Why Do Relationship Dreams Occur?

A Dream about Being in A Relationship with Someone

It is a sign that some force is blocking you from accomplishing your goals.

A Relationship Dream of Sharing An Intimate Moment with Your Partner

Dream may reveal your wish to get more intimate with your partner than you presently are in reality.

Having Sex with Your Present Partner in A Relationship Dream

It reflects your desire to try out unexplored intimate experiences with your partner.

Dream of Getting Married to Your Partner in A Relationship Dream

You accept your present partner wholeheartedly for who he or she is.

A Relationship Dream of Expecting A Child with Your Partner

The scenario may displease you if you aren’t ready for a child yet.

Fighting with Your Partner in A Relationship Dream

The spectacle may hint at an underlying tension or anger.

A Relationship Dream of Breaking Up with Your Present Partner

You need to take action concerning some issues in your life.

Relationship dreams should never be taken literally. Instead, they provide you a lens to get to know yourself better - your expectations, shortcomings.