While silky and voluminous hair makes you feel gorgeous and confident, a receding hairline may crush your self-esteem and make you feel more conscious than ever of gazes. But what if hair falling out dream surfaces during your sleep? 

French rulers, back then, considered hair as mysterious and magical. But are they? And if they are, what could be the meaning of losing hair in dreams. It’s strange, but dreams of hair tell a lot about you and your life. 

Since a dream of losing hair is one of the most common themes, you might want to read the article where we cover different dream scenarios of losing hair, what they symbolize, and the situations that led to those.

Hair Falling Out Dream - 36 Different Scenarios & Its Meanings
Hair Falling Out Dream – 36 Different Scenarios & Its Meanings

Hair Falling Out Dream: General Interpretation

Hair loss dreams generally foretell a fear of old age and death. But these are just the tips of the iceberg.  Such dreamscapes could interpret your virility, sensuality, ruthless betrayal, and in some cases, worst events like the passing away of a close one.

Dreaming of hair loss is usually a harbinger of negativity. Generally, losing hair in a dream highlights your fear of aging. And of succumbing your charm, charisma, and youthful vigor to old age. 

Alternatively, the dream could also be your subconscious mind letting you know that you have finally come to terms with the fact that aging is inevitable. And to embrace each moment of life instead of fretting and complaining about not being attractive any longer.

The dream may also point to your stressful life. Perhaps you are overwhelmed by the roles and responsibilities you have taken up. It could also be that you are under the influence of toxic people whose energy takes a heavy toll on you.

Often, hair loss in dreams is also associated with a deterioration of social standing or losing power, money, and even respect from people.

Hair loss in a dream may also stand for your vulnerabilities. The dream plot could hint at the areas you feel inferior or insecure. It is crucial to recall each of the elements present in your dream event to find your weaknesses.

Generally, a dream of hair loss may symbolize-

Fear of Ageing 

To be crisp, you detest growing old. Perhaps you want to remain in your prime for the rest of your life. But you need to remember that old age is inevitable, and none of us will be able to escape it. 


Losing hair in a dream is closely associated with death. This interpretation is applicable if you constantly think of the mystical process of birth, life, death, and the process after it. It is also possible to have such dreams if you suffer from any serious or terminal disease.

Such dream scenarios reflect your fear of death. If the hair belongs to someone else, it means you are afraid of a dear one passing away. The second interpretation is likely if you have aged parents or relatives, who may leave you for the other world anytime. 

Loss of Power and Control

When Genghis Khan, the great founder of the Mughal Empire, conquered China, he made all the women chop off their hair. He believed that this would make the Chinese people easier to be controlled. Instead, he let them grow bangs or fringes to conceal the forehead or the third eye.

Hair also symbolizes power, and if you dream of your hair falling out, it may mean you are losing control and feeling powerless in some areas of your life. As in the dream scenario of brushing and losing hair, you may have thrown away your authority to others, even letting them map out your life for you.


Hair loss in dreams also indicates lethargy. Have you been pushing yourself lately to the point of exhaustion? Do you feel weary, listless, and unable to proceed further? If so, you better take some time off for rejuvenation before you break down.

“When the body forces you to stop, it’s saying, hey buddy, you’ve gone too far.” – Jacqueline Escolme.

On the other hand, this is how Yogi Bhajan associates hair with physical energy and stamina. 

“When the hair on your head is allowed to attain its full, mature length, then phosphorous, calcium, and vitamin D are all produced, and enter the lymphatic fluid, and eventually the spinal fluid through the two ducts on the top of the brain. This ionic change creates more efficient memory and leads to greater physical energy, improved stamina, and patience.” 


Are you stressed, pressured, and cornered by roles, responsibilities, and expectations? If yes, that could be why you dream of losing hair.  

Toxic People in Your Circle

If hair treatments go wrong, the chemical compositions in them can cost you precious hair. If you dream of losing hair due to such harmful chemicals, the dream plot may be hinting at toxic people around you.

Abandoned Thoughts and Ideas

Hair in dreams is also symbolic of ideas growing out of the psyche. Following that, losing hair may stand for the plans and manifestations you ditched halfway.


Sometimes, the worst happens in dreams. Out of nowhere, you may dream of yourself as a cancer patient, with just a few more months left to live. It can also be any other fatal ailment, for that matter.

However, if you dream of losing clumps of hair, you would be thankful to have dreamt of the horrendous dreamscape after you snap back to reality.

