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Are You Having Dreams about Being Chased? Here’s What It Means!

Are You Having Dreams about Being Chased? Here’s What It Means!

Updated on Dec 01, 2022 | Published on Mar 19, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

dreams about being chased

Are you having dreams about being chased? Well, the negativity of such dreams continues to haunt you even after weeks.

People who see this dream are scared of facing a similar situation in reality. To assure you, being chased in a dream is pretty common and it rarely turns true in real life.

Instead, these dreams signify what’s going on in your waking life. I’ve gathered all the possible meanings and interpretations of dreams about being chased to help you understand the actual reason behind you having this dream. 

37 Types of Dreams about Being Chased & their Interpretations
37 Types of Dreams about Being Chased & their Interpretations

Dreams about being chased – General Interpretations

Dreams about Being Chased mean that you have been trying to avoid hard situations in life. Other than that, it also implies fear, close-mindedness, or progress.

Remember how you felt during such a dream? Let me tell you – the dominant feelings were fear and anxiety.

Dreams are just mental images created by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind takes the smallest details of our waking life and puts them into collected fragments in the form of dreams. Are you feeling worried, scared, and stressed in real life too?

Let me help you find the exact answer to your issue. Go through the following general interpretations about dreams where you are being chased.

1. Avoidance

The most common interpretation of a dream about being chased is your approach to avoid hard situations in life.

There is something in your life that really needs your attention. This can be either a situation or a person. As dealing with this certain situation or person is hard, you are running away from it. 

No matter how much you try to run away from your problems, your subconscious mind picks on all of these details. When you see such a dream about being chased by someone, this can be just a reflection of you getting chased by the elements you are avoiding in waking life.

2. Fear

If you thought running away from someone chasing you was just limited to avoiding situations, you were wrong. Depending on your situation, such a dream also means the hidden or apparent fear you have regarding your situation.

There is a possibility that you are scared of a person or a situation. Women have such dreams more than men because they are more prone to feeling unsafe in public and personal areas.

We can’t judge the women for this at all. All you need to do is to switch on the news or listen to the radio. The abuse and violence against women are enough to make you feel vulnerable.

3. Close-mindedness

Sometimes, people like to be considered the best. They like when others accept their opinion and consider them the best in the room. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen in every case.

People are going to agree with you in some cases and disagree with others. Some people find it difficult to accept other people’s opinions even if others are right.

They are aware that their mindset doesn’t make any sense and they need to adapt to the new ideas and views soon.

Their ego comes between the path of self-realization and thus they dream of being chased where the person chasing them is the reflection of other’s opinions.

4. Dismissive of ownself

Are you suppressing your feelings to appear sane in other people’s eyes? Are you suppressing the qualities that define you to fit in with a new group?

Sometimes, the person chasing you in your dream is a quality, feeling, or some aspect of yourself that you are constantly trying to corner away. These suppressed qualities and feelings take a physical form in your dreams. They chase you so you can finally accept them.

These feelings can be anger, unrequited or one-sided love, jealousy, sadness, fear.


5. You want to solve a problem desperately

We all have problems in our lives. We all keep making desperate attempts to solve them until they are truly out of our ways. These hard times can have diverse effects on our minds and the effect can be different from person to person.

Some people feel so pressured to solve a situation or to get past their hard phase that they find it difficult to lead a normal life. Their mind is full of negative thoughts and they feel like running away is the best solution to feel at peace.

Thus, this dream can also be the result of such pressure and trauma.

6. You are trying to break away of old habits

We all dream of becoming the best version of ourselves. But to be better than you were yesterday, you have to accept changes in various aspects of your life. You have to change your old patterns, toxic habits, and self-harming behavior.

This can be one of the reasons why you are having dreams of being chased. It may be hard for you to discard the old patterns and thus you see them chasing you in your dreams.

To deal with this situation, you need to affirm that you have to move on. Analyze the difference you will see in life by leveling up.

7. You are making progress

There is also a positive interpretation about being chased in dreams. Even if the dream made you feel terrible, check out if you can relate to this interpretation by analyzing your present situation.

