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Dreaming of Hyenas – 32 Plots and Interpretations

Dreaming of Hyenas – 32 Plots and Interpretations

Updated on Dec 29, 2022 | Published on Aug 17, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of Hyenas – 32 Plots and Interpretations

Dreaming of hyenas frequently can make you wonder if it is only a coincidence or if there is some hidden meaning behind the same.

This dream is a sign of greed and contamination. It indicates that you are living in an unhealthy environment, which can hamper your lifestyle.

Dreaming of Hyenas – General Interpretations

Dreaming of hyenas refers to people with evil motives keeping a close watch on your life. They intend to make you do something unlawful, which can lead to trouble. Hence, you should take extra precautions and prevent yourself from facing problems.

When you are dreaming of hyenas, it might suggest that you will soon overcome a major hurdle in your life.

You have the great gift to sense the weakness in people and win over them by seeing through their weak links.

Let us now briefly discuss the reasons why you can see this dream –

1. Deceptive individuals are talking ill of you.

2. Your aggression should give way to patience for resolving problems.

3. You are safe from all those people who try to cause harm.

4. Fear is taking control of your life.

5. Your wrong approach has invited problems, which will hamper your progress.

6. Take care of business and protect it from hidden enemies.

Dream of Hyenas – 32 Plots and Interpretations

As per the experts who interpret dreams, when you dream of hyenas, it is a sign that you will see positive changes coming through in your life.

You must actively involve yourself in the next few events. They will help you prepare well for things that are about to take place in the future.

It would be interesting to check out various scenarios and see what the dream interpretations mean for your real life –

1. Dream of a Hyena

When you dream of a hyena, it refers to an overwhelming burst of emotion that you are currently undergoing in your life.

You might be pursuing a decision, which requires you to approach taking into consideration several things in a tactful manner.

In your quest for achieving goals, you are moving on a set track. This scenario sends a message about your sense of belonging. You feel as if you need someone to be in harmony with and feel complete.

2. Dream of a Baby Hyena

The dream of a baby hyena signifies your potential to adapt to different circumstances and situations in life. You must disclose your opinions to others, but keep them within yourself.

It is necessary to shed light on some tricky situations. This will help you find clarity about what you want from life. You tend to go out of your way to help people.

3. Dream of Pet Hyenas

If you see pet hyenas in your subconscious mind, it points toward your surroundings. You are confronting some issue that is causing problems for your life or the world in general. 

There is a tendency on your part to manipulate a lot of things and make them work to your advantage.

This plot directs toward the potential you fail to make use of in your life. Unfortunately, you are spending your time and energy on those endeavors, which do not yield any fruitful results.

4. Dream of a Dead Hyena

When you dream about a dead hyena, it means that you will surely face some sort of failure in your life. 

It can be almost anything from failure in your personal life to suffering losses in your business. Thus, you cannot avoid people from not noticing your failure.

People might laugh at you, but you should not pay attention to them. Rather, you should have the confidence to turn things around and make others eat their words in the future.

5. Dream of Injured Hyena

Dreaming of injured hyena states that you take an extremely lackadaisical approach in your pursuit of goals. Your lack of seriousness puts you under severe problems across different spheres of life.

You must take precautionary measures to handle problems in a calm and composed manner. You are probably neglecting some of your heart’s wishes.

Make sure to express your feelings and work your way toward fulfilling the wish.

6. Dream of Angry and Wild Hyenas

If you see angry and wild hyenas in your dream, it states that you will soon be a part of arguments and unpleasant showdowns between known individuals.

You will be in a fix thinking about your course of action to resolve the problems.

There is also a possibility that you might notice grudges and fight among the employees of your organization. This sort of behavior will surely hamper the sanctity of any organization and disturb the work culture.

7. Dream of a Friendly Hyena

You can dream about a hyena that seems friendly. It does not necessarily augur well for your real life.

The scenario states that an unwanted individual would appear in your life. He or she will unnecessarily meddle in your life’s affairs.

Probably, you will feel a different kind of irritation within, due to the presence of that person but won’t be able to avoid them. Hence, you will behave normally with him and not show any kind of displeasure.

8. Dream of Two Hyenas

Seeing a couple of hyenas in your subconscious mind suggests that a person with a dubious mentality would hatch a plan to make you join a sales organization.

It will be something that goes against your future career plans.

Hence, you should be extremely careful about his motive to hire you. He might be trying to give you a role, lower than what you expect, hence could severely hamper your career growth.

9. Dream of Seeing Yourself as Hyena

When you dream about seeing yourself as a hyena, it comes as a warning sign.

The scenario states that you connect with all those individuals who do not have a clean image. They have dubious backgrounds and carry evil intentions.

These individuals tend to carry out unethical activities and persuade you into doing the same.

Thus, it is important on your part to try and keep away from these people as much as possible and hence avoid coming under their influence.

10. Dream of Hyena in a Cage

If you come across a hyena inside the cage in your subconscious mind, it is not a favorable sign. The plot signifies that you might develop skin disease. Timely intervention would be key to its complete cure.

Any kind of delay in treating the problem would aggravate it and further complicate matters. Hence, giving utmost importance to this would be the need of the hour.

11. Dream of Hyenas and Lions

Seeing hyenas and lions in your dream signifies that you will go beyond your area of control and power. You will try to explore some uncharted territories and test your limits.

Hence, you would soon pose serious challenges to authoritative personnel including the boss or police. You have to act prudently while taking up challenges if you truly wish to win over them.

Dream Meaning of Various Actions Toward Hyena

There are some scenarios, which involve certain actions from your end that you take from time to time toward hyena. They hold some inner significance for your waking life.

