Teeth Falling out dreams is a very common dream theme and it doesn’t have to do anything with your oral care or dental health. In fact, it has to do with your mental health.

In this think-piece, you’ll know all about the mini-nightmares, where you are either spitting your teeth one by one, or they are falling out of your mouth and everything in between.  

Teeth Falling out Dream- Various Scenarios and Interpretations
Teeth Falling out Dream- Various Scenarios and Interpretations

Teeth Falling Out Dream – Various Scenarios & Their Meanings

Right from pulling your teeth to losing them in a real sense, there’s a lot that happens in your dreams. To help you interpret them accurately, let’s discuss some of the most common situations.

Dream Tooth Fell Out… One by One

Remember those dreams when your teeth started falling out on their own… that happens when words fall out of your mouth unfiltered, i.e., the words that you wish you didn’t say.

When you gossip about a few things which you weren’t supposed to say, you are more likely to have dreams about teeth falling.

There’s a high chance you leaked information you were supposed to keep quiet about. The teeth that fall out of your mouth in your dreams are just a subconscious representation of that.

Teeth Falling Out Dream Meaning

The dream about your teeth falling all at once represents all the talking that you do without any harness. This is usually experienced by people who don’t know when to stop talking.

Dreams of falling teeth also appear when you have spilled out some BIG secret. The bigger the secret, the more teeth you will see getting lost. 

Pulling Teeth Out 

If you have a tooth or teeth pulled out dream, it symbolizes boredom. It may be possible that you are either living in the same place with the same neighborhood for a long time and want some change.

Dream of my teeth rotting and falling out

Rotting teeth in your dream symbolizes an argument that you have been a million times over and it still keeps popping up.

Teeth Crumbling 

Dreams of crumbling teeth are usually characterized by weak speech.

Dream analysts interpret that the dreams where your teeth were crumbling appear when you have had an argument with someone but failed to put your point across.

Swinging Teeth 

Swinging teeth as a strong symbolism of bad luck. You can expect losses in your financial career or even bump into some troublesome situations.

Wearing a brace and your teeth fall out

It means you are going to be successful. If you are wearing a brace and the teeth still fall, this means you have a strong attitude.

Operation due to teeth falling out

A teeth operation in dreams may mean that you need a break. If you’re undergoing dental surgeries or implants for your lost tooth, it denotes forgiving someone. 

Teeth chipping and then falling out

Spiritually, this dream is linked to the desire for knowledge. If you see your tooth being broken in your dream, then this indicates strength. 

Teeth falling out dream while pregnancy

Dental dreams appear to pregnant women in the second stage of their pregnancy when the symptoms start to ramp up.

Teeth falling out dream during sex dream

It is possible that you have had a heart-deep conversation with someone you are hooking up with but now you are overthinking the conversation.

Teeth falling out with a tap 

There can be dreams when all your teeth fall out with a light tap, it suggests that someone has given you a slight nudge to get all the information out of your system.

Few teeth fell out 

The number of teeth that fell out of your mouth is usually indicative of the level of truth that you have said.

Teeth falling out with blood 

It hints towards an attack on your life or soul. This attack could be in terms of your career, on your family members, or on your physical health.

Different Kinds of Teeth Falling Out in Dreams

Bottom teeth falling out 

If you only have your bottom teeth falling out in a dream, it can mean that you regret bad-mouthing a friend or a colleague.

Canine teeth falling out 

This dream can mean an act of aggression that has recently occurred or might show your strong feelings. If your canine teeth are clean and pearly white, it shows good changes and habits coming your way. 

Front teeth falling out

If you’ve ever dreamt about your front tooth falling out, a major change in your life is about to happen. Losing a tooth in a dream means that you might be feeling anxious about taking a life-changing decision. 

False teeth falling out

A dream about false teeth is a hint for you to start accepting who you are. The teeth symbolize self-perspective in these kinds of dreams.

Crooked teeth falling out

If you saw crooked teeth falling out, it indicates attaining success in your personal life.

Spiritual meaning of teeth falling out

In Greek culture, dreams about losing your teeth symbolize death or illness or you or your family member. In earlier times, when there were no false teeth, teeth were necessary to survive.

In the Bible, dreams about losing your teeth signify a lack of wisdom or faith in your life. This is because teeth help you chew and process the food to digest.

Teeth falling out dreams in Chinese culture represents unfaithfulness. It is also possible that you have recently told a lie, held the truth, or kept a secret which you were supposed to say.

Are Teeth Falling Out Dreams Common (or Universal)?

Yes, teeth falling out dreams are common across most cultures around the globe. Infact, it is among the top 3 most common recurring dreams as specified in Barnett’s article “Trauma and dreams” (Harvard University Press).

The first two are the dream themes of being chased, pursued, and having problems with house maintenance.

What Can You Do If You Keep Having This Dream Over and Over Again?

Essentially, dental dreams symbolize mental unrest, often frightening and negative.

The best way to deal with it is to submit your dream and dig in. Understand what it brings up to you emotionally and whether it is indicative of something.

You can do this by keeping a dream journal and writing it every morning. Make sure you mention all the details of your dream that you remember – the more detailed it is, the better you will be able to analyze it.

This dream exercise will further help you track your behavioral patterns and how it is affecting your dreams last night.


You need not fear any sorts of dental dreams. However, don’t shrug them off either.

Instead, address them, look closely at your emotions that are triggered by these dreams, and listen carefully to what your subconscious has to say.

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