Dream about candles points to the presence or need for spiritual guidance in your life. It means that you may be looking for some answers or a spiritual connection to get through something. 

If you need help to interpret your dream, rest assured you will find the solution, with this article.

Dream about Candles - A Sign Of Light And Hope In Your Life!
Dream about Candles – A Sign Of Light And Hope In Your Life!

Candle Dream Meaning – General Interpretation 

Candle dream meaning reflects the spiritual enlightenment we seek, the guidance we need on our path, good luck and efforts to get us there, and the light that keeps us going. 

Candle dream meaning can be taken as a positive sign that you are on the right path; because even if you are struggling, you will spiritually find your way out. 

Moreover, the dreams symbolize the following. 

  • Spiritual guidance

Candle dreams represent spiritual guidance and our need to seek spiritual support on our individual journeys. We often need the help of others to answer difficult questions or to see how some problems will work out.  

  • Spiritual enlightenment 

Candle dreams also show a quest for spiritual enlightenment; in a positive way. The important part here is the quest for enlightenment; not the final state. It is knowing what to aim for and putting in the spiritual and inner work to get there. The candle acts as a symbol that will help us reach that goal. 

  • Spiritual journey 

Candle dreams are also a symbol of the spiritual or other journeys we undertake to reach a better place. The journey here also has interpretations that are not positive; such as challenges, difficulties, straying from our path, and even being manipulated by others. 

  • Symbol of light 

Quite simply, candles represent light even in the dream world. So, they symbolize the light at the end of the tunnel, or in other words- the end to our problems. 

  • A hint of hope 

Lastly, candles symbolize hope. They reflect the feeling we carry within us through our difficulties. It is our faith that we will be okay in the end; that someone will help us or that we are capable enough to find our way on our own. 

Spiritual Understanding Of Candle Dreams

Spiritually, candles indicate a side of your personality and spiritual growth. Some dreams explore your relationships, both romantic and family, and how you may need to do more work in that area.

Similarly, some dreams focus on your personal spiritual growth and challenges. 

It is important to understand them all based on where you are in your spiritual journey and what your deeper personal needs are.

This self-awareness will eventually lead you through immense spiritual growth.

Dream about Candles – Different Meanings And Their Spiritual Reflections

Following are the different kinds of candle dreams. The best way to interpret them is to note the conditions, color and where you are in your own spiritual journey in your waking life. 

Dream of a candle burning down 

Candles are made of wax and they burn down at a steady rate in time. In the dream world, this translates to the idea that you may be running out of time. 

This means that you may be approaching the end of a particular thing; like a deadline.

Especially in situations where you are not prepared for your work, this dream is a warning sign to stop wasting more time. 

However, a candle burning down can also mean the end of a particular life phase. It means that either a job, a lease, or a relationship may be coming to an end; like it is just a matter of time.

Seeing a lit candle in your dream meaning

A lit candle in your dream represents the spiritual enlightenment you may be searching for.

It is a positive dream, as it shows that you are aware of your spiritual needs and are already seeking higher levels of understanding about it. 

Unlit candle dream meaning 

Opposite to what a lit candle indicates, an unlit candle is not the best sign for your spiritual journey.

It means that you may actually be struggling in your life and you are not able to find a good way out. 

Holding a candle dream meaning 

The dream is an indication of insecurity.

Perhaps you have less faith than usual that things will turn out okay and hence you are holding a candle to feel like you have control over difficult situations.

It is like holding your safety blanket to show you a way out. 

Broken candle dream meaning 

Dream of a broken candle has varied interpretations. It means that you may have issues regarding opening up, either to new people or new experiences that can add to your life.

Another interpretation is that you may need to get more balance in your life. This balance is about knowing what you want and being self-aware enough to know how much effort you will have to put in to get there.

Candles on a birthday cake 

While birthday cakes may seem like a joyous image, the dream representation of lit candles on a birthday cake is not a positive sign. It means that you may be slacking or neglecting things that require your attention. 

This does not mean that the interpretation is entirely negative. It can rather be taken as a warning sign that you are straying away from your path, whether it is spiritual or otherwise, and you must get back on it. 

Lighting a candle 

This dream can also be interpreted as a journey towards spiritual enlightenment. It means that you may be carving your own way forward, looking for answers and ways to find inner peace. 

The candle here symbolizes an awareness as well as a way to reach that higher place of spiritual wisdom. 

Candle wax melting 

The dream signifies loss. You may be about to face some loss or even be currently dealing with some loss. 

Besides, if you haven’t already lost something, you still have time to be more careful. 

A lot of candles 

In the real world, candles are often used to decorate spaces for happy occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Similarly, the dream symbol indicates that you have an upcoming celebration. This is a good sign as well as a beautiful dream image to see when you are asleep.  

A single candle 

We all have challenges and life periods where we have to give our best. This dream is an indication that you will hold your determination to succeed, in every situation. 

Two candles 

This dream represents duality. It can either mean secrets or mind. Perhaps some secret you are keeping buried is now starting to bother you. 

Alternatively, it can also mean spirituality and perseverance. This means that even when you feel defeated, you will still go on because you are aware that only perseverance can help you through tough situations. 

Candle wax 

A dream that shows the candle wax suggests that there has been some kind of breakdown in your life.

However, the interpretation also suggests that you can pick the pieces back up and restart the relationship or area that has suffered the fall. 

Wax dripping from a candle  

Emotions or even secrets being spilled over are the primary reasons to see this dream. It is not necessarily negative, but it is a reminder to be mindful of what we keep stored away and what needs to be let out. 

Candle flame

Such dreams symbolize self-awareness. Candle flames in dreams suggest that you have come a long way on your journey and are now exploring your own mind and body more acutely. 

Dreams about candles based on their color 

Certain dreams about candles and lighting candles can be interpreted based on their color. Read on to understand more. 

  • Yellow candle –  It is a reflection of the joy, peace, tranquility, and harmony you experience in your life. 
  • White candle – It means personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, and even a good balance in your spiritual journey. Additionally, It shows that you are on a good path, going towards spiritual enlightenment and the journey itself is bringing you comfort. 
  • Black candle – It is not a negative sign but a symbol of getting rid of negative thoughts and energy that obstruct your spiritual journey. 
  • Red candle – It represents the relationships in your life, mainly romantic relationships. It can be taken as a reminder that perhaps you may need to bring back some passion or chemistry in your relationship.  
  • Purple candle – It is a good sign for your professional life. It means you are either close to completing your goals or you are in the best form to accomplish a lot of work. 
  • Pink candle – It is a very good sign for your family life as you will reunite with family members after a rough patch.
  • Orange candle – It suggests that you may experience some fun times with friends soon as this is a very homely color. 
  • Green candle – It is a positive sign for your health and wellbeing. 
  • Blue candle – It indicates that you may find comfort in a group setting. Some interpretations also suggest that blue candles represent the need to forgive others and refresh your own spiritual quests. 

Biblical dream meaning 

Candles represent the potential you have to create your own path and light, even though the difficult situations are a part of life.  

They also represent hope and show that you may seek the help of others.

Lastly, we all need a bit of good luck to come ahead in life. We can and must work very sincerely to achieve our goals and find peace.

However, the candle dream is an indication that your efforts won’t be wasted and you will find the light that you seek. 


Candle dreams symbolize your challenges and solutions.

It is also important to note that candle dreams that are not positive, are just reminders to be more careful and prepared. It is on us to interpret our dreams and take them in the best possible way forward.