Key Takeaways

  • Never take relationship dreams by their literal meaning.
  • In dreams, you can be anyone. So, dreaming of a furious partner may stand for discontentment in yourself.
  • Some scenarios may hint at the presence of a third wheel in your relationship. 
  • You may also have such dreams if you haven’t moved on from an ex-partner. 

Have you ever encountered relationship dreams? Seeing yourself getting lovey-dovey with your present partner may leave you indifferent upon waking.

But what if you dream of going back to a toxic relationship after everything you went through?

Relationship dreams are complex and often their interpretations largely differ from what we expected. If the topic is of interest to you, do read on because this web post will help you understand such types of dreams. 

What Is The Significance Of Relationship Dreams?

Relationship dreams should never be taken literally. Instead, they provide you a lens to get to know yourself better – your expectations, shortcomings, and experiences with past relationships. 

However, some scenarios may give you an idea of where you stand in a present relationship.  

Often, dreams about relationships are nothing but a reflection of your reality.  

You may see yourself arguing, fighting, or being in a relationship with a stranger or an unfamiliar person. 

But you need to remind yourself not to take a dream by its literal meaning. Seeing yourself getting back together with an ex doesn’t mean you will in the waking world. 

Instead, your dream could be highlighting aspects of yourself or something about the previous relationship you cherish. 

Also, these types of dreams help you understand your genuine feelings about something or someone. 

These are just a bird’s eye view of relationship dreams. If you wish to dig more into the topic, you can check out the following sections. 

Relationship Dream Meaning – Various Dream Symbols

Now that we’re done with a general interpretation of relationship dreams, let’s find out some of the reasons that might have given rise to the dream. 

1. An insight into your genuine feelings

Human beings are complicated. Forget about others! At times, we really find it hard to understand ourselves. 

We often fool ourselves into thinking we hate someone when in truth, we actually love and care for that person. 

Also, ego and pride get in the way, making us deny the genuine feelings we have developed for someone. 

However, it’s not as easy to play games with our unconscious as it is to fool our conscious state of mind. 

And dreams are often a reflection of our innermost thoughts, feelings, and memories – emotions we have or are trying to deny in the waking world. 

2. Self-betrayal and regret

Relationship dreams, especially those that involved you cheating on your partner reflect your regretful feelings for ignoring your intuition. 

3. A forthcoming event

It’s not rare for future happenings or events such as an engagement party, a wedding ceremony, pregnancy, or a get-together to find your way into your dream space. 

Often, this can be the case if you have looked forward to it for a long time or even argued with someone over it.

For example, you may dream of getting married to the person you are presently in a relationship with if you are earnestly looking forward to the day your person will officially propose to you. 

4. Insecurities and fears

Sometimes, dreams of such nature can be a reflection of the fears you harbor in your waking life regarding your relationship.

Relationship dreams that involve cheating can be a sign of insecurities in your relationship, a fear of abandonment, or a sign that you don’t trust yourself or your partner. 

Relationship Dream Meaning – 38 Plots And Their Interpretations

According to Lauri Loewenberg, a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and professional dream expert, dreams are nothing but a conversation with the self. 

That is to say, relationship dreams or any other dream for that matter are usually a reflection of your feelings and experiences, though someone else may also play a part.  

The below scenarios will help you understand your emotions, confront your wants and needs and also look at your real-life relationships from a different lens. 

1. A dream about being in a relationship with someone

Either someone or circumstances will reveal a crucial piece of information to you.

Negatively, it is a sign that some force is blocking you from accomplishing your goals. 

2. A relationship dream of sharing an intimate moment with your partner

This type of vision is quite common if you are currently in a romantic relationship. 

And your dream may reveal your wish to get more intimate with your partner than you presently are in reality.

3. Having sex with your present partner in a relationship dream

The dream reflects your desire to try out unexplored intimate experiences with your partner. 

However, you are mistaken if you associate the plot with sexual intimacies only. 

Contrary to your expectation, the scenario is also associated with emotional bonding between you and your partner. 

For example, you might have accepted your partner’s love after realizing much later that his or her feelings for you are genuine. 

4. A relationship dream of being in a vehicle with your partner

If you see yourself and your partner inside a vehicle, you need to take careful note of the details.

For instance, if you were the one behind the wheel, it shows you are the dominant one between the two of you. 

If it was a smooth ride, that could mean you guys are getting along very well. If you were driving at a fast speed and dream of the brakes not working, that shows that your relationship needs to slow down. 

