We often see people in our dreams who are not with us now. Dreaming about an ex, or dreams about dead people, dreams of your first crush are quite common dream scenarios. 

Another super common night vision is dreaming of old friends. 

You must be wondering why you had such a dream. Does your friends symbolize something significant in waking life that you should notice and be aware of? 

Are you missing the olden days of fun and enjoyment? Does the dream just allow you to relish a few moments of pure pleasure, glee, and happiness?

This dream takes you to a nostalgic ride to your past that was easy-going, free-willed, and happy. 

You are remembering the old bonding that gave you joy and you never wished to part ways with it. Right?

Probably you’re trying to reconnect with your lost ‘self’ that was carefree, lovable, and less anxious prone than what it is now.

In this article we will unleash the dream symbolism of old friends and will try to understand its hidden meaning and association to waking life.

Dreaming of Old Friends - Various Types & Their Meanings
Dreaming of Old Friends – Various Types & Their Meanings

Dreaming of an old friends – General Meaning

Dreaming of old friends symbolizes regression, a backward journey and revisit to the past. It symbolizes a plethora of emotions ranging from happiness, elation, to regrets, annoyance, and failure on the other.

Friends are the treasures of life. They can make you laugh at one moment and cry in another. A true friend always remains with you in trying times and never leaves you alone to suffer in solitude. 

Sometimes, the dream also signifies you’re longing to meet that old friend in reality. You are missing them, missing the smiles and cries shared together. 

They are the guiding light of life who can comfort you in hard times.

Dreaming of old friends who are not in touch with you physically is a super common dream scenario. You may see a friend when you are moving through a rough patch in waking life. 

The friend symbolizes your old days of happiness and inner peace that is no longer present in reality. Your anxious and stressed out mind is longing and missing the carefree and easy-going life. 

You wish to go back and reconnect to a happy timeline of your life that was stress free and fun loving.

Dreaming of old friends can recall hundreds of sweet memories that you might have shared with them. It signifies golden days of love, enjoyment, fun and frolic, fights and arguments, etc. 

The dream denotes freedom and flexibility, liberty and opportunity to do things in your unique ways.

Maybe you are missing all these in your waking life now and thus the subconscious mind takes you to a rollercoaster ride of myriad emotions that you need to take care of in reality.

Sometimes, dreams about old friends also signifies that you will be blessed with new opportunities and new beginnings in waking life. You will soon embark upon a journey of life that will be satisfying and fulfilling.

If you get recurring dreams about an old friend, it may also mean that you have some unfinished business with them. 

Maybe the way you people separated from each other was improper and emotionally overwhelming and it had left deep wounds yet to be recovered.

Dreams about old friends also symbolizes your need to be free from anxiety and stress that you are going through in waking life. You are overburdened with so many responsibilities of adult life that robs you of true happiness and inner peace.

You are not happy with the way you are living now and the dream gives you a sense of wonder, surprise, and lightness of spirit. 

You are missing a joyful and relaxed phase of your life that was serene and placid. It indicates your deepest desires to get back those things that are not present in reality now. 

You wish to become irresponsible and carefree again in waking life and the unfulfilled wish makes its way through dreams.

Symbolically dreaming of old friends mean the following:

1. Sign of freedom, liberty and autonomy

Dreams about an old friend symbolizes your yearning for freedom and autonomy. You want to leave all responsibilities of waking life and long for an easy-going and carefree life.

The dream reminds you that you are overburdened with work in reality and it’s time to let go of the pressure from you and enjoy life to the fullest.

It represents your desire to get back the freedom and joy that you were enjoying as a child. You want to relive those fascinating moments of pure joy and pleasure that gave you absolute autonomy and power over your life.

Dreaming of old friends also symbolizes that you are longing to pin and get back what you have lost in reality. In this regard, the dream signifies wish fulfillment and gratification of needs as well.

