Are you having dreams about being chased? Well, these dreams can scare anyone of facing a similar situation in reality. However, this dream scenario actually holds messages about your waking life like progress and fears.  

So, let’s dig deeper in this matter!

37 Types of Dreams about Being Chased & their Interpretations
Various Types of Dreams about Being Chased & their Interpretations

What Does It Mean to Dream about Being Chased?

Dreams about being chased mean that you always avoid hard situations in life. Other than that, it also implies fear, close-mindedness, or progress.

Mainly, dreams of being chased symbolizes these elements: fear, anxiety, and stress. You might be afraid of something and that thing makes you anxious. Or you are stressed about fleeing a certain situation. 

But to find the exact message, you need the deeper details about your dream. So, if you don’t remember your dreams clearly, let’s explore the common messages…

It signifies avoidance

The most common interpretation of a dream about being chased is your approach to avoid hard situations in life.

A difficult situation or person in your waking life needs your attention. You often ignore or avoid the situation or person as you can’t deal with it. 

It is symbolic of fear

Depending on your situation, such a dream also means the hidden or apparent fear you have regarding your situation. You are probably scared of a person or a situation. 

Women have such dreams more than men because they are more prone to feeling unsafe in public and personal life.

It depicts close-mindedness

Some people like to be considered the best. They like when others accept their opinion and praise them. Unfortunately, nobody is perfect, so this won’t always happen.

Sometimes, people will disagree with your ideas. However, you may have difficulties accepting others’ opinions even if they’re right. 

Your ego comes between the path of self-realization which causes you to have a dream of being chased.

It denotes being dismissive of ownself

Sometimes, the person chasing you in your dream is a quality, feeling, or some aspect of yourself that you are constantly trying to corner away. The suppressed feelings can be anger, unrequited or one-sided love, jealousy, or sadness fear.

Spiritual Meaning of Being Chased Dreams

Spiritually, your being chased dreams mainly hold these two messages:

1. You are running away from someone or something in real life

A person or situation is being very problematic to you. It’s stressing you out and taking all of your energy. Thus, you choose to run away from this person or situation to save yourself.

2. Your destiny is chasing you

There’s a task that you are designated to fulfill. Rather than devoting yourself to the task, you are running away from it but your destiny is not giving up on chasing you.

Types of Dreams about Being Chased & its Interpretations 

It’s common to dream about being chased. Usually, the dream ends when the chaser captures you. At other times, you are able to hide and outwit your pursuer. 

To know more about types and interpretations of dreams about being chased, keep reading.

Dream about Being chased at different places

In your dreams, the chase may happen anywhere and each of them have different significances like these:

  • Being chased down a dead-end street: This dream asks you to address an urgent situation immediately instead of stalling it.
  • Being chased through a building: The building in dreams refers to your inner world. If it’s an unfamiliar building, you have denied parts of your true self and must accept them.
  • Being chased outside: In this dream, notice the surroundings. For instance, if you’re in the desert, you fear having a dry sense of humor. The weather in your dream signifies your emotional state.

Dream about Being chased by car

If the car is old and falling apart in the dream, it shows you’re afraid of being old. If it’s a powerful car, you don’t want to be too powerful in reality. But if it’s an expensive or collectible car, you’re afraid of earning too much money and losing it all.

Dream about Being chased on water

If you’re chased by someone on a ship, cruise, or even by a water organism, it indicates your emotions make you feel overwhelmed.

Recurring dream of being chased

The focus element of your recurring chase dreams might be the same. Probably, you are being chased by the same person repeatedly. Or, you are being chased in the same place in all of your chasing dreams. 

If such dreams keep troubling you from time to time, it’s time to confront the elements from which you are running away in your waking life. Find the elements and solve them to stop the recurring process.

Chasing another person

This dream means you are going to deal with financial issues in the future. It doesn’t mean that you are going to lose wealth. Rather, you will be concerned about your finances more than you need to be. 

Even if your finances suffer, it will eventually become stable but you will still worry about it.

