkeys are closely associated with diseases. Since the scenario shows a monkey kidnapping a baby, it is probably alarming you of illness and affliction that might befall your child. 

57. Dreaming of a monkey torturing and killing a cat

Here, the monkey stands for a person in your circle. As shown in the plot, that person is aggressive and his words disrespectful and devious. With time, his or her character and behavior are getting worse. 

The plot says that person is someone close to you. The dream left you to decide how to take the matter forward, either step in or wait for a more influential person to intervene.

58. Dreaming of monkeys damaging your car

According to the plot, someone around you wants to see you fail and is annoyed with your accomplishments. He or she will not let go of any opportunity to destroy you. 

Recall if there was anyone inside the vehicle in your dream. That will give you a clue as to who you should avoid in real life. 

59. Running away from a monkey in a dream

Running away from a monkey in a dream implies you are scared of someone. Perhaps that person always puts on a scary demeanor and acts extremely strict with you. 

Does that individual push you to finish your tasks on time through mild threats?  

But have you ever thought about why that person has been acting that way, particularly with you? 

Through the scenario, your subconscious urges you to analyze the situation thoroughly. Maybe that person behaved that way to set you straight and guide you towards the right path. 

Perhaps he or she means the best for you, after all. 

60. Dreaming of a monkey trying to bite you but didn’t 

Those people who approached you with selfish intentions will not be successful in their attempts.

In the beginning, the universe will favor them. But just when they think they are winning against you, your luck will improve, and finally, victory will be yours.

61. Dreaming of a monkey biting you

The dream portends negativity and karma coming to serve you. Ask yourself if you have said or done anything unfair to anyone? If yes, prepare to receive what you gave once. 

The dream reminds you that nothing goes unnoticed in this world. If you do evil, it will one day come back for you. Additionally, your subconscious, through the dream, advises you to do good whenever possible. 

However, there is another interpretation to the scenario. According to the other group of dream analysts, a relationship will blossom with the person you have liked for a long time. 

The interpretation of this particular scenario also depends on the dreamer. If you are in your teens or prime, you might get into a relationship. As for aged people, the dream indicates minor health problems. 

The dream also foretells a chance encounter with an uncultured person. 

62. A dream of a monkey biting your head

If you have been worrying yourself over a matter, the dream predicts you will come up with a brilliant idea to resolve the issue. 

63. Dreaming of a monkey biting your ear

You will unintentionally hear other people gossiping about you. 

64. A dream of a monkey biting your nose

The dream indicates you will be able to find your way out of a complicated situation. 

65. A monkey biting your shoulder in a dream

Likely, someone, especially a close person, will disappoint you. 

66. Monkey biting hand in dream

The scenario advises you to be careful of how you communicate with others. The wrong choice of words or gestures may coerce them to act against you.

67. A monkey biting your belly in a dream

Dreaming of a monkey biting your belly indicates you will be defamed for lies and deception. 

68. A dream of a monkey biting your ass

If you are in a “To be or not to be” situation, your subconscious encourages you to proceed with the plan because you will likely be victorious. 

69. A monkey biting your leg in a dream

Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for failure. According to the dream, now is not your time to shine. 

Instead of letting failure affect you, prepare for the journey ahead. Keep motivating yourself, work accordingly, and you will get to your desired destination someday. 

70. Preventing a monkey from biting you in a dream

As you might have supposed, the scenario indicates resistance. But you need to recall who prevented the mishap in the dream.

If it was you, the scenario implies you will successfully get rid of evil doings without anyone’s help. And if someone stopped the monkey from attacking you, the plot indicates someone will come to your rescue, if you get into trouble, in waking life. 

71. A dream of a monkey screaming loudly

According to the plot, you are in a toxic relationship. Do note that it may be a romantic relationship, a friendship, business partnership, etc. 

Well, the crux is, that person – be it your romantic or business partner has an unhealthy addiction to something. And if you do not leave his or her company soon, you will eventually end up like him or her. 

72. Dreaming of buying a monkey

You can look at this scenario from two different perspectives. 

The first is related to your children, that is, if you have any. According to the dream, your sole mission concerning your kids is to get them educated and make them stand on their own feet.