The fact is that you are making progress in life. You are trying everything you can to reach your goals and hit your targets. But there is something that is holding you back to reach your full potential.

By having this dream, you have received confirmation from your higher self and the universe that you can achieve everything you want. All you need to do is to have faith and eliminate your self-limiting beliefs.

Types of Dreams about Being Chased & their Interpretations

It’s common to dream about being chased. You can have dreams where you are being chased by an animal, attacker, madman, vehicle, dark shadows, or an invisible entity. Usually, the dream ends when the chaser captures you.

At other times, you are able to hide and outwit your pursuer. To know more about types and interpretations of dreams about being chased, keep reading.

1. Dream of being chased by a man

The dream of being chased by a man has two meanings. Firstly, it is the memories of the past and the fear related to it that continues to haunt you to date. It is also possible that a man stalked or chased you in the past and the incident repeated itself as a nightmare.

Secondly, it is not always going to be a past memory. Sometimes, the man chasing you represents your problems. You feel like the farther you try to go from your problems, the more they tend to seek you.  

2. Dreams about being chased after a conflict

When you dream about being chased after a conflict, it suggests the suffering that your inner child faced. In the past, you must have dealt with emotional or physical pain. Even if you don’t think much about it, your inner child is not truly able to heal after the incident.

This dream suggests the trauma you faced in childhood may affect you even now.

3. Dreams about being chased by a burglar

This dream indicates that you are concerned about your physical safety and mental well-being and don’t want others to affect you in any possible way.

You are trying to protect yourself from other people’s actions. If the chaser was cursing you, then it means you are very angry and you need to remain calm if you don’t want to mess things up. Use the power of calmness instead of ruining things by losing your temper.

4. Dreams of chasing another person

If you are dreaming of chasing another person, it means you are going to deal with financial issues in the future.

The dream doesn’t mean that you are going to lose wealth. It just means that you will be concerned about your finances more than you need to be. Even if your finances suffer, it will eventually become stable but you will still worry about it.

5. Dreams about being chased by a monster

The hidden meaning of being chased by a monster is not as bad as you think. This type of dream suggests new beginnings and an end of old times.

If you look back at the monster while running and it disappears, it means you are capable and strong enough to put an end to your problems and fears.

6. Dreams about being chased by people at work/school

Being chased by people at work or school in a dream is obviously terrible. The hidden meaning also isn’t positive and it shows the dissatisfaction you feel in your working life.

You feel as if the work you put in is not enough and you are not giving it your best. The dream can also be a mirror to your waking life if the chasers in your dream were the people who bully you at work or school.

7. Dreams about being trapped and chased

If you dream about being trapped and chased, it means you are feeling trapped in your waking life as well. It means you cannot express yourself openly and your environment is restricting you.

For women, this dream suggests they feel trapped due to the societal pressure and prejudices against them. For men, they feel like they are considered weak by people who question their masculinity. Come out of this situation by questioning your fears.

8. Dreams of not being able to run or move

While in most of the dreams we are in fight or flight mode, there are some common dreams where we are unable to run or move. This is a common theme where you are not even able to shout.

Such dreams indicate that you need to gain responsibility in your life. You feel like you should develop physically and emotionally. You feel weak in real life and there is a desire to be stronger by all means.

9. Dreams of being chased in slow motion

Things usually happen very fast in dreams. If you saw a dream and were being chased in slow motion, then it’s a hidden message for you to focus on your relationships.

This dream is usually related to your social life. If you aren’t giving much attention to keeping a good relationship with your co-workers, it’s time you start putting some effort in this direction.

10. Dreams about not being able to see the chaser

So you had a dream about being chased by someone. But this chaser was invisible or you weren’t able to see the person who is chasing you. This happens when your mind is not able to visualize the chaser.

In such cases, the entity chasing you is yourself. This dream is a wake-up call that calls for change and transformation. The change can be in terms of an area of your life or your approach to your work. 

11. Dreams of being chased by a butcher

Were you being chased by a butcher? Or the person chasing you was holding some kind of weapon in their hands?

