Have you ever had gut-wrenching dreams about cheating where you woke up all sweaty?Have you ever woken up next to your partner wondering if this is the right one for you?

Or, have you ever craved for something more after a different dream at night?

The dream can be where you are cheating on your partner or they are going behind your back. The other person in the dream and the emotions it brings out in you are always unique.

Every human sees such dreams when their life has a new dynamic which makes them either go back to the past or question the future. Sometimes, the present relationship can be the reason why you are dreaming about cheating.

Dreams about Cheating – 20 Types of It & Their Interpretations
Dreams about Cheating – 20 Types of It & Their Interpretations

What does it mean to dream of your partner cheating?

Lauri Loewenberg, a dream analyst talks about how a dream about your partner cheating can be good for you. Such dreams can help you find the issue and the possible fear in your mind. These dreams can be an eye-opener for you, telling you where to look, what to dodge and what to learn.

Don’t avoid such dreams and always try to interpret them correctly. Dream interpretation requires time and patience. The result? You might be on a better path in life and improve your relationship also.

I have divided the general interpretations in terms of who is the cheater – you or someone else. So, let’s dig in first with…

When you are being cheated on

Feelings of unhappiness or dissatisfaction can cause such dreams. If your sexual life is not up to the mark or your relationship is taking an emotional toll on you, these dreams happen.

From insecurity to trust, from anger to confidence, each raw sense gets reflected in the dream. Many people have such dreams as nightmares while some have them due to overthinking. Here’s a deeper peek into it.

1. There’s a third wheel in your relationship

There might be a third party or an odd issue that is coming between the both of you. It can be the reason why you both are having more fights lately.

It can imply a friend of your partner who keeps interfering in your relationship or career clashes, this third wheel emerges in the dream to remind you of the barrier of your relationship.

2. You don’t trust your partner

If there is a lack of trust in the growing relationship, it never survives. It is often said, love, trust, and loyalty are the three pillars of a long-term relationship.

When the seed of doubt grows in your heart, a cheating dream makes you water the seed more. Moreover, you need to figure out why you don’t trust someone you love, as trust is the building stone of any relationship.

3. Your partner flirts with others (and you are pissed!)

Some people just can’t stop themselves. Maybe this flirtatious habit of your partner has always been the issue in your connection. However, things are getting out of hand now.

If you can’t let the anger out in real life, it manifests in your dream. Try asking your partner to take a step back or how it makes you feel. The dreams won’t stop till then.

4. You feel like your partner is cheating in real life

If you are finding some small hints in your real life, this is your subconscious mind telling you to dig deeper. If your partner is spending more nights away from home or flirting too much with other people, you might feel uncomfortable.

Or your mind is showing you dreams about infidelity to get you out of your denial phase. It is time to have a talk and to end things if needed.

5. You are feeling insecure

If you are constantly in a spiral of uncertainty and self-consciousness, it gets reflected in the dream about cheating. Your insecurity comes from the other person who is creating a distance between you and your partner.

Insecurities can break a bond easily if two people let them take charge. Infact, it could also mean that your partner’s insecurities are making you worried.

6. You are a victim of low self-esteem

If you keep comparing yourself with others or lose out on your self-confidence, there is nothing stopping these common dreams to occur.

If you keep wondering about why your partner is with you and not someone better, you tend to harm yourself more than anyone else can. Is his ex, prettier than me? Will he leave me for her? These questions keep popping in your head.

7. You think your partner doesn’t care about your relationship

If your S.O isn’t giving you the comfort and warmth you deserve, a cheating dream creates a ruckus. Maybe you’ve heard them talk behind your back or complain to their friends.

Infact, why not give yourself a warm hug and have a face-to-face conversation with your S.O. If they don’t care about your bond, you shouldn’t either.

8. You binged on “cheating-based” shows last night

This is the funniest reason you can have cheating dreams. If you went on to watch a show where cheating is the true essence, you can start overthinking it. This could be a reality show or a show based on affairs.

Binge-watching is one of the habits of the millennial generation, but it isn’t always amazing when you get recurring dreams about disloyalty.

9. Your subconscious is replaying your (cheating) past

Lauri Loewenberg says that a traumatic past about infidelity can easily come back to haunt you. You might have had a run with cheating years ago and it is coming back to conquer your mind.

This past can be emotionally scarring or something that you haven’t thought about for a while. It is time for you to go for counseling or find some closure.

10. The fear of abandonment is real

If your future is a concern in your mind or your relationship is having trust issues, a cheating dream might appear. Your mind is showing you your biggest fear in a realistic form.

Sometimes, we don’t feel secure in a relationship because our partner is not ready to fully commit or take the next step with us. This fear of abandonment can make you very paranoid as well.

