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Did You Dream About Getting A Tattoo? Interpret Its Meaning Now!

Did You Dream About Getting A Tattoo? Interpret Its Meaning Now!

Updated on Dec 05, 2022 | Published on Nov 01, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

90+ Dreams About Getting a Tattoo and its Interpretation

When you think of tattoos, what comes to mind? Do you have a tattoo or have you always wanted one? Dreams about getting a tattoo have many interpretations, and the meaning is determined by the size, color, emotion, location, and other details. 

The tattoo dream tells you a lot about yourself and what parts of your life are seeking your attention.

You can use your dreams to improve your life by taking notes and connecting the dots. Take a look inside your tattoo dreams and discover some hidden aspects of your personality. 

Dreams About Getting a Tattoo – 90+ Meaning and its Interpretations

Tattoo Dream Meaning 

Dreaming about getting a tattoo is a sign of a spiritual journey. The dream shows what kind of changes you need to make to improve your relationship and reach your goals. Also, it is a sign that you are protected and guided. 

Tattoo dreams are fascinating and can be interpreted differently depending on the tattoo type, location, color, and various other factors. A tattoo dream generally represents a spiritual journey. 

It is a sign of grace, power, extravagance, and ruthlessness. It indicates that you need to take a break from your busy schedule and spend time with your loved ones. 

Reflect on your desires and maintain a healthy balance in your life. Take one step at a time and concentrate on the areas of your life that require your most attention. 

You may feel resistance in accomplishing your highest desires. This dream is all about hoping, persisting, and having a positive outlook on life. You are protected and guided. 

The dream hints that you are going through a difficult time but that things that are going against you will work out in the end. 

The color of your tattoo in your dream represents your emotions, beliefs, life events, and ideas. Your tattoo in a dream reveals things about your personality, such as your thinking style, your beliefs, and other things that make up who you are. 

A tattoo is also believed to open the path to spiritual enlightenment once it is acquired. Tattoos in dreams represent several aspects of your life, depending on the details and emotions you can gain a good understanding of their meaning. 

What does it mean to dream about tattoos?

Tattoos are permanent by nature. According to the dream moods the tattoo represents your individuality. This speaks to your desire to make a lasting impression on others with your work. You are also about to make a big decision in your life that could transform your future. 

Tattoos in your dream are indicative of the characteristics you possess and your desire to develop them.  If you see a dragon in a dream it represents attention, rewards, efforts, and actions. 

Your tattoo dreams are indicative of your workaholic nature. If you prioritize work over your personal life, this dream may be a warning sign to pay attention to your personal life and relationships. 

90+ Dreams about Tattoos and its Interpretation 

1. Dream about tattoos

Dreams about tattoos state that you have the ability to bounce back from difficult situations and hardships. It is okay to let go of a relationship for your mental well-being and peace of mind. 

Your dream may also reflect your burden, worries, and responsibilities at work. It is possible that you are dealing with some kind of substance abuse. 

Generally, a tattoo dream is a warning sign. It indicates a period of change. Perhaps there is a pattern repeating in your relationships or habits that needs to be changed. 

Moreover, the dream indicates disappointment or heartbreak in love. If you are rejecting any aspect of yourself due to comparison with others around you, take this dream as a sign to accept your flaws and flaunt them. We’re all perfect in our imperfections. 

2. Dream about eye tattoo

The eye tattoo is a reflection of your intuition and mental powers. The dream reflects that you are overwhelmed with your emotions. Great things and something big is on the horizon. You may expect to see the results of your hard work and efforts. 

Eye tattoo is the symbolism of your soul, emotions, and beauty. 

Alternatively, the dream represents disobedience and quarrels. You are searching for the truth and evaluating your relationship in search of answers. Your dream is a reflection of your character in the real world. 

3. Dream about getting a tattoo 

Getting a tattoo is a big deal because you’ll have it for the rest of your life. Tattoos are permanent in nature. Tattoos signify your spiritual and personal journey. The size of the tattoo indicates changes, and the location of the tattoo indicates where those changes may occur. 

A tattoo indicates an impulsive nature. The dream suggests you should think before you speak or act because the decisions you made in your past life will impact your present. 