But you don’t care a dime about the medium, you don’t care if they cheat in their tests or bribe their teachers

Though the universe appreciates you looking out for the kids, your strategies are not encouraged. As the saying goes, ‘Honesty is the best policy’, and anything achieved with dishonest means will not last long. 

Secondly, if you have people working under your guidance, the dream encourages you not to judge a person by his or her personality alone. Talents, skills, and capabilities are equally important. 

73. Dreaming of having a pet monkey

Owning a pet monkey reflects your fears and insecurities. 

But the question is, what are you afraid of? 

Take a minute and think about it. According to the plot, your fears are groundless, and it’s your imagination and pessimism toying with your mental peace. 

Having a pet monkey in a dreamscape also indicates your rivals are no match for you. 

On the other hand, keeping a pet monkey is also associated with losing a fortune to shady deals.

74. Walking a monkey on a leash in a dream

The dream warns you against fake friends. You might have trusted some people and confided in them only to realize their sole interest is to see you perish. 

75. Dreaming of riding on a monkey’s back

You will defeat your rivals. 

76. Dreaming of selling a monkey

The monkey in this plot signifies a problem. Likely, you have troubled your wits trying to find a solution to it.  

Despite your efforts, you have failed to resolve it and have lost all hope. 

Consequently, you have vowed to keep the issue as it is and let time and destiny decide what happens next.

77. Dreaming of receiving a monkey as a gift

Dreaming of receiving a monkey as a gift shows you will defeat your enemies. 

But the battle will not be fair and square. Either you will deceive your rivals or betray someone’s trust to outdo them. 

78. Dreaming of a monkey inside your house

Here, the monkey stands for ill-wishers or potential enemies. Since it was inside your house, be careful of family friends, and distant relatives. 

For married people, the monkey symbolizes a person getting between you and your partner. 

79. Dreaming of a monkey in a zoo

You are not in your best state, but the dream shows you are trying to adapt to the circumstances and be happy. 

80. Dreaming of a monkey inside a cage

Likely, if you see a caged monkey in a dream, you have done something you aren’t supposed to. 

Perhaps you poked your nose into affairs that do not concern you. 

According to the scenario, you are too curious for your own good. And the dream happened to warn you that curiosity and inquisitiveness about the wrong things will land you in trouble. 

The dream can also be a reflection of your powerlessness in a situation. 

If you are expecting good news or a visit from someone around the time you dream of a caged monkey, expect disappointment and failed plans. 

Positively, a caged monkey in a dreamscape implies the evil schemes of your enemies against you will go to waste.

81. A woman dreaming of a caged monkey

If you are a woman and saw a caged monkey in a dream, recall the emotions you wake up with. 

If you feel scared, disturbed, or angry, you will get into trouble. And if you wake up feeling indifferent, leave the dream as it is because it portends nothing evil.  

82. A man dreaming of several monkeys inside a cage

Beware! A group of like-minded evil people is plotting against you. 

83. A dream of a talking monkey inside a cage

Dreaming of a talking monkey inside a cage means someone in your circle is literally crying out for help. 

84. Dreaming of someone trying to open a cage with a monkey in it

Recall why that person tried to open the cage. 

If it was to steal the monkey, you may face financial losses. 

However, take note that the person in your dream tried to open the cage but did not. 

So, take the scenario as a forewarning. Be on your guard and make sure you don’t fall into the evil machinations of others. 

85. A dream of a monkey breaking free from a cage

If you dream of a primate escaping from a cage, the first thing you must recall is how you felt when you woke up from the dream.  

If you felt disappointed for losing the monkey, it denotes you will lose something or someone dear to you. 

On the flip side, if the incident of the monkey escaping makes your soul happy, you will overcome obstacles in the real world. 

86. Dreaming of a monkey jumping

If the spectacle of a monkey jumping made you uneasy within the dream, it symbolizes the instability of your partner. 

For example, your partner would act like he or she can’t live without you one moment and push you away the next minute. 

Given the erratic nature, the dream warns you not to depend too much on that person. 

87. A monkey jumping and laughing in a dream

Dreaming of a monkey jumping and laughing shows you are ridiculed by the people around you. 

