Have you ever had a teeth falling out dream… and then you wake up all panicky and thank God that it was JUST a dream?

I am guessing you did… and that’s why you are here!

Let me first start with good news: Losing teeth in your dreams is a very common dream theme and it doesn’t have to do anything with your oral care or dental health. Infact, it has to do with your mental health.


Well, dream experts have debated about some common dream interpretations for years. Now since dental dreams are so common, there are various opinions on it but each with one common ground, that is,ṣ psychological distress.

While some have opined losing your teeth dream as a fear of rejection, a few others have interpreted it as a consequence of feeling powerless.

In this think-piece, we will discuss all about the mini-nightmares, where you are either spitting your teeth one by one, or they are falling out of your mouth and everything in between.  

So, let’s begin!

Teeth Falling out Dream- Various Scenarios and Interpretations
Teeth Falling out Dream- Various Scenarios and Interpretations

37 Types of Teeth Falling Out Dreams 

Teeth falling out dreams can have multiple interpretations but they also depend on how these teeth appear in your dreams.

Right from pulling your teeth to losing them in a real sense, there’s a lot that happens in your dreams. To help you interpret them accurately, let’s discuss some of the most common situations.

1. Dream about Losing Teeth (Losing Teeth Dream Meaning)

When you lose teeth in your dream and can’t find it, Loewenberg suggests that there is something in your conscious life that you want to say but don’t know how to say.

The lost teeth are also a symbolization of loss of words and your attempt to find it represents your struggle to create the words in real life.

Apart from that, it can also represent finding the right words to correct the wrong that you have already said.

2. Dream Tooth Fell Out… One by One

Remember those dreams when your teeth started falling out on their own… that happens when words fall out of your mouth unfiltered, i.e., the words that you wish you didn’t say.

When you gossip about a few things which you weren’t supposed to say, you are more likely to have dreams about teeth falling.

So, the next time you wake up scared by the dreams of teeth falling, recheck your last day’s communication. There’s a high chance you leaked information you were supposed to keep quiet about. The teeth that fall out of your mouth in your dreams are just a subconscious representation of that.

3. Teeth Falling Out Dream Meaning

The dream about your teeth falling all at once represents all the talking that you do without any harness. This is usually experienced by people who don’t know when to stop talking. Since it is their characteristic trait, they are usually aware of it.

Dreams of falling teeth also appear when you have spilled out some BIG secret. The bigger the secret, the more teeth you will see getting lost. 

So, if in your dreams your teeth fall out and you are trying to catch them, it is your moment of “I think I shouldn’t have said that” realization.

In some theories, dreams in which teeth are falling also symbolizes death.

4. Dreams about Teeth Breaking

Dreams of teeth breaking or chipping off can be a consequence of not being able to give enough information or not explain it well.

Broken tooth dreams may also appear when you are losing something important to you. Your life is undergoing a massive change and you are afraid to make a compromise that is costly or invaluable to you.

5. Pulling Teeth Out Dream

If you have a tooth or teeth pulled out dream, it symbolizes boredom. It may be possible that you are either living in the same place with the same neighborhood for a long time and want some change.

You can also be working at a place for a long time or even meeting the same set of friends/people for a long time.

If while pulling your teeth in a dream hurts, it means you are going to do something unwillingly to bring a change in your life.

6. Rotting Teeth Dream (dream of my teeth rotting and falling out) 

Rotting teeth in your dream symbolizes an argument that you have been a million times over and it still keeps popping up.

You have discussed this same issue yesterday and the day before and now you are getting sick and tired of it. Dreaming about rotten teeth is just your subconscious saying that.

Apart from that, the dream of rotten teeth also symbolizes the hidden guilt that appears when you say something really nasty (intentionally or unintentionally).

Falling out or rotting of teeth also represents loss. In your conscious life, your relationship with someone important may be decaying and moving away from you.

7. Teeth Crumbling Dream

Dreams of crumbling teeth are usually characterized by weak speech.

Dream analysts interpret that the dreams where your teeth were crumbling appear when you have had an argument with someone but failed to put your point across.

It may also be because you felt timid, weak, or unclear in the argument. You either couldn’t put your words correctly or didn’t say it right which is often represented by crumbling teeth in your dreams.

It also represents loss of control in your life, like trouble in your relationship that you can’t fix or being lost due to loss of money or lack of direction.  

