Falling dream meaning is analogous to fears and insecurities of your waking life.

Indeed the dream made you feel less controlled and confused of what you just saw. Your heart was racing and you could realize the jerks and jitters down the spine. 

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Falling Dream Meaning - 40 Types of Dream Scenarios & their Meanings
Various Types of Falling Dream Scenarios & their Meanings

What Does Falling in a Dream Mean?

Falling dream means a loss of control or hold over certain situations in waking life. The dream denotes a slip and missing out; as such causing emotional distress and suffering.

In most cases, falling dreams mean a nightmare because it induces a lot of fear and anxiety within the dreamer. The dream symbolizes loss of grip or control over troubling life situations. You are worried about what to do next. 

Falling dreams symbolize difficulties, misfortune of your waking life that are hard to deal with. It denotes an imbalance and failure to accomplish life goals. 

Falling dreams symbolize the following things in your waking life. When you understand these symbols well, you know the exact reason for having such a peculiar vision.

  • Loss of control – Falling dreams symbolize loss of control over significant situations of waking life. 
  • Fear and vulnerabilities – Sometimes you may dream about falling because you are feeling insecure and unsure
  • Feeling of being lost or disappointed – Dreams about falling symbolize failure, regrets, and disappointments of real life. 
  • Unknown future haunts you – Falling as dream themes also mean your concern and anxiety related to your future.
  • A feeling of disintegration – You may get dreams about falling when you feel like your future is not bright enough, because your present is slowly falling apart.
  • Failure and losses – When you dream about falling, it actually signifies loss of status and recognition, loss of approval, and reputation
  • Grief and depression – Falling dreams symbolize a deeper sense of personal loss leading to a fall in a pit of sadness and despair.

Spiritual Dream Interpretation

Spiritually, falling dreams mean lack of spiritual grounding and loss of connection with higher self. It means lack of confidence and no control over your actions. Thus, anytime you may hit the rock bottom out of insecurity and inferiority.

Falling dreams refer to your deepest fears and deadliest insecurities. Whenever you tend to feel less grounded and lose touch with reality, you may dream about falling. 

Spiritualists believe that falling dreams expose those vulnerable aspects of your personality that need to be healed and taken care of. This will help you develop insight and awareness about the various issues of waking life.

Biblical Dream Interpretation

Falling dreams symbolize imbalance, lack of focus, and credibility. It means you are trying to hold on to certain subtle things that are not serving your best interests in life.

Biblically, a fall indicates to descend down towards the ground against gravity. Thus, it indicates a divine and sacred fall of oneself. 

The dream means that your self-growth is hindered and restricted because of you. You have let loose your hold on important aspects of waking life and thus it failed.

Dreams about Falling – Different Scenarios to Note

Like any other dream symbol, falling dreams symbolize that certain aspects of your waking life are moving through a rough patch. It could be anything from work, relationships, family, or finances.

Dream of Falling down from anywhere

Falling dreams are a common dream theme. When you dream of falling from anywhere, it reflects the insecurities and fear of the dreamer related to certain significant areas of his/her waking life. 

If you are the one seeing such a dream repeatedly, it means you are feeling inferior with regard to your personal ability that can bring an eventual setback and losses in reality. 

You are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and apprehensive. Loss of control over the situations in waking life have led to poor self-confidence and you may feel like falling in a hole of grief and pessimism.

To dream of falling down also represents a loss of grip, letting go of power and more struggles coming your way in the near future. 

Someone falling

When you dream of someone else falling, it might be that someone you know is in grave trouble and may need your help to come out of it. Maybe his/her life is out of gear in recent times. 

Sometimes you may feel insecure of what’s going to happen to that individual, whether he/she will be able to come out of it or not. 

Such a dream warns you of an impending danger and helps you overcome the trying times of life in a better way.

Falling and then waking up

If you dream about a sensation of falling and then waking up with a sharp jerk; it symbolizes negative things coming ahead in recent times. Such a dream means you are standing on the edge and will soon encounter new problems and difficulties in waking life.

As falling is a terrifying experience for the dreamer, you may wake up with twitches and jerks in different parts of the body. Such a thing is called the ‘hypnic jerks’. 

These are sudden, abrupt, and involuntary muscle contractions that usually occur in the first phase of sleep. You may experience it while falling asleep.