88. A monkey crying in a dream

To see a monkey crying in a dream projects your pathetic feelings. Based on the scenario, you are engaged in something that goes against your principles. And your helplessness to get out of it afflicts you. 

89. A dream of a monkey climbing a tree

The spectacle of a monkey climbing a tree in a dream alarms you against people who will partner up with you in the foreseeable future. 

For example, let’s say you have enrolled for a college workshop and will spend the next ten days with a group of people from another college. The dream advises you to keep an eye on yourself as well as them. Be careful of what you talk about with them and observe how they behave around and towards you. 

There’s a possibility that you’ll end up getting humiliated at the most unexpected time by the person you least expected. 

On the flip side, the scenario foretells a disgraceful action from a person you respect a lot. 

Ultimately, the event will compel you to see him or her in a different light.  

90. Dreaming of a monkey on a branch

A monkey sitting or standing on a branch signifies problems in your love life, which will spring from misunderstandings.

Do you think your partner is keeping things away from you, or maybe your ex has been stalking you on social media, and you haven’t said anything about it to your current partner?

Whatever the case is, your subconscious suggests you keep your partner in the loop. Instead of repressing your feelings, have a heart-to-heart chat to unleash your pent-up thoughts.

Otherwise, it might be too late to save your relationship. 

91. Dreaming of a monkey swinging from one branch to another

While some interpreters relate the scenario with theft, others believe in its connection to your mental state. 

Perhaps you are running away from issues by giving excuse after excuse (as shown by the monkey swinging from branch to branch). But deep down, you are greatly affected by those problems, and your mental peace is in shambles, though you don’t show it. 

Through the dream, your higher self advises you not to put off the problems any longer. For sure, it won’t be an easy task, but try to confront them as that will be the only way to reclaim your peace. 

92. Dreaming of a monkey walking back and forth

If the spectacle of a monkey walking back and forth makes you feel uncomfortable during your sleep state or right after waking up, it forewarns you of trouble you may experience soon. 

93. Dreaming of a monkey sitting

According to the image, you might undergo minor health problems in the foreseeable future. 

94. A dream of a monkey fast asleep

If you have been longing to get on a plane and fly to a distant land, the scenario affirms you will, pretty soon. 

95. Dreaming of a monkey giving birth

It is crucial to recall your emotions within the dream. If the spectacle gave you peace or satisfaction, the plot indicates pleasant events, happiness, contentment, and merriment. 

On the flip side, if you felt disgusted during the dream, expect terrible events to happen soon. 

Such a scenario is also closely associated with conception and childbirth. 

Check out the following heads if you want to know more about those. 

96. A dream of a monkey giving birth with blood all over the area

Regardless of gender and age, if you saw the above scene in your dream, it symbolizes illness that will probably end in calamity. 

97. Dreaming that a monkey gave birth to a dead young one

The dream symbolizes infertility and barrenness. 

98. A monkey giving birth to a human in a dream

You know better about the close association of humans and monkeys. 

Despite the similarities, it’s an ill omen if you dream of the primate giving birth to a human. Likely, your entire life would be wretched – be it career, love, relationship, marriage, children, so on and so forth. You will be blessed with the worst of luck, and nothing will give you happiness.

99. Monkeys mating in a dream

To dream of monkeys, mating signifies the incompatibility between you and your partner. 

100. A dream of giving birth to a monkey

If you dream of giving birth to a monkey, you are possibly under the evil eye, which will eventually hinder you from progress and success. 

101. Eating monkey meat in a dream

If you dream of relishing monkey meat, it implies you will go through difficult times. 

In some cases, it will get really bad, even pushing you to depression. 

102. Dreaming of eating with a monkey

Are you sharing your plans and secrets with your enemies? 

Perhaps it’s time you snap back to your senses and learn to differentiate between friends and ill-wishers. 

103. Acting like a monkey in a dream

Based on the plot, you believe you have invested enough time and effort into the problems of your loved ones. Now, you have had enough and are prepared to let them go their own ways – good or bad. 

Your higher self has your back, and you must not feel bad. Sometimes, people need to learn their lesson the hard way. You have done your utmost, and now it’s time you leave that person to his or her fate. 