In addition, you may be feeling guilty about your actions or words if you dream that you have insulted someone. The dream is warning you to use your words and actions carefully.

4. Dream about being covered with tattoos 

The dream of being covered with tattoos in dreams is a sign of your workaholic nature. You are so engrossed in your work and business life that you are not able to find time for some personal pursuits. It might be time to slow down. 

You need to spend some time with your friends and family. In the end, you are doing all your hard work to live a comfortable and fulfilling life. To keep your energy levels high, take mini breaks to balance your personal life and work. 

5. Dream about a stranger with tattoos

A stranger with tattoos in your dream represents romance in your waking life. There is a chance that you will meet this person by accident, and this meeting may bring about a change in your waking life. Since it represents romance, you need to keep your heart open for new experiences and people. 

6. Dream of ex-partner with a tattoo

Your dream represents some past memories or something you left behind that now feels like you should get in touch with the person. It may be an object that brings back memories or a feeling that will make you feel incomplete. 

7. Dream about your partner having tattoos 

If you dream that your partner has tattoos, this dream indicates that he or she is trying to impress you. Having this dream is a message from your subconscious encouraging you to give more attention to your partner, comfort and love them, and let them express their feelings freely. 

8. Dream about tattoo arm 

The dream represents your masculine side. There are some events in your life that are preventing you from achieving your goals. Perhaps you should tweak your daily routine or try some new techniques. Additionally, the dream is a reflection of your inner desire for emotional and spiritual cleansing. 

9. Dream about new tattoo

A new tattoo in a dream is a sign of self-confidence. Sometimes, it may seem as though you are alone in the world. You may feel this way due to your busy schedule or things being all over the place, so just take each moment as it comes. 

Dreams also suggest that you may experience a burst of energy and see your ideas come to life. It is assigned to psychological healing. 

10. Dream about leg tattoo 

Leg tattoos are a sign that you are highly energetic and feeling uprooted in your life. The dream is a symbol of taking back control of your life and regaining your power. 

In order to express yourself freely, you may have to communicate with others. The dream stands for some intimate and emotional connection with a person. In addition, a part of your personality will improve, and you will become a stronger and better person. 

11. Dream about cat tattoo

You are losing control over some situation in your life. The dream signifies energy, passion, ambition, and a new path. There is an important message from your subconscious that you need to identify.

You should also take up some new roles in waking life and dedicate yourself seriously to your goals.

12. Dream about having bad tattoo

The bad tattoo in your dream is a sign of your primal attitude. It suggests that you will be successful in some situations related to your heart. 

You should also reflect on how you are currently feeling and how you are expressing it. You are ready to explore new things and have a lot to offer to the people around you. 

Additionally, you might find yourself reflecting on past experiences and past love. Perhaps this will trigger memories from the past.  

13. Dream about back tattoo

Dreaming of a back tattoo is a sign of a mysterious person in your life. You may occasionally feel dissatisfied with the people around you. It can be your friends or family. 

You may also seek security in love. If you want to improve the quality of your relationship, you might want to shake them up and try doing it a different way. 

If you are comparing yourself to others then take this dream as a sign to stop doing it. Everyone has a different story to tell. 

14. Dream about bird tattoo

The dream reflects your feelings about your marriage or relationship. Also, you need to give some space to your family. 

15. Dream about bear tattoo

You may receive some good news soon. Dreaming about a bear tattoo is a positive omen. 

The dream also symbolizes the obstacles you face in life as well as your goals that are stalled. It would be a good idea to re-evaluate your decisions and actions. 

In contrast, the dream is a symbol of success and joy. The dream reflects your creativity and desire for new learning and experiences. 

16. Dream about hand tattoo 

The dream about hand tattoos is a sign of rebirth and rejuvenation. It implies sacrifice in relationships and protection from loved ones. 

You have various options available to you in your dreams that will help you find your destination. But you have to be flexible and open to new possibilities as well. 

17. Dream about having face tattoo

Dreaming of the face represents a different aspect of the face that includes talking and expressions. The dream states that you need to express your emotions freely instead of bottling them up. 

The dream warns against comparing yourself with others in an unhealthy manner. As everyone’s journey is different, comparing them does not make sense. The goal should be to improve your skills and learn new things every day. 