2. Sign of weariness and exhaustion

Sometimes dreaming of old friends represents fatigue and tiredness. It signifies that you are overburdened with work load and feeling stressed out and anxious.

Maybe the various responsibilities of work, family, and children are taking a toll on you and you just wish to lighten up and shake off the load a bit. 

Your subconscious mind reminds you that you should relax and stop taking things too seriously. It reminds you not to work hard but to work smart.

You are not to get overwhelmed by the several responsibilities of waking life. The dream tells you to undergo a process of renewal and rejuvenation, to take good care of your physical and mental health. 

Learn to let go of the things that are not serving a good purpose in your waking life.

This will lighten up the load and you will feel at peace with yourself. It will give a good control over your life and living. 

You will be able to balance work-life situations well, if you give enough time to yourself to unwind from daily chores and do things that give you true joy and happiness.

3. Sign that you’re missing your friend in reality

Dreaming of an old friend represents your longing to spend time with old pals. You are missing the sweet and sour memories of togetherness. 

The dream symbolizes your emotional pain of not being able to connect with anyone at a deeper level in waking life. As such, you are missing your old friends who remind you of the happiness that you had shared with them.

4. Your desire to be irresponsible and tension free

Dreaming about old friends symbolizes that you are missing the freedom and easy going life of your past. The day-to-day hardships of life have made you anxious and stressful. You wish to become irresponsible and carefree again but you are tied in duties and responsibilities.

The dream also tells you to slow down and take a pause for some relaxation in waking life. If you are taking on too much work pressure and responsibilities in real life, you may see dreams about old friends. 

This is because the dream reminds you to lessen your tension and let go of the anxiety that these responsibilities may bring in. You are reminded to enjoy life and ease on certain things as and when needed.

5. Sign of regression

Old friends in dreams also signifies your innate wish to regress and go back to your childhood. It represents your innocent and childlike self that was immature, happy-go-lucky, pure, and righteous. 

You wish to revisit the past timeline because you may feel that you have lost your true ‘self’ somewhere down the line and you want to reconnect with it again.

Dreaming About an Old Friend – 20 Types & Its Interpretations

Dreaming about old friends and their symbolic interpretation will vary according to the details of the dream scenario and your associated feelings related to it.

In this section of the article, we bring to you the various common types of dreams about an old friend and how they relate with your waking life.

1. Dream of hugging an old friend

If you dream of hugging an old friend, it means you are seeking some comfort in your waking life. You want someone to support you in times of need. 

This dream symbolizes your longing for emotional closeness with someone in waking life just as the one you had with your old friend.

This dream is a positive sign and signifies old nostalgia and deep desire to connect with someone close to you in reality. 

Sometimes this dream also represents your lonely and isolated state of mind. Maybe you are feeling secluded in family life or amongst your friend’s circle. You are seeking love, care, and emotional support to overcome some form of distress but unable to achieve it in reality

Hugging a friend is a dream symbol of compassion, care, solace, and a fellow feeling that is deep and comfortable. It gives you immense joy whenever you visualize such a scenario in dreams.

2. Dream of seeing an old friend

When you see an old friend in a dream, it generally means your desire to get back the enjoyable moments of life that you had shared with them. 

It represents your wish to attain a carefree and easy-going life that was free from hassles and worries. The dream signifies a state of pure comfort that you wish to have in waking life but it’s hardly happening in reality.

This dream symbol also speaks about your desire to become irresponsible and have more fun in your waking life. 

You wish to lead a casual and relaxed lifestyle and these unmet desires are showing up in dreams. Seeing an old friend also signifies good luck and prosperity coming your way in the near future.

3. Dream of party with old friends

When you dream of reconnecting with an old friend at a party, it symbolizes celebration and happy beginnings in waking life. It is symbolic of triumph, festivity, and jubilation.

The dream symbolizes that you are going to start off with something new and innovative that will guide you towards growth and prosperity. 

A party signifies happiness and a time to celebrate your success. So this dream denotes that you should be happy about your success story and earn more of it in future. 

