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Did You Dream of Orange? Was It a Color or a Fruit? Let’s Find Out What It Means

Did You Dream of Orange? Was It a Color or a Fruit? Let’s Find Out What It Means

Updated on Sep 29, 2022 | Published on May 31, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Orange – 150 Types & Their Interpretations

Did you wake up from a dream of orange? Wondering if I’m talking about the fruit or the color? So, what was in your orange dream? Frustrated because you’re in a hurry and I didn’t answer?

Well, that’s because I have the answer to both – whether you dreamed of the fruit or the color.

Some of you may decide against checking the dream interpretations because the color always brings out a bubbly feeling. However, sometimes, your orange dream may not hold positive feelings.

So, grab my hand, and let’s swim through the juice…

Dream of Orange – 150 Types & Their Interpretations
Dream of Orange – 150 Types & Their Interpretations

Orange Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Orange fruit or color in your dreams may symbolize many things from fertility to creativity, from health issues to past negativity. It might refer to your sacral chakra, your desire for adventure, your open-minded nature and so much more.

Orange fruit is full of vitamin C and nutrients. It’s a great immunity booster and rich in antioxidants. The fruit smells refreshing and similarly, the color reminds us of the vitality of orange fruits.

However, do orange color and fruits only bring us positive news or push us towards positivity? Well, let’s unfold the mystery here…

1. It’s a symbol of optimism

Your orange dreams may signify you’re excited to accept new challenges in your life. You aren’t ready to lose and you learn even from your failures.

Your driving force is your unique perception of life. You’re open to constructive criticism and try something new to grow.

2. You desire more creative energy

If you wish to be more productive in your professional or personal life, you might get orange dreams.

Perhaps, you wish that you were as creative as someone else to be able to reach the peak of success.

Or, you have your creative energy but you can’t apply it because of a lack of opportunities. You’re open to fresh ideas and are assertive because you wish to find your chance to shine sooner.

3. It’s a sign of fertility or parenthood

If you want to become a parent soon, you dream of orange color or fruit. Your desire to create a new life and connect with it might be the reason.

However, if you’re not ready for kids, you might desire to recreate your life with something new and exciting. You might want to make a living out of your passion.

4. You desire to attain great success

Orange may also signify your great goals in waking life. You want to reach the pinnacle and relish the view from the top. You wish to be the best whether it’s your academics, career, or personal life.

You set new goals for yourself and constantly challenge yourself. You love basking in the success and want more.

5. It suggests connecting with your feelings

If you ignore your feelings consistently, it impacts your happiness quite intensely. As a result, you probably got orange color or fruit dreams. Your dream signifies the importance of being happy and satisfied with your life.

Look inside yourself and find what you really desire from the world. If something hurts you, there’s no reason to bear it without proper reasons.

6. It’s a connected with your sacral chakra

You might have orange dreams if your sacral chakra (present at the base of your spine) is imbalanced.

The dream asks you to have orange-colored food like oranges, peaches, tangerine, carrots, and orange peppers and wear orange clothes.

7. You must let go of past negativity

Oranges are full of Vitamin C which is an antioxidant that washes out toxins. The dream might imply you suppressed toxic memories inside you and must let them out.

You felt guilty about your past mistakes for a long time. However, it’s enough so you must move on. Don’t hang on to the negatives and open the door for joy and fresh beginnings.

8. It’s a sign of your deteriorating health

Orange dreams may also predict your health issues. Your self-neglect and improper work-life balance hurts your health slowly but surely.

You may seem alright but it inflicts irreparable damage on your immunity.

This is a message to be more mindful of your diet and lifestyle. If you don’t focus on it now, those dependent on you will immensely suffer.

9. You desire to broaden your horizon

You may have orange dreams if you’re open-minded and want to learn more from others’ experiences.

You don’t limit yourself to a particular culture, faith, or tradition and want to embrace life and the world’s gifts entirely.

Everyone loves you for being like that and you have many people to lean on and they also confide in you.

10. You’ll soon satisfy your thirst for adventure

Sometimes you may have orange dreams when you’re frustrated with the monotonous life. This dream is a reassurance that you’ll soon get the chance to explore the world.

However, you must focus on your work now and complete your responsibilities perfectly. Otherwise, you’ll delay your chance for a break.

