Laughing is all about pleasure and happiness, but do you know that you can even be dreaming of laughing? Now, why does that happen? 

Is it because you see something in your subconscious mind that makes you feel elated and fill your heart with joy or is there something more to it?

Read on to unravel some fascinating details.

Dreaming of Laughing - Good Times Are On Their Way
Dreaming of Laughing – Good Times Are On Their Way

Dreaming of Laughing – General Interpretations

Under most circumstances, dreaming of laughing does not imply anything bad as long as the laughter is natural and not hysterical.

Let us check out why does it appear in your subconscious mind –

  • Sign of Good Times

You are experiencing good times in your life. This phase is extremely favorable for you as things are turning out in your favor.

  • You Are Becoming Self-Conscious

It is also possible that you might be feeling self-conscious about a certain aspect of your life. Unfortunately, people are judging you a lot and you are hating it. 

  • An End to Your Suffering

It could well happen because your sufferings are finally coming to an end. They could occur out of emotional stress, physical pain, and internal insecurities. 

No matter what sort of suffering you might be going through, it would already run its course. Now, the phase is that of enjoyment and relaxation.

  • Fear of Humiliation

You always fear that others will humiliate you. Due to this reason, you could go to a great extent to avoid facing any kind of humiliation.

It does not allow you to relax and stay in peace.

  • Symbol of Good Health

You have already achieved good health, or you will soon recover from health problems and become healthy. 

This particularly happens if you see a child laughing in your subconscious mind.

Spiritual Meaning of Laughing in a Dream

The spiritual perspective of dreaming of laughing talks about how God is superior to His enemies. 

Thus, when we consider this fact, it means that no matter what sort of difficulties you face in your life, have faith in God.

This perspective also means you are rejoicing in the power of the Lord. You know that He is always there to guide and protect you against all adversities.

Common Laughing Dream Scenarios and Meanings

Let us find out the real meaning of the following scenarios and their interpretations –

Laughing at Yourself

This scenario symbolizes that you are trying to conceal your bad behaviors, like showcasing anger towards others. 

It would be of great help if you can cover up these feelings for your good and keep all these emotions under your control. 

Someone Else Laughing

The sequence refers to your feelings about people around you. 

It is also possible that you might have worked hard to attain something. Still, you have not managed to get the rewards you deserve.

Laughing and Crying

Dreaming of crying and laughing at a time denotes that your life is all set to undergo some significant changes but they depend on how you feel after waking up.

If you had positive emotions, the changes will be very good. However, if you had apprehensions and an unknown fear in your mind, then that means you will need to tackle some tough times.

Hearing a Laugh

It signifies that you will get a lot of guidance in the path that you should follow. 

Besides, if the laughter that you hear happens to be a fleeting one, then you need to be careful.

It is because no one can laugh freely when they are among people of wicked mentalities.

Laughing at Someone

It refers to how you treat your loved ones in real life.

Probably, you are unintentionally causing them a lot of pain through your actions. So, you must be careful with your usage of gestures and words.

Laughing at Different Circumstances

You can see different kinds of situations in your subconscious minds that make you laugh your heart out. 

Let us check them out below –

Laughing While Seeing Comedy Shows

This sequence suggests that there is plenty of joy in your real life.

You are feeling fully satisfied with how things are going on in your life. Probably, you have worked hard and now, you are reaping its benefits. 

Laughing at a Joke

If you happen to come across this plot, it denotes that you focus on the lighter side of life. You love spending time with your loved ones and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Laughing with Friends

People who are very close to you, like you as a person and pay close attention to all your activities. 

Furthermore, it also predicts that they will even save you from any danger or defend you in front of others. 

Laughing at a Funny Situation

The plot signifies that you would experience countless joy and pleasure in each aspect of your life, which include family, friendships, or the professional space. There will be happiness galore in each sphere.

Laughing Out Loud at Your Relatives

The dream does not predict good things coming your way in this life because it comes to prepare you for facing losses along with solitude in the future.

Different People Laughing

Let us whether the following scenarios warn or guide you in your path of life –

Devil Laughing

It is a good sign because the plot indicates your generous nature. 

Alternatively, this dream also tells you that a life-changing decision is on its way. An individual is delivering some crucial information to you. 

Mother Laughing

This sequence symbolizes the need to prove yourself as a worthy individual. 

It also states that when you want something from life, you have to earn the right to have it. 

Brother Laughing

The dream denotes that you are about to get good news regarding accumulation of wealth and material pleasures in your life. 

Alternatively, it is also a sign of working on a new project. 

Girl Laughing

It points towards energy and enthusiasm. Probably, you have issues related to self-esteem and often feel that you are overlooked. 

Furthermore, this sequence also means there is advice or a message that will only come at a price. 

Child Laughing

You are currently going through a phase of good health. It can also denote that things are slowly getting back to shape and it will help you enjoy this phase.

Dead Person Laughing

It refers to the strong feeling you have about simplicity, community, and tradition.

This sequence also points towards the fact that something new is on its way. You have forgotten about a particular aspect of yourself and the kind of person you are.

Types of Laughing

The following scenarios can tell a lot about your exact emotions, what you are currently going through in life and what is about to come.

Laughing Hard

You are extremely happy and experiencing a tremendous amount of joy and pleasure in life as there are no worries to trouble you. 

Alternatively, it mentions that you have an extremely strong personality, which enables you to keep fighting even when you face troubled times. 

Laughing in a Hysterical Manner

The scene issues a warning about not to indulge in any kind of financial dealing, particularly in business as there will be risk of losing money.

Laughing Out Loud

Your subconscious mind is asking you to relax for a while. 

Health and wealth are the two crucial aspects of life. Hence, this sequence focuses on the need to act carefully and give equal priority to both. 

Psychological Interpretation of Laughing in a Dream

The dream of laughing from a psychological point of view indicates that you have attained great success in a specific aspect of your life.

It also shows the kind of relief you feel in your heart for having got rid of certain pressures and tensions from life. 

Closing Thoughts

Dreaming of laughing depicts the occurrences of both positive and negative things in your life. 

However, everything depends on the happenings in your real life. So, focus on the details to find out an accurate interpretation.