When you are the cheater

If you are dreaming about cheating on your loved ones, it portrays your guilt and past grief. Sometimes, humans cannot help themselves. We tend to purposely screw up our bonds and personal life because we think that we don’t deserve a shot at love.

A dream where you are the cheater shows your fear and a true level of esteem. Let’s dive in a little deeper to interpret it better.

11. You feel guilty

If you have ever betrayed your partner and the guilt is consuming you, this dream can point in that direction. Such dream interpretations tell you to discuss the issue with your partner immediately.

Cheating dreams can also show that you feel guilty about not being an equal in the relationship and not supporting your partner enough.

12. You have cheated in the past

If you have been the betrayer in a previous relationship or multiple ones before, you can have such dreams. This dream is a reminder of your past mistakes and how you can’t repeat it again.

Sometimes, when you love your partner and see a future with them, you might get nervous about past mistakes. Especially, if your better half doesn’t know about your past deeds.

13. Something is missing in your waking life

A cheating dream isn’t always a sex dream. Sometimes, it is about your raw craving for something better. Your partner might be great but there is always something off in your equation.

This can make you question your choices and require a change of habits. Cheating dreams are a gentle nudge towards that.

14. You feel you are lying to yourself

Infidelity isn’t always about your dating life. It can also imply your personal life, your career, or your choices. If you are lying to your parents or dodging a long-term task, the dream makes you wonder if it is the right thing to do.

You can take a break from your promises, but a cheating dream means it’s time for you to work on your values again.

15. You have compromised your principles

When you don’t know what is wrong in your life but feel like you are being unfaithful to your own self, a cheating dream comes to light.

This can be a sign that you’ve unknowingly compromised on your ethics. It can also mean that you have made a wrong choice in your life but weren’t aware of its bad repercussions.

16. You have a crush on someone

You are human and you can have a crush. We often have a minor crush on someone and don’t even realize it.

Your relationship is your priority and hence you fail to consciously acknowledge your crush. It could be a friend or a co-worker. Both boyfriend, girlfriend need to confess their feelings and get over them for such dreams to stop.

17. There’s something wrong with your relationship

If the cheating dream makes you feel more passionate and positive than actual sex, there is something very wrong. Most dream analysts say that such powerful dreams bring out reality for you.

Your relationship probably is at the ending point and can’t be saved. This is your body’s way to ask you to find someone better and sexier.

18. You are not satisfied with your sex life

If your sex life is not matching your desires, you find a moment somewhere else. You haven’t had an orgasm for a very long time and only self-pleasure seems to be working for you.

One partner probably doesn’t even realize the issue until it is said out loud. Try to explore more options with your partner. If things are not working, you might want to take a tough decision.

19. You are scared of (cheating) history repeating itself

You might have a traumatic past when it comes to your family. If you’ve been through the aftereffects of your parents cheating, it does leave a scar.

You either are trying to identify with that parent or questioning them. If you’ve recently found out about their old unfaithful choices, this dream is a trauma you need to let go off.

20. You are cheating on something else

A cheating dream doesn’t always mean that you are giving up on your partner. It can also mean that you are cheating on any other commitment.

If you are skipping the gym, lying to your boss, or compromising on your diet, this cheating dream brings it all to a full circle. Why not recheck that commitment box and get back on the right track!

Dreams about cheating – 20 Types & its Interpretation

There are many more types of dreams where partners are cheating on each other. These dreams are usually a level ahead in terms of their complicated meaning. Some dreams tell you about your hidden passions while some give you hints about your real life.

Don’t freak out but such dreams are often indicators of something really bad happening in your life which isn’t in your control either.

However, again the types are subdivided based on who is cheating and who is getting cheated. Let’s first begin with, when…

Dreams about you being the cheater

Since we have already discussed the general interpretations, here I have listed all the types (along with their interpretations) of cheating dreams when you are the cheater.

1. Dream about getting caught cheating

If you get caught while ‘doing it’ in your dream, your real life is probably in turmoil. The guilt of being caught cheating in the dream is coming from your conscious mind. These dreams reveal if you are feeling guilty about talking to someone new or harboring strange new feelings in real life.

If you do want these dreams to stop, you need to clear out the guilt. Maybe have a chat with your partner about it as soon as possible!

2. Dreams about you cheating with multiple people

Did you just dream about a foursome without your partner in it? Well, you probably need to explore your inner animal a little more. These dreams often mean that you need to maybe resolve some hidden sexual desires. It can also mean that you feel insecure in your relationship.

This dream is your subconscious mind telling you to find a more comfortable relationship. This never means that you should break up, but it means that you need to start asking questions.

3. Dreams about where you’re partner swapping

If you feel like the spice in your relationship has gone down the drain, you are probably having such dreams. If you dream about meeting your friends who are dating and things ending in bed, you need to explore some innovative options.

