Dreaming of old friends is a super common night vision. We often see people in our dreams who are not with us now. You are remembering the old bonding that gave you joy and you never wished to part ways with it. Right?

Probably you’re trying to reconnect with your lost ‘self’ that was carefree, lovable, and less anxious prone than what it is now.

Dreaming of Old Friends - Various Types & Their Meanings
Dreaming of Old Friends – Various Types & Their Meanings

Dreaming of an old friends – General Meaning

Dreaming of old friends symbolizes regression, a backward journey and revisit to the past. It symbolizes a plethora of emotions ranging from happiness, elation, to regrets, annoyance, and failure on the other.

The friend symbolizes your old days of happiness and inner peace that is no longer present in reality. Your anxious and stressed out mind is longing and missing the carefree and easy-going life. 

You wish to go back and reconnect to a happy timeline of your life that was stress free and fun loving. The dream denotes freedom and flexibility, liberty and opportunity to do things in your unique ways.

Symbolically dreaming of old friends mean the following:

  • Sign of freedom, liberty and autonomy – It represents your desire to get back the freedom and joy that you were enjoying as a child.
  • Sign of weariness and exhaustion – dreaming of old friends represents fatigue and tiredness.
  • Sign that you’re missing your friend in reality –  represents your longing to spend time with old pals.
  • Your desire to be irresponsible and tension free – symbolizes that you are missing the freedom and easy going life of your past. 
  • Sign of regression – It represents your innocent and childlike self that was immature, happy-go-lucky, pure, and righteous.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams about Old Friends

Dream about old friends symbolizes a revisit to your past and resolve the hidden issues with someone in waking life that is hindering your spiritual growth and ascension.

The dream tells you to leave your emotional baggage and move towards growth and serenity.

The dream relates to your waking life by reminding you to have some fun and relaxation as and when needed. It tells you to explore ways of getting pure happiness and nurture your soul with bliss and serenity.

Biblical Dream Meaning 

Dreaming of old friends symbolizes that you are trying to avoid obligations and responsibilities in waking life. You are honest that you are missing a happy timeline of the past that is no more with you now.

It symbolizes love, affection, care, help, support, and close bonds to cherish for a lifetime. It signifies your deepest desires and unconscious wishes to connect with someone in waking life at a very deep level, as if two bodies and one soul living together in harmony.

Various Dream Scenarios About An Old Friend 

In this section of the article, we bring to you the various common types of dreams about an old friend and how they relate with your waking life.

Dream of hugging an old friend

If you dream of hugging an old friend, it means you are seeking some comfort in your waking life. You want someone to support you in times of need. 

This dream symbolizes your longing for emotional closeness with someone in waking life just as the one you had with your old friend.

Hugging a friend is a dream symbol of compassion, care, solace, and a fellow feeling that is deep and comfortable. It gives you immense joy whenever you visualize such a scenario in dreams.

Seeing an old friend

It generally means your desire to get back the enjoyable moments of life that you had shared with them. 

It represents your wish to attain a carefree and easy-going life that was free from hassles and worries. The dream signifies a state of pure comfort that you wish to have in waking life but it’s hardly happening in reality.

Partying with old friends

When you dream of reconnecting with an old friend at a party, it symbolizes celebration and happy beginnings in waking life. It is symbolic of triumph, festivity, and jubilation.

The dream symbolizes that you are going to start off with something new and innovative that will guide you towards growth and prosperity. A party signifies happiness and a time to celebrate your success.

So this dream denotes that you should be happy about your success story and earn more of it in future. 

An old friend who passed away

This dream symbolizes your care and concern for your friend. Maybe you are worried about his/her well-being in waking life and it’s showing up in the dream state.

Dream of a deceased old friend means you are trying to hold on to the memories of the past that are not present in reality.

Long lost friend

It actually signifies a part of yourself that is lost and cannot be revived. It signifies certain broken parts of yourself that need inner healing and rejuvenation.

A long lost friend symbolizes loss of carefree days and happy living. It denotes new adaptation and adjustment that was not as good as before.

