What is a Nightmare?

A nightmare is a terrifying, scary, and shocking negative dream that induces fear and alarm. It’s spine-chilling, unpleasant, and disturbing. It occurs during REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep. It is emotionally high with a lot of fear, disgust, frustration, and anxiety associated with it.

Signs & Symptoms of Nightmares

Your dream is upsetting, scary, and bizarre with fearful images.

Waking up in a pool of sweat with a pounding heart.


You are able to recall the details of the dream.



What Causes Nightmares?

Scary and terrifying movies

Stress triggers of daily life


Alcohol and substance abuse



Sleep deprivation

Chronic pain



How To Stop Nightmares?

Treat the underlying medical condition

If your nightmares are due to psychiatric conditions such as generalized anxiety, PTSD, severe depression, then it is important to go for therapy and treat them.

Mindful of what you eat before going to bed

Too much junk eating or having a heavy meal can cause stomach issues and you may not be able to sleep well.

Reduce stress triggers from your daily life

Keep some time for yourself to unwind and relax throughout the day so that you can get into bed with a peaceful mind.

Improve your sleep

Nightmares are caused by sleep deprivation, so take some steps to improve the quality of sleep.

If you feel that nightmares are too much to handle, seek professional care to identify the causes of recurring episodes of the same dream. They will guide you through a therapeutic intervention programme that may help you to eliminate these scary visions completely.