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Did you see an Owl in Dreams? – 52 Types of Dreams Explained

Did you see an Owl in Dreams? – 52 Types of Dreams Explained

Updated on Feb 08, 2023 | Published on Oct 28, 2020

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Owl in Dreams - 52 Types of Dreams Explained

If you are here, reading this, I am sure you have seen an owl in dreams. Owls often appear in our dreams to deliver important messages that we otherwise fail to notice in our waking life.

Owls are fantastic creatures with brilliant properties that can be interpreted in different ways, both good and bad. While in ancient times, owls were considered a bad omen, modern dream analysts have interpreted it as a symbol of wisdom, rebirth, and shadow. 

Let’s dive deep to help you decipher this mysterious creature in your dreams:

Owl in Dreams - 52 Types of Dreams Explained
Owl in Dreams – 52 Types of Dreams Explained

Owl Dream Meaning – General Interpretation

When owls fly into your dreams, your owl spirit animal is maybe playing the role of a messenger and trying to guide you for future events or warn you against threats that you must pay attention to.

When the nocturnal bird in your dream is pecking your eyes out, it implies that it is a wake-up call and you need to be insightful to ensure well-being. In several dream interpretations, the owl represented a deceased closed one who appears in the dream in the form of a spirit animal.

However, the interpretations differ depending on the species or even colour of owls. Infact, symbolization may also vary depending on what the owl is doing in your dreams. To prevent you from any sort of confusion, we have interpreted all the situations exclusively.  

So, let’s first begin with,

Owl in Dream – Specific Species

There are about 225 species of owls but very few make their appearances in human dreams. Sometimes, humans also fail to reckon or remember the original species of the owl. They just remember some specific features or color which prevents them from understanding the core message of the dream.

However, I have still discussed interpretations of some commonly appearing species of owls in dreams.     

1. Barn Owl in Dream

When you have a dream of a Barn Owl, it signifies that you are ignoring your instincts or the inner voice, which has led to an opportunity under your nose to go in vain. Additionally, Barn Owl’s dream is a messenger of progress towards your goals.  

2. Barred Owl in Dream

If a Barred Owl appears in your dream, it suggests that you are about to board on a boat that will lead to a new direction bringing you closer to your purpose in life.

Hence, you must explore the new opportunities waiting for you out there and make a pick which will help you direct all your thoughts and actions.

3. Burrowing Owl in your Dream

When a Burrowing Owl makes a way to your dream, you are required to focus on your close ones, because there are chances that someone is hiding something from you that you must know. Thus, you should take the time to scoop out in order to find out what it is.

4. Great Horned Owl in your Dream

When this bird of prey presents itself in your dream, it exhibits the coming of a joyous occasion that calls for letting go of scarcity. You must share what you have with others, to make room for abundance. 

5. Long-Eared Owl in Dream

When a Long-Eared Owl announces itself in your dream, it predicts a transformation in your perceptual ability. For instance, something that you understood to be the truth is now just a deception.

This calls for secrets or mysteries to be disclosed. You must also prepare yourself to face notable changes in life as you are now set on a rough ride.

6. Screech Owl in Dream

When the Screech Owl appears in your dream, it is a message that you must start reading in between the lines; people might be deceiving you by showing what they want you to see by presenting only a fraction of truth or by completely lying.

Thus, you must take your own time to be sure of the entire picture.

7. Short-Eared Owl in Dream

If a Short-Eared Owl makes a way to your dream, it is a representative of your wisdom, which you have been overlooking. You should have the patience to evaluate the choices open to you and make a wise and thoughtful decision. 

8. Snowy Owl in your Dream

If a Snowy Owl appears in your dream, it is indicating a reminder that you are always surrounded by spirit guides and angels.

If the Owl delivers any message to you, it implies direct communication with them. Even if you are unable to comprehend the message, you must not worry as the soul hears even the untold.

Now that we have discussed the species, let’s quickly understand what the different owl colors represent. 

