If you see an owl in dreams, they want to deliver important messages that you failed to notice in your waking life.

They were considered a bad omen in ancient times. But modern dream analysts have interpreted it as a symbol of wisdom, rebirth, and shadow. 

Due to its nocturnal nature, they represent the moon and guide you through the darkness. So, let’s know what your dreams imply.

Owl in Dreams - 52 Types of Dreams Explained
Owl in Dreams – Various Types of Dreams Explained

Why Do You See Owl in Dreams?

When owls fly into your dreams, they usually bring urgent messages about your waking life like these…

  • Your owl spirit animal is maybe playing the role of a messenger and trying to guide you or warn you for future events or threats.
  • Sometimes, the owl represents a deceased closed one who appears in the dream in the form of a spirit animal.
  • If the owl in dreams pecks your eyes, it implies that it is a wake-up call and you need to be insightful to ensure well-being. 

Important Owl Dreams based on Activity, Whereabout, Health, and Appearance

The most important parts of your owl dreams can be revealed if you notice the details about the owl’s physical appearance, actions, and surroundings. 

Owl Dreams with Various Actions Involving themselves only or other living beings

If the owl is minding its business and doesn’t pay attention to you, that conveys different things. So, if you see… 

  • Owl Screaming: The scream foretells the pain that you will feel when your or loved ones’ misfortune strikes. 
  • Hooting owl: It means you are desperately in need of something or some person during a difficult time in your life.
  • Owls killing each other: You need to make a choice where one path would completely end your old personality and its pain. Or, it means that you can solve problems with sheer willpower. 
  • Flying Owl: It symbolizes new milestones and successes in your long-term goals soon. The dream motivates you to work harder and target higher. It also urges you to celebrate and be kind and you’ll be respected and trusted.
  • Owl preying on a small animal: It highlights your vulnerabilities and flaws are being manipulated by someone else. Or, these fears are controlling you and hindering you from reaching your true potential.

Owl at Various Places 

If the owl isn’t busy doing anything in your dreams, notice where it’s at. For instance, if you see the owl…

  • In a tree: It signifies wisdom, intuition, and a point of stability in your life, where you can implement plans without any barriers. You’ll be blessed with a pleasant meeting, a lucky charm, or a financial fortune soon.
  • In water: The dream wards off evil and allows you to focus on your bearings. It also highlights harmony, awakening of desires, and balancing between life choices.
  • In your house: It is a warning that wealth or money will be the cause of your destruction. Or, your family will face something difficult or negative. Or, you might disagree with your family members about important family decisions.
  • Landing on your bed: It shows that you trust your common sense. Or, it hints towards your need for love and care. If there are multiple owls in the dream, great opportunities or choices will be available for your weekend romance.

Scenarios where Owl gets Hurt

If you or someone else tries to hurt the owl in dreams, that also has various messages. For instance, a dream vision of…

  • Catching or hunting an owl: It is a good omen if you don’t let anyone invade your personal space. However, this distance can become a barrier when you need to confide in someone. 
  • Someone killing an Owl: It means someone will severely damage your reputation or personal life due to your or others’ unrealistic expectations. So, you need to work with caution for a while.
  • Almost killing Owls in your car: It means that you are dodging one or more confrontations but you will soon face it. Positively, it implies you’ll be assigned for a leadership role and have lots of responsibilities.

Already Hurt Owl Dream Meaning

Sometimes, in dreams, you may not know who hurt the owl but it’s condition doesn’t seem great. These also have different messages like these…

  • A Dead Owl: It indicates that you will soon avert an accident. Or, you’ll lose hope about a loved one’s medical issues. However, hope and faith will be resurrected.
  • An Injured owl: It shows that there are trying times ahead for you and you feel hopeless. Or, you’ll be worried for yourself or close ones due to financial or other sorts of issues. 

Various Owl Species 

There are about 250 species of owls but very few make their appearances in human dreams. So, the meaning of dreaming of a…

  • Barn Owl: It signifies that you are ignoring your instincts which has led to an opportunity under your nose to go in vain. It tries to help you progress towards your goals.  
  • Burrowing Owl: You must focus on your close ones because someone is probably hiding something important from you. 
  • Great Horned Owl: It predicts a joyous occasion and end of the financial crisis. But you must share what you have with others. 
  • Long-Eared Owl: It predicts secrets or mysteries will be disclosed. You must also prepare yourself to face notable changes in life as you are now set on a rough ride.
  • Screech Owl: People might be deceiving you by showing only a fraction of truth, so focus on the entire picture.
  • Short-Eared Owl: It represents you should have the patience to evaluate your choices and make a wise and thoughtful decision. 
  • Snowy Owl: You spirit guides and angels are around you. The Owl might even share a message from them with you. Don’t worry if you can’t comprehend the message.

Owls with Various Feather and Eye Colors

Owls come in all shades of feathers and eye colors right from, black, white to even purple or golden and each color of owl has its own interpretation. So, if the owl in your dream has…

  • White feathers: You’ll get pleasure, happy moments, surprises, and pleasant moments. But, if it’s a white barn owl, it predicts a new peaceful relationship with mutual trust and love.
  • Black feathers: It symbolizes your current inner transformation. However, a black barn owl is representative of the attainment of goals.
  • Brown feathers: You are missing purpose in life and that you need to find what you really want from life.
  • Grey feathers: You will soon face the consequences of your deeds.
  • Red feathers: It is indicative of anger and/or affection.
  • Golden feathers: You will be sufficient in the times to come.
  • Purple feathers: It is a symbol of extravagant wealth and nobility.
  • Yellow eyes: This is symbolic of friendship, companionship, and pity.
  • Green eyes: It depicts you are seeking independence.  

Other Common Owl Dreams 

On the other hand, you may not notice or remember the intricate details of the dream like above. In that case, notice if any of these common scenarios played out…

Dream of seeing an owl

This dream signifies true knowledge and raw awareness of your unconscious mind, especially during tough times. 

It can also hint towards possible future danger or difficulties coming your way in life. 

Holding an Owl in your hands

The dream indicates the incoming pain, injuries, or accidents in your life or your close ones’ life. It is a sign of grave urgency of being aware.

You have to constantly stay in touch with family and friends, plan your days better, and be careful every step of the way.

Baby Owls

It is indicative of your careless decisions without much thought about the consequences in your life. This is a warning to reconsider your decisions.  

The dream also symbolizes a new development in some aspect of your life relating to soul, psychic, rebirth, or even creativity.

Dreams about Angry Owl

It can mean that there’s a lot of rage hidden inside you or that there might be consequences in the future that will outrage you.

Sometimes, this can also be your subconscious mind indicating the anger of your friends or enemies, which can lead to conflicts or fights. 

Silent Owl

It is a good sign, stating that your own secrets are safe while also the secrets of others with you are well kept.

This also indicates the cautiousness of keeping a secret as one moves to a fresh start in life. Or, your mind is in the right direction, with peace and patience. 

Staring at an Owl

The dream means that someone in your waking life treats you poorly. It is suggestive of verbal abuse or any other kind of abuse that puts you in a very uncomfortable situation.  

Owl’s feathers

It means that you are being empowered with spiritual potential. Your mind unconsciously tries to connect to your spirit in true form. They are also believed to signify humbleness and intuition.

Seeing Owl without feathers

The dream brings forth your anxiety and disturbance due to stress in your work life or due to problems in your relationships

A word from ThePleasantDream

Remember, dream symbols of owls share urgent messages about your waking life. However, you must keep your mind open to hear them all. 

So, try to enlist the most details about your dream in a journal to get the right message. After that, make sure you work towards your goal consistently.

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