So, you’ve been dreaming of being a criminal on the run, and it has left you restless since…

Generally, this dream means you are being chased and is often the bearer of bad news. However, the final interpretation depends on the other details.

But before we dive into the specific messages, let’s start off with some general interpretations to help you know what this dream has in store for you…

Dreaming of Being A Criminal On The Run – General Interpretations

Dreaming of being a criminal on the run symbolizes bad luck. It also says that you will learn new facts about yourself and the world as you face your fears.

Your dreams have the power to predict the consequences of your actions in your real life. That’s why it becomes important for the dreamer (you) to interpret their dreams correctly.

However, if you don’t remember the details surrounding your dream, then here are a few general interpretations for you…

1. Something inside you is changing you

In movies and novels, when someone is on the run, it often changes them on the way. The same is true for such dreams. Seeing yourself on the run after committing a crime tells that something inside of you is changing.

You are growing to be more accepting towards life. You are now adding a different perspective to your observations about relationships and careers.

2. You are followed by emotions

This dream also says that you’re driven by your emotions in your waking life.

It is possible that you are feeling super stressed yet lazy at the same time. You know that there is nothing wrong in your life, yet you feel unmotivated and overwhelmed.

You feel extremely stressed and annoyed. In fact, it even suffocates you when someone tries to help you.

3. Life is going to be different for you

This dream is also a symbol that life is going to be different for you. You might be given a huge responsibility which will position you in your career or maybe you will let go of certain responsibilities that were pulling you down.

You will feel focused on achieving your goals.  You will be surrounded by good people.

4. It is a sign of obstacles coming your way

This dream also foretells lots of obstacles on your way.

Life is going to throw some of its biggest trials at you. You will face many hurdles between you and your goals. However, these hurdles have only come to develop your character.

You have a lot of potential and life is just going to prepare you for that.

5. Relationships will be different

Generally, this dream is a symbol that your relationships are going to be different than what you expect them to be.

You are a kind and nurturing soul. You prioritize relationships the most but it might not be the same from the other side.

You will say goodbye to certain relationships because they will be toxic and will betray you.

6. You will walk on a new path

Life is doing everything it can to show you the reality of the world and help you walk on the new path ahead.

From now on, you will be more interested in knowing the deep truths of life and you will love it that way.

So, now that you know what you should prepare yourself for a big change with these general interpretations, let’s move to understand what exactly you should prepare yourself for…

Dreaming of Being A Criminal On The Run – 14 Types & Interpretation

Although you can identify what you can expect from general interpretations, it is ideal to look for your specific dream meaning to interpret the right message.

So, keep reading the types and follow the interpretation of the one that seems most relatable to you…

1. Dream of yourself being a criminal on the run

Seeing yourself as a criminal and being on the run refers to peace, harmony, and tranquility. You are the kind of person who avoids facing their fears. You would rather choose the hard way and avoid everything and bravely face tough situations.

Your friends and family members love you but you are constantly feeling overwhelmed by the pressure they are trying to put on you. You are feeling emotionally drained and disconnected from everyone.

In this scenario, all you need is a break. Relax and take a day off doing things you love. Go out and meet new people. You will surely feel better.

2. Dream of being on the run from police

If you saw yourself being on the run from the police then it means you are indifferent to everything in your waking life.

It is possible that you were trying to fix a bond or a situation for too long and now you are tired of it. There is a lack of harmony in your mind.

You are facing romantic and trust issues in your relationship. Moreover, you aren’t as dedicated to your goals as you were before.

You need to calm yourself down. This dream wants you to take control of your emotions and find something that you are really passionate about. Again, establish communication with your partner so there’s tranquility in your relationship.

3. Dream of running away from the police after committing a serious crime

A dream of committing a serious crime and being on the run refers to a major breakthrough in your life.

Something has caused me to pause and think about the deep truths of life. You are surrounded by the guilt of something unforgivable. You are feeling lonely and shallow.

Maybe, it’s time to confess your thoughts to someone you trust. It can be your closest friend, a distant cousin or even your therapist.

4. Dream of running away from police of the opposite sex

The dream of running away from police personnel of the opposite sex shows that there are some hidden feelings that you are refusing to let out. This might be a feeling regarding the wrongdoings of your friends or your partner.

You think that staying calm and silent would turn the pain away but you are only torturing yourself. Maybe it’s time you take a different action and stand up to the people who caused you pain. Talk to your close people and seek help from them.

5. Dream of being on the run from foreign cops

If you saw yourself running away from foreign cops then prepare yourself, because this dream is a sign of bad luck. You are unfocused and lazy. You tend to trust people and forgive them even after they do wrong things to you.

It is for this reason you have so many toxic people in your life. Beware, these people are going to cause you trouble in the coming weeks. There are two-faced people in your life who are scheming against you.