Dream of Orange – 150 Types & Their Interpretations

If you peeled an orange yourself, you’re hiding your reality. Others peeling oranges imply you’ll help someone else through their difficulties.

Though the dream visions were similar, the detailed dream interpretation wasn’t even close. So, if you can remember even the smallest bits of your dreams, let’s get down to it…

1. Dream of seeing oranges

The dream of seeing oranges symbolizes good health and recovery as the fruit is rich in vitamin C.

If you’re sick right now, this is a good sign. Further oranges have a connection with vitality, so it might refer to something loving.

2. Dream of holding oranges

Dreams of holding oranges signify some aspects of your life are under your control. It asks you to take complete advantage of the favorable situation. If you try hard, you’ll find the best way to succeed and be happy.

3. Dream of orange tree

Dreaming of an orange tree is always a good omen. It depicts prosperity, health, and vitality. An orange tree is the dream symbol of success. You’ll soon reach the pinnacle in the important areas of your life.

4. Dream of planting oranges

Dreams of planting oranges symbolize you’re on the correct path in life. Your situation might seem tough and burdensome currently, but soon you’ll realize that everything led you to your much-awaited destination.

5. Dream of eating oranges

Dreams of eating an orange show you’re pleased with life. Or, that you must take care of your needs.

If you eat oranges in dreams, it sometimes implies a new relationship for the singles and problem resolution for the committed.

6. Dream of green oranges

A green orange dream symbolizes you’re experiencing lots of setbacks, learning a lot, and trying your best in waking life. However, you can make even better use of your opportunities if you think more maturely.

7. Dream of peeling an orange

Dreams of peeling oranges portray your fear of expressing your real self to others. The dream urges you to take off your mask and explain your reasons. You might find real friends in the process.

8. Dream of orange juice

The dream meaning of orange juice reflects your immediate need for optimism in real life. But, positivity will only support you on your path. It doesn’t promise you good results, so don’t forget the efforts.

9. Dream of slicing orange

The dream of slicing orange symbolizes someone close to you whether at work, social circle, among friends, or in your family pretends to be your well-wisher but actually aims to harm you. Stay alert about what you share with others.

10. Dream of sweet oranges

To see or taste sweet oranges in a dream is a sign that you have multiple desires in life. However, you’re not confident, so your dream asks you to work on that. Fix your goals and head straight into it.

11. Dream of sour oranges

In dreams, if you see or taste sour oranges, this is a sign the setbacks on your way to achieve your goals will stress you. Patiently battle with the bad phase and you’ll eventually reach your destination.

12. Dream of rotten oranges

The dream sight of rotten oranges is an ill omen. You overstepped your boundaries in waking life. Reassess your actions, attitude, goals, and how much time and energy you invest on what, like something is off.

13. Dream of buying oranges

Dreaming of buying oranges reflects your character. Once you believe someone or something, you can’t ever doubt them.

You believe since you won’t hurt anyone, nobody harbors ill thoughts against you. You don’t understand how wicked the world can become.

14. Dream of picking oranges

To pick oranges in dreams, you’ll visit a new place for work and find many pleasurable gifts there. You’ll make interesting friends, learn a new language, go sightseeing, and make the best out of your time.

15. Dream of an orange peel

Dreams of orange peels refer to someone else treating you harshly. You feel you’re not worth your family’s love and have an inferiority complex. It may also imply you judge yourself on physical appearance.

16. Dream of selling oranges

Dream of selling oranges represents your patience and persistence. You don’t mind beginning from the bottom to learn better.

You value good results more than promotions and authority, so you’re quite passionate about your work.

17. Dream of someone bestowing oranges towards you

Dreaming of someone bestowing you oranges depicts you’re worried for your health yet you behave irresponsibly.

You check the internet to self-diagnose and take medicines. Seek an expert instead to make sure.

18. Dream of stealing oranges

To steal oranges in dreams signifies you admire someone and desire to catch their attention. However, the method will attract their eyes, but not their soul. Change your approach for better results.

19. Dream of other people peeling oranges

Seeing other people peel oranges in dreams implies you’ll support someone close to fighting a crisis in their life with advice, moral support, or even finances if your situation permits.

