Relationship dreams should never be taken literally. Instead, they provide you a lens to get to know yourself better – your expectations, shortcomings, and experiences with past relationships. 

What Is The Significance Of Relationship Dreams?

Some scenarios may give you an idea of where you stand in a present relationship.  

Often, dreams about relationships are nothing but a reflection of your reality.  

You may see yourself arguing, fighting, or being in a relationship with a stranger or an unfamiliar person. 

But you need to remind yourself not to take a dream by its literal meaning. Seeing yourself getting back together with an ex doesn’t mean you will in the waking world. 

Instead, your dream could be highlighting aspects of yourself or something about the previous relationship you cherish. 

Here are some of the reasons that might have given rise to the dream. 

  • An insight into your genuine feelings
  • Self-betrayal and regret
  • A forthcoming event
  • Insecurities and fears

Relationship Dream Meaning – Various Plots And Their Interpretations

Relationship dreams or any other dream for that matter are usually a reflection of your feelings and experiences, though someone else may also play a part.  

The below scenarios will help you understand your emotions, confront your wants and needs and also look at your real-life relationships from a different lens. 

A dream about being in a relationship with someone

Either someone or circumstances will reveal a crucial piece of information to you.

Negatively, it is a sign that some force is blocking you from accomplishing your goals. 

A relationship dream of sharing an intimate moment with your partner

This type of vision is quite common if you are currently in a romantic relationship. 

And your dream may reveal your wish to get more intimate with your partner than you presently are in reality.

Having sex with your present partner in a relationship dream

It reflects your desire to try out unexplored intimate experiences with your partner. 

However, you are mistaken if you associate the plot with sexual intimacies only. 

Getting married to your partner in a relationship

The scenario is your subconscious mind getting mentally and emotionally prepared for your big day.

At other times, it may be encouraging you to make a commitment.  

Expecting a child with your partner

The symbolism of the dream has nothing to do with a baby. Instead, it symbolizes new ideas, thoughts, and goals. 

And the presence of your partner in the scenario tells you that he or she will help you nurture and realize your goals. 

Fighting with your partner

You are everybody and can represent anybody in your dreams and your dream is a reflection of your emotions and feelings.

That is to say, the furious partner you dream of may actually be an aspect of yourself. 

Breaking up with your present partner

It means you have no intentions to part ways with your present partner however complicated the situation gets. 

Alternatively, if you felt free and happy after the breakup, it signifies you need to take action concerning some issues in your life.

Your partner trying to kill you

If you had a dream of your partner trying to kill you, it shows your fear of something you are trying to flee from in reality. 

Seeing your present partner with another man or woman

Generally, these types of relationship dreams are closely related to insecurities. 

At other times, they can also be a reflection of an argument or a fight that happened recently between you and your partner. 

Cheating on your partner

A relationship dream wherein you see yourself cheating on your partner is a sign of guilt or self-betrayal. Perhaps you have neglected your intuition, belief, or ideals in certain aspects of your life. 

In other instances, it may also suggest hidden passion. 

Partner dying/ Seeing your partner dead

To see your partner dead or dying represents a change in the dynamic of your relationship.

Sometimes, this could signify the fear of ending a relationship. 

Seeing your present partner’s ex-lover

You are more than likely to dream of your partner’s ex-lover if you are trying hard to be like that person. 

It can also mean you constantly compare yourself with that particular person. 

Being in a relationship with an ex-lover

It’s common to have a relationship dream featuring your ex-lover. But do such types of dreams denote that you want to get back together with that person?

Rather it is a sign that you are experiencing the same feelings you had for your ex with your current partner.

Also, dreaming of being in a relationship with a former lover may mean a certain event or a situation reminds you of something you underwent while you were romantically involved with your past lover. 

Being intimate with an ex-lover

Having a dream of being intimate with a lover from years back does not necessarily signify a reunion, though it can denote getting back together for some. 

The dream may also mean you have finally come to terms with the positive as well as negative traits of your ex-lover. 

Breaking up with an ex-lover

It denotes you are still unable to accept the separation. 

Your ex-lover dead

To summarize, dreaming of your ex-lover dead in a dream means it’s over. 

Your feelings for him or her are no longer alive and you are absolutely ready, emotionally and mentally to start a new relationship with a new person. 

Going back to a toxic relationship

A dream about going back to an ex-partner who caused you pain or misery shows you’re still allowing the abuse.

But now it isn’t your ex-partner abusing you but you tormenting yourself psychologically, not physically.

An abusive relationship

It shows you are indulging in harmful habits and routines.

Being in a relationship with a crush

To be in a relationship with a crush shows you are using a negative situation to your advantage.

Sometimes, such a dream hints at something you have neglected about yourself. 

Being in a relationship with your best friend

You may need to change your ways of thinking if you had a relationship with a best friend in a dream.

Spiritual Meaning Of Relationship Dreams

The spiritual interpretation of relationship dreams depends largely on the scenario you dream of. 

For example, your partner cheating on you with someone else shows you feel insecure about the relationship. 

However, getting cheated on can also mean your principles, goals, and visions are not in alignment with your partner’s. 


Relationship dreams are quite common and they shouldn’t be a reason for worry, even if they involve cheating. 

Therefore, instead of stressing over what may happen, use your dream vision as an opportunity to pay attention to concerns that need to be examined on a deeper level.