What Does Candle Dream Mean?

Candle dream meaning reflects the spiritual enlightenment we seek, the guidance we need on our path, good luck and efforts to get us there, and the light that keeps us going.

Candle Dream Meaning – General Interpretation

Seeing a lit candle in your dream meaning

It shows that you are aware of your spiritual needs and are already seeking higher levels of understanding about it.

Holding a candle dream meaning

Holding a handle is an indication of insecurity. Perhaps you have less faith than usual that things will turn out okay

Lighting a candle in your dream meaning

It means that you may be carving your own way forward, looking for answers and ways to find inner peace.

Dream about being unable to light a candle

They reflect a state of denial we are possible in; for example not fully letting go of past issues.

Unlit candle dream meaning

It means that you may actually be struggling in your life and you are not able to find a good way out.