Dreaming of Being Chased by Different People 

Depending on the identity of your chaser, your dream unfurls many more secrets about your waking life. For instance, if it’s a close one, you must focus on their emotions. On the other hand, if it was a stranger, you must identify the source of threat in life. So, let’s find them all here…

Dream about Being chased by a stranger

This implies that you feel threatened in your waking life. However, you still haven’t identified the source of this threat. 

On the other hand, it might symbolize that you are anxious for no reason at all. Rather, you just lack confidence or are overthinking.

Dream about Being chased by loved one or friend

If you get this dream, focus on their emotions. These are the emotions you deny about yourself.

Dreams about being chased by a killer/Attacker

This dream is the reflection of the stress and anxiety you are feeling in real life. The stress has started to overwhelm you and it’s showing up in your dreams.

Being chased by Authorities/Police in a dream

In this dream if you are, 

  • Running away from the police: if you are dealing with legal matters in real life, you are tense about getting arrested or facing legal charges.
  • Running away from the police and the police arrest you: you are guilty of some mistake you committed in the past and believe that you deserve punishment for it.

Being chased by a burglar

This dream indicates that you are concerned about your physical safety and mental well-being and don’t want others to affect you in any possible way.

If the chaser was also cursing you, you need to remain calm if you don’t want to mess things up. 

Being chased by a madman

These dream symbols represent your extremely violent feelings.. 

Being Chased in Dreams by Animals, Insects, or Other Entities 

In your dreams, if you get chased by a bigger or fiercer being like wild animals, insects, or monsters, it becomes all the more scary. You might feel more anxious than normal. But there’s no point ruminating over your thoughts. So, find the actual message instead…

Dream about Being chased by a bull

Your dream strikes a direct relation with your work life and the bullies present there. The bullies may try to harass you, hamper your success.

Dream about Being chased by a dog or a fox

The dream suggests your nature of hurrying into everything and being in a constant hurry all day.

But, if you see yourself chasing a dog or a fox, it means you like taking risks. If you were successful in hunting the animal, it means great success is waiting for you in waking life.

Being chased by a shark

The dream represents your well-being and wealth can be affected. If the water was unclear, you are closer to danger.

Snake chasing you

It means people are going to feel lucky for having you as a friend in the future. If the snake hurts you, you are surely going to be protected in waking life.

Bees chasing you

It is not a good sign and signifies the arrival of bad times and financial issues. If only one bee is following you, then it definitely means that your business might suffer. If you are able to catch the bee, it means you are going to face an unfaithful person.

Zombies chasing you

The zombie represents a part of yourself that you are trying to ignore. As these feelings are suppressed, they make an entry into your unconscious state by appearing in your dreams.

Monster chasing you dream meaning

This type of dream suggests new beginnings and an end of old times. If you look back at the monster while running and it disappears, it means you are capable and strong enough to solve your problems.

Psychological Meaning

According to Psychoanalysts, there are various dream meanings of being chased like these:

  • You desire to escape from your monotonous life and enjoy sexual encounters.
  • You must accept a part of your personality.
  • If the dream is about a matter of life and death, you’re fleeing from a sticky situation. You must deal with it ASAP.
  • Some people depend on you to perform well in life. So, if you make any major decision, think how it might affect your and their lives.

Biblical Meaning 

Biblically, these dreams may mean you’ll deal with spiritual warfare in the future. You’ll feel confused, frustrated, and stressed.

Or, you’re unsure about why your life is plagued with problems. This is because a spiritual enemy has planned to hurt you in several possible ways.

Can you avoid or prevent having this dream?

The solution lies in the details. As soon as you have a dream about being chased, get a notebook and write every little detail about the dream. Then try to focus on these areas –

  • Are you scared of something in waking life?
  • Is someone really pursuing you?
  • Is there a person or situation you want to avoid?
  • Are you facing difficulties in your relationship?
  • Are you still scared of something that took place in the past?
  • Are you having an internal conflict?

Answering and dealing with these questions is the best solution to prevent this dream.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming about being chased may keep you up for multiple nights. However, your dreams hold urgent and interesting messages about your waking life.

So, don’t be overwhelmed by the dream itself and pry in deeper. Once you get the hidden message behind the visuals, work hard to make your life better!