8. Swinging Teeth Dream

Experts interpret your dreams about swinging teeth as a strong symbolism of bad luck. You can expect losses in your financial career or even bump into some troublesome situations. You will not be able to solve these situations or even compensate for the losses very easily.

9. Someone else losing teeth dreams (dream someone’s teeth falling out) 

Sometimes, people also experience dreams of teeth falling out of someone else’s mouth. If that’s the case, your subconscious is telling you not to be romantically involved with this person.

Even if you are close friends with them, it will be wise not to trust them completely.

10. Teeth falling out dream while pregnancy

If you are expecting a baby and have this type of dream quite often, understand that it is not uncommon. Dental dreams appear to pregnant women in the second stage of their pregnancy when the symptoms start to ramp up.

At this stage, you often feel losing your power over your own body which is transformed into the dream theme and appears in the form of losing teeth.

11. Teeth retreating back to gums dreams

Retreating teeth can symbolize the inherent desire to take back what you just said. When in real life you said something, you shouldn’t have and have been constantly guilt-driven since then – you get these types of dreams.

Apart from that, it can also signify the fear of speaking up about something. When you are afraid of speaking about an issue and pull back instead of letting it out, teeth in your dreams start retreating back to the gums.

12. Loose teeth in your mouth dream

Loose teeth in your dream reflect the urgency to speak about a topic. There’s something in your conscious mind that you want to speak up about and are on the verge of it, but haven’t. This is demonstrated by your subconscious mind in the form of loose teeth.

So, when you experience this dream, consider talking about the topic you have been suppressing all this while.

13. Teeth falling out in the middle of an important task dream

When your teeth fall out in the middle of doing something important, it has to do something about the action you are doing in your real life. While analysts interpret that most dental dreams are translated to communication problems, this particular dream is about action.

So, when you are focused on a very important task in your dream which is seeming to be difficult when suddenly your teeth start falling, your subconscious is trying to send you a message.

A message that says you keep the struggle to yourself and not gossip or complain about it. But the interpretation may vary depending on what you are doing in your dream and other little details.

14. Teeth falling out dream during sex dream

Sex in dreams does not usually reflect physical intimacy, it’s just the symbolization of your emotional or psychological connection with the person.

Now when in your dreams, your teeth start to fall out while in the act, it is possible that you have had a heart-deep conversation with someone you are hooking up with but now you are overthinking the conversation.

On the contrary, your subconscious is trying to reassure you about the connection that you have developed and why it’s not wrong.

15. Teeth Splitting apart dream

According to the experts, the dream of teeth splitting or splintering is a symbolization of weak speech. However, it’s not exactly the same as when your teeth crumble. There’s a reason why they are splitting apart and not crumbling.

Check your communication from the day before and see if you have been focusing on unimportant details in it. If you want to get rid of this dream, try not to do it.

16. Teeth growing crooked dream

Crooked teeth dreams have a lot to do with your real-life insecurity. This is because crooked teeth concern your appearance and are often followed by you looking in the mirror in your dreams.

They also symbolize the stress and anxiety about how you appear to the world. Apart from that, it can also be connected to lies.

17. Teeth falling out with a tap dream

There can be dreams when all your teeth fall out with a light tap, it suggests that someone has given you a slight nudge to get all the information out of your system.

For instance, someone discussed some hot gossip with you and expected you to keep it a secret. But now a third person asks whether you know something about this topic, you get all excited and just spill the beans.

18. Few teeth fell out dream

The number of teeth that fell out of your mouth is usually indicative of the level of truth that you have said.

So, look at what you have said the day before. There’s a high chance there’s a piece of truth in your communication that you haven’t revealed.

19. All except one or two teeth fell out dream

Sometimes, all your teeth fall out except just one or two. That’s a symbolization of some dignity that’s left within you even after you have spilled the beans

20. Grinding teeth dreams

No, I am not talking about grinding your teeth “actually” in sleep. This is about when you dream of grinding teeth.

It usually indicates that there’s something you desperately want to say to some person in your life but you are scared to hurt them. Thus, in order to prevent the damage, you always hold back.

People have also complained about dreams where you grind your teeth so hard that they shatter to pieces and there’s a mouthful of blood. Your teeth represent confidence, so in this case, you are just concerned about your confidence shattering and so are not willing to say what you are supposed to.

21. Dreams about front teeth falling out

There are always certain common dreams that represent the feeling you are facing in real life or point at a particular symbol. Dream symbolism, especially when it comes to teeth, is a rare yet most significant type of dream.