Such partner swapping dreams come to both partners when they get bored of doing it in bed. Why not try some sexual therapy or exotic yoga to light things up?

4. Dreams where you are cheating on your partner with a stranger

If you are realizing that your relationship is taking a backseat in your life, such dreams make you feel worried. The stranger signifies the issue or commitment that is pushing you away from the relationship.

You are feeling guilty about not contributing to the equation with your partner. Try and find the cause and get rid of it before it is too late! Infact, maybe go on a staycation with your partner to start paying attention to each other.

5. Dreams about you cheating your partner with an ex

Another dream that can mean two things. First, your feelings for your ex are slowly making an entry into your heart. Sometimes an old photo or an old gift makes you feel differently. However. This is a rare case.

More often, it means that you need a little time and space to move on. Your partner needs to understand your feelings and support you through this phase of nostalgia and pain. Your healthy relationship should not be in trouble because of one dream.

6. Dreams about you cheating your partner with someone he/she is close to

This dream is your heart’s desire to be close to your partner’s best friend or family. You might be struggling to bond with your partner’s loved ones due to differences in opinions.

In a relationship, it is important for you to connect with the ones your partner loves, for the next step forward. There might be nothing wrong with your relationship. It’s just a call for help and the time to put in more effort.

7. Dreams about cheating with someone in a relationship

Don’t worry, this does not mean that you want to find someone new. You love your partner dearly but not every couple is the definition of perfect. Maybe the ‘other person’ has some traits that you want your partner to learn.

They can be someone who dances or cooks well. You should sit down for a cup of coffee with your better half and maybe tell them about your dream. Someone who loves you will go the extra mile for you.

8. Dreams about cheating your partner when you are going to get married

Wondering why are you having dreams about your partner cheating right before marriage? Even after you were so sold on this decision? It isn’t about being unsure or confused.

More so, the dream is a normal indication of your feelings before the big day. You can be nervous, or you can be scared. It is a major change in your life and you have the full right to feel a little jittery.

9. Dreams about cheating your partner when you are pregnant

As a lady who gets pregnant and remains fully committed to her marriage, things can get boring during those nine months. Weight gain, exhaustion, backaches, and loss of hair can make women feel insecure and lose confidence. Hence often depression is common after pregnancy.

However, even sex becomes less frequent and some husbands become distant during these trying times. A dream about cheating shows how much you crave physical and emotional attention from your partner.

10. Dreams about cheating your partner when she is pregnant

When you have your partner in her pregnancy phase, life changes for you as well. Her needs and expectations from you change. Such dreams are often sex dreams due to a lack of sexual activity in the marriage.

Your body craves some fun but you also have new added responsibilities of becoming a parent soon enough. Talk to your partner about such dreams, they have the right to know how you feel.

Now it’s time to explore some…

Dreams about being cheated on

There can be so many scenarios in your dreams where you find yourself being cheated on by someone else or your partner. Let’s explore a few situations from them.  

11. Dreams about your partner cheating with an ex

Sometimes, jealousy is good for the relationship. If you recently met your partner’s ex or heard a story about them, you might have this dream.

Your partner is probably way over them and keeps telling you that, but you are having a hard time accepting it. A little couple’s therapy and a small dose of pampering can make you feel more secure in your relationship.

12. Dreams about your partner cheating with someone you are close to

This can be a positive dream! You are probably wanting your partner and your best friend to get along. If your efforts to make them stand on the same bridge aren’t working, this dream is the bug on your ear. 

However, this person in the dream can also signify a feeling or an issue. If your partner is running behind their career or family, while not paying attention to you, this dream brings out your hidden feelings of insecurity and anger.

13. Dreams where your significant other is cheating with a stranger

If your partner isn’t giving you the love and time of the day, you’ll have this dream. Sometimes, it isn’t about insecurity but about the small moments. If your partner is working late or ignoring your calls, you’ll feel left out. It isn’t an indication of your partner cheating on you in real life.

However, the dream does tell you that you must put in efforts and your partner needs to start spending more time with you.

14. Dreams where your partner is cheating with someone you know

Honestly, this dream has no connection to your relationship or partner. Infact, it is about your personal grudges and doubts. If you don’t love yourself, you start questioning your own self. You probably find this other person prettier or sexier than yourself.

You feel concerned that your partner will leave you for someone better. Talk to your partner about your insecurities, find comfort in their arms during such nights.

Other dreams about cheating

Add some more to the plate, such dreams are very specific in their interpretation. They tell you the dos and don’ts of your life via your subconscious mind.

 Infact, such dreams also talk about your battles and losses in life. Faith, ignorance, and success, these dreams about cheating cover it all!

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

15. Dreams where you are the “other person”

If you are the ‘other person’ in the dream, it means that your partner betraying you isn’t the problem. The problem is your own mentality.