In some dream scenarios, seeing old friends at a party and spending time with them symbolizes your need to relax and unwind from the daily chores of waking life. You deserve to have a break and the dream reminds you to take one to feel fresh and rejuvenated.

4. Dreaming of an old friend who passed away

This dream symbolizes your care and concern for your friend. Maybe you are worried about his/her well-being in waking life and it’s showing up in the dream state.

Your subconscious mind hints towards a wish to reconnect with them and know about their whereabouts and well-being. 

Dream of a deceased old friend means you are trying to hold on to the memories of the past that are not present in reality.

You are concerned about your friend because the person holds a special place in your heart. Both of you have shared many fond memories of togetherness. 

This dream denotes a shift in your friendship status as well. It represents that the bonding is no more alive in your waking life and you are feeling lonely about it.

Dreaming of a dead old friend is a common dream symbol denoting the end of a friendship bond due to fights, disagreements, or even abuse. 

As you are in grief and trauma in real life, it’s getting manifested in dreams.

5. Dream about long lost friend

When you dream about a long lost friend, it actually signifies a part of yourself that is lost and cannot be revived. It signifies certain broken parts of yourself that need inner healing and rejuvenation.

A long lost friend symbolizes loss of carefree days and happy living. It denotes new adaptation and adjustment that was not as good as before.

You need to change yourself and accept the way you are. Your deepest pains shouldn’t override you and rob your happiness. The dream reminds you to forget and forgive those who sin against you. 

This dream symbol tells you to revisit your past and start doing old things that gave you immense joy in the past. Maybe you can start off again with the hobby that you’ve put aside for a long time, or revive an old art that got neglected in your busy schedule.

Another meaning of this dream relates to your need for support and affection from someone in waking life. It indicates that you are recalling your beautiful past, remembering how your friend helped you in trying times.

You are looking for the same kind of sympathy, care, and emotional support from someone in reality. 

The dream simply means a reconnection with certain aspects of your waking life that were avoided and neglected for a long time due to many odd reasons. You just need to get in touch with them in reality, now and here.

6. Dreaming about your best friend

In this dream your dreaming mind is showing you that you should imbibe certain good qualities of your best friend in you. The dream symbolizes that you need to integrate their good qualities in you so that you can be more happy and adjustable in waking life.

Your old friend in dream tells you to be flexible in your outlook and behavior, to blend yourself well with others around you in waking life.

7. Dreaming about old school friends

If you dream about childhood friends who were your classmates as well, it means there is something good happening in your waking life that is reminding you of them. 

Probably you are trying to reflect on the reasons for breakup; about why you people are not in connection now. This dream is symbolic of your present bonding with someone.

If you see that you are not talking to the school friend in your vision, it indicates you are unhappy with the behavior of someone in waking life. You are annoyed and unhappy with them and thus you are not in talking terms with them in reality.

Contrary to this. If you feel happy after seeing your old friend, it means that there is someone in your real life who resembles certain qualities of your old friend. You like them very much and it’s getting relayed in dreams.

The dream represents familiarity, bonding and close connections with someone who always makes you smile and keeps you happy and stress-free in reality.

In some dream scenarios, this night vision about school friends indicates how much you have changed yourself over a course of time. 

You are not the same person from your past. Maybe your present day events have shaped your personality in different ways. The dream reminds you to accept and embrace the new changes and live by it.

8. Dreaming of talking to an old friend

This dream symbol suggests your deepest desires to share your thoughts and feelings with others. You are looking for someone in real-life with whom you can connect deeply.

Probably you are seeking a confidant who can be your best friend, philosopher, and guide and help you sail through difficult situations.

You are looking for a kind heart and a patient ear to disclose your deepest secrets; with whom you can share anything without the fear of being judged, criticized, or ridiculed.

The dreams represent your longing to have someone in waking life who will accept you just the way you are, without any evaluations of any kind.