Different Colored Owls in Dreams

Owls come in all shades of colors from, black, grey, white to even purple or golden.  But each color of owl in your dreams has its own interpretation. Let’s quickly read through some of the common ones

9. White Owl in Dream

A white owl in dreams is considered to bring along pleasure, happy moments, surprises, and pleasant moments. However, dreaming of a white barn owl is indicative of a new peaceful relationship. You will be experiencing pure joy in this intimate relationship due to mutual trust and love.

10. Black owl in Dream

Dreaming of black owl symbolizes the inner transformation you are going through. Usually, a black owl is accompanied by red eyes which means that you must take measures to rectify a mistake. However, a black barn owl is representative of the attainment of goals.

11. Brown Owl in Dreams

People who see a brown owl in dreams are likely to feel practical and disciplined. Apart from that, dreaming of a brown owl may indicate that you are missing purpose in life and that you need to find what you really want from life.

12. Grey Owl in Dreams

If you spot a grey owl in your dreams, you need to gear up. You will soon face the consequences of your deeds.

13. Red Owl in Dreams

Red as a color only reflects both angst and love. So Red owl in dreams is indicative of anger and/or affection.

14. Golden Owl in Dreams

Dreaming of a golden owl indicates that you will be sufficient in the times to come.

15. Purple Owl in Dreams

Purple Owl is a symbol of extravagant wealth and nobility.

Not only body color but also the eye color of an owl plays a significant role in determining its role in your life. This is because of their keen vision that is very rarely found in birds.

16. Owl with yellow eyes in dreams

An owl with yellow eyes in dreams is symbolic of friendship, companionship, and pity.

17. Owl with green eyes in Dreams

If you visualize an owl with green eyes in your dreams, it means that you are seeking independence.  

After some basic understanding about species and colors, here are some other situations along with their interpretations.

Owl Dream Meaning as Per Situation

18. What does it mean to dream of seeing an owl?

Considering that an owl is a symbol of wisdom, having a dream of an owl signifies true knowledge in your life. It also puts forward the raw awareness of your unconscious mind, especially during tough times. Owls also act as a warning sign sometimes.

Seeing an owl swooping down in your dream can also hint towards possible future danger or difficulties coming your way in life. Seeing an owl in your dream is a thin balance, between what is and what can be. 

The balance of positive and negative outcomes is both important when trying to figure out what the dream means.

19. What does it mean to dream of an owl speaking?

It is actually very rare for owls to speak, as their silent nature is important for them to catch their prey. This rare scene in your dream has an owl symbol stating that you are probably about to reveal someone’s secret.

We all keep secrets, our own, and of others. However, at times we unintentionally or purposely reveal these secrets during the day. Dreaming of a speaking owl dream is also expected to hint you about the immediate future.

Infact, this gives you an idea about where you might be and what time, when the grand reveal happens.

20. What does it mean to dream of an owl flying overhead

If an owl flew in your dream, it means that you are trying to escape some danger or have just escaped some sort of grave danger.

This means that the danger is not over, with enemies or problems still hovering over you. This dream is also symbolic of tales to tell where your close escape might lead to some dreadful results.

21. What does it mean to dream of an Owl Screaming?

A screaming owl in your dreams symbolizes a call of death or troubles. The scream foretells the pain that you will feel when misfortune strikes. It is also significant of an unhappy time for your close ones.

However, if the owl is hooting, it means you are desperately in need of something or some person. The owl hoot is your unconscious mind looking for some hope, possibly during a difficult time in your life.

22. What does it mean to dream of an Owl in a tree?

Dreams, where owls are found on a tree, signifies wisdom and intuition. It shows a point of stability in your life, where you can implement plans without any barriers. Your wisdom will bring fruit over time and there is hope for your plan to succeed.

The tree shows blessings while the owl portrays the warmth, which can hint towards a pleasant meeting, a lucky charm, or a financial fortune soon.

23. What does it mean to dream of an Owl and Eagle fighting?

Oftentimes people also dream of an owl and eagle fighting. This is suggestive of the blessings you are set to receive, especially from high bearings. It also means that you are adaptable and adventurous, not backing down at times of trouble.

The fight is also symbolic of Native Americans believing in the great recognition that comes with victory, especially when fighting a worthy opponent.

