What Does Falling in a Dream Mean?

Dream of falling of a building

It means you are losing balance on certain aspects of your waking life.

Falling off a cliff dream

It symbolizes being ‘stressed out’ and getting emotionally restless and insecure in waking life.

Dream of falling downstairs

It could mean your sense of ‘self’ is lost somehow.

Dream of falling from the sky

The dream tells you to relax and take some time out of your busy schedule for self-care and healing.

Dream about falling down the ladder

It suggests downfall in social status; missing out on bonding and togetherness.

Dream about falling of a boat

It reminds you to be cautious and careful of your plans and creative ideas before realizing it into a reality.

Dream of falling in mud

It indicates that you will soon face problems with someone dear to you.

Falling dreams means a loss of control or hold over certain situations in waking life. The dream denotes a slip and missing out; as such causing emotional distress and suffering.