20. Dream of squeezing an orange

Dreaming of squeezing an orange to get its juice indicates you’ll become serious about your physical and mental health. You’ll introduce visible changes in your routine and diet.

21. Dream of other people squeezing an orange

Dreaming of others squeezing orange infers you’ll feel relieved when a loved one will recover or find a route to recover from their health concerns.

22. Dream of eating an orange peel

The view of eating orange peel in dreams predicts financial gain in your conscious hours. You might get a job, inherit money, or hit the jackpot in some other way.

23. Dream of other people eating an orange peel

Dreams of others eating orange peel infer you’ll be glad to know a loved one will achieve something important. They might graduate, get a job, progress in their career, conceive, or anything else.

24. Dream of throwing rotten oranges away

Dreams of throwing rotten oranges away are bad premonitions. You might fall sick and delay your plans in your workplace. You might need to wait until you begin working on your ideas.

25. Dream of other people throwing rotten oranges away

Dreaming of others throwing away rotten oranges depicts a loved one will experience a stressful phase in work and complain to you. Try to comfort them when they’re with you.

26. Dream of throwing oranges at someone

To throw oranges at someone in dreams showcases you’ll finally make an old wish come true. It might be a job opportunity, career progress, conception, or anything else.

27. Dream of throwing oranges at you

If someone throws oranges at you in dreams, it warns you against slanders. A jealous co-worker will try to ruin your reputation. Make sure you don’t share sensitive info with anyone.

28. Dream of other people planting oranges

Dreaming of others planting oranges denotes you fear failure. This fear along with doubts prevents you from working on your old ideas and projects. Change your thought process to gain something in life.

29. Dream of an orange tree full of fruits

An orange tree full of fruits in dreams portrays you’ll grow closer to your family or partner and lead a harmonious life after fighting major crises together.

30. Dream of cutting an orange tree

Dreams about cutting down an orange tree warn you to decide carefully about your life. Your decisions might hurt your loved ones, push them away, and lose their support forever.

31. Dream of fresh oranges

The sight of fresh oranges in dreams is a harbinger of good news. You’ll soon receive good fortune, and rewards, and soon many interesting and positive events might follow.

32. Dream of eating fresh oranges

Dreams of eating fresh oranges are a fortunate omen about your goals. You’ll soon overcome the ongoing and upcoming challenges in waking life.

33. Dream of orange on a table

Dreaming of an orange on the table is usually a positive sign. It predicts you’ll soon find pleasant surprises in significant areas of your life.

34. Dream of giving an orange to someone

To bestow oranges to another person in dreams isn’t a good omen. Your relationship with a friend, partner, or family is strained and if you don’t try to work on it, it will only worsen.

35. Dream of your loved one holding an orange

To see your loved one holding an orange in dreams envisages a sudden meeting with that person in reality.

36. Dream of not being able to pick an orange from a tree

Being unable to pick oranges from a tree is bad news about relationships. Something might prevent you from building relationships if you’re single or maintaining them if you’re committed.

37. Dream of lots of orange trees

To see lots of orange trees in dreams is a great sign for your marital life. You’ll lead a stable and happy married life.

38. Dream of eating the orange that dropped from the tree

Dreaming of eating the dropped orange from the tree signals you’ll enjoy the luxuries and rewards of someone else’s hard work.

39. Dream of dried or candied oranges

To see dried or candied oranges in your dream is a great symbolism of longevity. A job, relationship, or anything else you cherish will last long in your real life.

40. Dream of lots of oranges

Seeing lots of oranges in dreams means you can’t focus on work and desire another vacation. This is a divine message to resume your work quickly as the carefree times are over.

41. Dream of others stealing oranges

Dreaming of others stealing oranges implies someone close will take your constructive criticism negatively. They might call you meddlesome and you won’t wish anymore entanglement with them.

42. Dream of seeing peeled oranges

To see peeled oranges in dreams illustrate that you’ll be worried for some time because of a loved one’s deteriorating health. If you can’t care for them in person, hire someone.

43. Dream of smelling oranges

If you smelled oranges in your dreams, you may meet an interesting person and learn a lot from them. Or, you might begin a relationship soon and be happy in it.

44. Dream of burying rotten oranges

To bury rotten oranges in your dreams depicts the past miseries that will soon leave you. You’ll be blessed with a happy and peaceful life afterward.