Falling dream that is endless

If A fall from a high that seems to continue forever and you never seem to land on the ground symbolizes helplessness, loss of hold on something dear to you. 

You may feel uncertain of how things will take shape in future. The dream represents loss of balance and your inability to manage things well.

An endless fall in dream symbolizes fear of the unknown. It also signifies insecurities, failure, and inferior feelings in waking life. 

Falling off a building

This means you are losing balance on certain aspects of your waking life. You are losing ground and feeling quite insecure about it. Such a dream symbolizes fear of the unknown. 

It represents difficult times that are emotionally overwhelming. You may feel like losing hold and scared of the upcoming situations. 

The worries and conflicts of daily life and the situations that you cannot control may bring such a dream theme much alive that you have ever expected. 

Falling off a cliff 

A fall from a cliff or a hilly terrain symbolizes being ‘stressed out’ and getting emotionally restless and insecure in waking life. Any major life change can bring such a weird dream into a reality. 

The dream represents a sudden job change, new relationships, pregnancy and much more. 

Dream of falling from the sky

This dream means you are tired and exhausted in your waking life. The dream tells you to relax and take some time out of your busy schedule for self-care and healing. 

The dream suggests overwhelming emotions that are related to some ongoing event of your waking life. 

The dream represents your inability to achieve goals in reality. It also means that you are ready to make some changes prudently and see whether things work out well in reality.

Falling from a great height

This dream is a good sign. In the dream theme, height represents promotion and success. It indicates a new job role or bonus at work. The time is good to start a new venture and nurture your creative ideas. 

The dream also indicates a rise in social status, praise, and appreciation from your superiors at work. 

The dream reminds you to make the best use of your good times and achieve success as much as possible.

Falling out of bed

Dreams of falling out of bed indicates that you wish to do everything perfectly in waking life. But while doing it, you come across many problems and as such feel anxious about how to go about it. 

Dream of falling quickly

This dream symbol is considered a bad omen because it means that you are fast heading towards a big loss and a great failure. The dream signifies damage and destruction in personal and professional endeavors. 

Falling with partner

It means that both of you will face similar issues in your waking life. This could be a similar goal that is not working out well and you people are going through mental tension and stress.

Dream of a stranger falling

To visualize the fall of a stranger means financial crisis and monetary losses. You will suffer a cash crunch due to new investments; or you will suffer a big business loss in future. 

Dream of falling in mud

This dream means bad luck. It indicates that you will soon face problems with someone dear to you. There will be differences of opinion, or little fights with people close to you like family members, close friends, or intimate colleagues.  

Other Dream Situations of Falling

We have also compiled other dream scenarios of falling that can overwhelm the dreamer easily.

Falling with a great pain

This scenario speaks about anxiety, worry, and stress regarding something that did not go according to the plans.

Perhaps it denotes your annoyance and disappointment about the failure of the project. The pain symbolizes the grief, suffering, and anguish associated with your failures. 

Falling and staying down

This dream symbolizes a bad sign where you will suffer a loss of some kind. Your waking life may become chaotic with many issues coming in one after another. You may be confused about how to resolve these together.

Falling into a river or sea

This dream holds both positive and negative meanings. Positively, the dream symbolizes good health, monetary gains, and easy solving of life issues. Negatively, the dream represents overwhelming emotions. 

Falling through a window

It means bad luck, financial difficulties and minor crises coming every now and then. The dream symbolizes risk in starting a new project and reminds you to be more careful about the situation in hand. 

Falling and landing safely

To fall off and land safely without being hurt or losing balance symbolizes inner strength to overcome adversities in life. It tells you to trust your intuitions and have faith in yourself to keep going in hard times.

Psychological Interpretation

Falling dreams indicate fear, anxiety, grief, inadequacy, lack of control over self and the situation. The dream indicates failure and hopelessness as well. 

When you are carried away by feelings of self-importance and start to boast over your endeavors, you may lose control over the situation you are in. It signifies that you are heading towards a failure or fall and slowly shall hit the ground.

Dreams about falling also refers to your innate insecurities and fears. It denotes lack of confidence to confront the fears and let it go. 

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’ 

It signifies a blessing in disguise; resembling a fresh start. The dream reminds you that after every fall comes a shining light that can bring hope and you may start seeing life from a fresh perspective.