Dream about hanging can refer to lack of acknowledgment. At the same time, these can also suggest that you are determined to hang on to something. 

Let’s dig in –

A General Dream Interpretation of Hanging

A dream about hanging is mostly about feelings of instability. This can be through emotions of hopelessness, insecurity, regret, risks, fears, struggles, and adventure.

Dreams about hanging are usually associated with feelings of hopelessness. When one has dreams about hanging, they are usually representing the feelings of not being acknowledged and appreciated for their hard work.

Following are some general interpretations that explain what dreams about hanging could mean –

1. Suggests feelings of hopelessness in personal life

2. Reflects the desperation to avoid failure in anything you do.

3. It is a representation of a prevailing illness in your waking life.

4. Refers to difficulty in expression of feelings and thoughts.

5. Indicates despair and sadness causing suicidal ideation.

6. Explores your over-indulging personality and nature with respect to personal belongings.

7. It suggests your acceptance and willingness to move on from things. It is a sign of change.

Dream of Hanging – Various Scenarios and Interpretations

A few dream sequences are explained below. Read on to find out what your dream about hanging could mean!

Dream about Hanging Low at a Bridge 

It represent your feelings when you are not appreciated. Your hard work is not acknowledged which makes you feel underappreciated and neglected.

You feel that you are not worthy of others’ time. You believe that you don’t matter to anyone in your waking life.

Dream about Hanging a Friend

If you dream of hanging your friend, it shows that you intentionally want to hurt them. You wish to make others realize your friend’s failures.

You wish to embarrass someone in your waking life, someone who does not agree with you.

Dream about Hanging with Noose

Such dreams are manifestations of suicidal thoughts. You are experiencing grief and despair. Maybe you feel there is no way out of your situation.

You are having feelings of hopelessness and want to end your misery soon.

Hanging Yourself

These are related to feelings of breathlessness. This suggests that in your waking life, you are having problems with expressing yourself. More times than not, you are suppressing your emotions.

You are unable to voice out your thoughts and opinions. This is making you feel suffocated and hence, the breathlessness.

Hanging from Gallows

Dreams about hanging from gallows are considered as positive signs. It suggests that you will go through a difficult phase in your life, but it will have a positive consequence on your life.

It is also a symbol of acceptance. You should accept your faults and move on to better things in life.

Hanging yourself in Your House

It is considered as a lucky sign. It is a symbol of your power and glory.

Your enemies in waking life will pick a battle with you and fail. This will be a result of your determination, strength and will to overcome your hurdles.

Lover Hanging in your House

This dream represents your choices in romantic partners. This dream sequence suggests that you are in a relationship or married to someone who lacks integrity and principles.

Hanging Ropes

These dreams represent grace and culture. It suggests that you are headed in the right direction. It also suggests some underlying dissatisfaction with everything going on around you.

Hanging from a Wall

It means that your efforts are not being noticed enough. Your hard work is not being acknowledged.

This scenario is often associated with depression and thoughts of killing oneself. In that case, seek help. You deserve a better life. And yes, you can do it.

Hanging at Your Office

You are finding it difficult to let things go. They indicate your unwillingness to part with personal things. Hence, take it as a sign to reach your strengths, to free, and to let things go. You will feel much better. 

Dream about Bats Hanging 

Dream about bats hanging shows that you are feeling tired, depressed, and afraid in your life. Often it represents dark feelings, evil thoughts, anxieties, fears, and other negative emotions. 

Hanging Plastic Bags

It shows that you are facing some kind of financial crisis and maybe you are trying to be resourceful to handle your situation well.

Hanging Meat 

Often it is a sign of disgust and repulsion. Especially if the blood is still dripping off the meat. It shows that you are in a situation where you are feeling being used and facing willful disadvantages. 

Different Fruits Hanging on a Single Tree

It shows that you have plenty of resources in your hand. Besides, it is a sign that you are feeling overwhelmed with the choices you have got in your life.

Hanging on a Pole

Often it shows that you are stuck in a weird situation. Mostly it is about a kind of financial or personal hardship where making a choice is difficult for you. 

Psychological Interpretation of Dream about Hanging

Psychologically, dreams about hanging are often associated with feelings of despair and hopelessness. These feelings lead to suicidal thoughts. These thoughts manifest and tend to affect the unconscious in the form of dreams.

Not being able to express yourself openly makes one feel suffocated. This correlates to the feeling of breathlessness while hanging oneself in dreams. However, it can be attributed to your positive efforts towards life too. 

Closing Thoughts

Dream sequences involving hanging are often associated with depression and thoughts of killing oneself. They also revolve around feelings of vulnerability, strength, perseverance, determination and the will to be victorious in everything one can do.