Such a dream means you can be harmed in the future. To resist that, you have to carry out a strenuous confrontation you are avoiding for so long and ensure you lead a happy and peaceful life.

12. Dreams of being chased towards a light

I love dreams that bring good luck and positivity. This dream is one of them. According to dream dictionaries, light represents the holy spirit.

Being chased towards a light means you are running away from your worries and negative influences of life towards spiritual development and divination. The light also suggests that you will finally receive peace and happiness after a prolonged period of dealing with tough times.

13. Dreams about being chased by a person with a cloak

Are you being chased by a person with a cloak? The dream interpretation remains the same for these cases as well –

  • The person chasing you looks weird and unfamiliar.
  • The person or the person’s face is deformed and scary.

Such a dream is a message that asks the dreamer to look back at themselves and their life by counting on their successes and not failures.

14. Dreams about being chased by a bull

Being chased by a bull strikes a direct relation with your work life and the bullies present there. The bullies may try to harass you if it hampers your success.

The dream suggests that you might face trouble with your job or business. There are high chances that the trouble will be caused by your co-workers or business partners. Their motivation behind their trouble will be jealousy.  

15. Dreams about people trying to enter your house

A person who was having this dream must have felt these two feelings during the process – anger and helplessness. That’s what we feel when someone tries to enter our territory and we aren’t able to do anything about it.

This dream is related to people violating your personal space. The dream represents your anger as if someone has entered your private space and the helplessness of having one’s own space.

16. Dreams of being chased in streets

If you had a dream about being chased in the streets, it’s time to take a serious reflection of where you stand in your waking life.

Chances are, you are having financial issues. You should take your financial life into consideration and make peace with the fact that things may not be fine currently but good times come with patience. Try to recover from your anxiety by having patience and optimism.

17. Dreams about being chased by a dog

If you see yourself being chased by a dog or a fox, it suggests your nature of hurrying into everything and being in a constant hurry all day.

If you see yourself chasing a dog or a fox, it means you like taking risks. But, if you were successful in hunting the animal, it means great success is waiting for you in waking life.

18. Dreams of being chased by a shark

Try to remember the quality of the water. Was it murky? Were you unable to see anything? Was it clear? Were you able to swim?

These things determine the meaning of your dream. Other than that, the shark chasing you represents your well-being and wealth can be affected. If the water was unclear, you are not able to see things as they are in real life as well.

19. Dreams of being chased by a bat

Though these two things strike no similarity between them… Yet, the dream analysis of being chased by a bat suggests complications in your love life.

It also suggests that either you or your beloved can get sick or can have some health issues. Bat also brings bad luck. So be optimistic for the next two days and pray to save yourself from negativity.

20. Dreams of being chased by a snake

No matter how awful the dream of being chased by a snake was, it always holds a positive belief and meaning.

Snakes represent good luck and success. Even if you are chased by a snake, it means people are going to feel lucky for having you as a friend in the future. If the snake hurts you, you are surely going to be protected in waking life.

21. Dreams about being chased by bees

Being chased by bees in a dream is not a good sign. The dream signifies the arrival of bad times and financial issues.

If only one bee is following you, then it definitely means that your business might suffer. If you are able to catch the bee, it means you are going to come face to face with an unfaithful person.

22. Dreams about being chased by Zombies 

In case you haven’t watched a zombie movie recently, then being chased by them in dreams is a rare occurrence. The dream isn’t even the result of past experiences as zombies don’t exist in real life.

Then what’s the hidden meaning of this dream? Actually, the zombie represents a part of yourself that you are trying to ignore. As these feelings are suppressed, they make an entry into your unconscious state by appearing in your dreams.

23. Dreams about being chased by the dead

If you are being chased by the dead, then look at your real-life situation and find the hidden meaning that relates the most to your reality –

  • You are avoiding your responsibilities but there’s no way you can ignore them forever.
  • Your relationship is dead and you need to move on.
  • You are stressed in your everyday life.
  • There is an absence of social pleasure in your life.

The best way to deal with this situation is to meditate, pay attention to your mental and physical health and talk it out with a person you trust.