18. Dream about star tattoo

The star tattoo is a sign of mercy, grace, love, and honesty. Dreaming about a star tattoo signifies the connection between you and others. You are exploring your subconscious mind. The dream suggests that, if you wish to achieve a goal, you must devise a strategy to accomplish it. 

19. Dream about tree tattoo

The tree tattoo in dreams reflects the monotonous routine you are stuck in. You need to add a little fun to your routine to make it more interesting while balancing your work. 

Additionally, the dream also tells about your personality. You are an adventurous, outspoken, and goal-oriented person. You can also use it to describe your emotional attachments and your enthusiasm for certain activities and hobbies.

Perhaps the dream is telling you to spend more time doing what you love. 

20. Dream about crow tattoo

You are looking for guidance in some areas of life. You should also reflect back on some childhood memories and traumas that are still unresolved and affecting your behavior and actions. Reflect back on your past experience and resolve them.

On the other hand, you may feel someone is taking advantage of you. Therefore, you should establish some boundaries to maintain your peace. 

21. Dream about ugly tattoo

You are watching something or being watched. Your dream warns you to be aware of your surroundings and be wary of the people you hang out with. 

The ugly tattoo is considered to be a spiritual dream that indicates that you are overwhelmed with life’s challenges, and you need to be more calm and focused in order to deal with them. 

22. Dream about fish tattoo

The dream about fish tattoos is a sign of spiritual enlightenment, ambition, goals, and profits.  It is also an indication of a new relationship. Perhaps you need to make some changes in your life and make it more interesting. 

23. Dream about lion tattoo

The lion in a dream is a sign of disillusionment. It represents your ability to overcome the negativity in life. 

A lion is a symbol of decision and criticism in your waking life. Probably, you are looking for acceptable ways to express your emotions. You have to be open to love and see the opportunities that are all around you.

24. Dream about skull tattoo

The Dream suggests longevity, stability, and tolerance. It is a harbinger of raw emotions and traumas that need to be resolved. Your dream is an expression of devotion, spiritual beliefs, and the sweet rewards of life.

It is also important to be more receptive to nature’s offerings and to welcome them with open arms. 

25. Dream about cross tattoo

The cross tattoo signifies your carefree nature, childhood, peace, and hope. Your dream implies that you should share your knowledge with others. You can grow and learn a variety of things from other people when you share your knowledge. 

If you have deep-seated emotions or feelings that need to be released or confronted, now is the time to do so. The inner conflict may prevent you from reaching your full potential and connecting with people effectively. 

26. Dream about tiger tattoo

It is a sign of accomplishments, success, and trustworthiness. The dream of a tiger tattoo represents instinctual nature. It points to your responsibilities and duties that require your attention and time. Decluttering your life will enable you to organize your work and be more productive. 

27. Dream about  heart tattoo

The heart tattoo in a dream signifies your connection with people around you. It implies that you are ready to make a new start in your life. The dream is trying to convince you about the changes that need to be swapped. 

Additionally, it highlights your giving qualities, and also it is a clue for emotional nurturance. Sometimes you may question your beliefs, but that is part of the learning process. 

28. Dream about snake tattoo

The snake in your dream signifies your adaptability in some situations of life. You may want to escape from some situation in life. Dreaming is telling you to take advantage of the resources that are available to you. 

You need to carefully plan to achieve your goals. Unexpected events may delay your achievement, but you must maintain a balance between each situation without pushing yourself too hard. 

29. Dream about large tattoo

If you dream about a large tattoo then it’s a sign of confidence and self-esteem. You are a well-grounded and rational thinker. The dream suggests success and achievement and your ability to adapt seamlessly to changing situations. 

In addition, the large tattoo in the dream represents celebration and happiness. You will probably struggle to reach your ambitions and desires. Stay hopeful and courageous through these challenges. 

30. Dream about tattoo fading

Fading tattoos may seem like a negative sign. However, the dream indicates the completion of some events in your life. The dream is trying to convey the message that you need to set your goals and make plans for them. 

Furthermore, the dream can be a sign of healing after the loss of a loved one. Try taking small steps and being kind to yourself. 

If you are trying to impress others then take this dream as a sign of being authentic. You will be rewarded for all your efforts and work. 