9. Dream of fighting an old friend

When you dream of fighting with an old friend, it means you are immature and putting yourself in unnecessary disagreements with someone in waking life. It symbolizes real-life fights and squabbling with someone that is bothering you in everyday life.

It means you are behaving unjustly with someone because you are upset and unhappy about things not going according to your wishes and whims.

The dream reminds you to be more mindful about your behavior with others in reality, otherwise you may lose good connections and suffer a setback in your social life.

10. Dream of embracing an old friend

This dream symbol is a good sign. It means you are missing your old friend and want to reconnect with him/her. You are trying to revive the old bond and cherish all those moments of togetherness all over again.

You want to spend some quality time with them and share your side of the story as well. The dream means you also wish to incorporate some of their good qualities and values inside yourself, so that you can revive the old bond and cherish the happy timeline of the good old days in reality.

11. Dream of reconnecting with an old friend

The dream interpretation of this dream is similar to the previous one. It means you are missing your friend and wish to be with them again. 

You are missing a happy timeline of your life that was friendly, peaceful, free from worries, and gave you heartfelt joy and happiness.

You wish to relive those subtle moments of pure joy all over again in waking life. The dream theme symbolizes satisfaction and content. You are feeling light-hearted and off the burden in your daily life. 

12. Dream of yelling at an old friend

If you dream of yelling or shouting at your old friend, it means you are facing some issue with someone in waking life. The dream reminds you to stay calm and handle things with ease.

This dream holds a negative meaning representing verbal fights and disagreements with someone close to you in waking life. The fights can really get bad and make you emotionally overwhelmed and anxious. It can upset you and end the friendship forever.

13. Dream of a friend who was not your close pal

Sometimes you may see an old friend who was never very close with you in the past, maybe an old acquaintance with whom you had a very superficial connection. 

This dream is an awkward vision and makes you feel, why did you see such a dream after all?

The dream symbol represents that you will soon expand your social sphere and meet new people in waking life. 

It means you will broaden your social connections by starting a new venture and meeting new people; or you may change your locality and shift to a new place where many new neighbors will get in touch with you.

14. Dream of hanging out with old friends

When you dream about hanging out with old friends, it symbolizes your happy-go-lucky nature. You are feeling at ease with yourself. 

You have learned to lighten up your workload and enjoy life to the fullest. In some dream scenarios, this dream may mean differently. It all depends upon how you feel about your dream in reality.

If you are happy seeing this dream, it indicates social recognition. You want to connect with likeminded people in your waking life who may help you grow and climb up the social ladder. The dream signifies new social connections and friendships happening in reality.

Another interpretation can be a bit negative. If you seem to be unhappy with the vision, it might indicate your unwillingness to waste time in unnecessary social connections. 

You are rigid in your outlook and never want to meet new people or get in touch with old pals, simply because you feel it is absolutely futile and useless.

15. Dream of being rejected by an old friend

If an old friend rejects you in a dream, it is a negative sign of a broken bond. The dream is symbolic of real life issues with someone close to you. 

Maybe you people are fighting quite often these days over some petty matters that could be resolved otherwise with patience and peace.

The dream makes you feel sad, guilty, and shameful about certain issues. It represents sadness because you are being avoided and neglected by someone close to you in waking life. 

You are unable to accept the reality and ruminate over the issue, making yourself more anxious and grief-stricken.

The dream holds a bad omen signifying more troubles to appear in your waking life. It warns you to stay cool and gear up more courage and perseverance to fight with the odd situations in life.

16. Dating an old friend dream meaning

If you dream of dating an old friend, it actually represents your bold and competitive nature. The dream speaks about your success and accomplishments.

The dream theme narrates your personal growth and goal accomplishments. You are happy and satisfied in your waking life because you have achieved what you had previously wished for.

In this dream scenario, the old friend represents your subtle qualities and talents that will help you achieve your life goals. 