If you’ve ever dreamt about your front tooth falling out, a major change in your life is about to happen. Losing a tooth in a dream means that you might be feeling anxious about taking a life-changing decision. However, the dream represents a way for personal growth and a fresh journey in life.

22. False teeth falling out dream meaning

If you have a dream of dentures, where they fall out, it can hint towards the most common dream themes. A dream about false teeth is a hint for you to start accepting who you are. The teeth symbolize self-perspective in these kinds of dreams.

If you are anxious about your current state of life and not willing to discard irrelevant concerns, this dream is a reality check for you. This dream can also have negative interpretations. If you are filling your life with lies and fear, this dream is to force you towards honesty and freedom.

23. Teeth cracking and falling out dream

Most people believe that a dream where you lose your teeth after they crack is about losing control in life. It signifies how you might have lost the ability to manage your life due to certain choices. If you have recently done something that you regret or can’t come to terms with, this dream is your mind’s way of processing it.

Teeth falling out in a dream after cracking might mean that you are losing out on your strength and need to regroup. When an incident during the day shakes up your ego, a tooth cracking and falling out dream is a common occurrence at night.

24. Dream meaning teeth falling out with blood (bloody teeth falling out dream)

If you’ve dreamed that your teeth are falling out and there is blood on them, it hints towards an attack on your life or soul. This attack could be in terms of your career, on your family members, or on your physical health. It is better to be cautious and keep an eye out.

The blood on the teeth is also known to hint towards your desire to take care of yourself. Amongst the frontiers in psychology, this kind of a dream is your consciousness telling you to let go of your feelings of insecurity as well.

25. Bottom teeth falling out dream

If you only have your bottom teeth falling out in a dream, it can mean that you regret bad-mouthing a friend or a colleague.  A dream of losing teeth can have two parts. If your upper teeth are intact while the bottom ones fall out, you are probably having money issues.

When you don’t have enough savings to feel comfortable, the bottom line gets blurry. The stress and the burden are being reflected via such dreams. Sometimes, it can also mean that you have actual dental irritation and need to visit a dentist.

26. Canine teeth falling out dream

If you are having dreams about losing teeth and it is always your canine tooth that falls out, the dream has a hidden meaning. Canine teeth can signify aggression in the dreamer, acting as a symbol of power.

The dream can mean an act of aggression that has recently occurred or might show your strong feelings. If your canine teeth are clean and pearly white, it shows good changes and habits coming your way. However, if the dream features corroded canine teeth falling out, it is showing your hidden concerns about sexual repression and impotency.

27. Dream about gaps in mouth

To dream of gaps in your mouth is a sign that you’re going to suffer a loss in your real life. The ancient texts state that when you have such a dream, it means you are facing choices in real life. It might be to replace something or keep it in the same manner.

The lost tooth in the dream is a sign that you’re facing crossroads. You might be confused regarding starting a new phase in your life. This is a very common dream.

If you see dreams about gaps in someone else’s mouth, it means you can make a choice of replacing something.

28. Dream of teeth being removed by a dentist

This dream indicates that your subconscious mind is going through some problems. After the removal of the teeth in your dream, if you feel relieved, it is a message given to you by your mind. It is asking you to place yourself away from conflicting situations. If you do this, you will lead an easy and successful life.

If you see the dentist pulling your teeth and you find it painful in the dream, then this is a sign that you are going to fall sick. However, this will be a minor illness for some time.

29. Dream of broken teeth

Spiritually, it is an interesting dream. In the dream lore, this dream has a specific meaning. If the tooth is missing because of breakage or a large cavity, it means things aren’t in the proper place in your real life. A filling in the tooth causes it to be stronger. Similarly, you will also become stronger.

If you see root canal work due to a broken tooth in your dream, it denotes that you must work on grounding. If you see that your teeth break while having food, it symbolizes the love and affection you receive and give to others.

30. Dream where you have no teeth

The spiritual meaning of this dream is that we are tense about our age. You do not want to get older. The gypsy folklore states that when you see your teeth falling out, you are predicting your own death.

According to the Greeks, teeth missing in a dream suggest ill health. Whereas, in Scotland, if you dream of having no teeth, it denotes a poor diet. There are too many different superstitions linked to this dream.

For instance, if you sleep on a missing tooth, it says that you’ll have good fortune. When you dream of someone else pulling your teeth, it indicates that your emotional baggage is being released.