24. Dreams of being chased by dark shadows

As horrific as this dream is, it represents you are being oppressed in waking life. The oppression and your inability to fight are due to the oppression you suffered in your childhood.

The dream is an indication that you need to break patterns. Such dreams mark the presence of someone evil in your life. It’s time to take a stand for yourself and raise your voice. You are strong! I believe in you.

25. Dreams of being chased by a bus or car

Being chased by a bus, car or other modes of transportation suggests you are running on the wrong path of life. You should see everything from a third-person perspective and analyze if everything is really going the way you wanted it to.

If you are chasing the mode of transportation, then it suggests that you are frustrated and stressed in waking life. You should take care of your anxiety.

26. Dreams of being chased in a wooded area

The woods represent life and abundance. It also represents dark forces and mysteries. If you are being chased in a wooded area, it means there are some mysteries hidden in you and you are cheating not others, but yourself.

To achieve true abundance in your life, you have to come eye-to-eye with your fears and find out what your real desires are.

27. Dreams of being chased by a robot

A robot represents the inability to feel and express innermost feelings, inability to take decisions on your own, doing and believing what the others say.

If you see a robot chasing you, it suggests you are eager to do whatever you are told by others. You fail to take action on your own. The robot also marks the presence of an extremely dominating personality in your life.

28. Dreams about being chased by a killer/Attacker

It’s common to dream about being chased by a wild animal, police officer, or a person who means no dangerous harm to you. But many people also dream about getting chased by a person whose intention is to attack or kill them.

This dream is the reflection of the stress and anxiety you are feeling in real life. The stress has started to overwhelm you and it’s showing up in your dreams.

29. Dreams about being chased by Authorities/Police in a dream

There are many possible interpretations of this dream. These interpretations should depend on what you are dealing with currently. If you are running away from the police and the police arrested you, this dream signifies that you are feeling guilty of some mistake you committed in the past and you are of the opinion that you deserve punishment for it.

Secondly, running away from the police is the direct reflection of the legal matters from your waking life if you are dealing with any. Police represent law and justice.

You are obviously tensed about getting arrested or facing legal charges.

30. Dreams about being chased by your own self

You may be guilty about something you did and something that you failed to do. You may be unsatisfied with yourself and angry at your own self-destructive behavior.

Don’t be too harsh for running away from your fears. We all have been there once in life. When you dream about being chased by your own shelf, the chaser is literally a part of you who wants to resolve unresolved feelings.

31. Dreams of being hunted down

If you dealt or are dealing with getting stalked in real life, then this dream is just a trick that your mind plays on you to make you feel in control. In some cases, it’s just a nightmare with flashbacks.

If you haven’t been chased or stalked in real life, then this dream means you are avoiding a problem in real life. If you want to have pleasant dreams, then get up and have control over your circumstances.

32. Dreams of being chased by a madman

Dreams of being chased don’t always have to mean running away from a real-life problem. Sometimes, the dream symbols represent your extremely violent feelings.

When you fail to address your violent feelings like immense anger and jealousy in real life, it accumulates and makes an appearance in your dream.

The more violent your feelings, the more violent the madman is going to be. 

33. Dreams about running away from someone

The hidden meaning of this dream depends on the person who was chasing you and the feelings you experienced in your dream.

If the person was threatening and dangerous, it means you are running away from something real in your waking life. If the person was not scary, it means you are running away from something that isn’t important to you yet it needs your attention.

34. Dreams about observing someone being chased

You did yourself a favour by having this dream. Having a dream about observing someone being chased is a good sign that states you are going to spend a good old age.

You will lead a comfortable life that may or may not be full of luxuries, but you will be happy and content. The good life you are going to lead is the product of your own efforts.

35. Dream about being chased by a bear

The hidden meaning of this dream is twofold. First of all, being chased by a bear in a dream is a warning and an indication that bad luck is coming your way.

You should be prepared to face the upcoming difficulties and deal with them. The second meaning is that you are already facing obstacles in life but instead of dealing with them, you are avoiding them.

36. Dream about being chased by a moose

Being chased by a moose in a dream represents your suppressed and unrecognized fears. You are scared of something which stops you from achieving your highest potential. Yet, you are not aware of what it is.