You have a burning desire in you that needs to be manifested in desirable ways. Maybe you are trying to start a new business venture, or seeking a new opportunity to showcase your talents and skills.  

You will have to welcome new opportunities and face new challenges to realize your aspirations in life.

It’s all about nurturing yourself in the best possible ways to grow and deliver best outcomes in days to come.

Another possible explanation of this dream is you will soon meet someone in waking life who will become your closest confidant in no time. 

You will be able to share all your secrets and problems with them. You people will get closer to each other and may look forward to an amazing relationship in near future.

17. Killing an old friend dream meaning

This dream theme holds a negative connotation in dream symbolism. It means you are harboring resentments and anger towards someone in waking life. 

It represents negative emotions such as jealousy, rage, or frustration towards someone who must have done something wrong to you. It also denotes loss of temper and inability to maintain calm and humor in waking life.

You are angry and feeling anxious about what had happened in reality. This negative feeling is manifested in the subconscious mind, beyond your will and control.

Killing a friend also means the end of something. It may indicate failures and regrets for not being able to fulfill your life goals.

Another illustration of this dream says that killing is a sign of a possible change coming ahead of you. Thus, you are advised to let go of your past and start things anew. You will have to forgo things that are not serving a good purpose in life.

You need to focus on new opportunities and never allow things to hold you back in reality.

18. Dream of having an argument with an old friend

When you dream of arguing with an old friend, it symbolizes your strong and rigid personality. It means you know that your opinion matters a lot in any social setups and thus you are not allowing others to speak their minds.

Maybe you are trying to teach everything to others in your closest sphere and they are not liking it at all. This may lead to verbal disagreements and fights, creating adjustment issues in the long run.

Arguments and quarrels are dream symbols of unhappiness and gloom. It can make your life lonely as you may be left out from social circles.

People may not accept you the way you are as you may appear arrogant and haughty to others. In general, this dream holds bad omen and tells you to remain humble and down to earth, otherwise people may misunderstand you in reality.

19. Dreaming of playing with old friends

This dream symbolizes your playful and child-like self’. The dream represents innocence, purity. You are free from pride and can connect very well with others in waking life.

Sometimes, this dream also means that you wish to become a child again and embrace the golden days of fun and frolic in real-life. You wish you could connect with your old classmates or neighborhood friends and enjoy some funny moments with them.

This dream is a wish fulfillment maneuver. The child in you wants to be free from responsibilities and duties. It wants to enjoy life and have more fun in reality. 

20. Dream of an old friend ignoring you

When you dream of an old friend ignoring and avoiding you, it means your real-life connections are superficial and lack a deeper understanding and affection.

Maybe the closest people in your waking life are not as good and helpful as you think them to be. They may avoid and ignore you in times of adversities. Your dream is just showing your insecurities and fears.

You are feeling overlooked, unimportant, abandoned, and not receiving enough attention as you deserve. This dream also signifies relationship issues that may linger for a long time. Your unresolved issues with real life friends or partners may aggravate and take away your inner peace.

Getting ignored in a dream is a bad sign and warns you of more problems coming your way in the near future. It may make you feel depressed, vulnerable, and insecure.

You will have to do some mental workout to resolve the long drawn issues with your friends in order to feel at peace with yourself.

Spiritual meaning of dreams about old friends

Dream about old friends symbolizes a revisit to your past and resolve the hidden issues with someone in waking life that is hindering your spiritual growth and ascension. The dream tells you to leave your emotional baggage and move towards growth and serenity.

Dreaming of old friends means you are missing your good old days. You are trying to recall happy and joyous moments that satisfies your soul.

The dream relates to your waking life by reminding you to have some fun and relaxation as and when needed. It tells you to explore ways of getting pure happiness and nurture your soul with bliss and serenity.

 If you feel happy and blissful after seeing such a nice dream, it indicates good social relationships. You are blessed with helpful and supportive people around you.

Spiritually the dream symbolizes your innate need to live a casual life without many duties and responsibilities to fulfill. You wish to experience a past timeline of your life that was satisfying and deeply fulfilling.