You are either constantly finding trouble in your love life or looking for a new perspective. It can also mean that you are guilty of constantly giving up on your partner.

16. Dream about boyfriend cheating

This dream is a trigger full of double meanings. The first meaning is that your boyfriend has failed to make you feel accepted in the bond. It can however have a completely alternate meaning.

It can mean that you are not embracing your entire self. If you have been dodging your masculine aspects in your personality, this cheating dream happens.

17. Dream about girlfriend cheating

This dream can occur if your business isn’t doing well. If you are being cheated at work or fearing a loss, the girlfriend in the dream personifies it. Your fear of not earning what you are worth can cause such troublesome dreams.

Moreover, when you are about to lose a competition in life, right before the final win, your mind comes up with such dreams to make you crave the victory more.

18. Dreams about spouse cheating

These kinds of dreams are your window into a different world. If you are looking to have a third person involved in your sexual journey, you often imagine such things. Infact, you try to find someone in your dream who is compatible with your spouse for a fun session.

However, if the dream is giving you a negative vibe, don’t let it overwhelm you. Maybe you are having too much on your plate and need some bonding time with your spouse. Do it and do it today!

19. Dreams about cheating death

If you see a dream about cheating death, it refers to an old wise expression. It means that you need to start living your life! You need to start taking out more time for yourself and for your family. Money might be important but it isn’t everything in the world.

Infact, most cheaters never become successful but those who cheat death and seize the day, they win in life!

20. Dreaming about wife cheating

If your wife has changed her habits towards you, you might feel like your marriage is going for a toss. It can also mean that she has been spending more time at her parent’s house or even ignoring you for days.

Such cheating dreams are an emotional buffer for your mind to explore the real story. However, this dream couldn’t always be a reality. Talk to your wife and find out why the distance between you both is increasing.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams about Cheating

Emotional or physical cheating, both are related to human energy. In the spiritual sense, cheating is sometimes not about bad intentions but about spiritual imbalance.

The person who cheats has maybe tons of insecurities and doubts. These doubts are probably about feeling safe in the current relationship or feeling confident about the future of the relationship.

If you are being cheated on, take it as a reality check. Take it as an opportunity to get rid of negative forces in your life and to be more open-minded. You have to first love yourself and only then you can find someone who loves you as you are!

Biblical Meaning of Dreams about Cheating

In terms of infidelity, when two people stop being one flesh in a marriage or relationship, it is a sad time. Cheating is the crux of the ending of something pure.

When a partner stops feeling safe and stops being vulnerable in a relationship, it often leads to cheating. Cheating is a direct dishonor to the commitment and love of a couple. Moreover, a cheating dream is often equal to the pain of a breakup.

However, if you visit a dream interpreter, they will claim that sometimes a cheating dream can have a plethora of meanings. The Bible condones any such disloyalty but at the time, you need to find your true feelings and mindset first.

Now that you have understood the interpretation of your dream, I am sure you are already asking in your mind…

Should you tell your partner about these cheating dreams?

Cheating dreams can be continuous and painful if you don’t work on them. You need to figure out which dream you are having and how your feelings are portrayed in them. If the dream is about your own experience and concerns, try taking a break.

However, if you know that your relationship is at a changing point, a conversation is important. Sit down with your partner and focus on the dynamics of your bond.

If both your feelings are mutual, you either decide to end things or to bring back the spark again. If your guilt is too much, don’t let it control you. Commit to your mind and heart, nothing else.

How can you tell your partner about these cheating dreams?

Dreaming about your partner cheating can be a sensitive talk. The discussion must be approached with calm and ease. You should sit down with your date after finding your own conclusions. Don’t start by directly mentioning the dream though. Start with the issues that the dream signifies instead.

The way to approach is not just mentioning the problem but also the solution you have in mind. It can mean opting for therapy or taking a break. It could also mean suggesting exploring ideas or a vacation! Some partners might take it better than others.

So, give it a few days, and don’t let the dream overpower your heart. If your relationship is genuine, it will get through this difficult time.

Finally, here are some…

Questions to Ask to interpret Cheating Dreams correctly

Each cheating dream has a different meaning and can make you uneasy. Take a deep breath and ask the following questions to see where your heart lies. Don’t take dream interpretation lightly and gather as much clarity as you can.

1. Is the dream about a particular person or a particular feeling?

2. Is the dream giving a bad vibe or does it make you feel weird in a normal way?

3. Is the dream bringing back any long-buried emotions?

4. Does the dream keep running on your mind on the day after or you couldn’t care less about it?

These questions will not only tell you how impacted you are by these dreams but also give direction to your thoughts. Once you know the true meaning, then you can take action to get rid of such cheating dreams.

But remember, none of the dreams can define the roots of your relationship… only you can do that!

If you get dreams about sex then check its meaning here.