31. Dream of visiting a dentist due to teeth falling out

When you dream of teeth falling out, you might visit a dentist or hospital. According to old dream lore, this suggests you are tensed about the loyalty and intentions of somebody in your real life.

There can be someone in your life who annoys you a lot but you still hang out with them because you care for them. We all go through positive and negative experiences in our life. This dream says that a ‘negative’ person in your life will lead towards your betterment. Learn from them but don’t get toxic yourself. Preserve the positivity within you.

32. Dream of an operation due to teeth falling out

If you see your teeth falling out, you might need an operation in your dream. To see such operations, it means you need a break. Breathe. Spare some time to heal yourself.

If you’re undergoing dental surgeries or implants for your lost tooth, it denotes forgiving someone. Ask yourself: Are you feeling guilty about any mistake? Are you nervous about any incidents from the past? Will you be able to do something to change the occurrence? If your answers to the above questions are YES, then waste no time! If your answer is NO, then just go with the flow.

33. Dream of teeth chipping and then falling out

Spiritually, this dream is linked to the desire for knowledge. If you see your tooth being broken in your dream, then this dream indicates strength. The dream indicates that you badly need some knowledge on a particular topic to understand it.

When you see others with chipped teeth in your dream, it denotes difficulties in relationships. It is also a sign that you are surrounded by toxic people in your real life. Hence, you must take better care of yourself.

The ancient dream books say that chipped teeth indicate that you need a healthy lifestyle and maintain a proper diet.

34. Dream of crooked teeth falling out

Dream of crooked teeth falling out is an interesting dream. Crooked teeth denote change. In dream lore, it comes out as a ‘warning’ that some unexpected changes will occur in your real life. However, you do not need to worry since these changes will be for your betterment. If you saw crooked teeth in a dream, it indicates attaining success in your personal life.

Some old dream books state that this dream is a suggestion that you think of others a lot. How other people judge you keeps bothering you in your daily life. You should avoid this and focus on yourself.

35. Dream of spitting out teeth

The spiritual meaning of the dream of spitting out teeth indicates that you need to get rid of something in your real life. There’s something or someone negative or toxic in your life that you need to avoid to attain peace.

The old dream lore suggests that you can lose hold of relationships, finances, or control over yourself. If you get this dream, think hard of all the factors that are out of your control. Remove toxic people and things from your life. Remove anybody who belittles you.

If you spit out teeth and it lands on the floor in the dream, it is a suggestion that you are about to get positive results from something you had been working on for a long time.

36. Dream of wearing a brace and your teeth fall out

Symbolically, teeth indicate power. So, if you’re wearing braces in a dream, it denotes more power in real life. Braces signify inspiration. If you see braces holding your teeth, this denotes that somebody will help you to become more powerful. They’ll also help you to gain control over your life.

If you dream of removing a brace and the teeth fall out, it means you are going to be successful. If you are wearing a brace and the teeth still fall, this means you have a strong attitude.

When you see another person’s teeth falling while wearing a brace, this is a sign that you may feel your power is taken away for some time.

37. Dream of hiding your fallen tooth under the pillow

Have you seen children hiding their fallen teeth under pillows for the tooth fairy? You must have heard many such stories in your childhood and even hid your teeth under pillows. But what does it signify spiritually?

To dream of hiding a fallen tooth or milk tooth under the pillow symbolizes monetary gain. You are about to gain profit in the deals you do in your near future. Another probability is that you might lose something but get money in return. This means you will be blessed with finances soon. Make sure to invest these finances and not spend it vaguely.

20 Teeth Falling out Dream Interpretations

Dream interpretations have been a common topic of discussion among dream analysts, psychologists, and even psychiatrists. This is because each one of them has their own opinion and their own reasons to support it.

Neither of them are completely wrong or right. It all depends on what is happening in your waking life – after all, dreams are just a reflection of your suppressed thoughts.

So here are some 20 common (and symbolic) interpretations which you must read to be able to reckon your reason!  

1. You’re scared of getting old

Fear of aging is very much real and dreams of teeth falling out are just a representation of that.

If you are constantly thinking about getting older and the thought of it doesn’t please you as much, you may find yourself experiencing this dream quite often.

Research has also revealed that women going through menopause have often dreamt of their teeth falling out which again can be linked to aging.

But apart from that, it’s very natural for you to spend more resources and pay more attention to your teeth. This gets transferred to your subconscious and they try to communicate this to you via tooth dreams.