31. Dream about tattoo artist

The dream of seeing an artist in a dream signifies your desire of being in a relationship or get married. In addition, the dream also points towards your carefree nature and ignoring your responsibilities in waking life. 

Symbolizing creativity, exploration, and adventure. It also means that we are playing with someone’s emotions. Perhaps you should consider your actions. 

32. Dream about dragon tattoo 

The dragon tattoo in your dream is a sign of your sensuality, passion, and freedom. It represents that something interesting will happen in your love life. This is going to be fun and romantic that will bring waves of happiness to your life. 

If you are already in a romantic relationship then the dream means that you will go through some kind of changes in your relationship. 

When you see the dragon tattoo on your wrist in your dream, you are seeking recognition for your hard work and efforts. 

33. Dream of getting a tattoo and regretting 

To decode this dream you must record the emotions that you have experienced in the dream. Your dream is a sign of the transformations you’re making in your life to raise your living standard.  

Furthermore, this dream indicates that you will soon end a toxic relationship. Many people regret getting tattoos because when they got them they were a different person and immature, and as they grow up they think of them differently. 

34. Dream about spider tattoo

The spider tattoo in your dream is a sign of your high hopes, ideals, and insights. Probably, your ignorance and bad decisions are slowing down your growth. 

You need to draw your attention towards your inner strength and willpower to overcome the obstacles and get back on the track that is meant for you. However, you may have to do things you don’t want to do sometimes in order to learn from them. 

35. Dream about wolf tattoo

The wolf tattoo denotes a change in perspective and loyalty. If you’d like things to be different, then you need to change the way you live and perceive things. Having a sense of freedom may come naturally to you as you are ambitious. 

The wolf tattoo is evident of wholeness and expressing your love fully. You may find that your integrity is being questioned and you are overlooking a few aspects of your life. 

36. Dream about dolphin tattoo

The dolphin tattoo is a sign of the return of old or incomplete love. In addition, it describes something that is holding you back and something that you are rushing. Ask for support and guidance from the people you love and trust. 

It is also a sign that you have accomplished what you set out to do. And sometimes you may be tested in the pursuit of your goals and it is up to you how you handle such situations or overcome obstacles. 

37. Dream about tattoo removal 

If you dream of getting your tattoo removed then you may find yourself in a bad situation in your waking life. Also, you have a desire to accomplish a specific task or goal in life. 

 You may have to make tough decisions. This dream hints at your old habits and desires. You have a desire to gain back your old reputation and credibility. 

38. Dream about  tattoo designs

Dreaming of tattoo design is a sign of exploration of your subconscious mind. It denotes wisdom, magic, and awareness. You need to set clear deadlines to achieve particular tasks. 

39. Dream about mermaid tattoo

The mermaid in dreams symbolizes your ambition. It tells you that you are moving in the right direction and putting your energy into the right tasks. 

It is also imperative that you examine the details of your dream closely to discover the meaning. This dream may be trying to convey to you some higher form of message. You might discover something new. 

40. Dream about koi fish tattoo

You are an adaptable person, who can easily adjust to a changing environment. It also implies that you learn from your surroundings and navigate your way through life based on your observations and abilities.

41. Dream about tattoo bleeding 

You care about your present self and the dream is a sign of luxury and comfort. The dream points to resistance that you may face in achieving your goals and this may disbalance your life. 

42. Dream about unwanted tattoo

Did you feel the forceful emotions in dreams? The dream implies your personal desires. Your emotions are strong and this can be a sign that you are going through a development stage. 

If you are pressuring yourself about something then it is an indication to shrug off the burden.  If you are excited about starting a project, it may be an indication to do so.

43. Dream about infected by tattoo

Infected tattoos indicate that you need to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Refocus on the present and move on from the past.

44. Dream about removing a tattoo 

To remove a tattoo in a dream is a representation of an aspect of your personality. Your intentions are made known to people around you and the dream is a call for truth and justice. If there’s something that needs your attention, then you should consider taking care of it. 

45. Dream about scorpion tattoo

A family celebration or gathering will allow you to connect with your family and loved ones. You are likely to receive support and assistance from loved ones that will serve as a motivating force to accomplish the task or goal. 

46. Dream about elephants tattoo

The elephant tattoo implies your happiness and dissatisfaction in your life. 