24. What does it mean to dream of a dead Owl?

Dreaming of a dead owl indicates that you will soon avoid or avert an accident on your way. A dead owl always signifies possible negativity that will soon impact your life or is also indicative of the medical issues that would stir up in your family.

It could also hint at a future where you might lose hope, face crushed spirit and have efforts go to waste. However, the fact that you are seeing an owl always means that there is a deeper meaning. The hope of resurrection and faith after a possible bad time remains strong after your dream.

25. What does it mean to dream of an Owl Attacking?

This dream is indicative of a major transition in your life and sometimes even represents the passive feeling of being bashed or attacked. Considering that most owls rarely attack, this dream signifies the dire need for you to protect yourself and be careful about your endeavours. 

An attacking owl shows a treat that might counter your power and effort, yet it also proves that you are aware of the problem. With awareness, comes the strength to deal with the issue and look towards a transformation in life. The problem might be an unexpected knock on the door, but this dream allows you to be prepared.

26. What does it mean to dream of an Owl in your house?

A dream where the owl is in your house is a warning. A warning that wealth or money will be the cause of destruction for you. It can also be indicative of something difficult or negative coming your family’s way.

At times, it can also mean that you might face conflicts or disagreements with your family members, especially about important decisions that will impact everyone in the house. You have to be open to listening to your family members and their opinion to avoid any trouble

27. What does it mean to dream of an Owl biting you?

Dreaming of an owl biting you is an alarm that someone is trying to occupy your personal space. The Owl bite signifies the entry of an external party in your life, something which isn’t welcomed.

The alarming nature of the dream suggests you be protective of your conversations and to be prepared for obstacles in achieving your goal.

28. What does it mean to dream of an Owl’s feathers?

If you dream of an owl’s feathers, it means that you are being empowered with spiritual potential. The feathers show angelic quality, where your mind is unconsciously trying to connect to your spirit in true form. They are also believed to signify humbleness and intuition.

29. What does it mean to dream of Catching or hunting an owl?

People dream of catching an owl while it’s trying to fly. This is usually indicative of the walls that you have built-in your relations. It is a good omen to those who have ensured no one has invaded their personal space.

However, these walls can be critical when you have to face consequences or confide in your friends. The dream shows your desire for freedom, for positivity, and for letting go.

30. What does it mean to dream of an Owl in water?

Dreaming of an owl in water is a symbol of good luck. The dream wards off evil and allows you to focus on your bearings. The water also highlights harmony and awakening of desires, where you are balancing well between inherited life choices.

31. What does it mean to dream about an injured owl?

The dream portrays a phase in your life when your spirits are ‘injured’ or broken. It shows that there are trying times ahead for you, where you might be unable to find hope and be a wounded knight.

It also shows worry, for oneself or for close relations, due to financial or other sorts of issues. If the dream shows how the owl is injured, that can shed some light as to what you can expect in your life. This injury can be short-term or long-term, hence it needs to be dealt with utmost care and attention.

32. What does it mean to dream about Owls killing each other?

The dream denotes a divergence or crossroads in your life. This means that you probably have a choice to make, where one path would mean the complete end of the person who you were before making a decision.

Moreover, it also signifies the pain and power that comes while making a change in life. On a different note, it could also mean that you are capable of finding problems in life and solving them, via a strong resolve and sheer willpower. A battle in the dream portrays war in reality.

33. What does it mean to dream about someone killing an Owl?

An owl being killed in the dream could mean the suffocation of your ideas and goals in reality. It can mean there is someone who is going to cause severe damage to your reputation or personal life. In personal life, friends and family might both get impacted, with maybe unrealistic expectations of yours or those around you.

This dream can act as a quick re-run into reality for you, where you not only ask the right questions but also find the right answers. A little caution would not harm you, especially after having this dream.

34. What does it mean to dream about flying as an Owl?

A flight is significant of you being capable of navigating through life on your own. It means that you are managing things well, taking wise decisions, and handling confusion in a well-sought manner. It also means that you are observant of your surroundings, a rare trait that can take you a long way.