Such dreams foretell transformations. After a lot of dilemma and procrastination, you must have pushed yourself to do what you love.

Chances are, your areas of passion may seem awful to some. But as per the dream, you have decided to stick to your interest. By the way, it’s yours and not theirs, and yours for a reason!

The transformations your dream indicates maybe for the better or for worse as per the plot.


In some cases, a dream of losing hair reflects your fears of suffering from some serious diseases. 


They also symbolize betrayal and conspiracies going on against you on your back. If you sense any suspicious goings-on around you, you should be more vigilant while keeping your guards up. You never know what people can do. 

Inferiority Complex

Hair loss dreams can also surface if you feel inferior to others in areas of your life. Perhaps you think you are not as attractive as the girl next door! Or maybe hanging out with your filthy rich friends makes you feel pathetic. 

Your inferiority complex has gotten so deep-rooted that it has moved on from your conscious to your subconscious state. And that explains why you dreamt of losing hair.

Hair Falling Out Dream: 36 Different Scenarios & Its Meanings

1. Dreaming of hair strands falling before you

Here, it is imperative to recall the color of the hair strands as interpretations will vary according to the colors. 

If the hair color in your dream is your usual, it points to responsibilities and complications related to your domestic life. 

Should the color in your dream plot be darker than your hair, it points to trouble and failure related to your professional life. If the hair was lighter, it means you will have to attend some unpleasant and awkward meetings, probably with people you dislike. It could also be associated with failure to take a trip or even a vacation that went haywire. 

If the color was red, it stands for deep trouble. Red generally indicates danger, and you may lose money in the coming days. On the other hand, red strands may also stand for the revelation of a dark secret- it could be yours or someone else’s. Another interpretation of losing red hair is that your feelings might not be reciprocated by the person you love. 

Gray strands falling before you in a dream means you will be able to get rid of old problems.

2. Losing lots of hair in a dream

There are various interpretations of this plot, but generally, it is finance-related. Analyze the state you are in now, and according to your present condition, the dream may be pointing to your finance getting better or worse. 

3. Losing short hair in a dream

A dream of losing short hair stands for minor problems you face day in and day out. 

4. Dream Hair Falling Out in Chunks

More often than not, losing hair in chunks could stand for a major transformation for the better. Here, the hair stands for the toxic people and energy around you.

As per the dream, you have decided to care for nothing but your passion and life goals. To accomplish your mission, you are in the process of getting rid of all that hampers your growth.

5. Dream of hair falling out in clumps 

Though alarming, dreaming of hair falling out in clumps is not as frightening as it sounds. It could even be considered motivating.

You might dream of the spectacle if you have let go of your life goals and accomplishments before they come into being. Perhaps, you got scared and dubious of your potential. Or maybe you got unsure of where they will take you. 

Whatever they may be, your dream encourages you to explore and feel the experience. It might even take you to places you have never imagined you would reach. The bottom line is to trust yourself and trust your capabilities because if you don’t, no one else will!

Hair falling out in clumps also means you seek a reliable partner- someone charismatic that fits well in your world. You are no doubt a romanticist, but you don’t want your love and relationships to get in the way of your present living style.

Be that as it may, other interpreters have differing opinions on this. According to them, the dream reflects your intuition. Do you sense some conspiracy going on against you to bring you down? 

It may also stand for the introverted personality that stands between you and your growth.

6. Pulling your hair out in a dream

If you dream of yourself pulling your hair, it symbolizes the stress you are presently undergoing. Perhaps you are anxious as you are losing control in some areas of your life. It may be pointing out the need to regain control.

Such dreams usually occur when you are aware of the trouble you are in but can do nothing to get out of it. 

7. Pulling your hair out in clumps in a dream

You are in trouble, and before you can take any action to curb the problem, the damage is processed at a rapid pace.

8. Dreaming of gradually losing hair 

You desire growth and success, and in pursuit of those, you are constantly under pressure. Not that anyone stresses you off, but it is yourself setting deadlines and targets to achieve your life goals. 

But here’s a question from your higher self. 

Are you happy? 

According to the dream plot, there’s a strong indication that you are chasing those dreams not because you are passionate, but you are after the materialism and fame they will bring along. The dream scenario encourages you to look around.

Apart from money and fame, there are still many things that will make you the happiest person in the world. 

9. Dreaming of not having a single hair on your body

Are you going through some of your tough days? Probably, you feel wretched and unsure whether you can even make it through the problem. If things get too much for you to handle, reach out for help. 