In contrast, the dream suggests that you are progressing in life and are ready to start over. Your dream suggests clarity of thoughts and a sense of calm. 

47. Dream about wanting a tattoo

A desire to get a  tattoo in dreams indicates that you idolize someone in your waking life. 

There may also be times when you feel that life is simply passing you by. But on a positive note, you have someone you can rely on during tough times.

48. Dream about feather tattoo 

In your dreams, your subconscious is trying to tell you that you are undergoing some changes. Few changes may hamper your growth. If you feel that something is becoming a hindrance in achieving your goals or tasks, then consider removing them.

You will refresh your energy and allow you to receive more freely. 

49. Dream about a baby with tattoo

Babies indicate innocence, growth, and nurturance. Contrary to the meaning of babies, the dream about having a tattoo implies your desire to be liked and recognized by people around you.  However, you will be able to overcome your struggles and confront your issues by taking control of your emotions. 

Alternatively, you may have to pay a heavy price to fulfill your dream. The Dream reminds you to be more economical in your decisions and choices. 

50. Dream about butterfly tattoo

The dream symbolizes strength, protection, transformation, self-discovery, and stability. 

You need to appreciate those who have helped you achieve your goal in your dream. Butterfly dreams are indicative of repressed emotions or anger. Possibly you have suppressed emotions such as freedom or anger that need to be released. 

51. Dream about unfinished tattoo 

According to the dream scenario, you may feel a sense of incompleteness. Perhaps you have left a task unfinished in waking life.

Your dream points to your upcoming accomplishments and exciting adventures. The dream is a message telling you that you have the courage to face challenges head-on. 

52. Dream about angels wings tattoo

The dream indicates that your new self-esteem and confidence will help you to make important decisions in life. 

53. Dream about black heart tattoo

The black heart tattoo is the representation of light-heartedness and fun. It is a sign that you are in a good place in life. Furthermore, the dream suggests that you need to learn from your past experiences. 

54. Dream about tattoo disappearing

According to the dream plot it indicates gossip or calamity. In the near future, your entire perspective is going to change, and you may feel overwhelmed in certain situations.  It can be a signal for you to reorganize your life and make a new start. 

55. Dream about someone getting a tattoo 

The dream represents that you lack attention and sincerity in your waking life. Perhaps you are ignoring your inner voices and not putting in much effort. 

Dreams suggest that you need to regain control of your life and improve the quality of your life. 

You need to become more aware of your life. Pay attention to your work and personal relationships that are suffering due to your ignorance and casual behavior. You are overlooking some important details of life.  

Also, you should start working on yourself and enhance your skills so that you can achieve your goals. 

56. Dream about boyfriend getting tattoo

You should reward yourself for your hard work if you dream of your boyfriend getting a tattoo. This is a reflection of your old memories and feelings. You are idealistic, responsible, and a person of strong beliefs. 

57. Dream about husband getting tattoo

The dream plot indicates that you are about to undergo a transformation that will change your life forever. 

In addition, the dream is indicative of celebration, gifts, family, togetherness, and exchanging ideas. And if you think that you need to get rid of something from your life, then don’t be afraid to remove it for your growth. 

58. Dream about friend getting a tattoo

In a dream, seeing your friend getting a tattoo shows how you perceive others and your behavior. Perhaps the dream is telling you that you need to change something or learn something from your friend. 

As well, the dream could be a reflection of your distracted or overwhelmed mind due to day-to-day struggles. Connect the dots by paying attention to the small details and feelings associated with them. 

59. Dream about someone giving me a tattoo

Dreams represent spiritual transformation, telling you that you have to face your fears in order to grow and achieve your goals. This dream hints at laughter, friendship, and joy. 

60. Dream about getting a tattoo on hand

In your waking life, you are going to meet someone important. It could be a friend or someone you form a strong bond with.

The dream is a positive omen if you are going through a difficult time in your life and are looking for friends. There will be someone you can rely on for support or assistance. 

61. Dream of women with a tattoo

In your waking life, you are experiencing various changes. Having tattoos is permanent, and they signify that you are attending an event soon. It’s going to be a permanent change. 

