Dream of a mermaid can suggest the flow of your life, love, friendship, and even natural calamities. It can spark an instant curiosity within you, and may also make you question.

Dream of a Mermaid – Various Types & Their Interpretations
Dream of a Mermaid – Various Types & Their Interpretations

General Dream Interpretations of Mermaid

Let’s go ahead and figure out what your dream of a mermaid has to say about you…

The flow of your life – It is a signal for you to understand and trust your journey. Whatever direction you are in is right and you just have to keep walking.

Duality – Mermaids may look good or sweet, but the other side of their personality is vicious. This is a symbolic representation of the human dual side.

Love – Mermaids are the true representation of love and beauty. In waking life also, this dream hints at a person who may attract you unnaturally. 

Danger – It is believed that mermaids are the reason for natural calamities like storms or floods. When a mermaid is seen, it signifies the advent of such havoc.

Hidden hazards – Mermaids are the reflection of beauty and hazard. We often tend to get attracted by the physical beauty that we do not bother about the upcoming hazard.

Dream of a Mermaid – Various Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of a mermaid in the sea symbolizes heartbreak and betrayal. Similarly, the dream of killing a mermaid indicates revengeful thoughts.

To know what your dream of a mermaid predicts about your life, you must go through these dream interpretations.

Dream of mermaid in the sea

Dreaming of mermaids in the sea is a sign of betrayal. You will be backstabbed by the people you trust the most. Your close ones will take a decision against you.

The dream is a warning to be careful. You can take a test of the person, whom you don’t trust, to check if they are trustworthy and honest.

Dream of mermaid in a pond

Dreaming of a mermaid in the pond is a bad sign. You believe in people very easily. But you need to choose very carefully about whom to trust, as everyone is not trustworthy.

You need to be careful before meeting new people, as they may hurt you with fake promises.

Dream of killing a mermaid

Even though mermaids are the least harmful creatures, dreaming of killing a mermaid shows a desire for revenge. You want to hurt the person who was the cause of your hurt and doesn’t want to forgive him/her.

An ugly mermaid

Mermaids are always shown with pretty and beautiful faces, with perfect and toned bodies. So, dreaming of an ugly mermaid is a sign of danger.

Mermaid singing

Mermaids are often shown to have very luring voices, which everyone loves and falls for. Dreaming of a mermaid singing denotes that someone near to you is overpowering you.

A dead mermaid

Mermaids are not considered to be real but just imaginary characters. And dreaming of mermaids dying is a symbol that you are facing a lot of problems in your life.

A mermaid in a river

Dreaming of a mermaid in a river, especially with muddy water, can be a bad omen. It means that someone close to your heart will harm you.

It shows that some unwanted occurrences are about to begin in your life.

Being a mermaid

It signifies that you do not like to waste time, you wish to approach an issue directly. You cannot sugar-coat your words and speak without a filter. People might think you are selfish.

Mermaid dancing

It is a good omen. It indicates you will soon receive some good news. You will prosper in your life and your life will be full of happiness.

An evil mermaid

It is a bad omen. It indicates that you are covered with people who are not faithful enough. Your partner may cheat on you with someone else.

Kissing a mermaid

Dreaming of kissing a mermaid is a sign of positivity. It indicates that you will soon get some good news and you will be very happy in the near future.

A trapped mermaid

It is a sign of negativity. It implies your overconfident behavior. You feel yourself to be superior to others. You do not take help from others as you feel you are enough to complete the task.

A friendly mermaid

It is a sign of good luck. You are soon going to experience success in your professional life. You may get a promotion or a new job.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming of a Mermaid

The spiritual meaning of the mermaid dream suggests how beautiful things can be the most dangerous.

Mermaids according to the mythology are believed to be the most beautiful and dangerous creatures.

This dream signifies human lust and desires. Sometimes we cannot hold back ourselves from getting attracted to certain happenings.

A word from ThePleasantDream

All that glitters is not gold. True that!

You would be surprised to know that mermaids which are normally considered beautiful creatures, can actually denote some vicious aspects in your life when they appear in your dream.

But nothing to worry about! Dreams and their interpretations are just to guide you in your waking life, to save you from the worst, and help you deliver your best.

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