45. Dream of lighting orange oil on fire

To light orange oil on fire in dreams shows the combination of two opposing elements: Fire and Water. It predicts the internal balance of power within you.

46. Dream of can’t reach big orange on tree for women

If you’re a woman and get dreams of a large orange on the tree that you can’t reach, it signifies you distrust men. You may remain single for a long period.

47. Dream of orange dividing for women

If you divide oranges in your dreams and are a woman, it’s a reflection of separation from your partner. This might be due to a business trip, a job opportunity abroad, or a breakup.

48. Dream of orange for girl planning marriage

In reality, if you’re a girl about to get married, the dream symbol of orange signifies you’ll lead a happy, fulfilling, and sweet married life.

49. Dream of plump and golden orange

In dream books, gold always has a connection with wealth. Dreaming of plump and golden orange represents your good luck.

50. Dream of ripe oranges

Dreaming of ripe oranges predicts you’ll have good luck and pleasant surprises in the future. However, if you’re a woman, it means you’ll steal the positive limelight.

51. Dream of unripe orange

The dream interpretation of unripe orange is a warning regarding your health. You may fall sick due to your poor work-life balance, so pay attention to yourself.

52. Dream of wife asking to buy oranges

In the dream, if your wife asks you to buy oranges and she eats them, it’s a good sign. Your life is flipped over right now but soon a favorable condition will approach you.

53. Dream of picking unripe oranges

Dreaming of picking unripe oranges is a reflection of falling sick. You must be careful about both your mental and physical health.

54. Dream of slipping on orange peel

To step on an orange peel and slip in your dreams is indicative of a family member’s death. Spend time with the sick and elderly.

55. Dream of someone destroying orange orchard

To see someone destroy an orange orchard in your dreams suggests you might feel helpless to your enemies. Be alert about your enemy’s actions and traps.

56. Dream of orange during pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, the dream of:

  • Orange: you’ll have good luck and birth a boy
  • Bright and golden orange: you’ll soon have good luck
  • Eating orange: You’ll birth a smart boy
  • Picking orange: You’ll have a safe delivery and a healthy child
  • Many oranges: You’ll stay safe during the pregnancy
  • Green oranges: Be careful about your health.

57. Dream of stale orange

The view of stale oranges in your dreams usually depicts impending complications in your life. However, the source is unknown so you must always be careful and alert.

58. Dream of an orange on big plate

The sight of one orange on a big plate in dreams means that your efforts won’t go in vain. In good times, you’ll soon receive your rewards, so stay patient.

59. Dream of orange packed in boxes

To see many oranges packed in boxes in dreams predicts that your financial life will stabilize, but it needs time, so keep pouring in the efforts.

60. Dream of one rotten orange

To view a single rotten orange in dreams envisages you might fall in trouble soon. However, it’s an avoidable issue, so try hard to not step into traps.

61. Dream of picking orange from tree top for women

If you’re a woman and you saw yourself picking or trying to pick oranges from the top of a tree, it denotes you’re choosy about your life partner and you don’t need to get married soon.

62. Dream of large oranges

The vision of large oranges in dreams is associated with success and creativity. You’ll succeed with your creative energy, but if the energy is repressed, you must try to awaken it slowly.

63. Dream of giving oranges to ex-husband

Dreaming of giving your ex-husband oranges implies you’ll soon divide the property or it’s a reminder of the property division.

64. Dream of making and drinking orange juice

If you made orange juice and drank it in your dreams, it’s a sign you’ll soon achieve your goals in real life. Make sure you don’t hurry the process and go with the flow. 

65. Dream of oranges on the ground

Dreams about oranges lying on the ground are a bad sign about your health. A chronic disease may soon worsen, so take care of yourself and prepare medicines and other support.

66. Dream of juggling oranges

To juggle oranges in your dreams shows that your current path wastes your time. Think again if you want to pursue it or switch to something better and reach the endpoint faster.

67. Dream of dropping oranges

To drop oranges on the floor in dreams is a harbinger of separation from your loved one. Someone might move away for a job, you might have a fight and break ties, or someone might pass away.

68. Dream of someone decorating cake with oranges

Dreaming of someone decorating a cake with oranges depicts you’ll soon receive an invitation to a grand party. You’ll get to socialize with influential people there.