104. A dream of becoming a monkey

Turning into a monkey in a dream is a negative sign. Shallow thinking and impulsiveness will get you into scandalous activities. 

105. A monkey turning into a man in a dream

It’s a warning. If you are thinking of tying the wedding knot soon, look into the life of your to-be bride or groom beforehand. That person may be deceiving you about his or her identity. 

106. A monkey advising you in a dream

The dream implies you have gone to the wrong person for advice. 

107. Dreaming of monkey poop

According to the plot, you will get immense wealth from an unexpected source. 

108. Kissing a monkey in a dream 

According to the theories of Sigmund Freud, if you see yourself kissing a monkey, it reflects your desire to get closer to someone. 

109. Dreaming of petting a monkey

Petting a monkey in a dream is an auspicious symbol. Nothing will distance you from your goals and success around this time. 

Dreaming of Monkeys: Different Types

110. A wounded monkey in a dream

A person who disappointed you in the past is in trouble. Since it is something you can easily solve, you would be in a dilemma. 

While a part of you wants to put an end to the trouble, remembering how he or she hurt you will hold you back from taking action. 

In spite of everything, the dream encourages you to help that individual.

111. Dreaming of a cheerful monkey

If you dream of a happy and cheerful primate, one of your long-lost friends will probably reach out to you. 

112. An angry monkey in a dream

The image of an angry monkey in a dream symbolizes problems with your neighbors, which will create a breach between you and them.

Consequently, your reputation amongst fellow dwellers will decline. 

113. A talking monkey in a dream

If you dream of a talking monkey, try to recall the tone and the subject of the talk. 

If the animal used a confident tone and words, you would achieve something you pined for. 

In the event of the primate complaining to you about something, you must not reveal your secrets and upcoming plans to anyone.

If the monkey teased or made fun of you, someone is displeased with your stupid jokes.

An arrogant monkey warns you to be cautious of how you communicate with others.  

If the primate swore at you in a dream, you would be the cause of your misfortune. 

114. Dreaming of a monkey in full dress

Based on the plot, a close one is involved in base activities. Time and again, you have tried to bring that person back to the right path but in vain.

According to the scenario, that person does not care a dime about your pleas and requests. 

Perhaps it’s time you leave that person to his or her destiny. 

115. Dreaming of a baby monkey

A baby monkey in a dream symbolizes your compassionate soul that cares for everyone equally. You do not let anyone around you feel neglected. Your optimism, empathy, and compassion for others bring your family, friends, and relatives together. 

The dream may also be advising you to embrace your inner child. 

116. A dream of fighting a baby monkey 

In this scenario, the baby monkey signifies your playful side. Based on the plot, you are resisting your liveliness and stressing yourself too far. 

But why? Your higher wants you to ask that question.

Having goals and working to achieve them is good but not at the cost of your peace. 

Take a break and embrace the lively baby monkey in you every once in a while. 

117. Dreaming of a marmoset, a small type of monkey

The marmoset symbolizes a comical situation. According to the dream books of Tsvetkov, the size of the animal tells about the intensity of the event – the tinier the primate, the more ridiculous the situation would be. 

118. Feeding a marmoset from your hands in a dream

You will soon encounter a person who believes trust and transparency are crucial in a relationship. 

119. Dreaming of medium-sized monkeys

If you dream of a medium-sized monkey such as a macaque or a baboon, it symbolizes your dislike for the people you have teamed up with.  

On the flip side, it signifies your yearning to hang out with people who find you boring. 

120. An enormous monkey in a dream

If you see an enormous monkey such as an orangutan, the plot symbolizes your naivety. 

On the other hand, a gorilla symbolizes your idleness and lethargy. 

121. Dreaming of a gorilla holding a young one

Based on the plot, you and your children do not think along the same lines. The scenario shows a substantial gap in between. 

122. Dreaming of mountain monkeys

A mountain monkey in a dream is a harbinger of good luck. Circumstances that had worked against you in the past will start favoring you. 

123. Dreaming of the three iconic monkeys

The three mystic monkeys in a dream suggest you be flexible and change your perspective and approach if the need arises. 