Are you rushing into marriage? Or are you already talking about having kids? Chances are, you need to take things slowly. 

Similarly, look out for other details and figure out what your dream is trying to tell you. 

5. To dream of getting married to your partner in a relationship dream

The scenario is your subconscious mind getting mentally and emotionally prepared for your big day.

At other times, it may be encouraging you to make a commitment. 

On the other hand, the dream denotes that you accept your present partner wholeheartedly for who he or she is. 

6. A relationship dream of expecting a child with your partner

The scenario may displease you if you aren’t ready for a child yet. 

On the contrary, you may rejoice after encountering the dream if you and your partner are looking forward to a baby.

However, the symbolism of the dream has nothing to do with a baby. Instead, it symbolizes new ideas, thoughts, and goals. 

And the presence of your partner in the scenario tells you that he or she will help you nurture and realize your goals. 

7. Fighting with your partner in a relationship dream

One thing you need to remember about dream interpretation is that you can’t decipher a dream based on the literal meaning. 

Just because you see yourself fighting your partner in a dream doesn’t mean the same will happen in the near future. Instead, the spectacle may hint at an underlying tension or anger. 

You are everybody and can represent anybody in your dreams and your dream is a reflection of your emotions and feelings. That is to say, the furious partner you dream of may actually be an aspect of yourself. 

Before you confront your partner about what he or she has against you, you need to ask what you have against yourself or the relationship. 

8. A relationship dream of breaking up with your present partner

Generally, you will see such a dream if you are going through a tough time with regard to your romantic relationship. 

However, do note that the dream in no way foretells a separation nor does it urge you to call off the relationship. 

To delve deeper into the meaning you need to recall how you felt in the dream. If the break-up left you hurt, it means you have no intentions to part ways with your present partner however complicated the situation gets. 

Rather than breaking up, you wish to fight through the obstacles together and use those hard times to strengthen your bond with your person. 

Alternatively, if you felt free and happy after the breakup, it signifies you need to take action concerning some issues in your life. Likely, you have let it carry on for quite a long time and your dream implies you can’t take it any longer. 

For example, if you feel like you have let your partner control your actions for quite a long time, the dream may mean you need to start directing your own moves.  

9. A relationship dream of your present partner breaking up with you

Seeing your present partner breaking up with you in a dream signifies your relationship is evolving. However, you need to understand that to start something new, an ending is necessary. 

The scenario emphasizes the need to leave parts of you behind so that you can be your best version in the next level of your relationship. 

Let me explain that!

You do not open up to your partner right from day 1. You keep things within you as you still are unsure whether you can trust your partner or not. 

But as your relationship grows, you will start trusting them and you will begin to rely on them slowly. 

Eventually, you will need to open up to him or her to have him or her trust you and your feelings. 

Ultimately, you would need to abandon the doubt you harbor towards him or her in the initial days to make the relationship work. 

On the other hand, it means you are taking the relationship to the next level. Perhaps you guys are planning to get married or move in together. 

10. Your partner trying to kill you in a relationship dream

If you had a dream of your partner trying to kill you, it shows your fear of something you are trying to flee from in reality. 

11. Dreaming of seeing your present partner with another man or woman

Generally, these types of relationship dreams are closely related to insecurities. 

At other times, they can also be a reflection of an argument or a fight that happened recently between you and your partner. 

12. Relationship dreams of cheating on your partner

A relationship dream wherein you see yourself cheating on your partner is a sign of guilt or self-betrayal. Perhaps you have neglected your intuition, belief, or ideals in certain aspects of your life. 

In other instances, it may also suggest hidden passion. 

If you dream about cheating, it doesn’t necessarily indicate that you’re having sexual or romantic feelings for someone else but that you feel guilty because you aren’t giving your partner enough time and attention.

So, to better understand the reason behind this dream, try to pinpoint areas in your relationship that you may be neglecting and see what’s stopping you from committing to your partner.

13. Seeing your partner cheating on you in a relationship dream

Believe it or not, cheating dreams are very common. Before you accuse your partner of cheating on you with another person, read the entire meaning of this plot. 

Usually, when you dream of this scenario, the problem is not your partner but you! The dream reflects your fears, anxieties, and insecurities.

Perhaps you feel your partner does not give you enough love and attention and are fearful that your relationship will not stand the test of time. 

According to Loewenberg, if you’ve been cheated on in the past, dreaming about your partner cheating on you probably means you have not completely healed from the infidelity.

