What Does It Mean to Dream of Football?

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Dreaming about a football match

It shows someone, an authoritative male figure, most likely, is giving you a hard time telling you what to do and what not to do.

Dreaming about a football team

If you see a football team in your dream, the plot hints at the presence of haters in and around your circle.

Dream of watching football on TV

To dream of watching a football match on TV and cheering for your favorite team is closely related to an illness.

Dream of dribbling a football

It won’t be easy to decode this particular dream. But in a broad sense, the plot is a harbinger of a piece of news coming your way.

Passing a football in a dream

Passing a football in a dream to another player is a sign of your lack of confidence.

Dreaming about kicking a football

The dream shows your confidence in yourself and your abilities.

A dream of playing football

The scenario is related to your wishes to prove yourself in front of others.

A football dream shows your competitiveness and your desire to prove yourself in front of others. Depending on the plot, it may also reflect your manipulative nature or someone giving you a hard time.