What Does Dream of Laughing Symbolize?

Dream of Laughing in an Uncontrollable Manner

You might struggle to keep your reactions to situations, or anger in check.

This scenario symbolizes that you are trying to conceal your bad behaviors, like showcasing anger towards others.

Dream of Laughing at Yourself

Dream of Laughing with Your Crush

You are going a little overboard in dealing with your relationship or some situations in your life.

Dream of Someone Else Laughing

You have worked hard to attain something. Still, you have not managed to get the rewards you deserve.

Dream of Someone Laughing at You

It denotes that you should take care of something in your life.

Dreaming of laughing talks of pleasure, enjoyment, expression, and unlocking a situation to transform your life. 

Dreaming of Laughing – General Interpretations