The peaceful sleep after a long and tiring day at work is rarely uneventful. This is because the human mind never sleeps. Even as you shut your eyes and surrender yourself to the land of nords, the mind works on capturing your dreams. The dream of chicken is not an uncommon motif. Many people dream about this domestic bird. But each dream can have a different interpretation. 

The important thing to remember when you dream of chicken or anything else is the details. The more you are able to recollect the details, the easier it will be to understand the meaning of the chicken dream. So if you dream of chicken try to remember the nuances like what was the bird or birds doing, were they calm or agitated. Sometimes people also dream of chicken meat or killing the bird or even just hearing the chicken clucking. 

Dreams come in many forms and hence have multiple interpretations, some of these differing across cultures. Dreams about chicken also mean many things. In the article that follows, we try to understand these meanings, interpretations and possible associations. 

Dream about Chicken and Their Meanings
Dream of Chicken and Their Meanings

Chicken Dream Meaning

When one dreams about chicken, it could mean different things, often depending on how the chicken looked. But there are still a few generic characteristics of the bird that impact the interpretation in waking life. Let us take a look at some of these traits:

  1. The chicken is a domesticated bird. Hence chicken dreams could often be linked to community and social welfare. 
  2. This bird is usually found in flocks and often appears well fed. So chicken in your dreams may be linked to wealth and prosperity.
  3. The domesticated chicken rarely fights or harasses its owners. This characteristic leads to one interpretation where chicken in your dreams could indicate cowardice.
  4. The domestic chicken is largely bred for its eggs so some interpretations also link chicken dreams to female fertility and reproductive ability. 
  5. The dream of clucking of chicken in flocks could be an indication to be aware of those who gossip about you.

However, these are all extremely generic meanings. The actual interpretation depends on a series of factors like:

  1. The condition of the chicken or chickens in your dream. Were they skinny or well fed. 
  2. The color of the bird-some people often see white or black chickens in their dreams. 
  3. What was the bird doing in your dreams?
  4. Did you eat chicken?
  5. How did you treat the bird-were you feeding chicken, killing it, being chased by it or just observing it. 
  6. Did you see a flock or a stray bird and where did you see it? 

These are just some of the many factors that you will need to take into consideration while understanding the chicken dream’s meaning. 

Biblical meaning of chicken in a dream

The chicken or hen is considered an important bird in the Bible. This bird was on Noah’s Ark. It is known to symbolize love, peace and justice. The biblical meaning associates chicken dreams to prosperity and familial bonds.

For instance, people who have been experiencing a stagnation in their personal life can take chicken dreams as a sign of some positive changes underway. However, one needs to pay close attention to their close friends and family members for these changes to happen. 

Spiritual meaning of chicken in a dream

Chicken in general is considered to represent the creative side of our personality. It’s spiritual symbolism encourages individuals to express their opinion, listen to their inner voice and trust their intuition. Also, given the domesticated nature of this bird, the dream suggests that one should be more involved with his or her community. 

When do you dream about chickens?

The dreams are meant to be signals of how our life is expected to unfold. Therefore what we see in our dreams has a huge impact on the choices that we make. Chicken appears in our dreams usually when we are facing social issues.

However, the dual nature of these birds means that they can even appear when you have a certain guilt in your conscience or are headed towards major issues in your financial situation. 

Different types of chicken in your dreams

The chicken in dreams is known to appear in many forms. Each form has a specific interpretation and should be interpreted accordingly. Here is a look at the different types of birds that one is likely to see in their dreams.

  1. The domesticated chicken or hen

This is one of the most common images of the bird that can appear in dreams. 

  1. The wild chicken

Unlike the domesticated chicken, the wild one is stronger. 

  1. The rooster

The male chicken is often referred to as the roaster. Seeing a rooster in your dreams can have a very different meaning. 

Rooster in your dreams

Unlike the harmless and friendly hen (female chicken), roosters are stronger. If you are seeing a rooster in your dreams, it could mean that you need to step up and face your fears.

In terms of your personality, seeing a rooster indicates that you need to rely on a more aggressive approach. Rooster dreams often appear when people tend to hold their voice or hide their opinions for a very long time. 

What does chicken mean in a dream?

The symbolism of chicken in dreams can be interpreted to mean different things. At the core chicken dreams symbolize the arrival of a change – positive or negative. Here is a look of chicken dream meaning in different cultures:

Chicken dream – Chinese culture

Chinese astrology says a lot of good things about chicken in dreams – most of which are primarily positive and linked to welfare. For instance, seeing a flock of chicken or healthy, well fed chicken means you are headed towards good luck and fortune.

The bird also symbolizes the start of new life and healthy interpersonal relationships. Some of the negative interpretations are linked to dreaming about a cock fight which means the possibility of family feud or black chicken which could indicate interpersonal discord. 