2. Your self-esteem has gone for a toss

This is one of the common interpretations of falling tooth dreams: inferiority. If recently, you have been feeling inferior to others or even embarrassed, there’s a high chance you will experience these dreams.

Since teeth are a symbol of personal power, its loss can symbolize low self-esteem, irrespective of whether you are giving it voluntarily or it’s a consequence of others’ misbehavior in your lives.

If you have also been troubled with it, your best bet is to start taking care of your own needs. Start standing up for yourself and don’t be afraid to deny anything that disturbs your mental space. This will help you regain some of your lost power.

3. Your family member is struggling with an illness

Dreams are just a reflection of your real life. So, if someone in your family is sick or struggling with a major illness and you are worried about it, your dreams will also reflect that.

The person can be anyone you really care about – your mother, aunt, sibling, or even your partner. Stress is one of the most influential triggers to disturbing dreams like falling teeth.

If that’s the case with you, don’t be afraid to visit a therapist and discuss your concerns. The curves in your life can sometimes be extremely rocky making it difficult to walk through alone. A therapist will not only make the process easier but will also give you golden tips to take care of yourself.

4. You feel bad about your dental health

We all know dentists can be extremely brutal especially when you have a bad dental routine. They can embarrass you for not flossing or brushing your teeth regularly – and you can’t complain about it, because hey, it’s their job.

But if you recently visited a dentist and he made you feel about your teeth, it can be represented by your subconscious via dental dreams.

Dreams can be extremely literal at times. But if your health is actually keeping you up at night, it’s time you must take real action for it. Pay attention to your dental health and make sure you brush your teeth twice a day.

5. You are not eating nutritious food

Teeth and food are so deeply connected that dreaming about losing your teeth also represents malnutrition… and why not?

It only makes sense that if your body is not getting a nutrient-rich meal, it will try to warn you with scary dreams. However, as we discussed above, it is extremely situational.

So, to reach a better conclusion, try to look deeper into your personal health – both physically and psychologically – and then decide what your dream is trying to communicate to you.

6. You are afraid of saying wrong things

Teeth dreams have a lot to do with your communication. So, one of the very vivid interpretations of teeth falling out dreams is the fear of saying something wrong or embarrassing.

These dreams can also start appearing when a big day is nearing and you are supposed to put up a speech or speak to influencers. Say suppose, your sister’s wedding, a networking event, or even a webinar.

Apart from that, it is also triggered when you hold back the half-truth of an instance or spit out truths you weren’t supposed to.

7. You are worried about your appearance

A smile often defines beauty in our culture. So, if you are having dreams of rotten or crooked teeth, it’s likely that you are conscious about your appearance and feel that you don’t qualify the “standards”.

Since teeth also play a big role in creating an image of attractiveness, it also triggers fear of rejection especially when you are likely to go on your first date.  

Smiling is also a way to deal with the forces of the world and if your teeth fall out, a dream might just be a peek into your insecure and fearful subconscious.

8. You are struggling with stress or anxiety

Stress is a part and parcel of life. But when sometimes you are unable to cope with it, it evolves into more intense reactions like dreaming of falling teeth.

While stress and anxiety are often used interchangeably, anxiety is supposed to be more long-term than stress.

These extreme emotions cause teeth grinding at night which is said to be one of the primary reasons why people experience dental dreams.  Plus, anxiety always keeps you worried about future situations, which can also be another reason to experience teeth falling out in dreams.

9. You need to make a big life decision

Do you have an impending life-changing decision? It can be the reason why you are experiencing these kinds of dreams. The matter can be anything – right from marriage to a shift in career but the impact of this decision is going to be significant which is making you scared.

So, if that’s the case, consider it as your cue to finally make those decisions. Address the struggles, and conflicts that are preventing you from making the decision.  

It can be difficult but sometimes it is okay to follow your guy, pick a side and just go with it. At least, you won’t keep pondering about it.

10. Your communication skills are not so great

People who have trouble sharing their thoughts, emotions, or ideas often experience these kinds of dreams primarily because teeth are very closely associated with the communication.

Whether you are unable to understand the current situation or just chewing the problem, you need to confront it to get rid of disturbing dental dreams.

In this case, also you can seek some therapy, it might help you cope with situations and be more assertive. Apart from that, you can also maintain a journal and write at least one page daily. Be honest to yourself and if done properly, you will soon be free of these dreams.  

