Hair falling out dream can be a nightmare for many. And why not? Hair can be a crowning glory. At the same time, it can symbolize the complete opposite.

While silky and voluminous hair makes one feel gorgeous and confident, a receding hairline may crush self-esteem and make one feel more conscious.

Does it mean the same when the scenario appears in dream? Let’s find out.

Hair Falling Out Dream: Are Your Relationships Falling Out?
Hair Falling Out Dream: Are Your Relationships Falling Out?

Hair Falling Out Dream: An Overview

Hair falling out dream usually signifies fear of old age and death. Such dreamscapes could also interpret one’s virility, sensuality, ruthless betrayal, and in some cases, unfortunate events like the passing away of a close one.

It’s queer, but dreams of hair tell a lot about one’s personality and even life in general. A hair-falling-out dream is usually a harbinger of negativity highlighting the fear of aging. And of losing one’s charm, charisma, and youthful vigor to old age. 

Alternatively, the dream could also be the subconscious letting the dreamer know that he/ she has finally come to terms with the fact that aging is inevitable.

However, there are other probable reasons too, which include: 

  • Death 

Losing hair is closely associated with death. This interpretation is applicable if the dreamer constantly thinks of the mystical process of birth, life, death, and the process after it.

It is also possible to have such dreams if he/ she suffers from any serious or terminal disease.

Such dream scenarios reflect his/ her fear of death. If the hair belongs to someone else, it means he/ she is afraid of a dear one passing away.

The second interpretation is likely if the dreamer has aged parents or relatives, who may leave for the other world anytime. 

  • Loss of Power and Control

Hair symbolizes power, and dreaming about hair falling out may mean the person is losing control and feeling powerless in some areas of his/ her life. 

  • Lethargy 

Hair loss also indicates lethargy. 

  • Toxic People 

If hair treatments go wrong, the chemical compositions in them can cost one’s precious hair. If a person dreams of losing hair due to such harmful chemicals, the dream plot may be hinting at toxic people around him/ her.

  • Abandoned Thoughts and Ideas

Hair is also symbolic of ideas growing out of the psyche. Following that, losing hair may stand for the plans and manifestations the dreamer ditched halfway.

  • Transformations

Hair falling out is also a harbinger of transformations, which could be for the better or worse depending on the plot.

  • Illness

In some cases, a dream of losing hair reflects the dreamer’s fear of suffering from some serious diseases. 

  • Betrayal

Such dreams also symbolize betrayal and conspiracies going on behind the dreamer’s back. 

  • Inferiority Complex

Hair loss can also surface if one feels inferior to others in some aspects of life. The inferiority complex has gotten so deep-rooted that it has moved on from the conscious to the subconscious state. 

Spiritual Meaning of Hair Falling Out

When looked at from the spiritual point of view, hair conveys much more than one’s appearance and personality. 

Since hair rests on the highest point of the human body, it is believed to be the medium of communication between the person and the divine spirits. 

Hair Falling Out In The Biblical Context

Losing hair due to a haircut or hair fall in dreams may mean forsaking or losing one’s authority and control in some parts of his/ her life. 

Decoding Different Scenarios Of Hair Falling Out Dreams

Let’s see some common scenarios related to hair falling out dreams. 

Hair strands falling

Here, it is imperative to recall the color of the hair strands as interpretations will vary depending on the colors. 

  • If it’s the usual color, it points to responsibilities and complications related to the dreamer’s domestic life. Should the color be darker than his/ her hair, it points to trouble and failure related to his/ her professional life. 
  • If the hair was lighter, it means he/ she will have to attend some unpleasant and awkward meetings, probably with people he/ she dislikes. It could also be associated with failure to take a trip or even a vacation that went haywire. 
  • If the color is red, it stands for deep trouble. Red generally indicates danger, and the dreamer may lose money in the coming days. On the other hand, red strands may also stand for the revelation of a dark secret. Another interpretation of losing red hair is that his/ her feelings might not be reciprocated by the person he/ she loves. 
  • Gray strands falling means the dreamer will be able to get rid of old problems.

