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Dream of a Mermaid – 45 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream of a Mermaid – 45 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Jun 20, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream of a Mermaid – 45 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream of a mermaid can spark an instant curiosity within you, and may also make you question: Do mermaids actually exist?

Well, though I cannot help you with the right answer to this question, I can definitely tell you what message the dream about mermaids delivers about your waking life!

Yes, mermaid dreams can predict a lot about your current life. That is why I am here with different types of mermaid dreams and their interpretations.

So, without further ado, let’s dig right in!

Dream of a Mermaid – 45 Types & Their Interpretations
Dream of a Mermaid – 45 Types & Their Interpretations

Mermaid Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

Dream of a mermaid can suggest the flow of your life, love, friendship, and even natural calamities. 

Envisioning a half fish and half maiden not just intrigues you as a dreamer, but it also carries an essential message about your waking life.

The message could be about the flow of your life, talking about what all things are happening currently in your life, and what should be your approach towards the incidents. The dream can unveil different aspects of your nature, love life, and relationships.

So, let’s go ahead and figure out what your dream of a mermaid has to say about you…

1. The flow of your life

Mermaids are the sea creatures that mesmerize and lure sailors or the fishermen with their song and beauty. They want them to come and visit their world while diving and swimming alongside.

Hence, in the conscious state, it is a signal for you to understand and trust your journey. Whatever direction you are in is right and you just have to keep walking.

There may be obstructions in this journey but move with confidence and face whatever comes forth.

2. Duality

Mermaids are the blend of two creatures, half-human and half fish. They possess the upper body of a human and the lower body is that of a fish. Mermaids may look good or sweet, but the other side of their personality is vicious.

This is a symbolic representation of the human dual side.

We as humans have both within us: the dark and the light. It’s in your hands to pick one. So, this dream is a signal for the dreamer to realize what their current situation is.

3. Love

Mermaids are the true representation of love and beauty. They have this alluring physical appearance that can hypnotize you. You will be naturally dragged towards them.

In waking life also, this dream hints at a person who may attract you unnaturally. 

4. Danger

It is believed that mermaids are the reason for natural calamities like storms or floods. When a mermaid is seen, it signifies the advent of such havoc.

Mermaids also have the tendency to distract people which often resulted in fatal accidents. Dreaming of a mermaid can be an omen of such possible dangers.

Your life may get temporarily devastated but that can leave a permanent mark on you.

5. Hidden hazards

Mermaids are the reflection of beauty and hazard. But what you encounter first is their physical appearance and get distracted. In the conscious state, such action is quite normal.

We often tend to get attracted by the physical beauty that we do not bother about the upcoming hazard. People might not be what they show you.

They simply put up a mask and hide their intentions under pretentious behavior.

Dream of a Mermaid – 45 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of a mermaid in the sea symbolizes heartbreak and betrayal. Similarly, the dream of killing a mermaid indicates revengeful thoughts.

To know what your dream of a mermaid predicts about your life, you must go through these dream interpretations.

1. Dream of mermaid in the sea

Dreaming of mermaids in the sea is a sign of betrayal. You will be backstabbed by the people you trust the most. Your close ones will take a decision against you.

The dream is a warning to be careful. You can take a test of the person, whom you don’t trust, to check if they are trustworthy and honest.

2. Dream of mermaid in a pond

Dreaming of a mermaid in the pond is a bad sign. You believe in people very easily. But you need to choose very carefully about whom to trust, as everyone is not trustworthy.

You need to be careful before meeting new people, as they may hurt you with fake promises.

3. Dream of killing a mermaid

Even though mermaids are the least harmful creatures, dreaming of killing a mermaid shows a desire for revenge. You want to hurt the person who was the cause of your hurt and doesn’t want to forgive him/her.

You are getting memories from the past that you do not wish to remember and those are making you upset. The dream hints at you to move on from the past and try to begin afresh.

4. Dream of an ugly mermaid

Mermaids are always shown with pretty and beautiful faces, with perfect and toned bodies. So, dreaming of an ugly mermaid is a sign of danger.

It indicates that you are facing some problems in recent days, which is bothering you very much. You should take some time off and decide on what you want to continue with.

5. Dream of a mermaid singing

Mermaids are often shown to have very luring voices, which everyone loves and falls for. Dreaming of a mermaid singing denotes that someone near to you is overpowering you.

You are very innocent and people are taking advantage of you. Especially the ones who you believe to be your friends are manipulating you to complete their work.

6. Dream of a dead mermaid

Mermaids are not considered to be real but just imaginary characters. And dreaming of mermaids dying is a symbol that you are facing a lot of problems in your life.

You want to get rid of the things bothering you but you are not able to. There will be many problems coming in your way of achieving success.