Chicken dream – French culture

The French interpretations of chicken in dreams are linked to the bird’s domesticated nature. Since chicken does not fly, the French believe, its appearance in the dreams could mean a plane journey is on the cards. 

Chicken dream – Islamic culture

The Islamic culture associates the dream of cutting a hen to intimate relationships with women. Some interpretations also link chicken to silly but attractive girls. 

Chicken dream – Psychological interpretation

Eminent psychologist Sigmund Freud links the image of the chicken to rejection in romantic relationships and disregard for reproductive functions of the body. 

Chicken dream : English culture

The English link chicken to misfortune. The bird appearing in the dreams is often viewed as an indicator of adversity in life. 

Chicken Dreams – Types and interpretations

Like we said, the interpretation of the dream depends on the details that the individual recollects. You are likely to see the chicken in various conditions -each leading to a different interpretation.

In this section, we take a look at different types of situations in which chickens can appear in your dreams and their related interpretations.

1. Dream of eating chicken

If you dream about eating chicken or cooked chicken meat, it symbolizes material well being in the near future. This dream is a sign that good news is on the way, the individual will experience a positive change, emotional well being. So, if you are dreaming about eating a chicken, relax, it means nice things are coming your way. 

2. Dream of fried chicken

Fried chicken, the tempting dish is also a common occurrence in your dreams. When you dream of fried chicken, it usually indicates good self control. You are conscious of your ability and are able to take informed decisions on the personal and professional front.

However, a word of caution, sometimes fried chicken in dreams could also indicate questioning your self worth. In such cases, the individuals need to ease up a little and take life as it comes. Again, this depends on the situation in which the fried chicken appeared in your dreams. 

3. Dream of raw chicken

Raw chicken in your dreams means that you are going to give in to something that has been bothering you for a long time. This could be a long pending question that you have been avoiding. Irrespective of the walls that you put up, raw chicken in your dreams indicates you are ready to take the problem head on. 

4. Dreaming of a white chicken

White chicken is considered a sign of prosperity. If they appear in dreams, it means new beginnings are in the pipeline. If you dream about a flock of white chickens, it is even luckier. 

5. Dream about dead chickens

Chickens are associated with family so dreaming about dead chicken could mean the loss of a loved one. If you witness the death of your pet chicken due to an illness, it means business deals will not work and misfortune will be at your doors. 

6. Dream of black chicken

If you dream of a black chicken, it means that the divine powers are protecting you spiritually. The black chicken is one of the most common ingredients in tantric or hoodoo practices because they are said to protect an individual against evil.

It usually appears in the dream if the individual has been facing hard times. The black hen indicates that help is on the way. 

7. Dream of fighting chicken

People who see chickens fighting in their dreams should expect discord in their personal and professional lives. This dream is not a good sign. Someone you know is likely to pick up a fight so you need to put your guard up and be prepared. It simply means that you are likely to be upset. 

8. Being chased by chicken

Some cultures believe that dreaming about being chased by a chicken is an indicator of good fortune. However, many consider this dream to be an omen as it indicates separation from a loved one.

It means that you are running away from confronting a situation in your personal or professional life. It could also mean that your sentimental needs are not being addressed and you need help. 

9. Lonely chicken dream

Such dreams indicate that the person is lonely and is feeling emotionally drained. But this interpretation will again depend on the situation that the chicken is in. 

10. Killing chicken

There are many interpretations of this dream. Sometimes, killing a chicken in your dream could mean that you are tired of being controlled or manipulated and are now willing to break free. It could also mean an end of good things in life. 

11. Chicken pecking at door

If you dream about a chicken pecking at your door, it means that you are about to end something and new beginnings are on the way. 

12. Chicken Chased by dog 

Chickens being chased by dogs in your dream means that you are likely to encounter some misfortune in the near future. If the chicken is being plucked by the animal, it means someone will ask you for money. 

13. Flying chicken

If you witness chickens flying in your dream it indicates that you are cared and loved by many people. 

Chicken flying is a positive sign because it indicates love and care of the people around you. However, sometimes this love may make you feel suffocated.

14. Chicken being attacked

Dreaming about the chicken being attacked in the dream is a harbinger of misfortune. This could most likely mean that you are headed for big losses. 

15. Flock of hen

A flock indicates plentiness or abundance. Therefore, dreaming about a flock means that your resources will always be overflowing. 

16. Chicken with chicks

The chicken with chicks dream means that you may be headed towards the family way. It indicates love and familial bonds. 

17. Speckled chicken

This dream means that you need to be alert. Someone around you is pretending to be weak and seeking your help. However, this is just a pretext, his or her ulterior motive is to cause harm to you. 

