What Are The Various Types of Dreams

Most of us experience “standard” dreams that are based on the emotions or incidences based on our daily life. Our mind tries to process the past and the entire day through the dreams and that’s why you’ll find your dreams very similar to your waking life.  However, there are others…


Fantasy Dreams

They bring alive your fantasies that you can enjoy in the dream world if not in your waking life.


After a family problem or a tragedy, nightmares are a common issue. Bad dreams occur as a result of fear, depression, or trauma from recent incidents.

Lucid Dreams

They give you the power to control your dreams. That’s why it is the most fun type of dreaming.


This dream type is about fantasizing about a situation from your perspective. The situations can be from the past or from the future.  

Night Terrors

This dream type leads you to wake up from a dream in panic and you wouldn’t want to go back to sleep again.

False-awakening dreams

They make you believe that you have woken up from a dream but you’re actually dreaming. 

Prophetic dreams

Dreams that are supposed to narrate a future event(s) are prophetic dreams. 

Vivid Dreams

These dreams are intense visions that are detailed; have clear narratives & are easily remembered and recalled.

Common Dream Themes

Naked in Public

Sex Dreams

Falling Dreams

Losing your teeth

Dreams about death