You may not be able to identify them as problems but they will eventually destroy your future.

7. Dream of a mermaid in a river

Dreaming of a mermaid in a river, especially with muddy water, can be a bad omen. It means that someone close to your heart will harm you. It shows that some unwanted occurrences are about to begin in your life.

You can face financial crises or problems in your personal life. You have to be very careful as people you trust the most can defame you.

8. Dream of a mermaid stuck

Dreaming of mermaids getting stuck in nets is a sign of discomfort and getting trapped. You are confused about your feelings. You want to do something but cannot make up your mind on how to initiate it.

You are disturbed due to some thoughts but you are scared to express it because of the fear of getting judged. This is the sign that asks you to express your feelings and release the burden from your shoulder.

9. Dream of seeing a mermaid

Dream of seeing a mermaid indicates that you want to hide something from everyone. You are scared of everyone’s reaction after knowing your secret or you are shy to reveal your secret.

You are reserved and hesitant to reveal your sexuality and sexual relations. The dream reveals your curiosity to know and explore new things.

10. Dream of a mermaid luring you into the water

Dreaming of a mermaid luring you into the water is a suggestion that you should proudly accept your sexuality in front of everyone, without the fear of getting judged.

You must be confident and not let others’ opinions overpower you. You may lack confidence and feel unattractive but eventually, you’ll overcome it.

11. Dreaming of being a mermaid

Dreaming of being a mermaid signifies that you do not like to waste time, you wish to approach an issue directly. You cannot sugar-coat your words and speak without a filter. People might think you are selfish.

The dream is a warning you to be careful about your behavior. You need to be more polite to everyone and stop throwing tantrums.

12. Dream of someone being a mermaid

Dreaming of someone else being a mermaid can be a sign of a secret desire you have for them. You might like the person and want to spend some quality time with them, but are scared to ask them out.

The dream hints at you to be self-confident and hopeful. You should ask the person out without hesitation.

13. Dreams of turning into a mermaid

Mermaids are always considered to be beautiful and gorgeous. They have a toned body, fair skin tone, long shiny hairs, and attractive fish tails of different colors.

Dreaming of turning into a mermaid shows your desire to become more attractive and desirable. You crave more attention and want people to call you beautiful.

14. Dream of hearing a mermaid’s song

Mermaids are mostly imaginary characters. Dreaming of a mermaid’s song often shows your evil nature. You are in the mood to destroy something or someone.

You are angry at someone and want to take revenge. And in the process, you are on a path to destroying yourself.

15. Dream of mermaid dancing

Dreaming of mermaid dancing is a good omen. It indicates you will soon receive some good news. You will prosper in your life and your life will be full of happiness.

You must be confident and work hard to fulfill your dreams. And soon you will be able to succeed in life.

16. Dream of nice mermaid

Dreaming of a nice mermaid is again a good sign; it symbolizes happiness. You will soon be blessed with good fortune and all your dreams will come true. You should be honest and hard working.

You will obtain unexpected gains in your professional life. You may get a bonus or gain a huge profit in your business.

17. Dream of an evil mermaid

Dreaming of a mermaid who seemed to be evil is a bad omen. It indicates that you are covered with people who are not faithful enough. Your partner may cheat on you with someone else.

You may experience problems in your professional life due to the friends planning against you in your office. Your family members can also take a decision against you.

18. Dream of brushing a mermaid’s hair

Dreaming of brushing a mermaid’s hair indicates that you are running from some responsibility.

Your family or your senior in your office would like to hand over some responsibility to you but you are scared that you will not be able to fulfill your responsibility

But the dream is a hint to take the responsibilities as you need to learn. There may be mistakes but you will become confident slowly.

19. Dream of kissing a mermaid

Dreaming of kissing a mermaid is a sign of positivity. It indicates that you will soon get some good news and you will be very happy in the near future.

It also signifies that you are sexually attracted to someone. But the dream hints to you to be careful as the person may not be as good at heart as they portray themselves.

20. Dream of dying mermaid

Dreaming of a dying mermaid is a sign of negativity. It denotes that you should be very careful as you have trusted people who are toxic. They are only with you because of their own benefit.

The dream suggests you try and know their actual agenda so that you can be aware beforehand. And you can avoid being cheated.

21. Dream of talking to a mermaid

Dreaming of talking to a mermaid is a sign that you are worried about your future. You are tense and do not know how to face your problems.

You should think less about the problems but more about the solutions.

And you need to keep your eyes open as you can get ideas from anywhere and everywhere about how to solve your problem. You will soon be able to find the right path so don’t lose patience.