Another approach to the dream reflects the relationship problems you experienced with a past person.

Perhaps you were ditched by a partner when you least expect it, or maybe you were abandoned during your childhood. 

In that case, the dream may mean you still feel traumatized by those incidents. In case of which, the dream signals the need to dedicate more time to work through the trauma so you can move forward with your current relationship.

Sometimes, cheating in dreams may hint at the presence of a third wheel in your relationship. 

Most likely, the dream is highlighting the fact that there is something that feels like a third wheel in the relationship. This need not necessarily be a person getting between you and your partner. 

Cheating is symbolic of something that’s taking up a lot of your partner’s time, say work or friends. 

14. To dream of your partner dying/ Seeing your partner dead in a relationship dream

To see your partner dead or dying represents a change in the dynamic of your relationship.

For instance, if your partner moves to another city for work purposes, you won’t be able to meet up as often as earlier. 

Since your day-to-day meet-ups are suddenly put to an end, it may take the form of your partner dying in your dream. 

Sometimes, this dream could signify the fear of ending a relationship. 

15. Seeing your present partner’s ex-lover in a dream

You are more than likely to dream of your partner’s ex-lover if you are trying hard to be like that person. 

For example, you might be pushing yourself to dress or behave like your partner’s ex because you remember your partner praising his/her style once. As you can see, the dream reflects you trying your best to be liked by your partner. 

It can also mean you constantly compare yourself with that particular person. 

At other times, the dream may serve as a warning cautioning you not to repeat the similar mistakes your partner’s ex committed that led to the end of their relationship. 

16. Dreaming of being in a relationship with an ex-lover

It’s common to have a relationship dream featuring your ex-lover. But do such types of dreams denote that you want to get back together with that person?

Rather it is a sign that you are experiencing the same feelings you had for your ex with your current partner. 

For instance, your present partner might be hurting you in the same way your ex did years back. 

On the other hand, it may mean you feel content and secure with your present partner just like how your ex made you feel in the past. 

Also, dreaming of being in a relationship with a former lover may mean a certain event or a situation reminds you of something you underwent while you were romantically involved with your past lover. 

From another perspective, the subconscious may be prompting you to learn from your past mistakes and not let similar issues stand between you and your present lover. 

17. To dream of being intimate with an ex-lover in a relationship dream

Ever dreamed of a steamy encounter with an ex-lover? What was the first thing that came to your mind upon waking?

You are mistaken if you relate such a dream with a reconciliation. Having a dream of being intimate with a lover from years back does not necessarily signify a reunion, though it can denote getting back together for some. 

Instead, these types of plots usually symbolize fears about adultery and lingering emotions from bygone relationships. 

The dream may also mean you have finally come to terms with the positive as well as negative traits of your ex-lover. 

18. A relationship dream about getting married to your ex-lover

Having such a plot as a dream signifies your subconscious mind is connecting to a part of you – one you cherished in your previous relationship. 

For instance, let’s say you had an easy-going relationship with your ex-lover who never minds your goofy ways. 

And contrary to your ex-lover, if your present partner is too strict and inflexible, you will at some point start missing your old ways.

19. Relationship dreams of breaking up with an ex-lover

More often than not, dreaming of breaking up with your ex-lover, someone you have already parted ways with in the real world, denotes you are still unable to accept the separation. 

According to the dream, the memories of your times together are still very much alive in your subconscious mind. 

20. Seeing your ex-lover dead in a relationship dream

What if you see your ex-lover dead in a relationship dream? 

To summarize, dreaming of your ex-lover dead in a dream means it’s over. 

You have moved on. 

Your feelings for him or her are no longer alive and you are absolutely ready, emotionally and mentally to start a new relationship with a new person. 

21. To dream of going back to a toxic relationship

According to Loewenberg, having a dream about going back to an ex-partner who caused you pain or misery shows you’re still allowing the abuse.

But now it isn’t your ex-partner abusing you but you tormenting yourself psychologically, not physically.

The traumatic experiences of the past still live in your mind, in their full form and you still let yourself get affected by them. 

22. A dream about an abusive relationship

To dream of being abused in a relationship shows you are indulging in harmful habits and routines.

23. Dreaming about being in a relationship and getting intimate with someone you are unfamiliar with

Without a doubt, the above plot will leave you dumbfounded and questioning your own morals. 

But does the plot really mean you will get involved sexually with someone you are not close with? 

The answer is NO! 