124. Dreaming of a monkey God

You often, though not always, believe yourself to be correct and others wrong. Such belief will make you bold enough to express your disapproval of others, which will frequently drag you into conflict. 

125. Dreaming of a flying monkey

A flying monkey in a dream portends sickness and disease.

126. A green monkey in a dream

To dream of a green monkey signifies your frugality. It also warns you to be responsible for your words and actions. 

127. Dreaming of a red monkey

Red monkeys in the dream world stand for fear, humiliation, and irreversible changes. 

128. Dreaming of a grey monkey

A grey monkey denotes you need to chop off some people or traits from your life. 

129. A dream of a black and white monkey

The dream indicates you are too hasty about a decision. 

As mentioned in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens…a time to weep and a time to laugh…”

130. Black monkey in dream meaning

A black monkey in a dream warns you of a shrewd woman around you. If any female in your circle seems too friendly and good to be true, stay away from her. 

Most probably, she is up to no good. 

131. Dreaming of fighting with a black monkey

Contrary to white monkeys, black monkeys symbolize harmful habits that can cause you serious trouble. Based on the plot, you are aware of the harm they can incur on you and are resisting them with all your might. 

132. Dreaming of a white monkey

A white monkey in a dream is a good omen, especially concerning your professional life. Either you will receive a job offer with a good package or a promotion in your current workplace. 

133. Befriending a white monkey in a dream

To dream of befriending a monkey means you are sowing seeds for future profits and prosperity – savings, investment, etc. 

134. Fighting a white monkey in a dream

Here, the monkey symbolizes good habits and practices. However, these are ‘good’ only when done moderately. 

For instance, helping others is a good thing, but if you overdo it, people will start relying on you for every small thing and take you for granted. 

You have, in due time, realized how the good(when overdone) turns into something detrimental. 

Therefore, the scenario of fighting a white monkey means you are resisting the urge to offer further assistance to those people.

135. Fighting / killing a pregnant monkey in a dream

The pregnant monkey symbolizes a goal you have been working on for a long time. But to dream of fighting or killing the creature means you are trying to give it up just when you are about to achieve it. 

Your dream alarms you of where you stand and how near you are to the finishing point. Whether to hang on to it or give it up is your call.

136. Recurring Dreams of Monkeys

Often, when someone has recurring dreams of the primate, it implies that a spiteful person is lurking around, disguised as a friend, waiting for an opportunity to tarnish your image. 

Monkeys In Dreams: By Different Dreamers

137. An unmarried woman dreaming of a monkey

According to dream analysts, if an unmarried woman dreams of a monkey, it means she will marry a moody and irritable man.  

138. A woman dreaming of feeding a monkey

Betrayal! That is what the dream highlights. And it’s going to come from someone unexpected. Possibly, someone who flattered you a lot before, someone who praised you to the moon and stars earlier. 

139. A woman seeing herself get married to a monkey in a dream

If a woman dreams of marrying a monkey, she may end up with a corrupted husband.

140. A woman having recurring dreams of a baby monkey crying

Based on the recurring theme, the dreamer may have infertility issues. 

141. A woman seeing a monkey give birth in a dream

If an unmarried woman dreams of the above scenario, it foretells ill-luck in love and marriage. 

On the flip side, the same dream surfacing in the sleep state of a married woman signifies an unwanted child. 

142. A soon-to-be-bride dreaming of a monkey

According to the dream book of Vanga, accelerate the ceremony if you want to stay away from unwanted problems. 

143. A man dreaming of a pregnant monkey

If you are a man and saw a pregnant monkey in your dream, you need to look back on your activities. 

Have you recently slept with a woman? 

If that is so, the dream may be warning you of a child born out of wedlock. 

However, if you haven’t, the scenario warns you of others looking for opportunities to disgrace you. 

144. A man dreaming of a monkey eating a banana

In the dream world, bananas are a symbol of fertility. If a man dreams of the same and gets involved in intimate activities with women around this time, he will beget a child.

145. Aged people dreaming of a monkey biting him or her

The dream denotes the deteriorating health of the dreamer. 