Flying as an owl is also often considered as a direct symbol of being able to find the straight route to the destination, in spite of all the problems on the way.

35. What does it mean to dream about an Owl preying on a mouse?

This dream indicates a risky or compromising situation. It shows how your well-guarded secrets can soon be out of the hatch due to mistakes committed by others. The dream makes one wonder who to trust and who to question.

It also implies that you might soon have to do damage control, as there’ a high chance of breach of trust. It can also mean that someone can use your secrets against you for their own selfish reasons, which would be very unexpected and surprising for you.

36. What does it mean to dream about Owls landing on your bed?

A dream involving your own bed makes you confident in your own comfort zone. An owl landing in your own bed shows that you trust yourself and your common sense. It also hints towards the need for love and cares in your life. With hopeful flirtation and romantic getaways in the future, this dream implies positive signs of joy and happiness.

Moreover, if there are multiple owls surrounding your bed, it could amplify the meaning of the dream, a wonderful bowl of opportunities or choices available for your weekend romance.

37. What does it mean to dream about an Owl without feathers?

This dream signifies the active role of increasing stress in your life. An owl loses feathers when it is stressed out, thus reflecting the same on the dreamer’s life. When you are under a lot of stress, your mind has its own way of pointing it out.

The dream can bring forth your anxiety and disturbance due to stress in your work life or due to problems in your relationships. You should mentally prepare yourself to handle the stress and ensure you don’t succumb to it.

38. What does it mean to dream of an Owl staring at you?

Whenever we have someone stare at us for a prolonged time period, it makes one feel uncomfortable. Now, with a strong and riveting creature like an owl staring at you in the dream, it portrays the same feeling of discomfort and awkwardness.

It is a possible showcase of real-life problems, where one can have spats with a professional colleague or a friend. A situation like a brawl, a fight, or a risky investment, which makes one stand on their toes can often lead to such dreams.

39. What does it mean to dream of a silent Owl?

Dreaming of a silent owl is symbolic of the mysteries of life, the deep secrets and the honest truth. It is a good sign, stating that your own secrets are safe while also the secrets of others with you are well kept.

A non-hooting owl also indicates the cautiousness of keeping a secret as one moves to a fresh start in life. Infact, a silent owl highlights that your mind is in the right direction, with peace and patience. The journey of life cannot be completed without observance, an important trait of a silent owl.

40. What does it mean to dream of a flying Owl?

Observing a flying owl is symbolic of new milestones and successes in your life. Soaring on new heights with control can allow you to achieve your long-term goals soon. The dream is motivating, for you to work harder and target higher since it is a positive omen.

With happiness, a flying owl urges a sense of celebration and kindness in you, a feeling of joy that comes with personal or professional gains in life. This dream will bring respect and trust in your life, where you will find people counting on you.

41. What does it mean to dream about killing an Owl?

The dream symbolizes raw strength and your capability to fight back. It is entirely possible that in real life you are being burdened by your superiors or being wrongly controlled by a senior authority. However, this dream ensures that you have the energy to fight off the negativity and emerge strongly in such trying times.

The killing shows victory, where you succeed after a long struggle, significant of a troublesome work environment or family disagreements. A good sign indeed, it proves that you have the vigor to face difficulties headstrong in life.

42. What does it mean to dream about almost killing Owls in your car?

A locked space like a car signifies a bad omen, where you are trying to avoid a confrontation with someone. It means that you are dodging and you will soon have to face the devil.

Moreover, multiple owls can also mean that you have multiple stakeholders and confrontations lined up in the near future. This can also mean that you are being prepared for a leadership role, with propositions and responsibilities in the bag.

43. What does it mean to dream about trying to kill an Owl?

When you are trying to kill an owl, it shows that you might be putting a lot of effort in solving a problem but your actions are going all in vain. It shows that you are constantly trying to fight a losing battle unless you decide to change your strategy.

The dream can be asking you to find better options to help you find a solution. It can also mean that your obstacle might be tough to cross but it has an endgame and you just need to keep trying.

44. What does it mean to dream about an Owl flying around and circling its prey?

This signifies your mental capability to be cautious and alert while looking for any logical dangers in a plan. It proves your quick thinking and swift speed when it comes to taking decisions or dodging risks.