10. Dreaming of losing your damaged hair

If you dream of losing damaged hair, it means you lack energy and strength in your waking life. Ask yourself if you’ve been feeding yourself negative energy and vibes. Those might be the reasons why you don’t have enough strength. Try to look at things from a brighter perspective and cherish yourself more. 

This dream could also be a warning. Some people are not what they seem to be. You may have haters posed as a friend among your circle.

Such people may try to get closer to know all about you- just to shred you to pieces. So, the dream is making you aware not to trust anyone just because they appear good to you.

11. Dream about losing hair after brushing

A dream of losing hair after brushing it is an ill omen. The dream spectacle of brushing your hair symbolizes other people taking you over, brushing off your opinions and suggestions regarding your problems. 

From this perspective, hair loss after brushing points to nothing but losing your authority over your own life.  

As indicated by the dream, you seem to approve of them substituting you as the decision-maker. But you have to know this- if the situation persists, you will be at a disadvantage.

12. Dreaming of losing hair while combing

Combing hair lets us remove dead hair giving room for new ones. Combing regularly also helps maintain the health of the hair. From this perspective, hair loss while combing could symbolize renewal.

Perhaps you are going through a healing process. Or it could also be that you look at problems from a newer perspective, and surprisingly, they no longer seem as complex as they do before.

13. Dreaming about losing hair after it catches fire

It foretells challenges and difficulties in the foreseeable future. They might throw you off balance, or they might even try to uproot you. But when those happen, the dream event wants you to recall the saying, “Challenges come not to break you but to mold you into the form you are meant to be”.

14. Dreaming of removing or losing unwanted hair

The unwanted hair in your dream event is symbolic of unpleasant or unacceptable ideas and habits. So, dreaming of getting rid of those hair reflects your desire to do better.

15. Dream of someone else’s hair falling out

Do you consider your life to be boring? You most probably do because that is why you dreamt of other people losing their hair. Perhaps you can make your days more worthwhile by incorporating some fun and hobbies.

Another person losing hair in your dream also indicates your ill-health, physically as well as spiritually. This interpretation is especially true if the person in your dreamscape is someone close to you. The plot could also point to the psychological deterioration of a near one. 

16. Dreaming of a girl losing a strand of artificial hair

You will, by sheer luck, get to know of the conspiracies of your enemies against you.

17. Dreaming of very little hair on your head

You spend most of your time thinking or overthinking how others perceive you. Here, your subconscious could be asking you a question. Whatever people think or say about you, will those diminish if you constantly think of them? 

Dreaming of Haircuts and Losing Hair 

18. Dreams of losing hair to a haircut

Someone cutting your hair in a dream reflects your loss of strength and vitality in the waking world. Here, the interpretations may differ according to the person who gave you the haircut. It stands for restructuring your plans, ideas, and how to proceed further if it was a professional hairdresser.

It may also mean others criticize you for things you haven’t done. A haircut in a dream may also symbolize a fresh beginning. 

Our hair fashions might be just a trend, but if we investigate, we may find that we have been depriving ourselves of one of the most valuable sources of energy for human vitality.” – Yogi Bhajan.

According to some dream books, if you dream of losing hair to a haircut, it is a reflection that you have already lost something.

If that has not yet happened, then in all probability, you will lose someone or something soon. If the new haircut left you happy, you would soon be able to detach yourself from a toxic person or activity. 

19. Dreams of cutting someone else’s hair

Here, it stands for how you want or expect someone to behave in a certain way.

Dream About Losing Hair and Shaving  

20. Losing hair after someone shaves off your head

Watch out for people who always flatter you! They may make you smile from ear to ear. You might enjoy their company since they make you feel good, but the dream plot warns you against such people.

If there’s any objective behind their sweet-talking, it’s not to make you feel good but for their advantage. 

Other people have forced their wishes, opinions, and thoughts on you. Consequently, you have pushed your say and suggestions to the back seat as they have little to no room.

Also, the dreamscape indicates other people taking advantage of you financially.

Dream About Going Bald

22. Dreaming of wearing a wig after going bald

As you are well aware, wigs are fake hair and are often used to conceal baldness or as a fashion statement. However gorgeous they are, they can never replace natural hair. Consequently, if you dream of putting on a wig, be wary of some fake people around you. 

On the flip side, the artificial hair could also point to yourself? Are you convinced you are not deceiving yourself?