69. Dream of oranges in refrigerator

Dreams of oranges kept in the refrigerator are a good symbolism. You’ll invest your funds in a profitable and trusted organization and it’ll provide you with good returns.

70. Dream of choosing oranges

In your dreams, if you took your time to choose oranges, it means you’re skeptical about your past or recent decisions. Well, if you can’t change anything, try to prevent any problems.

71. Dream of too small oranges

Dreams of seeing too small oranges are symbolic of tears. You might face a devastating situation soon which might leave you in tears. Seek loved ones’ support to cope with it.

72. Dream of licking orange skin

Dreaming of licking orange skin implies you only focus on superficial problems at work. Notice your clients’ true wishes to succeed and create a good impression.

73. Dream of choking and vomiting oranges

To choke and vomit oranges in dreams is a warning about separation from close ones. You spend excess time with someone. Take some space before they get sick of you.

74. Dream of drinking orange soda

Dreaming of drinking orange soda signifies your need to be optimistic about your life. Approach situations without fearing negative possibilities and you’ll soon solve them.

75. Dream of orange pulp

Dreams of orange pulp suggest thinking deeply before you decide about important matters. Balance your ego to protect yourself.

76. Dream of orange seeds

Dreams about orange seeds, sprouts, or saplings foretell someone will criticize your capabilities. However, you’ll prove them wrong and make an unbeneficial venture profitable.

77. Dream of orange fiber

Dreaming of orange fiber shows you love giving constructive criticism to others. You share valuable advice but make sure to not offend anyone.

78. Dream of lime oranges

Lime orange dreams signify even through troublesome situations, you’ll be at peace and healthy. This is a message of blessing and divine support to overcome tough times.

79. Dream of mandarin oranges

Dreams of mandarin oranges foresee many positive and cheerful news in the future. However, they’ll take time to reach you so don’t be impatient.

80. Dream of tangerine oranges

Dreams of having or seeing tangerine oranges represent that you’ll cope with tough situations easily due to the good news. You’ll feel optimistic and happily fight the odds.

81. Dream of blood oranges

Dreaming of red blood oranges depicts you judging others on superficial appearances. Change this attitude, dig deeper, and give people a chance even if you don’t trust them.

82. Dream of orange tree full of flowers

A mesmerizing dream sight of an orange tree full of flowers implies you’ll soon fall in love with your dream man/woman. This will be a great romantic experience.

83. Dream of orange tree with wilted flowers

Dreams of an orange tree with lifeless flowers are a bad omen about your relationship. You might soon break up with your lover.

84. Dream of buying oranges for women

Being a woman, if you dream of buying oranges, you’ll soon part with your lover. Try to resolve all issues maturely to prevent them.

85. Dream of oranges at wedding

Dreaming of seeing oranges at a wedding is an indication of a happy married life. However, you’ll have fights, but everything will eventually work out because of your steady feelings.

86. Dream of hugging an orange

Dreams of hugging an orange are a suggestion to follow your heart and do what makes you happy.

87. Dream of relative hugging an orange

To see a relative hugging an orange in a dream shows that you admire their success and want to be the same. However, try to avoid copying them as your life is unique.

88. Dream of stranger hugging an orange

Dreaming of a stranger hugging an orange portrays your intense desire to be successful and happy. But you’re confused and don’t know the route to success.

89. Dream of planting orange tree but not growing

Dreams of planting an orange tree but it got destroyed somehow and stopped growing is a bad omen. It implies your current venture won’t be profitable, so change your ways.

90. Dream of orange tree without fruits

Dreaming of an orange tree without fruits implies you’ll either fail to reach your goals or it’ll take much more time to reach them. It’ll be challenging and stressful.

91. Dream of dry orange tree

Dreams of a dried orange tree denote a depressing and upsetting phase that will begin in your life. Try to find the roots of your troubles and end them sooner.

92. Dream of fighting for oranges

If you dream about fighting for oranges with:

  • Familiar person: Your relatives will interfere in your professional life
  • Enemy: You’ll soon fight over power and superiority.

93.  Dream of orange beside the sick

Dreaming of an orange kept beside a sickly person, this person will become even sicker in waking life or go beyond the stage of recovery. Pay attention to them to prevent anything bad.

