What Does Mermaid Dream Mean?

Dream of mermaid in a pond

You believe in people very easily. But you need to choose very carefully about whom to trust.

Dream of an ugly mermaid

Dreaming of an ugly mermaid is a sign of danger.

Dream of a mermaid singing

Dreaming of a mermaid singing denotes that someone near to you is overpowering you.

Dream of a mermaid luring you into the water

You should proudly accept your sexuality in front of everyone, without the fear of getting judged.

Dreaming of being a mermaid

Dreaming of being a mermaid signifies that you do not like to waste time, you wish to approach an issue directly.

Mermaid Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Dream of a mermaid can suggest the flow of your life, love, friendship, and even natural calamities.