Key Takeaways

  • A dream of football reflects your competitive nature, accomplishment, and pride.
  • Since football is about either winning or losing, some also highlight your jealousy and an unhealthy obsession to prove your worth.
  • Footballs are also likely to show up if you are someone who’s open to new learnings and knowledge.
  • Some plots may hint at your manipulative nature.
  • At other times, the theme occurs to remind you how generous of a person you are.

A dream of football, especially of scoring a goal just when you thought you were losing the match will leave you excited – during the dream as well as upon waking.

But after you regain consciousness, you’d begin to ponder upon the symbolism of the dream!

Here, we have gathered all the information associated with football-related dreams. And a thorough reading will, without a doubt, satisfy your curiosity to a certain degree, at the very least. 

Dream of Football - 51 Various Plots And Their Interpretations
Dream of Football – 51 Various Plots And Their Interpretations

What Does it Mean to Dream of Football?

A football dream shows your competitiveness and your desire to prove yourself in front of others. Depending on the plot, it may also reflect your manipulative nature or someone giving you a hard time. Positively, footballs symbolize your generosity, loyalty, and commitment toward your loved ones. 

Like every other dream theme, it’s nearly impossible to give a precise meaning to a dream related to football.

Because the accurate meaning is determined by a couple of deciding factors such as the role you played in the dream. 

While some dream experts associate the dream with positivity, others believe it stands for negative emotions and malicious intentions.

But as mentioned earlier, the meaning differs from plot to plot and from one dreamer to another. 

Nevertheless, in a broad sense, the sport is symbolic of your competitive feeling toward someone else, jealousy of others’ success, and a longing to do exceptionally well. 

Also, football reflects your openness towards new learnings, willingness to be inspired, etc. 

In other instances, footballs reflect your indecisiveness regarding a matter. 

Note that these are just the tip of the iceberg. For an in-depth meaning of your dream, you can check out the following heads. 

Football Dream Meaning: Dream Symbols

Listed below are some of the most common reasons why football dreams happen in the first place. 

1. Struggle to gain power in a situation

Football in the dream world shows you are trying hard to gain or retrieve back power in a certain matter. This is the meaning of your dream if you see yourself standing on a football field all alone. 

2. Success and failure

It can signify your happy, contented state after accomplishing your goals. 

However, since any sport is about one side winning and its counterpart losing, such a dream can also reflect failure, envious feelings over others’ accomplishments, and an unhealthy obsession to show your potential and prove your worth. 

3. You are being manipulative

Some dreams associated with football hint at your manipulative nature. Also, you may have such dreams if you are deliberately giving others, especially your subordinates a hard time.

The same dream may occur if you are presently struggling under an authoritative figure who’s making life extremely hard for you. 

4. Your competitiveness

Often football dreams bring out your competitive side. You long to be the winner in life’s every test. So, when you fail, you can’t help but get envious of the winner. 

Furthermore, the dream shows you long to impress people with your skills. 

5. Confidence

Football dreams are also associated with confidence or a lack of confidence depending on the scenario. While some signify your overconfidence in yourself others can mean you avoid taking responsibilities due to your lack of confidence. 

For example, passing a football to another player instead of carrying it forth and scoring a goal shows you do not trust your abilities. 

6. Generosity

Football in a dream may also be a reflection of your generosity towards others. You are not only committed to your loved ones but also often empathize with others that are not close to you. 

7. False friends

Sometimes, a football dream may be a warning from your subconscious to be wary of those who called themselves your ‘friends’.

Not everyone who says they are your friend is actually one. So, you need to be careful while choosing who you confide your personal information with. 

8. You are open to learning new things

Football dreams also reflect your openness and enthusiasm to learn new things in life. You believe one should always be a learner to excel in life. And the dream is a sign of your receptiveness. 

Dream of Football – 51 Various Plots And Their Interpretations

The scenarios below may help you gain insight into your dream. Do keep in mind that the activities within the dream, your position, and the emotions felt within are crucial for an accurate dream meaning. 

1. Dreaming of a football

If a football or soccer ball shows up in your dream, the scenario denotes you are a socially active person. 