Following are the scenarios and their interpretations –

12. Dream of Running Away from Hyena

You can have a sequence in which you see that a hyena is chasing you and you are running away from it.

It is a sign that someone is manipulating you. You lack the strength of character to stand up against him and stamp your authority.

13. Dream of Attacking Hyena

Dreaming of attacking hyena points toward your shy and subdued nature. You happen to be the most suitable person for a job. You must take a closer look at your past, learn from it and move ahead in your life.

14. Dream of Fighting with a Hyena

When you see yourself fighting with a hyena, it states that you will fight against manipulation and gossip. You will not let them put your spirits down.

Someone out there will try to take undue advantage and so, be careful before signing any contract.

15. Dream of Buying a Hyena

If you see yourself buying a hyena, it is not a good omen. The plot states that you could contract a disease out of your negligence.

It tells you to take utmost care while shopping for certain items and consuming them.

16. Dream of Shooting Hyena

Shooting a hyena predicts that a stranger will help you come out of a difficult phase of your life. It will be an unexpected help but you would feel grateful for the same.

17. Dream of Hunting and Killing a Hyena

Have you seen a plot in which you hunt down and kill a hyena? It predicts that you will put the necessary effort into getting rid of false friends in your life.

You will finally manage to come out of trouble regarding bad loans and gambling debts.

18. Dream of Feeding Hyena

When you see that you are feeding a hyena, it signifies that you will face problems in building relationships with people of the opposite sex. Apart from this issue, you will also face some health problems.

Dream Meaning of Different Activities of Hyena

In this segment, we will take a look at the different kinds of activities, in which a hyena indulges from time to time.

It would be interesting to check out the instances and their meanings-

19. Dream of Hyena Entering Your House

Seeing a hyena enter your house in a dream raises alarm. This sequence signifies that you would soon receive an unexpected guest. The person will need your assistance and depend a lot on your kindness.

20. Dream of Hyena Chasing You

A hyena chasing you in your dream reflects that you are an independent person. There is a mix of emotions within, filled with worries and curiosity.

You are resourceful and feel extremely satisfied with the differences you possess when compared with others.

21. Dream of Hyenas Fighting Animals

When you see the scenario of hyenas fighting and hunting other animals, it means that you are seeing some people criticizing others. 

You are seeing some injustice taking place, where financial institutions and casinos are taking advantage of weaker sections of society.

22. Dream of Hyena Tearing Off the Flesh of Dead Animals

Have you ever seen a sequence in which a hyena is tearing off flesh from the bodies of dead animals? It is not at all a good sign.

The scenario states that you might well get into danger, which can hamper the smooth functioning of your life.

23. Dream of Hyenas Running

Hyenas running in your dream point toward the accumulation of wealth and attaining success. You are going through a phase of healing in life. There is a sense of helplessness in your mind.

24. Dream of Screaming Hyenas

If you dream of screaming hyenas, it signifies that you will get upset due to gossip. You might well experience disputes and contradictions with others.

Thus, your relationship with some people could get strained.

25. Dream of Hyenas Attacking and Biting

You can have a dream in which you see that a hyena is attacking and biting you.

It denotes that imminent danger is lurking around in your life. Scammers and stalkers are trying to take undue advantage of your goodness.

26. Dream of a Laughing Hyena

If you come across a hyena laughing in your dream, it refers to someone who possesses a sense of humor but has a ruthless approach toward life.

He is a sociopath who will always attain his wish no matter what.

27. Dream of Hyena Hurting You

When you see that a hyena is hurting you in some way or the other, it states that you will not escape defamation.

Your reputation will take a severe beating and hence take some time to get back the honor.

Dream Meaning of Different Types and Colors of Hyena

It is now time to take a look at hyenas of different types and colors, which frequently crop up in your subconscious minds. Now, what do they try to tell you?

Let us find out the details below-

28. Dream of Striped Hyenas

Dreaming of striped hyenas denotes that you are having healthy boundaries. You will only tackle the issues that you can handle.

Hence, there is no need to overburden yourself with something well beyond your capability.

29. Dream of Spotted Hyena

Spotted hyenas come up in your dream as a warning that you should keep away from gangs. You might be connecting with all those people who do not possess your values and beliefs.

30. Dream of White Hyena

When a white hyena appears in your subconscious mind, it predicts that an illness might strike without giving a prior warning and make you suffer.

You must take note of your health if you are facing difficulties while breathing.

31. Dream of Black Hyena

Black hyena refers to your commitment and dedication toward your goals in life. You will receive rewards for your tenacity and hard work.

It states that someone has asked you to do something, which is totally out of character.

32. Dream of Brown Hyena

This scenario talks about your ability to survive under all kinds of circumstances in life. Sustaining yourself even when the going gets tough will make you a mentally strong individual.

Biblical Meaning of Hyenas in Dreams

It will be interesting to check out what dreaming of hyenas means from the Biblical point of view. In the Bible, different scriptures of Isaiah and Jeremiah mention hyenas from time to time.

The positive dream interpretation from this perspective states that treacherous people are going away from your life.

On the other hand, the negative meaning states that people around you are behaving in a demonic manner.

Dreaming of Hyenas – Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual perspective of this dream tells you to indulge in more open and honest communication with all those around in your life. You must choose your words quite wisely.

You must offer a sense of assurance to people close to you and help them attain growth. If they are facing obstacles and problems, try to find appropriate solutions and let them heal.

Please go through the following video to have a better understanding of various dream scenarios of hyena and their interpretations.

Parting Words

Dreaming of hyenas signifies that people are keeping a watch over you. You must be aware of their dubious intentions and take necessary precautions.

There will be a struggle for power in the organization and you will find yourself in the middle of it. Remain watchful and fight your battles methodically. 

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