What Does It Mean To Dream of Old Friends?

Dream of hugging an old friend

If you dream of hugging an old friend, it means you are seeking some comfort in your waking life.

Dream of seeing an old friend

It generally means your desire to get back the enjoyable moments of life that you had shared with them.

Dream of party with old friends

It symbolizes celebration and happy beginnings in waking life.

Dreaming about your best friend

It symbolizes that you need to integrate their good qualities in you so that you can be more happy and adjustable in waking life.

Dreaming about old school friends

It means there is something good happening in your waking life that is reminding you of them.

Dream of fighting an old friend

It means you are immature and putting yourself in unnecessary disagreements with someone in waking life.

Dream of yelling at an old friend

The dream reminds you to stay calm and handle things with ease.

Dream of hanging out with old friends

It symbolizes your happy-go-lucky nature. You are feeling at ease with yourself.

Dreaming of an old friend symbolizes regression, a backward journey and revisit to the past. It symbolizes a plethora of positive and negative emotions ranging from happiness, elation, peace on one side to regrets, annoyance, disappointments, and failure on the other.