You have a wide network of loyal people who respect and treasure your company. 

If you are presently in a group, football is a sign of success through teamwork. Nevertheless, you need to remember that individual efforts are as much important. 

At other times, it stands for work, idea, or responsibility you have abandoned! Something you need to pick up asap. 

2. A dream of seeing a rolling football

Here, the rolling football is a symbol of your indecisiveness. 

3. To dream of losing a football

Chances are, you are going through a challenging period. However tough it gets, you must not give up.

Though it looks rather daunting, the dream says you’d be able to overcome it if you persevere and stay determined. 

4. Dreaming about a football match/ dream of football game

A football match in a dream shows someone, an authoritative male figure, most likely, is giving you a hard time telling you what to do and what not to do.

On the flip side, it may be your subconscious telling you that you are unnecessarily putting too much pressure on those around you. 

5. To dream of going to a football match

Going to a football match has a negative connotation in the dream world. 

Chances are, you have disappointed yourself, again and again, every once in a while pursuing a pipe dream.

In that case, the plot may be implying you to call it quits and instead invest your time into something realistic. 

Financially, the plot says you would not think twice to bet all of your hard-earned savings on something unworthy. 

6. To dream of betting on a football match

Betting on a football match stands for a critical decision you’d soon need to make. Despite its intensity, you’d not get enough time to weigh the pros and cons.

Your subconscious advises you to trust your instinct and do quick research before making a final call. 

7. Dreaming about a football team

If you see a football team in your dream, the plot hints at the presence of haters in and around your circle. These people would go the extra mile to cause you damage without any hesitation. 

Expect the number to grow as you become more successful. But remind yourself to be on your time, especially when you are around the likes of them. 

8. Dreaming about watching a football match

Watching a football match in a dream is a good sign. It shows you are open to learning new things in life. 

The plot says you look up to others, take inspiration from them, and follow in their footpath to become a better person. 

9. Dreaming about a live football match

A live football match has a negative connotation in the dream world. Most likely, you’d get into an argument with a few people. 

Your subconscious advises you to walk away, especially if you believe you and them will never be able to see eye to eye regarding a particular matter. 

10. A dream of watching football on TV

To dream of watching a football match on TV and cheering for your favorite team is closely related to an illness.

Unfortunately, because of your poor health condition, you may lose your job and be put at a disadvantage in several aspects of your life.

However, the dream says you can, in fact, try to utilize this period to take a much-needed break. 

Others relate the above plot to a surprise concerning one of your friends.

In this instance, even if you believe your friend needs your help, you are advised to step back and turn a blind eye. Unless you want to embarrass yourself. 

Another approach to the dream relates the plot to a trip. 

11. To dream of watching others play football

According to the plot, you are envious of a friend’s accomplishments. 

12. To dream of being a cheerleader and watching a football match

Based on the plot you have clarity about what you want to achieve in your life and which direction to take to find success. Moreover, it shows you do not care about what others think. 

According to the dream, your happiness matters more than people’s judgment and criticism. 

13. Dreaming about your favorite team scoring a touchdown

According to the plot you are really proud of your achievements. 

14. To dream of your favorite football team’s opponent scoring a touchdown

Here, your favorite football team represents you and its opponent stands for your rivals.

Therefore, to dream of the opponent team scoring a touchdown shows you are jealous of others’ accomplishments. 

15. To dream of dribbling a football

It won’t be easy to decode this particular dream. Because it may stand for something positive or negative depending on your situations in real life and the events that take place in the dream. 

But in a broad sense, the plot is a harbinger of a piece of news coming your way. 

16. To dream of dribbling a ball in a football competition

Dribbling a ball in a competition symbolizes your determination to succeed. 

17. Passing a football in a dream

Passing a football to another player is a sign of your lack of confidence. 

According to the plot, you refrain from getting involved in anything important. Even with personal matters, you let others decide for you. 

18. Dreaming about kicking a football

The dream shows your confidence in yourself and your abilities. 

As per the dream, you are not someone that is easily influenced. You do not hesitate to speak your mind and let others know your views and opinions. 

Alternatively, dreaming of kicking a ball denotes you need to be accountable for your actions and decisions in the waking world. 