11. You are jealous of someone

It might be surprising, but even jealousy can trigger dreams about losing your teeth.

So, if you have been experiencing dental dreams more often. Take a peek within yourself and see if you feel jealous of anyone – roommate, partner, sibling, or even your colleague – if you do, confront it and understand that everyone has their own story.

12. Your life is going to experience a big change

Change or transformation is one of the most popular interpretations of teeth dreams. Your brain communicates this change to your subconscious in the form of falling teeth – it may be weird, but it is extremely common.

The change can be categorized with anything – a new job, a new partner, a new city, or even a new school. But the one thing that is common in all these scenarios is that it reflects: it’s time to move on!

These major life changes may make you feel worried and stressed leading to dental dreams.

13. You are stressed about your finances

A good financial position can make you feel secure, while insufficiency can make you feel really stressed. Sometimes your subconscious represents security via teeth primarily because our teeth are a very strong part of our body.

Considering this interpretation, people with low savings may dream about losing teeth due to insecurity.

So, the next time when one of your teeth starts wiggling or you wake up from a nightmare where you have lost them, understand that you need to come to terms with your financial positioning.

14. You are struggling with your health

When you don’t pay attention to your personal health and develop a bad routine, it leaves behind a list of negative repercussions.

Right from poor immunity to insufficient sleep, to experiencing troubling dreams – poor health can lead to a lot of things.

This signifies that you need to start taking care of yourself, eat proper meals, and make proper sleep schedules.

15. You are grieving for some kind of loss

In this interpretation, the “loss” of teeth is considered in the literal senses and is compared with a real-life loss.

It can be anything – the death of a loved one, breakup, divorce, loss of job, or even a home. Teeth falling dreams are also often associated with grief.  

Even in some religions, it is believed that dreaming about tooth loss is indicative of an expected death in the family.

16. You feel powerless

Lack of control or inadequacy is one of the most common interpretations of losing teeth dreams. Since teeth help us chew our food and help us survive, the absence of it is associated with loss of power.

If you are experiencing recurring dreams about your falling tooth, you need to ask yourself whether there’s anything in your waking life that makes you feel helpless or powerless.

For instance, your partner wants to get rid of this relationship and you are unable to do anything about it.

17. You are/will experience growth or personal expansion

Teeth symbolize growth for obvious reasons – you are born without teeth, then your baby teeth start to grow – gradually with time, you lose your baby teeth to get adult teeth.

For an adult, teeth dreams can represent growth in different aspects of life, personal or professional. However, for a child or toddler, it might just be the excitement of getting new adult teeth.

If you are a parent and your child is losing its baby teeth, make sure you tell them that it takes time for the new teeth to grow so that they don’t feel insecure. Some analysts also say that this is a blooming period for the people experiencing dreams, which if capitalized can make things great.

18. You want to go back to your childhood

Think about it, if it wasn’t for your dream, what does falling teeth remind you about – obviously, childhood. How you used to believe in the tooth fairy and be excited about the new teeth sprouting from your gums. Oh, how you can do anything to get back those simpler days…

Your subconscious thus expresses your desire to go back to the childhood days with these teeth falling out dreams.

You want to be taken care of by your mother, slide back to the early stages where the only worry in your life was to finish the glass of milk.

19. You are about to start something new (Rebirth)

Psychologist Carl Jung interprets falling teeth dreams as a symbol of rebirth. It is extremely relevant if the person experiencing it is a woman considering she is the creator.

Falling teeth are also accompanied by some pain, this pain is compared with the pain of starting something new – a business, a relationship, or even a new home.

Carl Jung explained this phenomenon in connection with the loss of baby teeth in our childhood which is followed by adult teeth (rebirth of teeth in this context).

20. You are repressing sexual desires

Quoting Sigmund Freud’s dream interpretations, loss of teeth can also mean suppressing sexual desires. He says that teeth that are lost in a dream are also symbolized by castration and trigger fear regarding male genitalia.

People experiencing these dreams can also be stressed about sexual interactions with their partners. However, it totally depends on your personal situation physically and mentally.

On a lighter note, these dreams are also interpreted as a sign of aggression, insecurity, and safety concerns.  

Now that you have a detailed peek of the teeth falling out dream interpretations, let me tell you it also varies depending on your religion.