18. Buying a chicken

If you dream of buying a chicken from a store or a farm, it hints at the possibility of a financial opportunity showing up at your door. This opportunity is likely to bring the much needed financial stability in the life of the individual. 

19. Stealing a chicken

This could mean that you are being neglected in real life. This dream could be a bad sign. After all, stealing is a negative trait and an individual reveals his or her dark side only when they feel ignored. In some interpretations, stealing a chicken also means that you need to work very hard. 

20. Hen laying eggs

Witnessing a hen or chicken laying eggs in your dream is looked at as an indicator of new beginnings and good news. Even seeing chicken eggs in your dream is considered to be a good sign. 

21. Chicken dream for women

While most of the interpretations for chicken dreams apply to both men and women in the same way. There are a few instances where they differ.

For instance, if a childless woman dreams of a chicken, it means that a long awaited pregnancy could be in store. It could also mean a long-awaited meeting with a close friend or member of the family is expected to pay a visit some time soon. 

22. Sleeping with a chicken in dream

If you dream of sleeping with a chicken, its an indication that you are likely to receive guests soon. Yes! Get ready you are going to have visitors. In such dreams, it is important to remember the number of chickens that you saw, their behavior and any other details.

For instance, the number of chickens could indicate the number of guests. The behavior of the chickens could hint at the trouble or joy the guests may cause. 

23. Chicken clawing

In your dream, if the chicken keeps clawing at other chickens, it hints at the possibility of anxiety within the family. Pay attention to the members, someone could be silently suffering. 

24. Commotion within the coop

Dreaming of commotion in the chicken coop is a warning. It hints at the possibility of unrest or trouble in the family. 

25. Happy coop

If a person dreams of a happy coop of chickens enjoying themselves, it means the individual as well as the family is blessed with health and well being. 

26. Chicken and chicken

Say you have an important day coming up and you end up dreaming of chickens with a chicken. This means that problems and difficulties are on your way in the new endeavor that you intend to undertake. Do not give up. Instead, work your way with the challenges. 

27. Chicken bite chicken

The aggressive behavior of chicken in your dreams is a warning of the possible trouble. Pay attention to the details in the dream and you may just get a hint of the type of problem to expect. 

28. Chicken gets dirty

If you dream of a white chicken getting dirty in your dreams, it means that you should expect trouble and disruption in the near future. Try to remember how dirty the chicken was and it will indicate how deep in trouble you are likely to be. 

29. Chicken fed

If you dream of feeding a chicken or are trying to feed it in your dream, it means that you will be able to provide assistance to a loved one, some time soon. 

30. Chicken in lap

If a chicken comes and sits on the table or your lap, proactively, it means good things are on the way. 

31. Chicks hatch

Witnessing chicks hatching in your dream indicates that the children in your family need more love and attention. 

32. Chicken nesting

The chicken building a nest in your dream is a sign that you are now ready for commitment. Marriage or parenthood is likely to be on the cards. Some variations of this dream could be witnessing a chicken building a nest, chicken nursing the chicks or just warming the eggs. 

33. Chopping chicken

Chopping the bird to pieces is not a good sign even in your dreams. Such dreams are considered to be a harbinger of bad luck. 

34. Coloured chicken

If you see a dark coloured chicken in your dreams, it means that something bad is likely to happen. There are separate interpretations for the black chicken and a few other colours. We have elaborated on them, earlier in this article.

However, if the chicken in your dreams is a murky color, it is a sign of negativity and deceit coming from people around you. 

35. Chicken attacking you

Did you dream of the chicken attacking you? If yes, it means that someone is trying to interrupt your plans. They want to harm you and ensure that you are not able to realize your dreams. 

36. Chicken on a farm

Dreaming of a chicken on a farm may not sound awkward. After all, it is the bird’s natural habitat. But the interpretation of this dream is not good. It means that you may encounter danger in the near future. So, beware!

37. Caged chicken

A chicken in a cage in your dreams hints at the possibility of financial turmoil for the individual. 

38. Chicken drumstick

Such dreams indicate that the individual has a shaky foundation in life. He or she will most likely be struggling to make simple decisions. 

39. Chicken as a gift

If you dream of gifting a chicken, it is a sign that you will be capable of offering a roof and protection to someone in need. 

40. Dead hen

The dream of a dead hen indicates that your partner may be involved in an accident in the near future. 

41. Dead chicken

The dream of a dead chicken indicates that a long pending problem will finally be resolved. However, if the dead chicken comes back to life, it means the problem can come back to haunt you. 

42. Wounded chicken

A hurt chicken in your dreams means that something is bothering you. It indicates that you are hurt. Talking to loved ones and family members proves to be extremely helpful during such times. 

43. Headless chicken

If you dream about a headless chicken running around, it indicates that you are trying to solve a problem without careful consideration of the situation. 

