What Do Dreams of Chicken Symbolize?

It symbolizes material well being in the near future.


It usually indicates good self control.

Dream of fried chicken

New beginnings are in the pipeline.

Dreaming of a white chicken

The divine powers are protecting you spiritually. 

Dream of black chicken

Expect discord in their personal and professional lives. 

Dream of fighting chicken

The person is lonely and is feeling emotionally drained.

Lonely chicken in dream

You are cared and loved by many people.

Flying chicken dream

Your resources will always be overflowing.

Dream of flock of hen

You are being neglected in real life. 

Stealing a chicken in dream

Chicken dream symbolism is pretty complex and could mean different things in the waking life. It all depends on the other factors like the environment in your dreams, your current situation, among a lot more. Therefore it is important to explicitly remember every detail of your dream.