The dream of chicken is not an uncommon motif. Many people dream about this domestic bird. Dreams come in many forms and have multiple interpretations, some differing across cultures. 

Similarly, dreams about chicken also mean many things. In the following article, we try to understand these meanings, interpretations, and possible associations.

Dream about Chicken and Their Meanings
Dream of Chicken and Their Meanings

What Does it Mean to Dream About Chicken?

Every element that you see in your dream holds importance. So, let’s get to the bottom of the these dreams and unearth their interpretations.

Dream of eating chicken

If you dream about eating chicken or cooked chicken meat, it symbolizes material well being in the near future. This dream is a sign that good news is on the way, the individual will experience a positive change, emotional well being.

So, if you are dreaming about eating a chicken, relax, it means nice things are coming your way. 

Dream of fried chicken

Fried chicken, the tempting dish is also a common occurrence in your dreams. When you dream of fried chicken, it usually indicates good self control.

You are conscious of your ability and are able to take informed decisions on the personal and professional front.

However, a word of caution, sometimes fried chicken in dreams could also indicate questioning your self worth.

Dream of Chicken with Various Activities

If you see various activities around your dreams related to chicken, they might reflect something about your waking life. Let’s see what it is!

Fighting chicken

People who see chickens fighting in their dreams should expect discord in their personal and professional lives. This dream is not a good sign.

Someone you know is likely to pick up a fight so you need to put your guard up and be prepared. It simply means that you are likely to be upset. 

Being chased by chicken

Some cultures believe that dreaming about being chased by a chicken is an indicator of good fortune. Many people consider this dream to be an omen as it indicates separation from a loved one.

It means that you are running away from confronting a situation in your personal or professional life. Sometimes, it also means that your sentimental needs are not being addressed and you need help. 

Chicken being attacked

If a chicken is attacked in your dreams, it is a harbinger of misfortune. It also means that you are going to make losses.  

Killing chicken

This dream could mean that you are tired of being controlled or manipulated and are now willing to break free. It could also mean an end of good things in life. 

Chicken pecking at door

It means that you are about to end something and new beginnings are on the way. 

Chicken chased by dog 

It means that you are likely to encounter some misfortune in the near future. If the chicken is being plucked by the animal, it means someone will ask you for money. 

Hen laying eggs

If you see a hen or chicken laying eggs in your dream, it could be an indicator of new beginnings and good news. Even chicken eggs in your dream is a good sign. 

Chicken getting dirty

If you dream of a white chicken getting dirty in your dreams, it means that you should expect trouble and disruption in the near future. Try to remember how dirty the chicken was and it will indicate how deep in trouble you are likely to be. 

Feeding a chicken

It means that you will be able to provide assistance to a loved one, some time soon.  

Chicken nesting

The chicken building a nest in your dream is a sign that you are now ready for commitment. Marriage or parenthood is likely to be on the cards. Some variations of this dream could be witnessing a chicken building a nest, chicken nursing the chicks or just warming the eggs. 

Chicken attacking you

Did you dream of the chicken attacking you? If yes, it means that someone is trying to interrupt your plans. They want to harm you and ensure that you are not able to realize your dreams. 

Chicken on a farm

Dreaming of a chicken on a farm may not sound awkward. After all, it is the bird’s natural habitat. But the interpretation of this dream is not good. It means that you may encounter danger in the near future. So, beware!

Body parts of chicken

Many people dream about body parts of a chicken. Each part has a different meaning. For instance,  

  • Seeing the feathers means that you should expect bad news.
  • Seeing the head means you will get bad news sooner than expected.
  • Seeing the wings means that you will overcome problems.

Dream about Chicken of Various Types

Some unusual elements can also pop up in a dreamscape, just like various types of chicken. Let’s see what each type is trying to decipher.

Dream of raw chicken

It means that you are going to give in to something that has been bothering you for a long time.

This could be a long pending question that you have been avoiding. Irrespective of the walls that you put up, raw chicken in your dreams indicates you are ready to take the problem head on. 

White chicken

White chicken is considered a sign of prosperity. If they appear in dreams, it means new beginnings are in the pipeline. If you dream about a flock of white chickens, it is even luckier. 

Dead chickens

Chickens are associated with family so dreaming about dead chicken could mean the loss of a loved one. If you witness the death of your pet chicken due to an illness, it means business deals will not work and misfortune will be at your doors. 

Dream of black chicken

If you dream of a black chicken, it means that the divine powers are protecting you spiritually. The black chicken is one of the most common ingredients in tantric or hoodoo practices because they are said to protect an individual against evil.

It usually appears in the dream if the individual has been facing hard times. The black hen indicates that help is on the way.

Dead chicken –

It indicates that a long pending problem will finally be resolved. However, if the dead chicken comes back to life, it means the problem can come back to haunt you.

Wounded chicken –

This means that something is bothering you. It indicates that you are hurt. Talking to loved ones and family members proves to be extremely helpful during such times. 

Various colored chicken

If you see a dark colored chicken in your dreams, it means that something bad is likely to happen. There are separate interpretations for the black chicken and a few other colors. We have elaborated on them, earlier in this article.

However, if the chicken in your dreams is a murky color, it is a sign of negativity and deceit coming from people around you. 

Spiritual Meaning of Chicken in a Dream

Chicken in general is considered to represent the creative side of our personality. It’s spiritual symbolism encourages individuals to express their opinion, listen to their inner voice and trust their intuition.

Also, given the domesticated nature of this bird, the dream suggests that one should be more involved with his or her community. 

Biblical Meaning

The chicken or hen is considered an important bird in the Bible. This bird was on Noah’s Ark. It is known to symbolize love, peace and justice. The biblical meaning associates chicken dreams to prosperity and familial bonds.  

When do you dream about chickens?

The dreams are meant to be signals of how our life is expected to unfold. Therefore what we see in our dreams has a huge impact on the choices that we make. Chicken appears in our dreams usually when we are facing social issues.

However, the dual nature of these birds means that they can even appear when you have a certain guilt in your conscience or are headed towards major issues in your financial situation. 

Closing Thoughts

The harmless chicken can lead to some really interesting interpretations in your dreams. Though harmless, its symbolism is pretty complex and could mean different things in the waking life.

But do not get scared & instead try interpreting these dreams as accurately as possible.

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