What Does Dreaming of Hyenas Mean?

Dreaming of Hyenas – General Interpretations

Dreaming of hyenas refers to people with evil motives keeping a close watch on your life.

Dream of a Baby Hyena

The dream of a baby hyena signifies your potential to adapt to different circumstances and situations in life.

Dream of Pet Hyenas

You are confronting some issue that is causing problems for your life or the world in general.

Dream of a Dead Hyena

When you dream about a dead hyena, it means that you will surely face some sort of failure in your life.

Dream of Injured Hyena

Dreaming of injured hyena states that you take an extremely lackadaisical approach in your pursuit of goals.

Dream of Angry and Wild Hyenas

It states that you will soon be a part of arguments and unpleasant showdowns between known individuals.

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