94. Dream of spider in orange juice

A spider in an orange juice dream might symbolize female sexual energy and vitality. If the spider bit you, some female will gain control over you.

95. Dream of gathering peeled orange from tree

Dreams of picking peeled oranges from a tree signify you’ll soon come up with exciting and original ideas. You’ll succeed in your life soon.

96. Dream of your lover planting orange trees

If your partner plants orange trees in dreams, this is a sign your relationship is strong and healthy because of both your efforts and sacrifices.

97. Dreaming of pruning orange tree

To prune orange trees in dreams suggests learning your purpose in life. It may also be a sign to care for your family as they support you the most.

98. Dreaming of choking on orange

To choke on oranges in dreams warns you against your negativity. You can’t succeed if you demotivate yourself throughout the journey.

99. Dreaming of sharing oranges

To share oranges in dreams stands for new beginnings. You’ll beat a hardship successfully and set out on a new journey.

100. Dream of making orange dessert

Dreaming of making orange dessert or jam is a warning against your self-neglect. You may not cope with your diseases well if you don’t care for yourself.

101. Dream of blue orange

Dreams of blue orange show you can handle emotional situations, but can’t forget the past. Seek others’ aid to return to the right path.

102. Dream of spilling orange juice

Dreams of spilling orange juice signal you must look at your problems from a different perspective to confront them. 

103. Dream of pouring orange juice

The sight of pouring orange juice in dreams signifies that you’ll climb up the stairs of success only if you work hard and dedicate yourself to your goals completely.

104. Dream of orange ice cream

Dreaming of orange ice cream shows you’re satisfied with your life. Since there are no troubles, you can focus on your loved ones and support them.

105. Dream of orange leaking

Dreaming of a leaking orange holds the answer to your quest for happiness. The answer depends on how deeply you’re in love. If you want happiness, you must fall in love genuinely.

45 Dream of Orange Color & Their Interpretations

If your dream was about an orange hat, it shows you’re optimistic. If it was about orange shoes, it promises a secured future.

Depending on the shade of orange and the object, the interpretation just doesn’t stay constant. So, if your dream was about color, let’s plunge into the hues…

106. Dream of tangerine orange

Dreaming of tangerine or deep and muted orange color signifies warmth, safety, and security. Someone close makes you feel secure or you desire this feeling.

107. Dream of yellow orange

The sight of the yellow orange color of fruits reminds you of long and warm summer days. It’s a message to relax and enjoy your leisurely time amidst nature.

108. Dream of deep orange

The deep orange color reflects the autumn image of falling leaves. The color in dreams refers to being more serious with your health, life, or work.

109. Dream of salmon orange

Salmon is light orange with a lower concentration of red. Dreaming of salmon signifies you approach life with a light-hearted and relaxed vibe and stay calm despite circumstances.

110. Dream of red orange

Dreaming of red orange asks you to identify your passion. You feel confident, energized, and inspired and you’re ready to make wonders to succeed in life.

111. Dream of safety orange

Dreams of safety orange – the color on warning signs and traffic cones – warn you to be more attentive to different consequences on your way. Prepare backup plans for possible situations.

112. Dream of neon orange

Though the neon color seems unbearable to many, it’s always used to promote unique items. So, your dreams might signify you must pay attention to something unique in your waking life.

113. Dream of gold orange

Gold isn’t orange but it’s close. Dreaming of gold orange is always about an excess desire for wealth and the will to achieve it even through immoral ways.

114. Dream of rust orange

Dreams about rust orange or an extremely dark orange shade imply you feel neglected. Possibly, you don’t pay attention to your desires for thrills or your work doesn’t satisfy you.

115. Dream of peach orange

Dreams about the peach or a light orange color remind you of warm and sunny days. You’ll feel happy and cheerful in the coming days.

116. Dream of saffron orange

The sight of saffron orange in dreams implies you have great endurance and patience. Your strong mind and immeasurable efforts help you achieve your desires.

117. Dream of carrot color

Dreaming of the carrot orange color predicts a spiritual transformation in your waking life. You’ll soon attain prominence for eternity. Let the process happen at its own pace.

118. Dream of amber orange

Dreaming of amber color signifies you’re confident and have high self-esteem. It shows you’re an optimistic person and always fight back because you know what you deserve.