23. Losing hair in the front leaving bald patches

If you dream of bald patches on the front part of your head due to hair loss, someone is disrespectful to you. That person is probably a friend or an acquaintance you trust. But on the contrary, he/she seems to be having fun ridiculing and criticizing you on your back. 

24. Dreaming of bald patches on the back of your head due to hair loss

The dream foretells a financial crisis. Your income will see a sudden decline. But as your debts and bills remain the same, you will ultimately get into deep trouble. The situation will damage your physical health as well as mental wellbeing to some extent.

25. Dreaming of the left side of your head with no hair

If you are a woman, it is an indication that your partner may not be with you for much longer. Or in other words, you may become a widow soon.

26. Going bald on the right side of your head

You are presently going through high levels of stress and anxiety. If you do nothing to cure it, you are going to age much faster than you should.

27. Dreaming of going bald just before sitting for an interview

According to the dream, you either feel that you are not qualified enough for the job or afraid the interview will not go well. In both cases, learn to trust your potential and not worry needlessly about events that may or may not happen.

28. Dreaming of baldness before an appointment

If you dream of losing your hair and going bald before an appointment, say a date with your partner, it may reflect your worry and uneasiness that your partner is too good for you. Perhaps you feel he or she deserves someone better than you. 

If the matter is relatable, consider looking at it from the shoes of your partner. Chances are, he or she feels you are perfect for him/her.

Sometimes, it could also mean you think small of the person you are meeting. 

Your connection with the spiritual realm has been distorted, probably because of mundane everyday tasks, responsibilities, and pressures.

Dream About Losing Hair: Different Hair Colors

30. Dreaming of losing white hair

Generally, white hair symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, and luck. Therefore, losing such hair in dreams indicates problems- either in your personal or professional life. Your subconscious mind warns you to be wary of your investments. Where exactly are you investing your money and time? 

31. Losing gray hair in a dream

Someone will probably remind you of an old debt. If lush and darker hair grows back in its place, it is an indication that you will finally be able to get rid of the problems that have been hampering your success.

Dream About Losing Hair: Different Dreamers

32. A young girl losing hair in a dream

It is an ill omen if a girl dreams of going bald or losing hair. Some interpreters foretell a sad fate awaiting the girl. 

According to other dream books, the girl may get married to a rich man in the future. However, he would turn out to be a cruel and insensitive person. In some cases, the man might be too old for the girl.

33. A woman dreaming of being bald

Losing hair or getting bald in the dreams of a woman brings unpleasant messages. Perhaps you are not as attractive as your friends. That might have let you pity yourself and your life altogether. 

It could also mean you lack the strength and confidence to pursue your life goals. 

It may even stand for betrayal. You might fall in love with a person who will ruthlessly deceive you later. 

34. A man losing hair in a dream

You stand the risk of losing a dear friend.

35. A man dreaming of being bald

You will have abundance and respect from people in your old age.

36. A man dreaming of another person’s bald head

That could be an indication of grave complications, especially related to business.

Spiritual Meaning of Hair Loss in Dreams

In the modern context, hair and hairdos are expressive of a person’s character and temperament. But when looked at from the spiritual point of view, it conveys much more than one’s personality. 

Since hair rests on the highest point on the human body, it is believed that it is the medium of communication between the person and the divine spirits. 

In various African cultures, hair personifies the respective person from where the hair is taken. Often they are used in rituals to remove or cast a spell on or to bring good luck.

Biblical Meaning of Hair Loss in a Dream Plot

Remember the biblical story of Samson and his hair! All of a sudden, Samson, the man with immense strength, lost all his might overnight after he told his wife Delilah, the truth behind his hair.

“I am a Nazarite, under a vow to the Lord, not to drink wine and not to allow my hair to be cut. If I should let my hair be cut short, then the Lord would forsake me, and my strength would go from me, and I would be like other men.”– (Judges)

Samson did lose his strength after his hair was shaved. He was taken prisoner and tortured by the Philistines. While in captivity, his hair grew longer with time and so was restored to his unearthly might.

Against this background,  losing hair due to a haircut or hair fall in dreams may mean forsaking or losing your authority and control in some parts of your life. 

Interpretation of Hair Falling Out Dreams in Hinduism

In the Hindu culture, it is believed that shaving hair off gets rid of impurities to make way for strength and energy. In its stead, new and healthy hair is allowed to grow.  The shaven hair, disconnected from the human body, is often used in rituals as sacrificial offerings to keep evil away spirits and energies. Against this background, losing hair could stand for getting rid of toxicity in the dreamer’s life. 