Moose also represents strength and pride. If the moose attacks you in a dream, it means you are open to receive contentment and attraction. The dream is also representative of your attraction to someone.

37. Dream about being chased and hiding

If you are being chased in a dream and you run and hide, it suggests that you are holding shame in the deepest corners of your heart.

Other than that, you should also take a good look at your life and find out the people who are causing you pain. Is someone hurting you willingly? This dream determines that you want to run away and hide so this person can’t hurt you anymore.

Spiritual Meaning of being Chased in a Dream

Dreams are messages and warnings sent to us by our subconscious mind and the higher self. Throughout generations, people have talked about the spiritual significance of their dreams. The spiritual meaning of being chased in a dream implies two things –

1. You are running away from someone or something in real life.

A person or situation is being very problematic to you. It’s stressing you out and taking all of your energy. Thus, you choose to run away from this person or situation to save yourself.

2. Your destiny is chasing you.

There’s a task that you are designated to fulfill. Rather than devoting yourself to the task, you are running away from it but your destiny is not giving up on chasing you.

Biblical Meaning of being Chased in a Dream

According to the Christian perspective, the biblical meaning of being chased in a dream signifies two things –

1. A spiritual warfare is on its way.

You may be dealing with spiritual warfare in the future. Chances are, you are already dealing with one. You might not be aware of it but that’s the reason for your confusion, frustration, stress, and unwanted fears.

2. A spiritual enemy wants to hurt you.

Out of the blue, there is the emergence of obstacles and roadblocks in your life. You are unsure about how so many problems are coming on your way. The reason is that a spiritual enemy has planned to hurt you in several possible ways.

Remind yourself that God is our advocate. He is there to help us with all our miseries. Make it a point to pray and ask him for guidance. Read the Bible if you are looking for answers.

What does it mean when you are having chasing dreams over and over again?

Dream interpreters have reported that people complain about having chasing dreams over and over again. These recurring dreams can take place in various phases of your life.

Although, the focus element of all these dreams are the same. It’s possible that you are being chased by the same person again or again. Or, you are being chased in the same place in all of your chasing dreams.

It is also possible that both the entity chasing you and the backdrop is different in all your dreams, but the fear and anxiety of getting caught are constant.

If such dreams keep troubling you from time to time, it’s time to confront the elements from which you are running away in your waking life. Find the elements and solve them to stop the recurring process.

Who tends to have these dreams more frequently?

Dreaming about being chased is a natural event. People throughout the world have complained of being chased in their dreams at least once in their lifetime.

If someone says they never had such a dream, it seems very unusual and unnatural. If you are worried about having a dream of being chased – Don’t worry, it’s a universal thing.

Can you avoid or prevent having this dream?

The solution lies in the details. As soon as you had a dream about being chased, get a notebook and write every little detail about the dream. Then try to focus on these areas –

  • Are you scared of something in waking life?
  • Is someone really pursuing you?
  • Is there a person or situation you want to avoid?
  • Are you facing difficulties in your relationship?
  • Do you think you are still scared of something that took place in the past?
  • Are you having an internal conflict?

Answering and dealing with these questions is the best solution to prevent this dream.

Questions to ask to interpret chasing dreams correctly

If you are having dreams about being chased, it’s not what you want when you close your eyes after a long day. In order to stop having this dream again or again, you have to go to the core.

You have to find the hidden meaning of the dream and deal with the thing troubling you. To interpret the dreams correctly, ask yourself these questions –

  • Who was chasing you in the dream? Was it a male or a female? Do you know this person?
  • Were you being chased by an animal? Which animal was it? Are you scared of this animal in real life? Or have you seen this animal in real life? Is it someone’s pet?
  • Where were you being chased? What is a road or a highway?
  • Were you being chased in vacant land or there were people around you?
  • What were you feeling during the dream? Were you terrified or playful during the dream?

Answers to these questions will take you a step closer to the correct hidden meaning of your dream.

So, don’t be scared or jump to conclusions.

Give yourself time to properly interpret this dream and listen to what your subconscious is trying to tell you.