The circling represents the time and efforts you take in ensuring your plan is safe, eliminating risks, and avoiding any fallouts over the course of time. The prey is the end goal or the motive in your real life, which might be high risk but is sure to generate a high reward.  

45. What does it mean to dream about an Owl preying on a small animal?

This dream is often considered a negative omen. It highlights your vulnerabilities and flaws, which are being manipulated by someone else in real life. It often means that these fears are controlling you and hindering you from reaching your true potential.

The dream shows that in recent times, these vulnerabilities are impacting you more than usual, creating unfavorable situations for you. What it also means is, with time, these fears will get harder to fight and the created situations might become permanent.

46. What does it mean to dream about holding an Owl in your hands?

The dream indicates the incoming of pain, injuries, or accidents in your life. It is a bad sign, hinting at the negativity in your life or in the lives of those close to you. This dream brings forward the urgency of being aware and alert, the exact wisdom and owl signifies.

The only way to survive is to be united, strong, and knowledgeable. This means you have to constantly stay in touch with family and friends, plan your days better, and be careful every step of the way.

47. What does it mean to dream about Owls turning into humans?

This dream is similar to finding a true form of friendship. It signifies that you will soon find a fellow human to trust, to confide in, and to find an honest relationship with. It shows how you can shine as a caring person, grow to be a better version of yourself while also nurturing those around you.

At the same time, this dream might also mean the arrival of someone from your past. This comeback will bring guidance and light into your life.

48. What does it mean to dream about Baby Owls?

Dreams about baby owls usually are a reflection of our own personality. It is indicative of careless decisions that we make without thinking about the consequences it will have on our own future life. They are also a warning for the dreamer to reconsider their decisions.  

It can symbolize a new development in some aspect of your life relating soul, psychic, rebirth, or even creativity.

49. What does it mean to dream about an Angry Owl?

A dream is often a reflection of your true emotions. An angry owl in your dream amplifies your true emotion, which is currently anger. It can mean that there’s a lot of rage hidden inside you or that there might be consequences in the future that will outrage you.

Sometimes, this can also be your subconscious mind indicating the anger of your friends or enemies, which can lead to conflicts or fights. If you have experienced this dream, it is better you stay clear of any arguments or debates.

50. What does it mean to dream about Staring at an Owl?

If in your dream, you are staring at an owl, it means that someone in your waking life treats you poorly. It can be anyone, your colleagues, seniors or even your domestic help.

Dreams of you staring at an owl is suggestive of verbal abuse or any other kind of abuse that puts you in a very uncomfortable situation.  

51. What does it mean to dream about Owls Fighting Each other?

A dream of one owl fighting with another signifies your own inner conflict at heart. This could mean that there is something that is making you confused and you must soon make a decision. The fight also shows resistance, where your confusion is creating barriers in your mind.

Sometimes, it means that you have to look beyond the present and change your attitude, in order to end the fight i.e. the conflict. Once either of the owls die, it means you finally made your decision on the basis of your skillset.

52. What does it mean to dream about killing an owl with a vehicle?

This symbolizes your attempt to ignore or successfully sort a brewing argument. It means that people around you might get into a debate or there might be an angry discussion in the books, but you will be able to navigate away from all that negativity and focus on your work easily.

Killing a single owl could mean that you are in control and there might be someone specific that you need to be careful with. The vehicle represents your mind, which has to stay adamant and cannot get side-tracked during an argument or verbal spat.

Owls can represent multiple things. From being a symbol of death to verbal abuse to even your wellbeing. However, the actual interpretation of your dream can be best evaluated when you combine all the details.

To help you enlist the details, here are some

Questions to ask yourself when you see an owl in dreams

1. What species was the owl in my dream?

2. What color was the owl in my dream?

3. What was it doing?

4. How do I feel after waking up from the dream?

5. Are there any areas in my personal life that need more knowledge?

Or any other thing that you explicitly remember from the dream.

Remember, dream symbols tell you a lot of things only if you keep your mind open to hear them all.

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