Let’s find out how. But before that, here’s a quick…

Teeth falling out dream psychoanalysis

The father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud believed that teeth falling out in dream were related to the male genitals. He stated that such dreams are a sign of sexual anxiety in men as well as women. Some things might be frustrating you in your real life. You can understand these by the intensity and rate with which the teeth fall in the dream. It makes you feel powerless.

Now onto…

Dream about losing teeth – Cultural Meanings (Spiritual meaning of teeth falling out)

Dental dreams are not a modern phenomenon. They have been appearing to human beings all across the globe since time immemorial.

Every culture has its own interpretations of different types of dreams, including both positive and negative opinions. Let’s quickly dive in and explore what the cultures cited below have to say:

1. Greek

In Greek culture, dreams about losing your teeth symbolize death or illness or you or your family member. In earlier times, when there were no false teeth, teeth were necessary to survive.

Thus, they believed teeth falling out dreams as a warning to be careful.

2. Islamic

In Islam, teeth falling out dreams is believed to signify long life even beyond his/her future generations. However, it also depends on what you are doing with the teeth in your dreams.

If you are collecting the lost teeth, it might be interpreted as longevity but if you are unable to find it, it can symbolize death of your family member or even migration to some new land.  

If your falling teeth are also accompanied by pain, it is believed to be a warning sign of loss. It can be a loss of property or even health. But in Islamic culture, it is also believed that if you catch the falling teeth in your hand, you will become rich in the near future. It can be any form – wealth, money, status, or even respect.

3. Christian (Biblical meaning of teeth falling out) 

In the Bible, dreams about losing your teeth signify a lack of wisdom or faith in your life. This is because teeth help you chew and process the food to digest.

So, say suppose, you dream about rotten teeth, biblically it’s a warning sign and you must analyze the way you show yourself in life both at a personal or professional level.

4. Chinese

Teeth falling out dreams in Chinese culture represents unfaithfulness. It is also possible that you have recently told a lie, held the truth, or kept a secret which you were supposed to say.

But for people who are not so smooth in dealing with others, the loss of a tooth in your dream may indicate that you will get into fights in your relationships.

Are Teeth Falling Out Dreams Common (or Universal)?

Yes, teeth falling out dreams are common across most cultures around the globe. Infact, it is among the top 3 most common recurring dreams as specified in Barnett’s article “Trauma and dreams” (Harvard University Press).

The first two are the dream themes of being chased, pursued, and having problems with house maintenance.


Why is this dream so common?

These dreams trigger various kinds of responses and feelings, both positive and negative. But even though they are sometimes disturbing and scary, they are extremely common especially in people with mental disorders like PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

But these dreams are not just limited to mental health, it also relates to your personal well-being, growth, challenges, or even your daily life like communication skills.

While cultures and religions all across the world have different interpretations about dental dreams, they also create an impact on your subconscious and subsequent dreams. But that doesn’t mean a non-religious does not have these dreams. Even an atheist experiences these dreams which justifies its connection to human psychology.


Do you need to be worried?

Nope. Not until it affects your headspace.

Dreams are believed to have a prolonged impact on the emotions that you feel in your daily life. It is how your sub-conscience tries to communicate with you.

However, there’s no harm in digging deep and getting to the bottom of the issue. A little bit of self-analysis will help you understand the reasons why you are getting these dreams and you will be able to rest better.

So, now –

What can you do if you keep having this dream over and over again?

Essentially, dental dreams symbolize mental unrest, often frightening and negative. The best way to deal with it is to submit your dream and dig in. Understand what it brings up to you emotionally and whether it is indicative of something.

You can do this by keeping a dream journal and writing it every morning. Make sure you mention all the details of your dream that you remember – the more detailed it is, the better you will be able to analyze it.

You can write your everyday activity journal just corresponding to it. This way you will be able to relate your dreams to your daily chores and fill the blanks in between. This dream exercise will further help you track your behavioral patterns and how it is affecting your dreams last night.


What to do to stop having this dream?

While for most, the above exercise will work, if the dreams are still bothering you and you are struggling to keep sane, you can also consult a professional psychologist and seek help.  

Make sure the experts are open to discussion about dreams and their meanings.

Some dream analysts also explain the confronting process to help deal with it, i.e., you need to reimagine the same dream with your teeth strong and firm. This will help reprogram your unconscious mind and help you resolve the underlying issue.

Finally, what’s your


You need not fear any sorts of dental dreams. However, don’t shrug them off either.

Instead, address them, look closely at your emotions that are triggered by these dreams, and listen carefully to what your subconscious has to say.

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