Kicking a ball is also symbolic of your problem-solving skills. Rather than staying in the safe zone, you long to face challenges, fix mistakes if you make any along the way, and grow through them. 

19. A dream of playing football

The scenario is related to your wishes to prove yourself in front of others.

At other times, playing football means you will receive money out of the blue. 

20. A dream about playing table football

To dream of playing table football means you will find yourself in a complicated situation soon.

Likely, you’d be asked to choose one from two, three, or even four options. As per the plot, the decision may be something related to your professional or personal life. 

The downside of this dream is that you’ll end up regretting it, regardless of which option you pick. 

21. Dreaming about playing football with your friends or colleagues

According to the dream books of Vanga, playing football with your friends or colleagues means you are manipulating those around you. 

So, the dream may be telling you to put an end to your tactics as others have caught on to your actions, though you are not aware of their knowledge yet. 

22. Dreaming of playing football aggressively

Seeing yourself playing the sport aggressively stands for an aggressive or negative aspect of your personality. 

23. To dream about disagreeing with the referee of a football match

If you failed to agree with the judgment of the referee in a football match, it means a loved one, most probably a romantic partner wears you out despite trying his or her best to make the relationship work. 

24. Dreaming of missing a goal in a football match

Having a dream about missing a goal signifies you’d go up the ladder but fall flat just when you thought you had reached the top.

25. Dreaming about scoring goals in a football match

Scoring goals signifies the accomplishment of your life goals. 

26. To dream of scoring multiple goals in a football match

To begin with, the scenario shows there are many things you would like to accomplish. 

For instance, getting yourself a secure job, meeting the right person, getting married, and having a happy life.

From that perspective, scoring multiple goals indicates you would be able to fulfill your wishes one by one in due time. 

27. To dream of being a team player in a football match

It is indeed an ill omen to dream of the above scenario. You will likely get embroiled in a nasty dispute related to an inheritance of material possession. 

28. Dreaming about being the goalkeeper of a football match

To see yourself as the goalkeeper shows you are a true leader. 

Soon, you’d be able to exhibit your leadership skills after you handle a complicated matter exceptionally well. Because of that incident, you’d be looked up to by those around you. 

29. Dreaming about playing football as the captain of a team

Here, the plot says you need to make wise yet quick decisions. 

30. To dream of being the coach of a football team and playing football

In case you dream of being a coach and playing football, the plot hints at a promotion. 

31. Dreaming about being the midfielder and performing poorly in a football match

According to the dream, there have been certain disruptions in your life. It may have to do with your career or love life.

32. To dream of playing defensively

The plot stands for the need to keep your negative thoughts at bay. 

33. To dream of winning a football match 

Winning a football match is closely related to success, especially in your professional life.

34. A dream about losing a football match

Generally, losing a football match is a sign of failure, especially in the professional domain. 

Having said that, you should consider how you perceive failure in the waking world.

Because oftentimes, it is regarded as the stepping stone to success – an experience through which you can grow and get better. 

35. To dream of quitting a football match

If the above dream shows up, there’s a strong likelihood that you’d take the necessary steps to make significant life changes. 

For example, if you are stuck in a job that you believe is not worth your time, you might send in your resignation and move to another town, city, or country for job opportunities with a better package. 

Of course, we are not implying that this exact thing will happen or should happen. It is just an example to help you get acquainted with the picture that will likely take place soon.

36. To dream about wearing a football shirt

Dreaming of wearing a football shirt or jersey is a sign of good luck. As per the plot, there’d be several improvements in different domains of your life. 

37. Dreaming about a football uniform

While some relate the plot to your caring nature, others believe it is symbolic of your strategic planning to achieve success. 

From a romantic point of view, a football uniform shows you and your partner do not share common opinions and goals. 

38. To dream of wearing a football uniform

The scenario is symbolic of the balance between good and bad. 

From another perspective, the dream shows you are undergoing a major transformation in the waking world.

39. A dream about football shoes

Football shoes in a dream show you are overconfident in your abilities. 

On the other hand, they are symbolic of heartaches in the dream world.