119. Dream of husband holding orange candle

To see your husband holding an orange candle in dreams reflects a strain in your relationship/marriage. However, you both want to make up so be honest.

120. Dream of orange dragon and cattle in sky

Dreaming of orange-colored dragon and cattle in the sky portends your current hardships will soon end. Make way for fresh starts and keep an eye out for dazzling opportunities.

121. Dream of orange moon

To see an orange moon in dreams signifies you’re connected and overflowing with creativity. Soon you’ll observe the power of your energy.

121. Dream of orange hat

To see an orange hat in dreams depicts you’re an optimist. You always highlight the brighter side of any poor situation.

122. Dream of orange flower

Dream of a single orange flower shows you’re at peace with your life. You don’t want the current phase to change because you’re comfortable.

123. Dream of bouquet of orange flowers

Dreaming of a bouquet of orange flowers is a bittersweet sign. You’ll find true love but your pride may lead you to lose them, so try to be humble.

124. Dream of orange fist

Dreams of an orange fist signify hatred and aggression. Either you feel these emotions for someone else or someone else feels them for you.

125. Dream of orange passport

To see an orange passport in dreams is like a green signal for your endeavors. It’s a reassurance to continue and you’ll eventually meet success.

126. Dream of painting something orange

In your dreams, if you painted something orange all by yourself, then it signals you must soon change your plans. Either you’re on the wrong path or major setbacks are waiting for you.

127. Dream of orange hair

Dreaming of orange hair shows you’re fickle-minded. You lead a carefree life and only think of how to have fun. This is a message to grow up and focus on the important things.

128. Dream of orange eyes

Dreams of orange eyes have varied interpretations. You may be in danger due to a powerful and controlling person around you.

Conversely, it may imply positivity, peace, and unity surrounding you. This is your time to enjoy your life.

129. Dream of orange shoes

Dreaming of orange shoes depicts you’ll meet a strange person or situation. It might be the good kind of strange – they’ll pique your interest. Or, it might be the negative strange – you’ll feel confused.

130. Dream of orange curtains

To see orange curtains in dreams symbolizes you’ll discover something mysterious. It might help you grow faster and be an advantage over your rivals whether in academics, work, social, or family circles.

131. Dream of orange leaves

Dreaming of orange leaves promises you a good future. However, you must keep up the hard work to safeguard the prediction. Without your honest efforts, nothing can work out.

132. Dream of orange mushrooms

The dream meaning of orange mushrooms is never good. You might give into something useless unknowingly and regret it later. Assess your choices well before you make them.

133. Dream of orange car

Dreams of an orange car signify you’re uncertain about your choices. Instead of regretting later, speak to experienced people to understand your situation better.

134. Dream of orange sky

Dreaming of the orange sky shows you’re afraid and distrustful. Don’t react to any situation until you calm yourself or can maintain your temper. Think through with a rational mind to solve any issue.

135. Dream of orange clothes

Dreams of orange clothes stand for positive life changes, nobility, generosity, and everything good. However, sometimes it may symbolize uncertainty.

136. Dream of selling orange carrots

Dreaming of selling orange carrots is suggestive of the fact that you’re worried about someone’s health. Connect and take care of them.

137. Dream of orange horse

Dreaming of an orange horse warns you against the potential danger waiting for you. You better step forward carefully because there are landmines everywhere.

138. Dream of orange fish

Dreams of an orange fish tell you to take a break from monotonous activities and step outside for some sun, fresh air, or even fishing.

139. Dream of orange sun

Dreaming of an orange sun hints at reality. You’ll overcome a tough situation in life only with teamwork. If you don’t try, the others won’t either.

140. Dream of orange cat

Dreaming of an orange cat shows you desire more knowledge. But your steps to fulfill them are too reckless. Express yourself more to make sure you’re on the right track.

141. Dream of orange dog

Dreams of an orange dog suggest showing more love and affection to bring about important changes.

142. Dream of orange bug

Dreaming of an orange bug symbolizes you must deal with your negative emotions yourself instead of pouring them out on others.

143. Dream of orange fox

Orange fox dreams express you’re trying to do your best to plan something to lift your mood but have lots of bottled-up aggression.