This dream symbol tells you to revisit your past and start doing old things that gave you immense joy in the past.

Best friend

The dream symbolizes that you need to integrate their good qualities in you so that you can be more happy and adjustable in waking life.

Your old friend in dream tells you to be flexible in your outlook and behavior, to blend yourself well with others around you in waking life.

Old school friends

If you dream about childhood friends who were your classmates as well, it means there is something good happening in your waking life that is reminding you of them. 

Probably you are trying to reflect on the reasons for breakup; about why you people are not in connection now. This dream is symbolic of your present bonding with someone.

Talking to an old friend

This dream symbol suggests your deepest desires to share your thoughts and feelings with others. You are looking for someone in real-life with whom you can connect deeply.

Probably you are seeking a confidant who can be your best friend, philosopher, and guide and help you sail through difficult situations.

Dream of fighting an old friend

It means you are immature and putting yourself in unnecessary disagreements with someone in waking life. The dream symbolizes real-life fights and squabbling with someone that is bothering you in everyday life.

It means you are behaving unjustly with someone because you are upset and unhappy about things not going according to your wishes and whims.

Embracing an old friend

This dream symbol is a good sign. It means you are missing your old friend and want to reconnect with him/her. You are trying to revive the old bond and cherish all those moments of togetherness all over again.

Reconnecting with an old friend

The dream interpretation of this dream is similar to the previous one. It means you are missing your friend and wish to be with them again. 

You are missing a happy timeline of your life that was friendly, peaceful, free from worries, and gave you heartfelt joy and happiness.

Yelling at an old friend

This means you are facing some issue with someone in waking life. The dream reminds you to stay calm and handle things with ease.

This dream holds a negative meaning representing verbal fights and disagreements with someone close to you in waking life. 

A friend who was not your close pal

Sometimes you may see an old friend who was never very close with you in the past, maybe an old acquaintance with whom you had a very superficial connection. 

This dream is an awkward vision and makes you feel, why did you see such a dream after all? The dream symbol represents that you will soon expand your social sphere and meet new people in waking life. 

Dream of hanging out with old friends

It symbolizes your happy-go-lucky nature. You are feeling at ease with yourself. You have learned to lighten up your workload and enjoy life to the fullest.

Rejected by an old friend

It is a negative sign of a broken bond. The dream is symbolic of real life issues with someone close to you. 

The dream makes you feel sad, guilty, and shameful about certain issues. It represents sadness because you are being avoided and neglected by someone close to you in waking life. 

Dating an old friend 

It actually represents your bold and competitive nature. The dream speaks about your success and accomplishments.

The dream theme narrates your personal growth and goal accomplishments. You are happy and satisfied in your waking life because you have achieved what you had previously wished for.

Killing an old friend 

This dream theme holds a negative connotation in dream symbolism. It means you are harboring resentments and anger towards someone in waking life. 

It represents negative emotions such as jealousy, rage, or frustration towards someone who must have done something wrong to you.

Dream of having an argument with an old friend

It symbolizes your strong and rigid personality. It means you know that your opinion matters a lot in any social setups and thus you are not allowing others to speak their minds.

Playing with old friends

This dream symbolizes your playful and child-like self’. The dream represents innocence, purity. You are free from pride and can connect very well with others in waking life.

Sometimes, this dream also means that you wish to become a child again and embrace the golden days of fun and frolic in real-life.

An old friend ignoring you

When you dream of an old friend ignoring and avoiding you, it means your real-life connections are superficial and lack a deeper understanding and affection.

Dreaming of Old Friends – A Psychological Perspective

Psychologically, dreams about an old friend signifies joy, love, close bonding, and deeper emotional connections that are memories to be cherished forever in reality.

Dreaming about old friends signifies your longing and desire to reconnect with friends who are away from you now. Maybe you people have chosen separate career paths and are living in different cities. 

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’ 

To end with a positive note, dreams about an old friend are symbolic of pure happiness and a nonchalant way of life. 

It denotes your relaxed state of mind that always wants to remain free from anxieties and worries. You are wishing to lead a happy life with loving and supportive people around you.

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