Yet another meaning of a football shoe is that you are concealing something in the waking world. This can either be something about yourself or someone else. 

40. To dream of retrieving a football from the ground

The scenario is associated with restoring a relationship with a close friend. 

41. Dreaming of a football stadium

A football stadium emphasizes the need to take a break from your hectic life schedule. 

Most likely, you are stuck in a life pattern that’s sucking the soul out of you. 

42. A dream of football field

You can interpret this scenario in two different ways. The first has to do with your finance. The plot says your financial situation will improve drastically. 

Negatively, a football field stands for the struggle you are currently undergoing to get leverage in a particular situation. 

43. To dream of standing on a football field all alone

The scenario is associated with your desire to get leverage back in a situation. 

44. Dreaming of running through a football field

It’s possible that you have lost clarity and direction in life if you dream of running through a football field.

45. To dream of mowing a football field

The scenario reflects your desire to start some aspects of your life on a clean slate. 

Alternatively, the dream says you must not let others’ success stories affect you negatively. 

46. To dream of buying a football

Buying a football is symbolic of your generosity and kind-heartedness. 

On the other hand, it may be your subconscious advising you to patch up with your friend if you had fallen out with any lately. 

47. Dreaming about receiving a football as a gift

Receiving a football as a gift in a dream is a reflection of your loyalty and commitment to your friends. 

48. Dreaming about a fantasy football

A fantasy football in a dream suggests you need to be extremely careful about who you choose as friends, acquaintances, or business associates.

49. To dream of seeing a famous football player

Chances are, you have been repressing feelings and emotions or someone, most probably a crush. Those are taking a toll on you mentally, which is probably why the scenario occurred. 

Maybe it’s time you fess up to that concerned person. 

From another perspective, the plot is a symbol of great changes coming your way. 

Yet another interpretation of the dream is that you long to have more power and authority over others. 

50. A man dreaming about scoring goals in a football match

For a man, to dream of scoring a goal or goals symbolizes opportunities and wealth. Also, take into consideration the exact number of goals as that will give you an in-depth meaning of your dream. 

51. A person of authority dreaming of a football match

Say you are a team leader, a boss, or a CEO with subordinates working under your supervision! Then, dreaming of a football match shows you are being too strict and need to loosen up a bit.

Spiritual Meaning of Football Dreams

Soccer, or any other outdoor sport, is not meant for physically weak individuals. Even if these people get involved with such physically demanding sports, they do not go very far.

From that perspective, a football dream shows you wish to get stronger and fitter – physically, mentally as well as emotionally. 

Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation Of A Football Dream

According to the theories of Sigmund Freud, playing football in a dream shows you are suppressing your sexual discrepancy in your waking life.

Real Example of Football Dreams

A woman dreamed of standing on a football field all alone.

Turns out, the woman had just broken up with her ex-boyfriend. She was planning to get back with her ex by making him jealous. 

Here, standing on the football field shows she is planning to get her ex to come back to her. By making him jealous and swaying his feelings all over she was trying to gain leverage in the relationship. 

Why Did You Dream About Football?

For those wondering why a football, of all themes, surfaced in your dream, the list below will answer your whys. 

  1. You are extremely competitive in nature. 
  2. You wish to make a significant improvement in your life. 
  3. Football may also mean you are manipulative. 
  4. You have a heart of gold.
  5. You are extremely proud of your achievements.
  6. Football can also stand for your struggle to gain or get back power in a certain situation. 
  7. You have great leadership skills.
  8. You long to outperform your rivals and prove your worth to the rest of the world. 
  9. At times, you are quite indecisive. 
  10. You are always open to learning new things. 

Note that it is crucial to consider your particular role in the dream. Playing as a coach would not give the same meaning as playing as a midfielder, for instance. 

Also, remember to recall each of the emotions you experienced during the dream event. 


With that, we wrap up our article on the dream of football. As indicated, football-related scenarios may carry positive or negative connotations depending on the details and the overall emotions.

If your scenario inclines towards the negative, remind yourself to look at the dream objectively. 

Because no dream happens to scare or confuse the dreamer. Instead, they happen to let the dreamer be aware of the events and happenings that have either been ignored or overlooked.