In order to gain deeper insights into the dream, you must keep in mind the location of the tattoo. Women with tattoos on their legs represent change, while those on their arms represent a new beginning. And if seeing a woman covered up with tattoos means you will meet someone who wants to conceal things.  

62. Dream of a man with a tattoo 

Dreaming of a male tattoo artist is a sign that you are comfortable in your own personality. It denotes love and freedom. 

Supposedly, everything that appears in your dream reveals something about you. The location you saw the tattoo has some significance to it.

If you see a tattoo on a man’s leg then it means a new direction. If you see it on your neck or back, this indicates that things will work out positively. 

63. Dream about tattoo armband 

Dreaming of a tattoo armband signifies that you have wished too much and there is not enough time to complete all your wishes. This suggests that you should be more practical. 

Another interpretation of the dream is that something exceptional is about to occur. If you see a tattoo armband in dreams, you should pay attention to what you are focusing on or prioritizing in your life. 

64. Dream of black and grey tattooed

Black and grey tattoos indicate two different aspects of life. This also represents self-sacrifice and rebirth. 

65. Dream of covering up a tattoo 

Did you feel the need to cover your tattoo in your dreams? Your past represents your wishes and mistakes that you want to review and correct.

In any case, it is not possible to change the past; all we have is the present, and rather than focus on changing the past, we ought to make the present a good time. 

66. Dream of a DIY tattoo

The dream expresses your desire to stand out and express yourself. 

67. Dream of seeing tattoos all over the body 

Dreaming of tattoos all over your body signifies that your mind, body, and spirit are going to be transformed. Your personal growth is on the rise. 

68. What does it mean to dream of tattoo artist 

Dreaming of being a tattoo artist indicates you make unusual decisions in life. It indicates that you are obsessed with making changes to your life but you are not sure where to begin. 

69. Dreamcatcher tattoo meaning

Dream catchers are symbols of safety and protection. The tattoo is said to protect you from negative spirits and dreams.

If you see this tattoo in your dream, you are protected and guided. In general, dream catchers are considered positive, protecting you from bad dreams. 

70. Dream about rose tattoo 

In dreams, the rose tattoo represents love, beauty, timelessness, devotion, passion, and devotion.

This shows how much love you have for your family and when you need protection, you tend to deny it. You believe that you are tough enough to handle life’s problems. 

71. Dream about clock and rose tattoo

There are many things that a clock represents, but its main function is to keep track of time. Combined with roses, it represents eternal love. 

Dream about flower tattoos and their meaning

72. Flower tattoo dream meaning

The dream about flower tattoos is the representation of your feminine nature. You want to express yourself in a more positive way. 

73.  Dream about lotus tattoo

A Lotus tattoo in a dream is the sign of better understanding, knowledge, enlightenment, and life. 

74. Dream about cherry blossom tattoo

The cherry blossom tattoo stands for living life to its fullest. You are not immortal, so live a quality life and don’t waste time on trivial things. 

75. Dream about peony flower tattoo

The peony flower tattoo is the symbolism of beauty, wealth, and elegance. There is a common style of tattooing in Japan. 

76. Dream about orchid flower tattoo

The orchid flower symbolizes bravery, strength, fertility, and prosperity. 

Dream about Tattoos on different body parts and their meaning

77. Dream about a tattoo on head 

The tattoo on your head represents your hidden fears. It also implies that you have the potential for influencing other people, so you can take advantage of that to make things work in your favor. 

You may also stumble upon something new or creative if you continue to learn and observe things from your surroundings. 

78.  Dream about body tattoo

You are being careless in your waking hours and you may be angry with someone. This is a sign that you need to focus your energy on the right thing rather than on people. Your anger may be the result of setbacks you’ve experienced in life or something that worked against you.

The Dream signifies potential and energy that is waiting to be discovered.

79. Dream about tattoo on face 

Your goal is to express yourself and demonstrate your abilities to those around you. Using art or some other creative medium can help you to achieve this.

80. Dream about a tattoo on thigh

Are you a silent person? The dream is a hint of silence and an immensely strong personality that you carry. 

If you feel that you cannot achieve your goals, the dream tells you that it may take some time to reach your goals, but that you will be able to accomplish them. Occasionally, you may also feel that others are taking advantage of you. 