22. Dream of swimming with a mermaid

Even though seeing a mermaid swimming is a soothing view, dreaming of swimming with a mermaid is not a good sign. It indicates you are engaged in some bad company which can mislead you and bring complications in your life.

You are involved in a relationship that you feel is not right for you. In matters like love, you should always follow your heart, as it will always show you the right path.

23. Dream of a trapped mermaid

Dreaming of a trapped mermaid is a sign of negativity. It implies your overconfident behavior. You feel yourself to be superior to others. You do not take help from others as you feel you are enough to complete the task.

But overconfidence is the end of the way to success. You should treat others with love and respect.

24. Dream of cohabiting with a mermaid

Making new friends is always good, but you must know their intentions. Dreaming of cohabiting with a mermaid is a sign of harm on your way. You might get trapped with people of bad habits and bad intentions.

You must be careful before making new friends, as they can come out to be snakes who can bite you after their work is accomplished.

25. Dream of a friendly mermaid

Dreaming of a friendly mermaid is a sign of good luck. You are soon going to experience success in your professional life. You may get a promotion or a new job. You can also earn a huge profit in business.

You will have a lot of happiness in the near future. Your loved ones will be with you and celebrate your wealth and success. 

26. Dream of someone you know as a mermaid

Dreaming of someone you know as a mermaid indicates your personal or hidden desires. You want to experience and explore new things but are not able to. You are scared of the outcome.

Get serious about life. And rather than playing around the bush, you need to decide on what you want to learn and continue with in the future.

27. Dream about a baby mermaid

Dreaming about a baby mermaid is a positive sign. It symbolizes your aim and ambition. You are very serious about your goals and want to achieve great success in life.

You are ready to learn from your mistakes and also work hard. You are a very good-mannered person. Be patient and you will win over arguments and also win in different aspects of life.

28. Dream about a mermaid statue

Dreaming about a mermaid statue is a good omen. It symbolizes independence and autonomy. You need to learn from the past so that you do not repeat the same mistake again. But you must let go of your past.

Create new memories and new friends. You have to overcome your past in order to conquer your future. You will soon get through your emotional barriers.

29. Dream of several mermaids

Mermaids are a symbol of femininity as they are mostly shown as feminine bodies. Dreaming about several mermaids denotes that there is a woman who is very important in your life. And you cannot imagine your life without them.

This can be someone from your family, like paternal or maternal grandmother, mother or younger or older sister. Or they can also be your best friend or childhood friend.

30. Dreaming of a mermaid swimming

Dreaming about a mermaid swimming is a positive omen. It signifies the arrival of good times in your life.

You should finally venture into new projects that have been put on hold for a long period of time. You will achieve success as you are having a lucky period.

This is also the perfect time for making investments and you will be getting high returns and soon be financially stable.

31. Dream of a mermaid on land

Mermaids are a kind of fish so they ought to stay in water. As they may face problems in the land, dreaming about mermaids in land also signifies that you are going to face problems in your life.

Even though these problems might not be very big ones, you must learn from them. Further, you need to make efforts to solve these problems to experience a smooth journey.

32. Dream of nice and kind mermaid

Dreaming about a kind mermaid is a sign of positivity. It denotes you are a kind-hearted person and do not want to hurt people easily. You are polite and gentle with people.

The dream also indicates good luck that you are going to experience soon. You might gain unexpected things like money, a house, or love in the near future.

33. Dream of mermaid attacking you

Dreaming about a mermaid attacking you is a sign of negativity. You might have problems in your professional or personal life. And due to these problems, you will experience major drawbacks and setbacks.

You will have to work hard to put things back on the right track. Ups and downs will be there, but you need to be strong and overcome the problems.

34. Dream of mermaid trying to drown you

Dreaming about a mermaid trying to drown you is a sign of negativity inside you. You are jealous of someone because of their wealth or beauty or success. You do not want them to succeed in life.

The dream can also denote a fight that you are already having with someone. It might be close ones like your family or friends. It can be your office colleague too.

35. Dream of mermaid man

Seeing a mermaid is a very rare sight. Dreaming about a mermaid man symbolizes your lustful nature. You are having strong sexual desire for someone but your desire remains unfulfilled. It also expresses pride and energy.

It also suggests you reveal your masculine side without fearing people’s views. You should open up and not feel reserved because of your gender identification.

36. Dream of black mermaid

Dreaming about a black mermaid is an indication of honor and status. You are a strong person. You are knowledgeable and know your priorities.

You are sorted and know how to manage things even in a limited time. You are ready to experience new dimensions of life as you are looking for a new outlook on life. You are trying to forget some things from your past.

37. Dream of giant mermaid

Dreaming about a giant mermaid is a sign of danger. You have taken too much pressure which can deteriorate your body health. You need to relax for some time and take less stress or work pressure.

