Dreams about cheating may have a direct connection with something about your relationship. But it rarely tells that you or your partner is unfaithful. Rather, it symbolizes strains in your bond and even issues regarding only yourself.

So, let’s see what it actually means…

Dreams about Cheating – Various Types of It & Their Interpretations
Dreams about Cheating – Various Types of It & Their Interpretations

Is it always bad to dream of cheating? 

Dreams about cheating can imply various things including your emotional state, relationship status, sex life or even your compatibility with your partner.

Such dreams can help you find the issue and the possible fear in your mind. These dreams can be an eye-opener for you, telling you where to look, what to dodge and what to learn.

So, let’s first focus on what it means when…

You are being cheated on

Feelings of unhappiness or dissatisfaction can cause such dreams. If your sexual life is not up to the mark or your relationship is taking an emotional toll on you, these dreams happen. Other than that, it implies…

A third wheel in your relationship – It implies you both are having more fights lately because of a third party like your partner’s interfering friend or an odd issue like career clashes.

Lack of trust – If there is a lack of trust in the growing relationship, it never survives. It is often said, love, trust, and loyalty are the three pillars of a long-term relationship.

Your partner’s flirtatious nature – If your partner’s flirtatious habit has always been the issue in your connection, you may have this dream.

Insecurity – If you are constantly in a spiral of uncertainty and self-consciousness, it gets reflected in the dream about cheating.

You are the cheater

If you are dreaming about cheating on your loved ones, it portrays your guilt and past grief. It shows your fear and a true level of esteem. Let’s dive in a little deeper to interpret it better.

Guilt – You’re guilty about not being an equal in the relationship and not supporting your partner enough.

Something amiss – Your partner might be great but there is always something off in your equation like your choices and needs for a change of habits. 

Lying to yourself – If you are lying to your parents or dodging a long-term task, the dream makes you wonder if it is the right thing to do.

Compromise in your principles – This also implies you don’t know what is wrong in your life but feel like you are being unfaithful to your own self.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams about Cheating

Spiritually, cheating in dreams has tons of insecurities and doubts about feeling safe in the current relationship or feeling confident about the future of the relationship.

But being cheated on in dreams is an opportunity to get rid of negative forces in your life and to be more open-minded. 

Dreams about Cheating Where You’re the Cheater

In some dreams, you cheat on your partner and feel immensely guilty. Here are some dreams interpreted based on this theme.

Getting caught cheating in a dream

This signifies your real life is probably in turmoil. It reveals you are feeling guilty about talking to someone new or harboring strange new feelings in real life.

To stop these dreams, clear out the guilt with a chat with your partner ASAP!

Dreams about cheating with multiple people

These dreams often mean that you need to maybe resolve some hidden sexual desires. It can also mean that you feel insecure in your relationship.

Your subconscious mind tells you to find a more comfortable relationship or make your relationship more comfortable. 

Cheating on your partner with a stranger

It shows you are realizing that your relationship is taking a backseat in your life. The stranger signifies the issue or commitment that drives a wedge in your relationship.

You also feel guilty about not contributing to your bond. Try and find the cause and get rid of it before it is too late! 

Cheating your partner with an ex

It may imply your feelings for your ex are slowly returning but this is a rare case.

Often, it indicates you need time and space to move on completely. You need your partner’s support through this phase. Your healthy relationship won’t be in trouble because of one dream.

Cheating your partner with his/her close one

This dream is your heart’s desire to be close to your partner’s best friend or family. You might be struggling to bond with your partner’s loved ones due to differences in opinions.

There might be nothing wrong with your relationship. It’s just a call for help and the time to put in more effort.

Cheating with someone in a relationship

You love your partner dearly but they aren’t perfect. Maybe, you want your partner to learn the good traits of the ‘other person’. It’s time to come clean with your expectations from your partner.

Cheating your partner when you are going to get married

The dream is a normal indication of your feelings before the big day. You can be nervous, or you can be scared. It is a major change in your life and you have the full right to feel a little jittery.

Cheating your partner when you are pregnant

As a committed pregnant lady, things get boring during those nine months. Weight gain, exhaustion, backaches, loss of hair, less frequent sex, and your husband’s distant attitude makes you insecure and feel depressed.

This dream shows how much you crave physical and emotional attention from your partner.

Cheating your partner when she is pregnant

During your wife’s pregnancy, life changes for you. Her needs and expectations from you change. 

Such dreams often arise due to a lack of sexual activity and pressure of new responsibilities in the marriage. You must talk to your partner as they have the right to know how you feel.

Cheating Dreams Where You Aren’t the Cheater

There can be so many scenarios in your dreams where you find yourself being cheated on or you’re the other person. Let’s explore a few situations from them.  

Your partner cheating with an ex

If you recently met your partner’s ex or heard a story about them, you might have this dream. Despite your partner being over them, you are still jealous. 

A little couple’s therapy and a small dose of pampering can make you feel more secure in your relationship.

Your partner cheating with your close one

This means you probably want your partner and your best friend to get along but your efforts to unite them aren’t working. 

Or, it means your partner doesn’t pay attention to you and you feel insecure and angry.

Your significant other is cheating with a stranger

It indicates your partner doesn’t love or spend enough time with you. Perhaps, your partner is working late or ignoring your calls, you’ll feel left out. 

The dream tells you that you must put in effort and your partner needs to start spending more time with you.

Your partner is cheating with someone you know

It is about your personal grudges and doubts. For instance, if you don’t love yourself, you start questioning your own self. You probably find this other person prettier or sexier than yourself.

Dream of your boyfriend cheating

The first meaning is that your boyfriend has failed to make you feel accepted in the bond. 

Or, it means that you are not embracing your entire self and ignore your masculine aspects in your personality.

Your girlfriend cheating

This can occur if your business isn’t doing well. Perhaps, you are being cheated at work or fearing a loss. Your fear of not earning what you are worth can cause such troublesome dreams.

Your spouse cheating

In reality if you are seeking a third person in your sexual journey, this dream appears. In your dream, you try to find a compatible person with your spouse for a fun threesome.

Cheating where you are the “other person” 

This means that your partner betraying you isn’t the problem. The problem is your own mentality. You either constantly find trouble in your love life or seek a new perspective. 

Should You Tell Your Partner about These Cheating Dreams and How?

Cheating dreams are painful if you don’t work on them. You need to figure out which dream you are having and how your feelings are portrayed in them. If the it is about your own experience and concerns, try taking a break.

However, if you know that your relationship is at a changing point, follow these steps for a conversation:

  • Sit down with your partner and focus on the dynamics of your bond.
  • Don’t start by directly mentioning the dream though. Start with the issues that the dream signifies instead.
  • If the relationship is fine, opt for therapy, suggest exploring in the bedroom or a vacation!
  • If you both don’t feel the same about each other, discuss if you want to end things.

A word from ThePleasantDream

After having a dream about cheating. remember to not jump to conclusions. Even if the message implies your partner is disloyal, don’t blindly trust it. Try to understand its true meaning as you both are unique. Communicate openly and then figure out the next step.

But, if it’s not about your relationship, work on that and these dreams will go away!

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