But other dream interpreters have a different opinion on the same. According to them,  losing hair could stand for loss. For women, it may mean your beauty, charm, and vigor are fading. The dream symbolizes the deterioration of status and popularity for male dreamers.

Buddhist Interpretation of Hair Loss in Dreams

Since time immemorial, our hair has been a part of us and our identity, which is why Buddha shaved off his hair as a way of renouncing his identity and connection with the material world.

Therefore, if you dream of losing hair, it may symbolize your fear of losing your status, charisma, or anything that forms a part of your identity. 

The Symbolism of Hair and Hair Loss in Native American Culture

In the beliefs of Native American tribes, the longer a person’s hair was, the greater was his intuition and sixth sense. Therefore, a long-haired person was believed to possess the mysterious gift to sense danger and malicious activities around him. 

According to this, if you dream of losing hair, it may be an indication that you will get to know of the treachery your haters are plotting against you. 

Hair Loss Dream Meaning in the Culture of the Incas Tribe

During the religious ceremony of Rutuchicoy (chopping off hair from one/two-year-olds), the shorn hair is preserved because, according to their beliefs, hair has the respective person’s essence. Keeping their tradition in mind, dreaming of losing hair may mean losing or giving away a part of us.

Why Do You Dream About Losing Hair

Dreams are the medium of communication between your conscious and subconscious states. Not all dreams are symbolic, but many of them bring messages for you from your higher self. So, it is imperative to consider the reasons why you dreamt of a particular scenario. 

Try analyzing your dreams by considering the points listed below. You might find your dream interpretation sooner than you expected.

  1. Are you, in your waking life, having severe hair loss problems? That is the first thing you must ask yourself. Hair is a part of how we present ourselves to others. It can either boost our confidence or take away all of it. Though it sounds insignificant, losing hair is not a trivial issue, especially if you are conscious of your looks. If you keep thinking of it and how to cure it, that may be why you dreamt of it. 
  2. Hair in dreams also connotes vanity, sensuality, and so on. Perhaps you hate the idea of aging for several reasons- you don’t want to lose your glowing beauty to age, or you detest the idea of relying on others. 
  3. Things and activities that excite you once no longer do, and you feel that your vigor and vitality are wearing off.
  4. You are going through some major life shifts. Whether they are for the better or worse depends on the overall plot.
  5. You feel unwell often and are skeptical of a disorder or an underlying disease.
  6. You absolutely have renounced authority over your life. Perhaps you feel someone else rules you. 
  7. You are stressed.
  8. There are a few people in your life who have a negative impact on you.

A Few Questions to Ask Yourself

Various cultures across the globe regard hair as a person’s connection with the divine. Since it is much more than a means to uplift your style statement, it is crucial to get to the bottom if you ever dream of losing hair.

However, no two hair loss dreams have the same interpretations. Dreams vary from person to person, and only you can give a crystal-clear meaning to your dream plot. For that, ask these few questions to yourself for an accurate analysis.

  1. What do you feel about your hair? Do you consider it as a precious part of you, or do you think it’s bothersome? In the former case, a hair loss dream could be interpreted as losing something dear to you in your waking life. As for the latter, it may stand for breaking free from something undesirable.
  2. How did you feel and react in your dreamscape? Were you alarmed or disappointed? Or weren’t your emotions much affected?
  3. In the dreamscape, were you suffering from any terminal diseases like Cancer?
  4. Are you already bald in your waking life? Should that be the case, you can move on from this dreamscape as it is not symbolic.

Closing Thoughts

A person’s hairdo is often expressive of his or her personality. And from this perspective, losing clumps of hair day after day is horrifying. Nevertheless, it isn’t something that can be cured or controlled easily.

Similarly, when you dream of losing hair, your subconscious may be directing your attention to problems that are not under your control, aging, for instance. 

The key is not to stress on those issues but to go with the flow! So what if you are growing old? Everyone does, eventually! Instead of worrying your nerves about it, think of ways how you can make the most of your remaining life. Or think of how you can age gracefully. 

Be that as it may, the dream may also point to issues that you must fix immediately, removing toxic people from your circle, to mention one. 

So, before you settle on an interpretation for your hair falling out dream, analyze your dream and the elements from all the angles possible. That will give you an accurate analysis.

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