81. Dream about tattoo on leg 

The tattoo on your leg symbolizes your inner turmoil and your relationship with both your body and mind. The message tells you that you must handle some situations with extreme care in the future. This dream symbolizes grace, growth, regeneration, and agility. 

82. Dream about a tattoo on foot

The tattoo on your foot represents that you are living life to the fullest. This is a representation of your understanding, awareness, and ability. 

Perhaps you are dreaming of feet because you have decided to do something new or accomplished. In dreams, feet are symbolic of leadership, royalty, and pride. 

In contrast, the dream is a sign that there are relationship and commitment issues in your life, as well as people trying to intervene in your life and push you. Take one thing at a time rather than getting overwhelmed with numerous things. 

83. Dream about neck tattoo 

Your dream represents the spiritual lessons you have learned. Also, it indicates new ideas and relationships. You are also working toward your goals with full determination and agility.

84. Dream about tattoo on shoulder 

The tattoos on the shoulder are associated with power and strength. It is a sign that something is coming to the surface. Moreover, it reflects your mental state. Perhaps you need to refocus or get a broader perspective. 

In addition, you have so much to offer others but you must maintain balance in giving to others so that you don’t exhaust yourself. 

85. Dream about ankle tattoo

You need to have more clarity in some situations in life. Your love life has started to flourish again. The key is to have open communication. You can also try making the first move if you’re just starting out with a relationship.

 You may also have a constant flow of ideas, so now is the best time to put them into action and utilize your full potential. 

Your dream is also a symbol of your desire for freedom and adventure.

86.  Dream about getting a tattoo on your gums 

The dream means that you have serious competition at your workplace. 

87. Dream of getting a tattoo on your collarbone 

When you dream of getting a tattoo on your collarbone, you may do something bad or against your will. The type of tattoo also tells a lot about your behavior. You may try to hide things, but will not be able to succeed. 

88. Dream about a tattoo on forehead

Forehead tattoos in dreams are an indication of unusual aggression. Perhaps you are going through a hard time in your waking life and facing some obstacles. 

The dream suggests your words may have dual meanings. You may want to say something but it is perceived as something else. 

89. Dream about tattoo on stomach 

In general, seeing a tattoo on your stomach is a sign of feminine qualities that you need to acknowledge within yourself.

When you dream about getting a tattoo on your stomach, it means you are emotionally satisfied and content. This is a sign of spiritual healing and a new beginning. 

90. Dream about tattoo on neck 

The dream is representative of your opinion towards others. Alternatively, some people may judge you or have diverse opinions about you.

91. Dream about a tattoo on chest 

The tattoo on your chest in your dream represents how you feel about your past experiences. This dream may occur when you are thinking more about past or past relationships. 

You might be obsessed with something, and this could explain why you’re revisiting memories from the past. 

92. Dream about a tattoo on the butt 

The tattoo on your butt reveals a lot about your love life. Dream interpretation also depends on its context. It can also imply that you have a very dominant role in a relationship.

Biblical meaning of tattoo in a dream

The dream about tattoos implies that you have to make a commitment to your job, relationship, and livelihood. The meaning of tattoos in the Bible shows your life path, your faith, and your desire to serve God.

Perhaps it is the decoration of your god’s preservation and the appetite you have been given by your realm power.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret dream about tattoos

Dreams can easily be forgotten but dream with strong emotions and associations to something personal remain in your mind. The best way to gather all the information about your tattoo dreams is to ask some questions.

Here are some questions to help you interpret your dream about tattoos. 

  1. What type of tattoo did you see in your dreams?
  2. What was the color of the tattoo?
  3. Where did you get the tattoo?
  4. Do you remember any other person you saw in your dream? 
  5. Do you remember who had a tattoo in your dream? 
  6. Did you feel good or bad? Were the emotions or pain similar to the past or the present?

Closing Thoughts

Dreaming about tattoos may have different meanings depending on the situation. You may dream about tattoos if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo and you’re researching the designs. Likewise, if you’re dreaming about tattoos for no apparent reason, it holds some significance. 

People’s tattoos reveal a great deal about their personalities. In the same way, the type of tattoo you see in your dream says a lot about your personal life and various aspects of it.

Now that you have a complete guide for interpreting your dreams about tattoos, you can interpret your dreams with ease.