Just stay calm and carefully analyze your friendships. Be realistic and you will be able to figure your way out.

6. Dream of hearing the police whistle while being on the run

Did you hear the police whistle while you were on the run? Then it means a big project is coming your way. If you are a student, expect a big assignment from your teacher.

However, your procrastinating personality will keep this assignment to the last minute and you will have to do things in a hurry.

But don’t worry because you will succeed at finishing this project. Although, it is always wise to work on your procrastinating behavior.

7. Dream of being on the run and chasing away the cops

This dream symbolizes good luck. It is a sign that just like you were able to chase away the police, you will be able to successfully solve a problem in your real life.

You are smart and possess an ingenious personality. You know how to make the most out of a problem and solve it in your own way.

This quality of yours will prove useful when a big challenge meets you. You will successfully overcome it and gain credit from your seniors or family members.

8. Dream of being a criminal on the run but caught eventually

The dream of being caught as a criminal on the run means you will be shackled with some unexpected obligations. But don’t worry these obligations will be related to your professional workspace.

Fulfilling these obligations will move you up your career ladder and give you a position of authority. You are talented and smart… and now is the time to show it to everyone.

9. Dream of being on a run but committing a petty crime

If you saw yourself being on the run due to some petty crimes then it means you are going to be dragged into someone else’s problems.

You are kind and understanding. You tend to keep relationships together with effort and affection. However, you often struggle to say no to people and eventually get stressed.

In the coming week, a friend or family member will ask for help from you. You will find yourself assisting them with a big problem in their life.

10. Dream of hiding yourself while being on the run from the police

Seeing yourself hiding away from the police while being on a criminal run means you will finally say goodbye to your obsessive thoughts. You will feel liberated and in control.

But the same plot suggests that you will consciously avoid responsibilities and become lazy. There are also signs of making huge expenses and incurring losses.

You need to understand that it’s okay to go with the flow but maybe you should know when to draw a line.

11. Dream of confessing a crime and then being on the run

Did you see yourself committing the crime and then going away on the run? Then this dream says that you have transformed yourself. You feel like a new person altogether.

There is a positive spirit in your life that is making you see things from a different perspective.

Again, the dream is also a sign that someone, who you haven’t seen in a very long time, is going to make a comeback. Karma will come back to you, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be bad karma. You will get what you deserve.

12. Dream of being on the run by committing a not-so-serious crime

Being a criminal on the run can often be due to committing petty crimes as well and if your dream was similar to this scenario, maybe you should find ways to apologize to yourself.

You sometimes become too selfish and use people to get what you want. This has caused you to cross a line and hurt someone deeply. This is a close person who has always wanted the best for you.

Maybe you should step out of the way and make a grand gesture of your apology that would let them know how sorry you are.

13. Dream of trying to escape the chase but failing

This dream suggests that you are going to face difficulty to achieve success in your goals. There are some hurdles in your life that are not letting you finish any given tasks or responsibilities.

You are feeling depressed and unmotivated to work on your goals. If you really wish to get some rest, maybe you should take some time off and process your emotions. This will allow you to make a stronger comeback.

14. Dream of being on the run with another person

If you saw yourself being on the run with another person then it means you are craving for connection. You are lonely and feel that no one understands you anymore. You want to feel loved and cared for but are too afraid to make a move.

In this scenario, you shouldn’t submit your fear of rejection. There are possibilities that you’ll build a good connection in the coming weeks but only if you make the effort.

So, these were some dream types that you might have experienced about this theme. Now if you don’t know what dream was related to you maybe it’s because you are having trouble remembering the finer details of your dreams.

To solve that problem, I have something for you. Keep reading to find out what it is.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret dreams of being a criminal on the run correctly

Understanding dreams can be a bit tricky especially when they involve a lot of heart-racing moments. You are bound to get lost in the moment and maybe that’s why you fail to remember other details.

So, here are 10 questions that you can ask yourself. These questions will help you remember the finer details of what you saw so you can find your dream interpretation better.

1. What kind of crime did you commit? Was it petty or serious?

2. How did you feel in the dream? Were you angry, outraged, or okay with being a criminal?

3. How did you feel when you woke up from the dream?

4. Were you with someone or were you alone?

5. Were you chased by a policeman or a policewoman?

6. Were you caught or were you able to escape?

7. Did you confess to your crime or not?

8. How did you feel after confessing your crime?

9. What did you think about before going to sleep?

10. Who did you talk to after seeing this dream? Did they appear in this dream?

The answers to these questions will help you identify your dream scenario correctly. Now jump to the previous section and find out what your dream is trying to say to you.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming of being a criminal on the run is a rare dream and often depicts the dreamer’s emotional instability.

Nevertheless, it’s time you must toughen up and walk through this tough time with grit and determination. I promise, life has some great things planned for you, and you must stay strong to enjoy them all.

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