144. Dream of orange poop

Dreaming of orange poop represents your initial love for a luxurious life slowly dying. You finally understand your self-worth and embrace the real values in life.

145. Dream of orange sand

Dreams of orange sand depict that you always suppress your feelings out of fear of judgment and rejection. Freely express yourself and conquer this fear. Your loved ones will always have your back.

146. Dream of orange door

The vision of an orange door in your dreams is a portent of the emotional barrier you built. You don’t let others in, not even your closest kin. The dream suggests you take it easy and not be on the edge.

147. Dream of orange lizard

Dreams of an orange lizard show you noticed your repressed emotions. You’re confronting the emotions and struggling. You’ll soon overcome this battle and heal.

148. Dream of orange sunset

Dreams of orange sunsets denote you crossed someone’s boundaries and upset them. You better keep your emotions in check if you want to make the situation better.

149. Dream of orange mouse

Dreaming of an orange mouse highlights that you thought about something important but can’t express them freely.

Possibly because you’re disconnected from others that you can’t express yourself.  Seek the help of a confident woman in your life to solve it.

150. Dream of orange towel

The sight of an orange towel in your dreams shows you try to make others feel appreciated. However, this impacts you negatively. This dream asks you to prioritize yourself before others.

Spiritual meaning of orange in a dream

In Islam, pleasant orange dreams signify meeting interesting people, finding love, or being righteous. In Hinduism, the positive orange dreams meant your desire for change, and negative ones warned against extreme dependency on luck. In Greek mythology and even recent history, oranges are a sign of nobility and royalty.

In Islam, positive dreams about buying oranges all imply you’ll meet new interesting people in life that will eventually improve your life.

Eating oranges promises you pleasures in life like new relationships. If you see oranges, you’re righteous and don’t stand injustice.

In Hinduism, only seeing an orange in dreams indicates you desire some change in your life. However, if you pick oranges, it’s a warning against depending on your luck excessively.

As per Greek mythology, an Ancient Greek legend says Mother Earth sent an orange tree as a marital present to Zeus and Hera’s marriage.

They planted the tree in Hesperides and referred to the fruit as “golden apples”. So, oranges are also a sign of divinity, royalty, and luck.

The Sun King, Luis IV, was also a great admirer of orange wood and built an orangery in Versailles.

Biblical meaning of orange in a dream

Biblically, oranges are called the fruits or apples of God. The fruit and color both always signified beauty, positivity, and even Sun’s power. The orange blossoms are a sign of purity and innocence.

In the bible, they mentioned the orange fruit multiple times differently. Some even referred to it as the apples of God or the fruits of the Gods due to its bright color similar to the Sun and its power. Orange was also referred to similarly in the Eastern nations.

People in the bible also refer to orange trees as beautiful and compare beauty with its rich orange-colored fruits in contrast with the white flowers.

People referred to something going to waste as “rotted” like oranges. When something good happens, they use terms like “blooming” or receiving the “fruits” of their labor.

They also compared orange tree flowers with innocence and purity.

Questions to ask to correctly interpret your dream of orange

Many times we don’t remember our dreams clearly. Even if you feel you remember the vision vividly, you still forget bits of it.

Unless you wrote down everything after waking up, it’s hard to find your detailed dream interpretation because every minute element matters.

However, let’s not lose hope. Rather, answer these questions and try to picture your dream the best…

1. Was the orange in your dream a fruit or color?

If it was a fruit,

2. Was the focus of your dream the fruit itself or something related?

3. Are you a man or a woman? Do you have a partner or are you single?

4. Where was the orange?

5. Did you get to touch the orange? How? Did you taste it?

6. Was there someone else in the dream?

7. What was the condition of the orange?

If it was the color,

8. How deep or light was the color? Can you remember what kind of orange color it was?

9. What was the orange-colored object? Was it a living being or a non-living?

10. Was the orange object a human body part?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Your dream interpretation might make you feel confident, depressed, or even confused. However, that might become the greatest obstruction between you and your goals.

Your dream decoding is incomplete if you don’t follow through with the advice until the end. If you only learn the meanings but do nothing to achieve the best, that might be a big bummer in your life.

So, focus on how to make your life even better. If you received good news, try your best to protect that. If it’s a bad one, resist it with your might.

However, if you’re confused about your next step, discuss it with an experienced person to find the best measures.