Biblical meaning of dreaming of old friends

In the Bible, dreaming of old friends symbolizes that you are trying to avoid obligations and responsibilities in waking life. You are honest that you are missing a happy timeline of the past that is no more with you now.

When you dream about old friends, it symbolizes love, affection, care, help, support, and close bonds to cherish for a lifetime. 

It signifies your deepest desires and unconscious wishes to connect with someone in waking life at a very deep level, as if two bodies and one soul living together in harmony.

These dreams teach you how to connect with new people and start developing an affinity with them. The dream reminds you to foster mutual understanding, faith, and trust between you and your friend in reality.

This dream symbolizes your intrinsic need to be with someone in waking life who will support you and shall guide your path with laughter and happiness.

 As the saying goes “A friend in need is friend indeed”, this dream reminds you that you are to connect with affectionate and and-hearted people in your real-life. 

Eventually, these folks will help you sail through troubled times. Sometimes, dreams about old friends can mean negatively. The Bible says that if you wake up scared in your dream, it could signify your displeasure associated with that friend. 

Maybe you have been victimized in some way by that same person and the dream acts as a warning sign for you. It cautions you to stay away from such harmful friends who can use you to satisfy their bad intentions and malicious interests.

Thus, in the Bible dreams about old friends can have both positive and negative connotations. The interpretation depends upon your feelings and real-life association either with the same person or with anyone else in waking life.

Dreaming of old friends – A psychological perspective

Psychologically, dreams about an old friend signifies joy, love, close bonding, and deeper emotional connections that are memories to be cherished forever in reality.

Dreaming about old friends signifies your longing and desire to reconnect with friends who are away from you now. Maybe you people have chosen separate career paths and are living in different cities. 

You are missing a happy timeline of your life that was stress free and peaceful. This dream symbolizes your unmet wishes and repressed desires that need to be fulfilled in waking life.

You may also dream about an old friend when you are feeling lonely and isolated in your waking life. Maybe you do not have a close confidant with whom you can share your secrets, pains, happiness, problems, etc. 

Thus your old friend keeps coming back in dreams to remind you of the sweet memories that you may have shared with them. It makes you feel joyful for the time being. The dream represents a kind of emotional support that is missing in waking life.

Questions to ask yourself if you are dreaming of old friends

The dream interpretation of old friends becomes easy if you can analyze the details of the dream scenario, what you were doing with your friend in the dream, your feelings related to the dream theme and your waking life experiences in general.

You can ask yourself some questions related to the dream for a better knowhow and correct interpretation of your night visions.

  • What were the friends doing in your dream?
  • How did you feel after seeing old friends after such a long time?
  • Did you talk to them or they tried to ignore you?
  • Can you relate the dream scenario with your waking life?
  • Are you missing the old days of fun and merriment?
  • What fond memories do you share with them?
  • Are you still in touch with your old friends in real-life?
  • Are you happy with your present friendships?

Dreaming of old friends – The Good and the Ugly

As discussed so far, dreams about old friends symbolizes both positive and negative meanings. 

The good side of such dreams are:

  • Feeling happy and surprised
  • Innocence and child-like qualities
  • Playfulness and light-heartedness
  • Excitement
  • Joy and satisfaction
  • Carefree and easy going attitude
  • Cool and unconcerned

The ugly side of dreams about old friends are: 

  • Confusion
  • Poor decision making skills
  • Immaturity 
  • Poor social skills

The video link given below shows the symbolic meaning of dreaming of old friends. Do check out.

Wrap Up

To end with a positive note, dreams about an old friend are symbolic of pure happiness and a nonchalant way of life. 

It denotes your relaxed state of mind that always wants to remain free from anxieties and worries. You are wishing to lead a happy life with loving and supportive people around you.

You will relish the dreams as it will connect you to a fascinating past full of sweet memories and deep bonding to treasure forever.

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