What Does Dream of Chainsaw Mean?

Dreams of Chainsaw – General Interpretations

Dreams of chainsaw may imply good news, a difficult period of life, or some health-related issues.

Dream of a man chasing you with a chainsaw

You might have realized some hardcore truth about your life that led to trust issues with someone.

Dream of killing someone with a chainsaw

This dream can be very scary, but it is a sign of good fortune. You might have achieved new accomplishments in your life.

Dream of being chased by a chainsaw

Dream of being chased by a chainsaw is a bad omen. It signifies stress and tension.

Dream of sawing a tree with a chainsaw

You might be criticized for something that is not done by you. It will cause immense stress.

Dream of using the chainsaw

This dream is indicative of the fact that you are trying to cut off a person from your life.

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