You are facing some problems in life but you are not sharing them with anyone as you do not want to bother them. The dream hints you to share it with someone close as you will feel light.

38. Dream of white mermaid

Dreaming of a white mermaid symbolizes peace and pleasure. You must feel happy with the things and opportunities you are getting. You should appreciate the efforts of other people.

You are a short-tempered person but the dream suggests you keep calm and work hard. You are dependent on other people for completing your duties. You need to be self-confident and independent.

39. Dream of mermaid tattoo

Dreaming of a mermaid tattoo is a sign of your effort and prosperity. You are ready to reveal your sides, which were unknown to everyone to date.

You might face problems in your love life, but give time and everything will soon be alright.

You are learning to handle the attention and the spotlight. You have strong control of your emotions. You are an introvert but you must try and approach people and make new connections.

40. Dream of little mermaid

Dreaming of a little mermaid indicates your lack of self-confidence. You feel you are incapable of taking responsibility and avoid it. You need to develop confidence and eventually, you will reach great heights and achieve success.

There will be obstacles in your life but you are going to overcome them with your determination. You are disobeying people and refusing to take suggestions from people who want you to be successful.

41. Dream of a mermaid movie

Dreaming of a mermaid movie is a sign of a positive omen in your life. You feel very happy and cheerful. You are experiencing great satisfaction in your personal and professional life.

The dream also means that you are tense because of someone else’s problem. You will get better options in your life soon. You must try new things and take up new projects to discover your potential.

42. Dream of helping a mermaid

Dreaming of helping a mermaid predicts your helpful nature. You like to think about others and try to help them beyond expectation. You are a very affectionate person and not able to see one’s pain.

The dream shows your relationship with your close ones, like your friends and family members. You like to be loyal to the person you have committed. You must accept criticism and act on it to make your life more perfect.

43. Dream of fighting a mermaid

Dreaming of fighting with a mermaid indicates your growing emotional problems. You want to have emotional peace but face a lot of problems in life.

You are a spiritual person and are developing trust issues with people you believed the most.

You need to be calm and try to develop a poor relationship with your friends and family. You must give more importance to your family than work.

44. Dream of a beautiful mermaid

Dreaming of a beautiful mermaid is a sign of upcoming romance in your life. Even though you are afraid to confront your love or feelings for the one, you are deeply in love with them.

You want to work hard in order to succeed in life. For that, you must follow your heart. You need to cut strings with people who have a tendency to use you and backstab you.

45. Dream of a mermaid by a woman

Dreaming of a mermaid by a woman denotes her desire to take some time off. She may be stressed with work and wants to spend some leisure time alone or with her loved one.

She wishes to plan a trip to the sea where she can enjoy the cold water under the dark blue sky. The dream can also mean that the woman has a flirtatious nature.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming of a mermaid

The spiritual meaning of the mermaid dream suggests how beautiful things can be the most dangerous.

Mermaids according to the mythology are believed to be the most beautiful and dangerous creatures.

They used to enchant the sailors and the fishermen and caused life-threatening situations. Due to this, some of them have also lost their lives.

This dream signifies human lust and desires. Sometimes we cannot hold back ourselves from getting attracted to certain happenings.

Biblical meaning of dreaming a mermaid

According to the Biblical interpretation of the dream, mermaids are the representation of sexual arousal and attraction.

Mermaids enchant humans with their beauty and seductive actions. That is the same as what the Bible has to say about mermaids.

Mermaids represent the sexual aspect of your personality in your dream. They imply attraction and sensuality.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret mermaid dreams correctly

Dreaming of mermaids can signify both good and evil. They are considered as one of the most beautiful as well as vicious creatures.

So, to know what is the real interpretation of your dream, you need to first know what you have seen… in detail. Below are some questions that can help you do that.

1. What was the size of the mermaid?

2. Was it alive or dead?

3. What were you doing in the encounter?

4. Were you the mermaid?

5. What was the gender of the mermaid?

6. Were they alone or in a group?

7. What action were they involved in?

8. Did they attack you or somehow helped you?

9. Did you attack them or helped them somehow?

10. What was the color of the mermaid?

A word from ThePleasantDream

All that glitters is not gold. True that!

You would be surprised to know that mermaids which are normally considered beautiful creatures, can actually denote some vicious aspects in your life when they appear in your dream.

But nothing to worry about! Dreams and their interpretations are just to guide you in your waking life, to save you from the worst, and help you deliver your best.

So, there is no reason to take the warnings too seriously and lose hope. Instead, think and act positively to reap positive outcomes.

And in case your mermaid dream was suggestive of a positive omen, congratulations! Feel grateful and preserve this gift of destiny, and keep up with your good deeds!

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