Monkey In Dream During Pregnancy

146. A monkey in the dream of a pregnant woman

If an expecting mother dreams about the primate, it may imply the birth of an adorable boy. 

147. A pregnant woman dreaming of a monkey giving birth

The dream shows you will not like the forthcoming child as much as you do your other children. 

Monkey In Dream Good Or Bad?

Is it good or bad to see a monkey in dreams? 

There’s no straight answer to the question because the creature is neither altogether bad nor good. Given its menacing and shrewd tactics to snatch the possessions of humans who go to their habitat to feed them, monkey dreams are linked to deceit and betrayal. 

But then, the cunning creature has its compassionate side too. And at times, a monkey in dreams signifies that you are under divine protection. 

In a nutshell, it wouldn’t be fair to categorize such dreams as either good or bad. It can signify good, bad, or even both – partially good and partially devious. 

Take careful notes of the plot, the elements present in the scenario, the emotions within and after the dream, and how you see the animal in the real world. That will shed light on the meaning of your dream. 

Spiritual Meaning of Monkey in Dream

From the spiritual perspective, a monkey in a dream stands for the presence of evil around you. The dream could be warning you to keep your distance from people who wish you ill. Because if you don’t, they will likely use you for their selfish interests. 

However, that is not to say, every monkey in the dream world signifies malicious people and actions. A happy ape stands for divine protection. You have to consider the elements, feelings, and emotions you experience within the dream.

Biblical Meaning Of Monkey In A Dream

The Holy Bible does not directly mention monkeys. However, based on Christian iconography, the animal embodies the ugly sides of human beings – greed, selfishness, evil, hatred, lust, and adultery. 

Monkey In Dreams Meaning Hindu

In Hindu beliefs, Lord Hanuman, the monkey God of strength and destroyer of evil, is respected for his selflessness. 

So, from the Hindu perspective, your monkey dream may symbolize your generosity and empathy for others. But of course, you need to consider the plot in detail before you come to a conclusion. 

Monkeys in Dreams: 4 Dream Examples

1. A man saw a monkey throwing poop at someone in his dream.

In real life, the man went against the rules of his teacher. 

2. A man dreamt of getting married to a monkey.

In waking life, others made fun of him for desiring to marry a woman who was seen by others in a bad light. 

3. A woman dreamt of seeing her husband in a half-human, half-monkey suit.

In waking life, the woman was worried that her husband would not be on his best behavior at an upcoming event. 

4. A man dreamt of monkeys climbing a tree that was bare of branches.

In waking life, he was constantly embarrassed by a jealous colleague.

A Few Reasons Why You Saw A Monkey In Your Dream

The primates are relatively common dream themes, but they do not surface in your sleep state for no reason. A few possible reasons are-

  1. You saw a monkey recently in a zoo or a TV show.
  2. You either have a soft spot for the animal or detests it. 
  3. Perhaps you are a nature lover. 
  4. You are compassionate, gentle, and like to treat everyone equally. 
  5. You are too childish or immature for your age.
  6. Someone is looking for a chance to disgrace you. 
  7. You believe that others are making a fool of you. 
  8. You are in a relationship with the wrong person.
  9. Monkey dreams also denote you are in conflict with someone. 
  10. You have disregarded others’ advice. 

A Few Questions To Ask Yourself If You Dream of Monkeys

Before you proceed with your dream interpretation, ask yourself these few questions. 

  1. Which type of monkey did you dream of?
  2. Was it a baby or a grown-up?
  3. What color was it? 
  4. Where exactly did you see it – in the jungle, park, zoo, inside your house or room, in your car, etc. 
  5. What did it do in the dream?
  6. How did you feel within the dream and right after you woke up?
  7. What’s your general opinion about the animal? Do you find it cute and funny or annoying?


That wraps up our monkey in dream write-up. If you read the whole article, you must have gained much insight into what it means to dream of the primate. 

The theme is indeed complex, and we admit it’s next to impossible to cover everything here. In case we missed out on your dream scenario, take note of how we interpreted the above dreams. Along with that, analyze your real-life circumstances, connect the dots and see where the interpretation fits into your life. 

All dreams are decodable, and none other is more qualified than you to unfurl your dreams.

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