Also, it doesn’t mean you have a hidden passion to get intimate with random people you cross paths with in the waking world. 

Instead, the dream reflects your deepest desires and passion. A desire to break free from monotonous bedroom activities and indulge in something more flirtatious with your partner. 

Alternatively, it may mean there’s something you earnestly admire in a particular person and you are trying to incorporate the same in yourself. Say a pleasing personality, patience, etc. 

24. Dreaming about an ex while in a relationship

To see an ex while in a romantic relationship with a new person doesn’t necessarily mean you still have feelings for him or her.

Instead, it can be because you associate that person from your past with innocent love, passion, feeling loved and desired, etc. 

However, not all of us cherish our past relationships. 

If you were in a toxic relationship, dreaming of your ex can mean you still carry the traumatic experiences of your previous relationship. 

Just because you part ways with that person doesn’t mean the residual feelings of the anger, pain, frustration, and resentment you experienced washed away.

25. Dreaming of being in a relationship with someone when you are not in reality

This is likely to happen if something in your life is rapidly progressing, often for the better, contrary to how you had imagined. 

26. Dreaming of being in a relationship with a person who is not your partner in real

The dream stands for detrimental habits and routines you cherish in your waking life. 

27. Dreaming of being in a relationship with a crush

To be in a relationship with a crush shows you are using a negative situation to your advantage.

Sometimes, such a dream hints at something you have neglected about yourself. 

28. Being in a relationship with a celebrity in a dream

First, ask yourself what you associate that celebrity with. What do you like or don’t like about him or her?

What are some of the qualities he or she possesses that stand out to you?

Also, you need to recall how you behaved in that dream.

Asking these few questions and analyzing your emotions accordingly will help you understand prominent qualities or behavior about yourself that are causing conflict or inspiring others in the waking world. 

29. To dream of being in a relationship with someone you know

A dream about being in a relationship with someone you know symbolizes a lack of control in your life. 

30. To dream of being in a relationship with a coworker

Your dream suggests someone at your workplace undermines you and your abilities. 

Sometimes, the plot symbolizes deception and evil.

31. Dreaming of being in a relationship with your best friend

You may need to change your ways of thinking if you had a relationship with a best friend in a dream.

32. Dreams about being in love with a stranger when you are in a relationship in real

Chances are, you are not happy with your current relationship. Maybe the spark that was once present in your relationship is no longer there. 

You may be missing the thrill of getting into a new relationship. Perhaps you seek something new and exciting – essentially something your present relationship lacks.

33. Being in a relationship with someone you like

The scenario hints at the sacrifice you have made in the waking world.

34. Dreaming of being in a happy relationship

A happy relationship in a dream symbolizes growth and new beginnings.

Depending on your circumstances it may also emphasize the need to release something, say a depressing past. 

35. Dreaming that you felt anxious about a waking life relationship

Chances are, your dream is trying to bring your genuine concerns about the relationship out in the open. 

Perhaps you convince yourself that you feel comforted in that particular relationship when all it does is give you anxiety. 

If you can relate, your dream suggests you figure out a way to work it out instead of trying to conceal it. 

36. Being in a romantic relationship in a dream

To dream of being in a romantic relationship suggests the need to include fun and relaxation in your waking life.

A romantic relationship also symbolizes new opportunities, a new relationship, or even a new attitude toward life in general. 

On the other hand, if you are content with how your life is unraveling, you may see yourself being in a romantic relationship. 

37. To dream of being in a gay relationship

If you were in a gay relationship in a dream it means you prioritize your goals and job over your loved ones.

38. Random relationship dreams that make no sense

A relationship dream featuring both you and your partner that makes no sense whatsoever is not only possible but relatively common.

While they seem irrational, illogical, and even quite disturbing at times, they too often have their own symbolism buried deep within. 

Such dreams arise because you spend a whole lot of your time with your partner on a day-to-day basis. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Relationship Dreams

The spiritual interpretation of relationship dreams depends largely on the scenario you dream of. 

For example, your partner cheating on you with someone else shows you feel insecure about the relationship. 

However, getting cheated on can also mean your principles, goals, and visions are not in alignment with your partner’s. 

Yet another meaning could be that your present relationship is not what you had envisioned once. 


Relationship dreams are quite common and they shouldn’t be a reason for worry, even if they involve cheating. 

Therefore, instead of stressing over what may happen, use your dream vision as an opportunity to pay attention to concerns that need to be examined on a deeper level.