Losing lots of hair

Generally, it is finance-related. It’s crucial to analyze the state he/ she is in now. According to his/ her present condition, the dream may point to finances getting better or worse. 

Losing short hair

Losing short hair stands for minor problems the dreamer faces day in and day out. 

Hair falling out in clumps

Here, the hair stands for toxic people and energy around the dreamer. To accomplish his/ her mission, he/ she is in the process of getting rid of all that hampers his/ her growth including negative-minded people. 

Therefore losing hair in clumps stands for a major transformation for the better. Besides, it also means the dreamer seeks a reliable partner- someone charismatic that fits well in his/ her world. 

Other interpreters believe the scenario reflects the dreamer’s intuition. It might even stand for the introverted personality that often hampers his/ her growth.

Losing hair to a haircut

Someone cutting the dreamer’s hair reflects his/ her loss of strength and vitality in the waking world. Here, the interpretations may differ depending on who cut his/ her hair.

It stands for restructuring of plans, ideas, and how to proceed further if it was a professional hairdresser. It may also mean others criticize the dreamer for things he/ she hasn’t done. A haircut in a dream may also symbolize a fresh beginning. 

According to some dream books, it means the dreamer has already lost something. If the new haircut left him/ her happy, he/ she would soon be able to detach himself/ herself from a toxic person or activity. 

Pulling hair out in a dream

It symbolizes the stress the dreamer is presently undergoing. Such dreams usually occur when one is aware of the trouble he/ she is in but can do nothing to get out of it. 

Pulling hair out in clumps

The scenario indicates the dreamer is in deep trouble. Before he/ she can take any action to curb the problem, the damage progressing at a rapid pace.

Gradually losing hair 

There’s a strong indication that the dreamer is chasing some goals in real life. But the downside is that he/ she is not at all passionate about whatever he/ she is in pursuit of.

Instead, he/ she is after the riches and fame achieving those goals will bring him/ her. 

Dreaming of losing damaged hair

The scenario symbolizes a lack of energy and strength in waking life. On the other hand, it shows some people in the dreamer’s circle are not what they seem to be. 

Losing hair after brushing

A dream of losing hair after brushing it is an ill omen. The dream symbolizes others taking control over the dreamer, brushing off his/ her opinions and suggestions.

From this perspective, the dream scenario points to nothing but losing authority over one’s own life.  

Losing hair while combing

Hair loss while combing symbolizes renewal, rejuvenation, and even brand-new beginnings.

Losing hair after it catches fire

It foretells challenges and difficulties in the foreseeable future.

Dreaming of removing or losing unwanted hair

The dream is symbolic of unpleasant or unacceptable ideas and habits. So, dreaming of getting rid of those hair reflects his/ her desire to do better.

Someone else’s hair falling out

Another person losing hair indicates ill health, physically as well as spiritually. This interpretation is especially true if the person is someone close to the dreamer. The plot could also point to the psychological deterioration of a near one. 

Seeing a girl losing a strand of artificial hair

The dreamer will, by sheer luck, get to know of the conspiracies of his/ her enemies against him/ her.

Very little hair on one’s head

The dreamer is an overthinker and spends much of his/her time dwelling on how others perceive him/ her. 

Cutting someone else’s hair

Here, it stands for how the dreamer wants or expects someone to behave in a certain way.

Losing hair after someone shaves off the dreamer’s head

In this context, the subconscious warns the dreamer to watch out for people who always flatter him/ her.

Another person shaving the dreamer’s head without his/ her consent

Other people have forced their wishes, opinions, and thoughts on the dreamer. Also, the dreamscape indicates other people taking advantage of him/ her financially.

Wearing a wig after going bald

Through the scenario, the subconscious warns the dreamer to be wary of fake people around him/her. On the flip side, artificial hair could also mean the dreamer is deceiving himself/ herself.


Hair falling out dream could be the subconscious directing the dreamer’s attention to problems that are not under his/ her control, aging, for instance. 

The key is not to stress those issues but to go with the flow! Instead of worrying, one must think of ways to make the most of his/ her remaining life.

Also, it may point to issues the dreamer must fix immediately.

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