A dream of chainsaw often talks about your strength and stability. It can also be indicative of the fact that you are directing your energy in the wrong direction.

But how will you know for certain?


Depending on your dream situation, you will find the meaning here. To help you, I have enlisted all possible chainsaw-related dreams in this think-piece. But first, let’s discuss some general interpretations of the chainsaw dream…

Dreams of Chainsaw – General Interpretations

Dreams of chainsaw may imply good news, a difficult period of life, or some health-related issues.

Every dream of chainsaw may have a different meaning depending on your real-life situation. But if you don’t remember the details, these general interpretations will define an outline. So, let’s dig in!

1. You are not concerned about anyone’s feelings

Seeing a chainsaw in a dream suggests that you are extremely self-centered and do not care what other people think.

You are not concerned about consequences and might act insensitively with other people.

2. You are going through a difficult period

This dream suggests that you are going through a rough patch in your life. But remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel and believe in it.

3. It’s a good time for investment

A chainsaw sometimes represents luck in your life. You should invest in real estate or stock. But this is only applicable to men.

Chainsaw in a woman’s dream is related to health issues. Either you are going through a gynecological problem, or soon you will face one in your life.

5. It promises good luck

Chainsaw’s dreams are an indicator of good luck. You might get a promotion in your work or receive a huge amount of wealth.

Now that you know all the interpretations, it is time to explore different types of chainsaw dreams.

Dreams of Chainsaw – 11 Types and interpretations

To find your dream, read the headline and scroll down to read its interpretation. I have also written down some remedies with it that will help you get out of this situation. So, keep reading buddy!

1. Dream of a man chasing you with a chainsaw

Dreaming of a man chasing you with a chainsaw implies self-awareness. You might have realized some hardcore truth about your life that led to trust issues with someone.

You need to be honest with yourself and listen to your instincts. Maintain a routine to introduce discipline in your life. Don’t let other people take over you.

If you feel less prepared for something in life, it is best to take some extra time for it. Don’t burden yourself with guilt.

2. Dream of killing someone with a chainsaw

This dream can be very scary, but it is a sign of good fortune. You might have achieved new accomplishments in your life. It is going to offer you a stable future.

If your inner emotions are overwhelming you, it is time to get rid of them. Contact a psychiatrist and share your concerns. Your school friend or college friend might try to reconcile with you.

You should show your gratitude to the universe.

3. Dream of being chased by a chainsaw

Dream of being chased by a chainsaw is a bad omen. It signifies stress and tension.

So, focus on important matters of life and don’t be negative about the people surrounding you. If you have an elderly in your home, take care of them.

Other than that, make sure to talk positively to yourself.

4. Dream of a man with a chainsaw

This dream is a signal from your subconscious mind. You might need to take a close look at your personal or professional life as someone is hiding their true self.

Sometimes this dream may also indicate celebration and joy. You are heading towards a new direction in life. Don’t let your past life or old habits take away your success.

Practice meditation for mindfulness. Use all of your resources to upgrade yourself.

5. Dream of being chased by a chainsaw

If you saw a chainsaw chasing you, it is a metaphor for sensual pleasure. Also, it portrays that you can bravely face your problems. The universe is telling you to go with the flow for some time.

On the contrary, this dream signifies you are not being true to yourself. This will cause disappointment in some aspects of your life. Don’t listen to your friends often.

You need to forgive someone to move on in life.

6. Dream of chainsaw massacre

Dream of a chainsaw massacre hints that you have a strong foundation. This will help you to overcome your difficulties in life. You have the power to adjust in any situation.

It also suggests some blockage in your growth because you try to fulfill everyone’s expectations. It’s time for you to draw boundaries and learn how to say no.

If you are in an abusive relationship, you should break it off immediately.

7. Dream of being a chainsaw

Dear reader, your dream suggests that you will face a complicated situation shortly. But don’t be afraid. With courage and wisdom, you will be able to solve it.

If someone older than you is advising you about a situation, listen to that person. On the negative side, this dream indicates you feel left out. It is happening because you are scared to acknowledge a part of yourself.

You have to stop worrying about what other people think about you. Instead, listen to your heart and stand up for yourself.

8. Dream of sawing a tree with a chainsaw

You might be criticized for something that is not done by you. It will cause immense stress. Focus on gathering proof of your innocence rather than indulging in fights.

9. Dream of sawing firewood with a chainsaw

This dream represents the difficulties in your life. You should start praying to the universe and share positivity towards life.

10. Dream of a chainsaw in your hands

Your luck is on your side. You will achieve success in all the tasks.

11. Dream of using the chainsaw

This dream is indicative of the fact that you are trying to cut off a person from your life. It may also mean that you are discontinuing an activity.

Now that you know everything about chainsaw dreams, you must take the necessary actions to get rid of them. Follow the remedies daily to get positive results. Now it’s time to understand the spiritual meaning of chainsaw dreams.

Spiritual meaning of chainsaw dreams

Chainsaw dreams are no doubt scary, but their spiritual meaning is not negative. According to many spiritual gurus, this dream indicates that some auspicious thing will happen shortly. You should start showing up for yourself to receive blessings.

Sometimes it suggests a new change will be introduced in your life. At first, you might feel annoyed by it, but slowly you will get accustomed to it.

It is also a good time to invest in stocks.

It is hard to remember dreams piece by piece. To help you with that, I have prepared some questions for you. Let’s check them in the next section.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret chainsaw dreams correctly

Answer all the questions and compare with the headlines of dream types to identify the interpretation. Make sure to note down all the answers to make the process easy.

1. Did you see yourself as a chainsaw?

2. How did you feel during the entire dream?

3. What did you feel the next day?

4. Was a man with a chainsaw chasing you?

5. Did you see yourself killing someone with a chainsaw?

6. Did you see a man with a chainsaw in your dream?

7. Was the chainsaw chasing you?

8. Did you dream of a chainsaw massacre?

9. Were you using the chainsaw?

10. Were you cutting firewood?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams are an expression of our subconscious mind. It must not mess with your daily routine. In case it does, you should contact a therapist.

Other than that, you can always come back here and find out what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you. 

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