44. Many dead chicken

If you dream of multiple dead chickens, get ready to welcome many unwanted guests in your house. 

45. Body parts of chicken

Many people dream about body parts of a chicken. Each part has a different meaning. For instance, seeing the feathers means that you should expect bad news, seeing the head means you will get bad news sooner than expected, seeing the wings means that you will overcome problems. 

46. Dead white chicken

A dead white chicken in your dreams indicates the end of all tranquility in life. The white chicken is a symbol of peace and prosperity. Therefore, death means that problematic times are ahead. 

47. Egg shells

If you dream of broken egg shells in your dreams, it is a sign that you are feeling emotionally fragile. 

48. Chicken crossing your path

If a chicken crosses your path in your dream, you need to step back in life. Take some time to dig deeper and figure out what is bothering you. 

49. Talking chicken

Was the chicken in your dreams talking? Sounds surprising but it is possible. Such dreams indicate that you are holding back on emotions. Take a break because you need to let loose. 

50. Eating live chicken

The dream of eating a live chicken again is an indicator of the individual undergoing emotional turmoil. 

How to interpret the dreams correctly?

The interpretation of any dream relies on the details that you can recollect. Most of us barely remember our dreams. But these details are the breadcrumbs that can be followed to reveal the bigger story hidden in your dreams. So, if you have the details handy, here is what you can do to ensure that the interpretation is accurate: 

1. The World Wide Web

These days there is rarely a topic that the internet does not speak about. You can also rely on the articles like these available on the internet to interpret your dreams. 

2. Talk

Sometimes talking to friends and family can also help. You never know someone in your inner circle may have seen the same dream and interpreted it based on the situations. If you speak to such people, you can surely get some guidance. 

3. Professional help

There are professionals who specialize in interpreting dreams. They can guide you on various tips and tricks that can help in understanding your dreams. 

4. Record

Sometimes a dream may not come all at once. You may get the hints in bits and pieces. A good idea to interpret such dreams is to record each detail. This way when you sit to interpret the dream, you will not miss out on any instance.

Thanks to technology, you can record all details on one of the smart devices that you own. Else, just opt for the age old technique of maintaining a dream diary. 

5. The holistic picture

While interpreting the dream, remember to view the holistic picture. Try to look for the meaning of each and every element. 

Remember at the end of the day, a dream is just a means of communication. Being a good listener by focusing on the details will help you decode the message accurately. 

Questions to ask when you see a chicken in your dreams

Here are some quick questions that can point you towards the correct interpretation when you have chicken dreams. 

1. What was the chicken doing in your dreams?

A basic question, this is the first step toward understanding your dreams. 

2. Did you see one bird or many birds?

If possible try to recollect the number of birds that you saw in your dream. 

3. Where did you see the chicken?

In your dreams, did you see the chicken or chickens in a farm or in your yard? It could be an unfamiliar place. 

4. What was the chicken doing in your dreams?

In most interpretations, chicken is a symbolic representation of the individual. Therefore, what the bird is doing in your dreams, holds the clue to what may happen to you. 

5. What were you doing?

Sometimes you see yourself in your dreams. This is quite peculiar hence it is important to ask what you were doing in the dreams. It could lead to a situation that you are facing in your current life. 

6. What did you feel?

When you wake up after the dream, what were the feelings that you experienced? Was it anger, happiness or something else? This answer is a very important step that can help decode the meaning of the dream. 

7. Were the chickens aggressive?

If the bird is aggressive in your dreams, it could indicate a feud is coming your way. Again, you will need to recollect as many details as possible about the other elements in your dream. 

8. What was the color of the chicken?

The common hen/chicken/rooster is seen in a limited color palette. But that does not restrict the possibility of your dreams. Hence, it is important to recollect the colour of the chicken that you see in your dreams. 

Chicken Dream: Associated Feelings

Seeing a chicken in your dream could mean many things. Such dreams are likely to trigger feelings like : 

  1. Anxiety
  2. Excitement
  3. Happiness
  4. Stress
  5. Anger 
  6. Guilt
  7. Fear

These feelings are associated with the various situations that one undergoes in their day to day life. 

Parting Thoughts

Some call the dreams a way to reach the subconscious mind while others call it a reflection of reality. Either ways, dreams are mysterious and interesting at the same time. The harmless chicken can lead to some really interesting interpretations in your dreams. But the idea is not to scare you. Instead, you should be aware and try to interpret these dreams as accurately as possible. 

Chicken dream symbolism is pretty complex and could mean different things in the waking life. It all depends on the other factors like the environment in your dreams, your current situation, among a lot more.

Therefore it is important to explicitly remember every detail of your dream. After all, our dreams speak volumes about our life, all we need to do is give them a patient hearing.

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